I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: The Secret

There were many important things in this extraordinary room, all of which had been cast with the ritual of “touch and come.” If anything went wrong, Marquis Scarlet would instantly teleport from anywhere.

He was also tempted to put the “touch and come” ritual on Mililyn, but she would find it each time and exorcise it in disgust.

“Hound of Babel Tower. Say something.” Marquis Scarlet smiled. He was also very curious about the Babel Tower. There was something unfathomable about this mysterious organization.

Mu Ling looked at him expressionlessly, but her heart was clenched. Marquis Scarlet was definitely not to be trifled with, and his strength was above her.

Although the outcome of the battle has no absolute connection with strength, hundreds of Bloods were outside the room.

Every Blood was a true supernatural being. There should be more than one of them over Might-level.

Rumor had it that Marquis Scarlet never hurt women, but it was easy enough for him to catch her.

Mu Ling gazed at the nearby Marquis Scarlet and spoke. “You’re lying. Except for a few sacrificial women, you’d never drink blood. Marquis Scarlet is a true gentleman.”

Marquis Scarlet was slightly taken aback, but the smile still remained on his face.

“It seems that you know quite a lot about me… I do think that girls are God’s art and collection. It’s really too much to hurt them.”

Which God did the vampire believe in? Mu Ling was in turmoil, but she was calm and said, “Marquis Scarlet, the Babel Tower already knows everything about you.”

“Oh, the Babel Tower…”

Marquis Scarlet was silent for a time, and then his tone became serious. “You have openly defied the rules set by the Queen of the Scarlet Moon and have become enemies of the entire Blood in Tatsumi City.”

“The hound of the Babel Tower. I won’t kill you, but I’ll capture you and give you to our queen.” There was pity in Marquis Scarlet’s eyes. Unlike himself, the queen would never spare this girl.

But the queen’s orders were absolute. No one could disobey.

Queen of the Scarlet Moon had decided to destroy the Babel Tower. There was nothing anyone or object could do to prevent the emergence of that “fact” and “result.”

“Sorry.” Marquis Scarlet’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Mu Ling was ready to draw her sword. Even though he was extremely powerful and seemed to have no chance of winning, she still trusted the savior and felt it would be a victory for the Babel Tower.

It had always been.

However, Mu Ling didn’t make any move.

In fact, even if Nightsaber could really kill the Bloods, Bai Yan would never do it. Otherwise, it would be awkward to summon the Queen of the Scarlet Moon with zero loyalty in the future!

“Okay, the Babel Tower has to reveal your secret.”

Marquis Scarlet shook his head and paced leisurely through the room. “My secret? What secrets are important for you to control me? The queen’s orders are absolute. No one could disobey.”

Mu Ling instinctively felt that there should really be secrets. Curious about the powerful Blood’s secret, she listened to what she had to say next.

Mu Ling suddenly felt a little ridiculous. She was listening to herself expose secrets. Her words did not belong to her at all.

Mu Ling didn’t think much of it. Since ancient times, many people have dedicated their lives to organizations and families. This was not an exception.

Mu Ling’s small mouth continued without any intention of stopping. “It’s your biggest secret. Once it comes out, you’ll have no place in Blood.”

Fear flashed in Marquis Scarlet’s eyes, but he pretended to stay at ease. He calmly drank the blood in his glass.

“Say it, beautiful lady.”

With a calm expression, Mu Ling continued, “The Blood’s ancient rule: To demonstrate the purity of the higher races you have become beyond the human, you must not have the concept of family or take your family to the Blood. This is to prevent clustering and fighting within the Blood.”

“Eighty years ago, you found your descendants before you became Blood. It was a mother and a kid in a human family. They have your blood.”

“Later, you observed the family. One day, the parents of the family were murdered by bandits, leaving only the dying little girl, Mililyn.”

“That’s why you’ve been avoiding her, although she’s been trying to impress you to become your assistant.”

Marquis Scarlet listened in silence, and his eyes were deadly serious as if he were about to kill Mu Ling.

“You made a mistake.” Mu Ling went on.

“If the secret comes out, you and your beloved child… Viscount Mililyn will be severely punished.”

Without warning, Marquis Scarlet burst out laughing. It was as if he had heard the most ridiculous joke in the world. He couldn’t stop laughing for a long time.

“Purely nonsense. I’ve always hated Mililyn. I’ve long regretted taking her to the Blood.”

The laughter suddenly died. Some powerful pressure made Mu Ling’s heart tighten.

“Enough, you stupid hound of the Babel Tower. I’ve heard enough…”

The horrible stench of blood from Marquis Scarlet filled the room in the blink of an eye.

Mu Ling’s heart was pounding, but she appeared completely unaffected. “All the information about her family is hidden in the wall behind the black sculpture in the room, and the Babel Tower has already mastered it… Of course, you can choose not to believe it.”

Marquis Scarlet smiled thinly, or at least pretended not outwardly exasperated.


The goblet suddenly shattered in his hand. Blood flowed.

He didn’t understand. Why could the Babel Tower know his secret? As long as someone touched the wall, “touch and come” would be activated. How could they bypass him and discover this secret?

Marquis Scarlet couldn’t have known the truth.

Bai Yan had repeatedly manipulated Nightsaber here several times. Every time he started to look for useful information, it would alarm Marquis Scarlet. Then he learned to be smart on the fourth try.

First, he had Nightsaber lure Mililyn out in the name of the Babel Tower. Then Nightsaber killed her and drew Marquis Scarlet over. With the time, she turned into a bird and flew to the room to gather information.

After turning the room upside down, he finally found the secret of Marquis Scarlet.

On the fifth try, the dialogue between Nightsaber and Marquis Scarlet changed.

Bai Yan finally cleared the stage.

Marquis Scarlet smiled and didn’t speak for a long time as if debating what to do. The smell of blood grew stronger around him.

“Well…” Finally, he sighed.

“What exactly do you want? Or rather, what does the master of the Babel Tower want? I won’t betray the Blood and the king…”

Mu Ling breathed a silent sigh of relief and continued. “I need all the information on the Black Star.”

“Okay, as you wish. Good luck with the dogfight.”

Marquis Scarlet was still clearly annoyed. He looked hard at Mu Ling for a moment before his body disappeared.

When he reappeared, he tossed a bloodstained flash drive to Mu Ling.

“There’s a lot of information you guys will be interested in. The plan and weaknesses of the Black Star. No one in Tatsumi would know that much about them. You did find the right person.”

Mu Ling automatically caught it, suddenly realizing that the savior’s control had vanished. It was a little uncomfortable to be free.

“Mission accomplished,” she said quietly.

“Who owns the Babel Tower?” Marquis Scarlet said suddenly. “What did he want, power, authority, fame, or anything else?”

She was already able to move freely, and Mu Ling’s admiration for the savior rose even higher.

“He is the savior, the destined savior of this world.”

Marquis Scarlet, who had been trying to extract information, froze for a long moment and burst into uncontrollable laughter.


“Interesting. Or is there another madman in the Otherworld?” Suddenly he felt a look as sharp as a blade.

The hound of the Babel Tower, Nightsaber, was staring at himself with something beyond words.

“If you insult him again, you will be my enemy.”

Marquis Scarlet shrugged. “Sorry. By the way, I’m curious. According to you, the Babel Tower is actually a good organization that seeks no power, no fame, but only to save the world?”

Not the least abashed, Mu Ling nodded placidly. “Quite so.”

Marquis Scarlet smiled, and his eyes became subtle.

Well, it looked like the members of the Babel Tower were all crazy… or had been brainwashed by their master.

‘The hound of the Babel Tower. I’ve already cast a shadow spell on the flash drive. I wonder how much you can find out for me?’

Mu Ling looked at the bloodstained flash drive in her hand and felt slightly dazed.

She had been thinking about revenge for several years, but a huge difference in strength on the real level made it impossible to see hope.


“New stage cleared. Babel Tower Legendary Point + 80.”

“Obtained level reward: Mystical Power -- Praise the Sun.”

Bai Yan was taken aback and sat up from the sofa.

In his impression, the mystical power “Praise the Sun” would restrain the dark attribute. It was not bad in the early stages.

Raise your hands, and you could unleash light and heat that restrained darkness and evil! Moreover, it was a weak divine power, so there were many other uses in the later stages.

Bai Yan looked at the reward and was satisfied.

The next stage would have to wait three days. It couldn’t be opened yet.

Merlin’s Cloak had already been added to the reward list. Once the full stages for the event were cleared, he could exchange for it at half price.

“The legendary points have gone up quite a bit. 10 summon is waiting for me.”

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Suddenly, he had a thought. What would happen if he manipulated the Queen of the Scarlet Moon to do the Night Visit Vampire?

“Scarlet Moon, come to me…”

He got up from the couch and left the library. He was on his way to dinner.

His phone suddenly vibrated. Bai Yan took it out and saw that it was the results of the “Mutation Technology Research Institute (Beginner).”