I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 331

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Chapter 331: Like-Minded!

Maryse, who was hiding in the restroom, took a deep breath.


Then she realized she was taking deep breaths in the restroom.

"Cough, cough, cough..."

Luckily, the hygiene here is done very well, and the restrooms all have a pleasant fragrance of orchids.

Maryse spoke carefully and realized that, based on what Amy had analyzed in the forum, her identity was actually almost fully disclosed.

Because when the five major families were being threatened to join the Babel Tower, I was present, and I revealed my identity to everyone.

Maryse furrowed her brows. Even if the five major families intended to hide their true identities as agreed, it would be utterly impossible to conceal it completely from the Leaf King, the Imperial Guards, and the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency, considering the various soul enchantments and mind-reading powers in play.

"So the situation right now is very delicate, and surprisingly, they haven't come to bother me in these past few days..."

The members of the Babel Tower are still wanted by the Air Alliance.

According to Amy's analysis, the current situation is actually a peculiar state of "they know that you and Mu Ling are members of the Babel Tower, but pretend not to know, and you know that they know you are members of the Babel Tower, but pretend that they don't know that you know..."

Why is it like this?

The only explanation lies in the fact that, even though the Babel Tower is still wanted by the Air Alliance on the surface, the top members of the Air Alliance have not actually reached a consensus.

How should the Babel Tower, who has already saved the world once, be treated in the end?

"But it doesn't seem like an ally either," Maryse shook her head.

If they were truly friendly towards the Babel Tower, why didn't they just come directly to collaborate? Or at least have a conversation?

But they chose to ignore it all... as if they were secretly going against it.

In the Air Alliance, even His Royal Highness Leaf King and Mr. World had to secretly go against someone... and that someone could only be... Rainbow!

"So, the enemies that wanted to destroy the Babel Tower were actually the Rainbows?"

These were all Amy's guesses, and in truth, these guesses made everyone feel difficult to accept, yet they had no choice but to accept them.

The Rainbows were a common belief among the people of the Air Alliance. Even though most people didn't have a strong belief, they still didn't want the possibility of them turning dark.

As for the final truth, Amy said that further investigation was needed.

Inside the bathroom, Maryse sat down on the toilet seat with a plop. She took off her bothersome silver high-heeled shoes and squeezed her little feet, mumbling to herself:

"Okay, let's begin."

"I am ready."

The next moment, everything started to change.

Familiar magic teleportation.

When Maryse realized it, her body had already been transported to another place, awkwardly sitting on a unfamiliar street filled with white mist.

Her bottom felt a bit chilly... She stood up.

"Where am I?"

Maryse's heart was filled with immense confusion as she looked around, searching for her teammates. It wasn't until she spotted a familiar figure in the white mist... Two familiar, mischievous figures!

Oh my goodness! Playing dirty, are we?!

Except for me, they were all defeated!

"Maryse, um, I mean 'Psychic Dancer'... so nice to see you again so soon."

Mu Ling, dressed in black, emerged from the mist. She greeted the little puppy with a sincere smile.

"You look beautiful today."

She had never seen Maryse wearing an evening gown before, and she looked absolutely adorable. It even made her feel the urge to give her a warm embrace.


Maryse felt a mix of emotions and responded curtly.

I can't stand it... What's wrong with these guys? What on earth did they grow up eating?

Wait until I've grown for several more decades, the future me will definitely leave you all in awe!

With these thoughts in mind, a faint smile tugged at the corner of the little puppy's mouth.


Enduring silently!

"Sacred Heart's Chosen," Aurora said perplexedly, looking around and asking, "Where am I? I have traveled the Continent of Zeuo for years, but I have never been to this city before."

"If you have been here before, then you will understand why things are not normal."

Mu Ling shook her head, her eyes serious as she looked at Aurora and explained, "This is not the world where you live, but the world where we exist, Noah."


Aurora's pupils shrank slightly, clearly showing signs of astonishment.

Mu Ling continued, "If my guess is correct, the three of us should be in one of Noah's three major countries, the Eruo League. The locals refer to it as the Kingdom of Dark Light."

"In another world... Noah... the Kingdom of Dark Light..."

Upon hearing Mu Ling's explanation, Aurora's mind was filled with one unfamiliar term after another, leaving her momentarily stunned.

In the world where Aurora resided, unlike Noah's world, there was no widespread technology for traveling between worlds. Therefore, this kind of thing was an unprecedented possibility for her!

The Savior of Babel Tower! To possess such great divine power!

It was truly unbelievable!

Mu Ling suddenly realized that her body leaped up and directly jumped onto the roof.

She, however, was not surprised at all.

"My body moved. It must be the great Savior controlling me... Hurry up and follow me!"

Mu Ling shouted while involuntarily moving.

And Maryse and Aurora could only immediately follow along.

Aurora observed her surroundings all the way. This world, enveloped in white mist, seemed more advanced and civilized than her own world.

Most of the houses were made of a strong special stone material, which was incredibly sturdy and capable of constructing very tall buildings.

The streets were clean and tidy, the ground incredibly smooth. It felt as if the roads were specially built for the palace or church.

In the Holy Light Kingdom where she lived, there were even fewer stone houses in the city than wooden ones. There were no clean and tidy spacious streets either, but narrow winding paths filled with foul-smelling mud.

The difference in productivity was clear for all to see.

"The only flaw was that the fog was too heavy... But it seemed like many of the local residents were hiding indoors. Could it be that the usual weather in this world is not like this?"

Aurora pondered silently, remembering that the Continent of Zeuo, more than a decade ago, hadn't always been covered in snow.

Before long, they spotted the enemy.

Although these people disguised themselves as ordinary individuals, hiding inside regular houses, appearing like normal residents, Maryse was able to immediately sense their flaws through her psychic powers.

"There are cultists over there!" she exclaimed loudly, pointing her finger.

But just before Maryse could give the warning, Mu Ling had already transformed into a beam of light.

In the blink of an eye, she rushed into the house and struck down the opponent with a single sword.

"Can cultists... just kill people at will?"

Aurora frowned slightly, unable to comprehend the grudge between the people of this world and the cultists.

In the Continent of Zeuo, where she lived, there was no formed evil cult.

The three of them raced through the streets, Mu Ling's face expressionless as she swiftly eliminated numerous cultists along the way. With just one swing of her sword each time, no one could escape her grasp.

Those cultists disguised as civilians, some of them pulled out weapons, attempting to fight back, while others immediately turned around in horror and fled.

But their fates were ultimately no different.

Death was the only outcome.

And so, they continued to dash until they reached a bustling street with a large crowd.

"There is a strong scent here, be careful."

Aurora became alert and gave a reminder to her two companions.

In the next moment, the surrounding thick white mist unexpectedly began to slowly dissipate, revealing the three of them to the onlookers...

What an incredibly beautiful sight!

The three women were all astonishingly beautiful, especially the young girl with silver hair and wine-red pupils. She seemed like the goddess of the night herself, a sight unforgettable for a lifetime.

The only flaw in this beautiful scenery was that Maryse, who was rushing madly with "Deep Red - Divine Punishment," was exhausted beyond measure.

At that moment, she stuck out her tongue, bent over, gasping for breath, in an ungraceful posture, unlike the other two who stood upright.

"Three beautiful girls..."

"Wait a minute, are they the ones from the Babel Tower mentioned in the newspaper?"

"It seems, it really seems like the people from the Babel Tower!"

Just as someone exclaimed, suddenly, a monster with a body armed with six scythe-like arms emerged from the ground!


The massive blue Chilnoth stood towering several tens of meters tall, its giant mouth filled with teeth. After roaring ferociously into the sky, it swung its incredibly sharp scythe-like arms, attempting to attack the surrounding enemies.

In an instant, Mu Ling had already severed Chilnoth's scythe-like arms, and blue blood started gushing out wildly!

Right at that moment, Aurora's body moved on its own.

[Sacred Heart's Chosen]

[Summon thy knights...]

[Reveal your true power!]

She waved her hand and was astounded to find that her long-time companion warhorse had appeared by her side.


The Dragon Blood War Horse, clad in armor from head to hoof, gazed at Aurora and gently lowered its head.

In the next moment, twelve knights loyal to Aurora also suddenly appeared around her.

They inexplicably gazed towards the captain who summoned them, while instinctively observing their surroundings.

The environment here indeed made people instinctively cautious.

"What is this place? What is that creature over there? This place looks very strange."

"Squad Leader? What place is this? Wait, why isn't it snowing anymore? Does it mean the Decaying Disaster is over?"

Judy, the deputy, exclaimed, "Why is there such thick fog here, Squad Leader? Just now you suddenly mentioned being summoned by the Savior, and then vanished. We were preparing a campfire back at the camp, and suddenly we all ended up here."

Facing the numerous doubts and questions from her subordinates, Aurora simply smiled faintly.

She said calmly, "Let's explain your doubts later, everyone. Time is running out. Listen up, gather in formation."

The knights were no longer confused but instead formed a charging formation with no hesitation. They didn't utter a word but simply obeyed.

Aurora, holding her lance high, shouted, "Fighting for the sake of many! Charge!"

Simultaneously, she unleashed "the Chosen Gun," and in an instant, the thirteen heavily armored knights seemed to merge into one. United in mind and purpose, they transformed into a torrent of golden power, forcefully crashing into the massive Chilnoth.


This colossal creature seemed to be trampled by an even larger monster!


It collapsed amidst wailing, instantly shattering into pieces, crumbling away!

Vanquished in an instant!

After the charge, the knights finally revealed their forms.

"Well done!"

Aurora's face lit up with a smile, and the familiar feeling from the past came rushing back.

I have always been weak and had to rely on the power of others... but I will never let people down!

Mu Ling slowly walked towards Aurora and the other knights, causing the knights to immediately become vigilant.

Aurora made a gesture.

"She is also a friend."

"You have a wonderful group of companions," Mu Ling praised the knights earnestly. Their strength was not weak at all. If it had been six months ago, she would have lost to any two of them.

Aurora smiled and looked at Maryse, who was resting on the ground. She said sincerely, "Your companion is also great, even though she may not show her care openly... Mu Ling, from now on, I will be your companion too."

Aurora paused for a moment, holding the reins of the horse, and said, "If there's a chance, I will approach the Savior of the Babel Tower and ask if they could relocate the people from the Continent of Zeuo to this world."

Mu Ling's expression was complicated, shaking her head, "No, this world is not a beautiful place either."

"Oh, I see."

Aurora let out a sigh and nodded gently, the answer not surprising her at all.

Just at that moment, the knights behind her suddenly vanished without a trace.

Aurora raised an eyebrow, dismounted from her horse, and murmured to herself, "Are these fellows different from me, unable to stay in this world for long? Why do they seem like summoned beings...?"

Soon, her Dragon Blood War Horse also disappeared without a trace.

"Although this world is not very peaceful, it could collapse and be destroyed at any moment, but..."

Mu Ling took a deep breath and stepped forward, earnestly promising, "As long as the Babel Tower unites under the leadership of the Savior, someday, we will be able to destroy all evil and save every innocent person in the world!"

Aurora's smile was beautiful as she raised her hand and held one of Mu Ling's hands.

"Hmm, I believe that day will come."

Watching the two of them sharing a heartfelt moment, Maryse stood not far away, rolling her eyes and wondering, "What on earth are you so excited about? I just don't understand!"

In the land of wishes... She fell into deep thought, pondering what her own wish would be, and what she truly desired...

For some unknown reason, Maryse suddenly recalled Profligate.

She discovered that there were very few things she desired but couldn't obtain right now, and the only thing she had consistently been unable to obtain, she truly didn't know how to get her hands on.

Perhaps, she thought to herself, she needed to be more proactive?

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