I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 332

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Chapter 332: "Evil Spirit"


The Ninth City District.

In the center of the district, there was a bustling street where, during regular times, there were always countless vehicles and constant streams of people flowing in and out.

Today, somehow, a thick fog descended from the sky, causing the number of people on the streets to be halved.

However, there was a popular underground tavern that remained unaffected, with its business booming.

Many guests were sitting or reclining on various chairs.

People drank, chatted, and their faces were adorned with a rosy glow. The atmosphere inside the tavern was completely different from the outside.

Chris, the captain of the Knights of the Divine Blade, sat quietly in the corner of the tavern at this very moment.

He would often disguise himself as an ordinary person and come to this shop, drinking a large amount of liquor all by himself.

In Chris's hands, he held a large cup of crimson liquid that burned with golden flames.

This was the most intense "Flame of Spirits" in the underground tavern!

It was a special alcoholic beverage that ordinary people could not handle, only sold to extraordinary beings and special races. If any shopkeeper forcefully sold it to ordinary people, it would be seen as breaking divine laws.

Actually, there were many other extraordinary-exclusive foods, drinks, and medicines. For the locals, it was common knowledge.

The 'Flame of Spirits' is concocted from the blood of red dragons and fire crystal, and if an ordinary person were to drink it, they would immediately suffer from a perforated stomach.

But for Chris, it felt somewhat muted.

He had the most intense drink he ever had, it was during his time in the Air Alliance. At that time, he was working in collaboration with the Air Alliance's Imperial Guards, who specially prepared a cup of "Deadly Potion" made with enchantments.

The frightful potency that could kill an ordinary person with just a drop.

After Chris arrived at the Apocalypse, it was only then that he truly felt intoxicated for the first time.

"Maybe being too strong isn't a good thing after all."

After muttering to himself, he fell into deep thought.

Since that major crisis, Chris's overwhelming INT, his inspiration, had never ceased to warn him with its voice.

In the ten days after the crisis, he never let his guard down.

Just yesterday, their dispute between Belan World and Noy Military finally erupted into a small-scale war.

Because the remaining relics of the advanced civilization were incredibly enticing, akin to legendary Ruin-level Relics, half of the Dark Night Saints had no choice but to rally for battle.

Now, something strange finally happened.

In Annottales, a sudden white mist appeared, which felt very peculiar.

He held the glass of wine and once again consumed the strong liquor, his heart now understanding.

Another great event was about to occur.

Can I protect this city by myself?

Chris had once possessed great strength, but there was a noticeable gap between him and the level of Apocalypse.

Back then, he was just an ordinary captain of the knight brigade stationed in the city.

He had never once imagined that one day he would come to Annottales.

He had never imagined that one day, as a person of low rank, he would become the captain of the Divine Blade knights.

Over the years, Chris often thought of the day when he would change his own destiny.

If it were not him who was affected, but myself.

So, how would one's own life be?

Suddenly, Chris's INT began to give warning signs.

A powerful presence was coming closer!


In the bustling tavern, where many people were drinking, a clamor filled the air. And then, at that very moment, everyone heard a loud crash.

A figure over two meters tall, wrapped entirely in white armor, was walking in through the doorway.

The people near the tavern entrance couldn't help but be captivated by the exquisite and majestic white armor, with its strange and power-filled figure that exuded a sense of strength.

The person's entire body was concealed within the white armor, not even their eyes were visible, making one wonder how they could see where they were going.

In the instant that he appeared, Chris, who had been solely focused on drinking, momentarily paused with his drink untouched.

It was actually him...

In Chris's eyes, a hint of unprecedented astonishment appeared.

"Hello, dear guest," the tavern maid approached, forcing a faint smile.

"I am looking for someone."

From inside the armor, the voice of an elderly man could be heard. He waved his hand gently, dismissing the tavern maid, scanned the surroundings, and walked straight towards the area near where Chris was sitting.

The elderly man, enveloped in a suit of white armor, sat right beside Chris.

The two remained silent until Chris took the initiative to speak.

"I couldn't believe it..."

Chris took another sip of the burning liquor and said, "After all these years, I never thought I would see you again one day."

"My teacher and benefactor, Mr. Gold."

The tall armored old man remained silent for a moment, as if muttering to himself, "Even the withered grass wandering on the earth shall find its way back to its roots one day."

"I'm very happy to see you again, Chris."

The surroundings had no effect on these two individuals.

They simply sat together and created a special atmosphere.

It was so terrifying that people dared not even look.

Chris continued, "Several decades ago, it was you and me who saved my homeland... You willingly took on the curse of the Outer God, enduring unbearable pain, and chose to pass on the position of the Knights of the Divine Blade to me. After that, you vanished without a trace..."

Chris paused for a moment and continued, "Actually, I had always believed that you were already deceased."


The old man suddenly burst into laughter.

"Chris, you still can't speak, as always! You are really straightforward!"

In the old man's words, there was not only boldness, but also a sense of profound experience.

"I'm sure over these years, the saints of the Dark Light Church must have not treated you kindly! After all, you are too honest and quiet... But that's exactly why the Savior agreed to my final request, appointing you, an outsider, as the leader of the Divine Blade."

Chris, who was listening attentively, remained calm and remained silent.

The old man continued, "In the past, I was cursed by a portion of the power of the 'Black Abyss Deep Sea,' and as a result, the people who died unjustly in that city haunted me. They tormented, cursed, and harmed me for countless years... I have been searching for a way to achieve true death all this time."

"I should have chosen to die."

There was a sense of serenity and tranquility in his tone.

"But, I managed to find a relic from a great civilization, which is this suit of armor. It was this armor that helped me escape the influence of the curse."

"Today, as you return to Annottales, what brings you here?" Chris's voice suddenly became deep, carrying a dreadful aura capable of annihilating everything, rising from his very being.

"This fog, it isn't related to you, is it?"

"I came back to this city just to see her, it's just a common feeling."

The old man in the armor let out a sigh, shaking his head slowly. The pieces of armor also made a sound. "Chris, perhaps you shouldn't be so... wary of your benefactor."

Chris's face turned as serious as water, and he continued, "Grateful as I am, I can help you with everything, but there is something even more important beyond this favor."

And there is something even more significant...

"Is it Him?" the old man whispered.

Chris gently shook his head, his voice growing even more resolute.

"No, it's them."

Upon hearing this, the old man fell silent for a long time. Finally, he stopped speaking and slowly stood up, leaving the tavern.

"We won't be enemies, Chris."


The secret stronghold of the Dead Silence cult is located somewhere within the slums of the city.

The area was completely concealed by a mysterious silence, preventing outsiders from seeing what was happening inside. However, in front of Silence, there lay a gigantic chessboard, revealing the entire city's situation in great detail.

Right at this moment, Silence was surrounded by several dozen white-robed figures, while the remaining several hundred high-ranking disciples, priests, and archpriests were nowhere to be found.

A seasoned old man, clad in full armor, emerged within the stronghold.

This former leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, who had now switched allegiances, was currently holding the position of High Priest, second only to Silence, within the Dead Silence cult.

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"Evil Spirit"!

He slowly walked to a spot not far from Silence.

"It was Babel Tower who took action."

The old man in armor spoke solemnly, "Many disciples were killed not long ago, and some of our contingency plans were also destroyed... The Ritual of Tranquility demands strict requirements, requiring a certain number of disciples to simultaneously perform the ceremony in various locations throughout the city in order to be completed..."

"The Babel Tower's appearance had a significant impact on us."

He paused for a moment and asked, "Would you like me to defeat them?"

However, even after the old man had spoken so much, the leader of Dead Silence, called "Silence," still remained silent.

"The Ritual of Silence" is a type of "contract" that enhances one's own abilities. To perform it, only a drop of blood and three incantations are required. However, in order to maintain it, the caster must remain silent at all times.

And "Silence" seemed to have taken a step further.

Not only had she never spoken, but she hardly even had the thought of communicating with others!

"The Evil Spirit" fell silent and suddenly noticed a piece of paper appearing in its hand.

He took a quick glance.

On top of it was written, the plan for what comes next.

"I understand."

The leader, "Silence," continued to refuse communication as usual. Over these past few years, he had actually grown accustomed to this situation.

If it hadn't been for her intervention...

They could never escape from such a desperate and unbearable situation.

Just like Chris was grateful to himself, they were also incredibly grateful to this woman.

Over the years, the Evil Spirit's feelings towards Silence were not just gratitude, but also admiration.

In the real world, there had never been a living person who came so close to experiencing "eternal peace of mind."

During the decades of being tormented by the Evil Spirit, he truly came to understand one thing.

"Peace of mind" is far more important than "happiness."

Many people lacked this kind of realization, troubled by worldly desires, consumed by false notions of justice and evil, and burdened by the pursuit of happiness, sadness, wealth, and fame.

In the end, it all turned out to be in vain.

Wanting more, wanting to protect more, wanting revenge more - each emotion would make a person anxious with anticipation, uneasy with anxiety, and even fearful.

The desires and longings of mortals are endless!

Only He can sever the roots of desire.

Let the ordinary souls also have a chance to attain eternal peace.

The Ritual of Tranquility, it bestows upon the people of the entire city the gift of eternal peace - no more pain, no more troubles, no more longing.

Undoubtedly, it was an act of great love.

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