I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 330

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Chapter 330: Tatsumi City's Shiniest Jewel!

Inside the Babel Tower.

Inside the vast Crystal Palace, the "Savior" Bai Yan, dressed in a black robe, sat on the Crystal Throne, playing a game with a hint of excitement on his face.

The game he was playing was undoubtedly "Babel Tower."

At this moment, the first level boss of the new adventure "Dark Night Lost City" had appeared.

This was a gigantic creature, with a massive body and a deep blue color.

It had six relatively long scythe-like arms, incredibly sharp, as if the body of a gut-dwelling creature was wriggling. At the front and back of its body were terrifying giant mouths filled with teeth.

It is a powerful spawn that worships the Outer God "Eternal Nightmare King."


This creature is born from countless bad dreams and lives in a dream realm. It has the ability to enter the real world through nightmares.

Chilnoth's actual shape and combat abilities are determined by the content of the nightmares that allow it to invade reality.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😧)

In the records, the most powerful Chilnoth ever seen in the multiverse appeared, possessing abilities comparable to a demigod, and destroyed one country after another.

But some Chilnoths are completely different - they are weak, even as beautiful as celestial beings, and they are completely harmless yet possess intelligent minds.

Even in Noah's time, there was a wondrous novel circulating about humans marrying nightmare creatures transformed into "frail young girls".

It may sound a bit unbelievable, but Bai Yan had read about this in the library of the Demon Hunt Agency before. It was a true historical event!

Just different from the happy ending in the novel.

In the real records, that Chilnoth, after having their true identity revealed, voluntarily distanced themselves from their husband and children, and disappeared without a trace from then on.

But this enormous Chilnoth with six arms, clearly had nothing to do with being a "frail young girl", it was a true monster in every sense of the word!

Inside the phone, around the monster, there were many pixelated little people constantly fleeing, while it extended its scythe-like arms and launched attacks on innocent pedestrians around.

Deep Blue World.

Bai Yan immediately manipulated Nightsaber to freeze time and rushed forward, swinging the Imperial Light Execution, instantly chopping off one of the monster's arms.

Without any resistance.

Bai Yan paused the movement of Nightsaber slightly, watching as the monster launched an attack towards Nightsaber.

Stepped back.

He casually pulled back, Chilnoth's attack speed was actually not slow, but Nightsaber was too fast, able to instantly dash across the entire screen, as if teleporting in an instant.

And with Bai Yan's exaggerated reflexes, there simply was no possibility of being unable to dodge the attacks.

And with each attack from Nightsaber, the monster was unable to dodge or defend, resulting in severed limbs or heavy bleeding.

The attack of Nightsaber was incredibly magnificent and full of power, with a stunning visual display and substantial damage.

With each swing of the Imperial Light Execution, the monster's health would instantly decrease.

Without the power of the Psychic Dancer and Sacred Heart's Chosen, Bai Yan only needed Nightsaber by her side. With determination, she alone was able to overwhelm the fearsome monster, leaving it unable to retaliate.

Chilnoth is not a creature that exists in the real world. It has no weak points and its health recovers quickly. As long as it is not swiftly killed, it can restore itself to its original state...

But in front of Nightsaber, it could not continue to hold on.

Deep Blue World

Bai Yan once again embarked on the journey from the beginning, recalling the frozen moments of his progress up until now.

The screen of the mobile phone had completely turned deep blue.

Then, for five seconds, Nightsaber no longer evaded, but was controlled by him to fiercely deliver attacks head-on!

After a series of magnificent combos, the giant monster's health bar had reached its lowest point.

Time returned to normal.

The image on the mobile phone screen also returned to its original colors.

At the next moment, the monster crumbled with a resounding crash.

As dead as can be.

"The first level's little boss was indeed very easy..."

Bai Yan wasn't surprised at all by this outcome.

Before the First Doomsday Crisis, when dealing with enemies in missions, the characters in "Babel Tower" already felt relatively at ease. It was only with the Doomsday Crisis as the main storyline that the difficulty dramatically increased.

"Babel Tower", in the end, was a game that could snowball.

Before undertaking the second main mission, the Doomsday Crisis, Babel Tower might find battles becoming increasingly easier.

"Let's continue."

Next, Bai Yan continued to control three Core Operators as they advanced through the white mist. Along the way, they encountered two different bosses. However, none of them were overly powerful enemies, and they were easily defeated.

On the first day of the "Eve" stage, it was effortlessly easy for Bai Yan to overcome it.

This is normal, the first level of many activities won't have high difficulty.

Then, he didn't choose to save but started over again.

The reason was very simple.

During the first successful completion, Bai Yan intentionally let "Nightsaber" get injured a few times to test the enemy's damage.

Bai Yan, of course, had to play it again.

Although this small injury posed no threat to Mu Ling.

But making Mu Ling experience pain was not something he had anticipated.

To be honest, Bai Yan had pondered a matter, namely how long would this delicate relationship between the two of them last?

If one day, she were to discover her true identity.

How would she face herself once again?

Admiration is the farthest distance from understanding.

And it wasn't just Mu Ling's issue, that girl Maryse...


Bai Yan knew deep down that, amidst the imminent threat of the world's destruction, spending time pondering certain things was undoubtedly a luxury.

For now, it was best to focus thoughts on the right path.

Bai Yan shook his head and murmured to himself:

"Um, let's keep playing the game."


Tatsumi City.

After the Leaf King and his Imperial Guards arrived in Tatsumi City, they used their extraordinary powers to swiftly rebuild the entire city. The people were easily won over and filled with admiration and gratitude.

Then, His Royal Highness Leaf King, the newly appointed leader of the Air Alliance whom everyone had been eagerly waiting for, returned to his former residence.

He held a grand banquet for the five leading families of Tatsumi City and the upper-class nobles.

All the members of the five great families came to attend. In Tatsumi City, nobody dared to disrespect the Leaf King.

This man was not only the actual owner of Tatsumi City but also held the highest position in the Air Alliance.

However, when the five great families arrived, they all felt immense psychological pressure... Because they were all aware of one thing that absolutely needed to be kept secret.

That is about... the story of the Babel Tower.

The Leaf King's residence in Tatsumi City wasn't overly extravagant, but its architectural design, which blended Western and Eastern elements, was impressive. The refurbished furnishings showcased great taste.

Beneath a massive chandelier that extended from the fourth-floor of the villa to the grand hall on the first floor, the guests mingled, exchanging toasts and engaging in lively conversations.

Sylve's mother, Lady Helen, also received a personal invitation from His Royal Highness the Leaf King.

She felt extremely surprised and honored by this. Her family had already declined, and now they were just a relatively unknown small family. How could they capture the attention and regard of the Leaf King?

Standing in the hall, Helen couldn't help but feel a bit frightened. Perhaps, His Royal Highness the Leaf King had ulterior motives.

"Is this, Miss Helen?"

Suddenly, a tall lady in a blue evening gown and a black shawl approached Helen.

She was tall and graceful, captivating everyone with her beauty and enchanting charm from the very beginning.

The woman smiled and introduced herself:

"I am the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire, nicknamed 'Tower', my real name is Shi Nianyu. Hello, Miss Helen, it seems that we are meeting for the first time."

Imperial Guards? The Air Alliance's greatest force? Is she the tall, beautiful woman who smiles so nicely?

"Hello... Miss Shi, I have always admired you. In fact, it is because of the presence of the Imperial Guards that we have the Air Alliance today and in the future."

Helen nodded towards the woman who called herself "Tower", feeling a bit unsure but instinctively smiling.

"Imperial Guards," the young man replied, humbly accepting the praise. "Perhaps, there are also many who don't wish for the Imperial Guards to continue to exist."

Shi Nianyu's smile remained unchanged as she asked, "Miss Helen, do you happen to know anything about the giant strange tree that has grown near your house? Would you like to share with me?"

Was it really because of that giant tree?

Helen sighed. She remembered Mr. Moriarty's instructions, that she could share everything about him.

It was simply impossible to hide one's thoughts in front of these powerful individuals.

Helen said, "I have already reported the specific details to the Demon Hunt Agency, but if you would like to hear them, I can certainly repeat it once again."

Shi Nianyu turned her head and looked towards the people from the Demon Hunt Agency not far away. She smiled and said, "Actually, we are not part of the same organization as the Demon Hunt Agency. Please forgive me, and please tell me the situation again."

At that moment, both of them were drawn by the voices of the crowd.

"You see! She has arrived!"

"That girl is Tatsumi City's most shining gem, the most beautiful pearl."

"What a beautiful angel, just like a girl from a dream..."

At the meeting point of gazes, a girl in a white evening gown, with golden hair and eyes like precious gems, slowly entered the venue, radiating an angelic innocence.

She caught sight of the crowd's gaze and slightly lowered her head, blushing and smiling shyly like a timid deer.

In an instant, it seemed as if everyone's hearts were stolen.

"Oh, how beautiful... the little angel of the Augustus family, Maryse."

Shi Nianyu exclaimed as she realized that her appearance and demeanor were actually quite impressive, but on the court, half of everyone's attention was taken away by the half-elf girl.

After pretending to shyly walk into the venue, Maryse was pleased with everyone's reaction.

Hehe, I am the super angel!

Then, she was left speechless.

According to the age stated by the law and the actual age she felt, as a half-elf, she was considered an adult. She had to join the grown-ups and drink and chat with them.

However, with her appearance, it was clear that she was better suited to be with the children at the party.

During the twenty years of isolation, she was spared from this trouble. Now that she had reappeared, the awkwardness instantly overwhelmed her.

In her heart, she cursed, but on her face, the expression was still as innocent as a deer.

Except for a few clan chiefs who had met Maryse, everyone else saw her as a perfectly flawless and innocent young girl, as if she had never been tainted by any impurities, like a pure, innocent piece of paper.

It would be great if such a girl never came across wickedness and impurities in her entire life.

Maryse's older brother, Phoenix, let out a sigh.


Seeing someone's face doesn't mean knowing their heart. You all don't know how terrifying she is!

Maryse's expression was always shy, with her head bowed down as if she was too timid to meet anyone's gaze.

A group of scoundrels, what are you looking at? Have you seen enough?

Now you all know that I am an angel, so you can retract those widened eyes!

My back feels a little itchy. What a shabby outfit, I really want to scratch...

Suddenly, everyone's gaze was drawn to another person.

"Mr. Phoenix, Ms. Maryse, welcome to our place."

His Royal Highness Leaf King approached.

He had a slender body, but it was not frail. He exuded confidence and composure, with a smile on his face.

The man walked towards Maryse and Phoenix, who were attending the banquet, immediately capturing everyone's attention.

Compared to the Air Alliance's immense power and status, perfect beauty was hardly worth mentioning.

For the core members of the five major families, the Leaf King always personally came to receive them. After all, these people's ancestors, along with his own, together established Tatsumi City, making them the nominal guardian families.

"I'm going to the bathroom for a moment!"

Maryse suddenly glared at her older brother and turned around, lifting her skirt as she walked away.

The silver high-heeled shoes went tap-tap as she walked.

"Hey, Maryse!" Phoenix turned around to stop her. He looked displeased and unwilling. What's wrong with this person?

Actually, she didn't want to leave either.

But there was no way around it.

Because, in Maryse's mind, that voice appeared again!

[Psychic Dancer...]

[Continue to fight for the survival of the world.]

[Destiny has already chosen you.]

Everyone looked at Maryse in confusion, wondering what was happening with this little angel. Was she about to return to heaven?

Maryse, who was running towards the restroom, let out a sigh, wishing that she could...

In the present moment, she really wants to give the Savior a kick with high heels!

Taking a deep breath, Phoenix turned around and looked at the Leaf King in front of him. The man simply smiled, remaining calm and composed.

"Mr. Phoenix, long time no see... Is your sister feeling unwell?"

"Hmm, indeed."

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