I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 333

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Chapter 333: Stuck? Summon!

The next day.

In each district, the thick white fog still lingered, refusing to disperse.

Although people found it strange, the church didn't issue any warning notifications, and the priests carried on as usual.

So, no widespread riots occurred... at least not outside the slums.

In reality, those who paid attention knew that behind the seemingly peaceful facade of Annottales, turbulent undercurrents had long been brewing, heralding a great and significant event.

On the first day of the three-day adventure in the Dark Night Lost City, the situation in the city remained relatively calm.

Just a few cultists and monsters perished in the eradication of the Babel Tower.

Captain Chris of the Knights of the Divine Blade personally ventured into the slums, bringing back thousands of mutants to the church.

The chaos was just beginning.

This decaying and ancient city was so immense, like a miniature kingdom, and with the absence of internet...

Despite a small fraction experiencing chaos, the majority of people in Annottales continued to live normal lives.

Inside the Babel Tower.

At this very moment, the "Savior" Bai Yan is embarking on the second stage of his quest in the game "Dark Night Lost City", which takes place within the Babel Tower.

"Hmm, I'm stuck." He shook his head gently.

As Bai Yan reached the second stage, he suddenly became stuck.

It wasn't that he couldn't defeat it, but he couldn't do it perfectly or pass through swiftly.

Compared to the first stage, the Babel Tower that awaited in the second stage presented a powerful boss, and the enemies were scattered in various corners of Annottales, with their positions changing every time.

Just having the current "Nightsaber," "Psychic Dancer," and "Sacred Heart's Chosen" wasn't enough.

Bai Yan had been trying for a full five hours, but he kept failing.

It couldn't be considered a failure either. He could definitely defeat it in battle, but it was still far from achieving the perfect victory Bai Yan desired.

In the second stage, there were a total of eight mini-bosses, each being a Dead Silence High Priests, all possessing the level of Crown.

And as they defeated them in the Babel Tower, they also had to separately defeat the "Sophora" and the "Evil Spirit," both of which were extremely powerful major bosses.

In order to achieve a perfect speed run, Bai Yan started over again and again.

With each new start, Bai Yan discovered that he could choose to receive help once again.

It was either two types of "help" in the first stage, or one kind of "help" in the second stage.

In the first stage, the "reversal" effect would reverse the state of the boss and the character once.

And in the second stage, the "reversal" can be used up to three times, but each reversal only lasts for ten seconds, unless the target dies within ten seconds.

And added to that, after each new start, the positions of the bosses would become different.

So, Bai Yan could confirm that "Dark Night Lost City" was indeed a roguelike event in the "Babel Tower".

For the current Babel Tower, defeating the bosses was an easy task.

The problem is that if the bosses cannot be killed quickly, the high priests in various locations will initiate a ritual after a certain period of time.

They would extract the life force of the people around them through this ritual, preparing for the Ritual of Tranquility.

As long as the total number of deaths didn't reach one hundred thousand, the mission would not be considered a failure.

But if they cleared the level normally without pursuing speed, Bai Yan discovered that at least ten thousand people would die after passing this stage.

In the game "Babel Tower", they were merely data.

But in reality, this represented ten thousand precious lives!

So, Bai Yan wanted to easily pass the second stage of "Eve" but simply completing the level didn't hold much significance.

According to this progression, if left unchecked, many people would inevitably die.

He wanted to pass quickly!

No one could die!

But Bai Yan, who normally cleared the level in just half an hour, had to repeatedly play for more than four hours this time, totaling to five whole hours without achieving a perfect and swift success.

He wanted to swiftly defeat eight small bosses and repel two big bosses within a very short time. It was really difficult, and only three Core Operators struggled to manage their time efficiently.

Bai Yan had already dressed Nightsaber in the unicorn-themed "Black Prince" skin. Her agility had greatly improved, but her mobility was still lacking.

"And besides, the distance from perfection is actually quite far. Several thousand people have even died. If things continue like this, even if I, as the 'sole variable,' personally join the battle, it's very likely that we won't be able to achieve a flawless victory."

What should we do?

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. With things having come to this point, it seemed like he could only resort to some unconventional methods.

If the "shelter" was not used during the Doomsday Crisis, it could have been useful here. However, the "shelter" has already been used during the Doomsday Crisis, so it is limited to Tatsumi City and cannot affect Annottales.

Perhaps to prevent any loopholes, if Bai Yan were to use his privilege of "reconstruction" to dismantle the existing "shelter," he would still need ten days to establish a new one.

What should we do now?

He actually had two thoughts.

The first one was to use a privilege he had never used before, called "reconstruction," to temporarily dismantle some of the buildings in Babel Tower and gather three thousand points to directly purchase the "Exchange Shop."

Then, he used the effect of the "Exchange Shop" to obtain the "Blink Blade," a relic that was missing only one fragment, enhancing the Core Operator's agility.

Another riskier plan, more like a gamble, was to take all the more than two thousand points at hand, and use them to summon!

Obtain a new outfit!

Bai Yan knew that Mu Ling's outfits possessed great agility. "Black King" wasn't the best choice.

However, thinking about probabilities, it is clear that the latter option is much more difficult. With so many Core Operators, what are the chances of getting the skins for exactly those three?


Bai Yan fell into deep thought.

From a rational standpoint, he could actually only choose the second option.

Because the effect of exchanging "Relics, Wonders, Mystical Powers, and Sacred Runes" is actually a mechanism where "the fewer missing fragments, the fewer points needed."

To exchange and create a missing fragment, you only need 100 points. However, if you are missing two, it requires 300 points. If you lack three, it's 700 points, and for a complete deck, you'll need 1500 points.

That means, after nearly depleting his Source Energy Points, he would probably only have enough points left to obtain one Civilization-level Relic, the Blink Blade.

But would just one "Blink Blade" really be enough?

"The answer is not enough," he mumbled to himself.

So, Bai Yan, with an unsettled mood, clicked on the summoning pool, knowing that at this point, he could only gamble everything on this one last attempt.

"Different Dimensions"

So far, he had a total of over two thousand Source Energy Points. In order to not waste the privilege of the "ten consecutive card redraw", he was prepared to use two thousand points to do two consecutive sets of ten summons.

If two sets of ten summons, along with two card redraws, couldn't yield something that satisfied him... by that time, Bai Yan would have no choice but to "rebuild" some less necessary buildings, and then continue to gamble on the "ten consecutive" miracles.


Even though Bai Yan, who was no longer easily excited by summoning, couldn't help but feel excited at this very moment.

"I admit, I have a gambling habit."

But since the "game" includes the element of luck in its magical powers, it is only natural to try to "gamble" as much as possible, in order to maximize one's own abilities!

Babel Tower, since we all want to save the world, please let me draw what I desire!

Bai Yan had already noticed that his luck in summoning was indeed improving.

Otherwise, he wouldn't dare to take such a gamble.

Unfortunately, Tactical Cards like "God-like Good Fortune" still provide no assistance in summoning, otherwise he would dominate without a doubt.

"So, first comes the first set of ten in a row!"

Bai Yan extended his finger and pressed it without hesitation!


The first summon!

"Possibility! The Abyss Recorder and the Truth Scholar (Seven Days)"

The second summon!

"Possibility! Prisoner of Deep Sin - Moon Witch ×1 (Seven days)"

The third summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Fusang Tree×1"

The fourth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · The Golden Country×1"

The fifth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Niebelungen×1"

The sixth summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Naraku Yellow Spring×1"

Seventh summon!

"World Line Change Fragment · Shadow Kingdom×1"

Eighth summon!

"Possibility! The Song of Dragons: The Innocent Singer (Seven Days)"

Ninth summon!

"Possibility! The Sin of Darkness · White Night Devil (Seven Days)."

Tenth summon!

"Possibility! Holy Lady of Desire, Sacred Heart's Chosen! (Forever)"

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