I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: The Entrance!

Bai Yan chose them as the three Core Operators, and there was no need for too many reasons.

They were strong enough, and that was the only reason.

Mu Ling's strength goes without saying. She was already at the level of a Potential Apocalypse. With various exceptional powers and weapons, she even had the power to fight against top-ranked lower-ranked Apocalypses.

Looking across the entire world of Noah, Mu Ling had already become a frontline powerhouse, feared by various factions.

Then, Maryse had been crowned as the new ruler, her power not to be underestimated.

And her power proved to be very useful when she was clearing out the small fry.

Although Maryse struggles a bit when facing enemies in the Soul Plane who have reached the "Creation Realm," Bai Yan speculates that even the boss battles in the "Eve" stage shouldn't be too difficult.

Meanwhile, Aurora, the Sacred Heart's Chosen, also possessed the level of a middle-ranked Crown.

In addition, as the "Sacred Heart's Chosen," she could lead an entire knight's group. With her overall strength, she could be considered as a Crown or even a little higher.

They were undoubtedly an excellent choice.

As for why they didn't choose the "Queen of the Scarlet Moon"?

Naturally, she had to take the field during the "decisive battle" stage!

"Let's begin!"

Bai Yan took a deep breath and, whether it was saving the world or doing anything else... for him, playing games itself was the most joyful thing.

The controller connected.

The game officially began!

Soon after, inside Bai Yan's phone screen, a mysterious image covered by a white mist suddenly appeared.

"Is this Annottales?"

His eyebrows arched, and he suddenly understood why the event was called "Lost City."

So that's how it was.

Ten hours later in Annottales, it turned out to look like this and would continue for three days.

"Game tip: The white mist terrain has been unlocked."

"The maliciously released white haze: an extremely unique and mystical fog, that has a powerful shielding effect against perception-based supernatural abilities and relics."

Understood, it was the fog of war.

Bai Yan nodded and continued reading.

"When the Savior chooses to play the first game, they need to use a special power."

"Ability One: Power of Origins (First Stage): Obtain a shimmering power of origins that can be bestowed upon a Core Operator during crucial moments. Once used, the Core Operator will resurrect in their original position, restored with half of their strength, energy, and vitality."

"Assist Skill 2: Reversal (Once): Gain a chance to reverse, allowing you to swap the current state of the Core Operator and the BOSS at a crucial moment, only once."

"Assist Skill 3: Power of Prayer (First Stage): Obtain a divine power of prayer that can be bestowed upon the Core Operator during critical moments, granting them a moderate increase in strength, defense, and speed. The effect lasts for a moderate duration."

Bai Yan pondered deeply, for having to choose among three options was not a pleasant situation. The affliction of indecisiveness struck him instantly.

If only it were possible to choose them all!

And does this "First Stage" and "Once" indicate that if one were to fulfill certain special conditions in the future, they would obtain even better and higher "assistance"?

For example, in popular roguelike games, the conditions are... defeating specific bosses? Accumulating certain special points? Continuously collecting in exchange for better things?

Bai Yan murmured to himself, saying, "Hmm, then I'll choose 'Reverse.' It appears to be strong and mighty."

Next, on the pixelated streets covered with a white mist, three pixelated figures that he was very familiar with appeared.

Without a doubt, they were none other than Nightsaber, the Psychic Dancer, and the Sacred Heart's Chosen.

At the beginning, the unit Bai Yan controlled by default was the mighty Nightsaber.

But he could effortlessly switch and control any Core Operator with a single click, although at any given time, he could only control one Core Operator.

When Bai Yan switched to the Sacred Heart's Chosen, he discovered that she actually possessed an additional special ability, the "summoning of a knight squad."

He gave it a try.

In the next moment, a powerful and impressive team of knights, all dressed in shining gold armor, appeared around the Sacred Heart's Chosen.

They could attack automatically and also follow the Sacred Heart's Chosen in her attacks; each one of them had the ability to awaken.

However, they only existed for half a minute before disappearing.

Bai Yan fell into deep thought, realizing that the cooldown time for summoning the knight squad... was surprisingly long, lasting two whole minutes.

"So, this is our secret weapon," he shook his head gently, "it should not be used casually."

Then, Bai Yan once again switched to Nightsaber and unleashed her most powerful area status skill.


In the next moment, the already darkened sky seemed to grow even darker and more gloomy.

In the midst of white mist, Nightsaber successfully activated her heightened perception and regenerative powers.

However, the shielding effect of the white mist was indeed very effective.

As powerful as Nightsaber's heightened perception was, it could only reveal a portion of the surrounding map. Exploring distant places completely eluded her abilities.

"Let's go forward!"

Bai Yan guided Nightsaber forward, with the other two Core Operators following automatically.

After a short while, they encountered enemies.

These are small creatures with names like 'Dead Silence Assassin Disciples' and 'Remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch'.

The "Dead Silence Assassins" appeared to be individuals dressed in white robes who possessed the ability to unleash a few simple attack spells. They also revealed a hidden blade when engaged in close combat.

"The remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch," on the other hand, were individuals dressed in black robes.

They would unleash various curses, relentlessly weakening the Core Operators, and if approached closely, they would choose to escape.

Bai Yan skillfully commanded the mighty Nightsaber, charging forward and executing precise Imperial Light Executions, effortlessly slicing through enemies like cutting fruits and vegetables.

Unmatched madness, without any pressure.

But after defeating three waves of monsters, Bai Yan chose to command the freshly cooled down "Sacred Heart's Chosen" to summon a squad of knights.

And then, they unleashed a charging ability.

The squad of knights immediately followed the Sacred Heart's Chosen and charged forward, transforming into a golden torrent of steel. In the blink of an eye, they swiftly cleared half of the screen of small monsters.

They were very efficient.

"Not bad."

Bai Yan nodded gently, although the individual power of the Sacred Heart's Chosen was even inferior to the lower ranked Crown's Fist of Duel.

But her performance in the group battle was quite impressive.

Originally, he had some level of doubt about the newly pulled Core Operators.

The fact proved that not a single Core Operator was useless.

Next, he continued to lead the three of them forward, and new small enemies appeared on the street up ahead.

"The Priest of Dead Silence"

"The Desperate One from the Order of the Moon Witch"

The former is a humanoid monster proficient in various spells, who also bestows protective abilities through a ritual. Even Nightsaber, a female warrior, needs two strikes to kill it.

The latter, however, is a small monster that crazily rushes forward to "deliver heads," but upon contact, it immediately self-destructs.

So far, all other attacks have only been giving Nightsaber a scratch, but only this self-destruct will instantly reduce Nightsaber's health by one-fifth.

"So, it probably won't take more than two tries to blow up the little puppy into a little dead dog."

Bai Yan tried to help the Core Operator avoid the Desperate Ones from the Order of the Moon Witch.

However, the small monsters without self-destruct began to mutate. Their skin turned purple, turning them into melee units with significantly increased agility and the ability to jump.

Bai Yan, on the contrary, smiled and said, "Hmm, it's slightly more interesting."

He expended a portion of the Psychic Dancer's energy and unleashed the Mind's Piercing Scream.

In the next moment, the screen displayed a scene of intense fluctuations, instantly obliterating the small monsters occupying half of the screen... The Priest and the Desperate Ones managed to hold on for a little longer, but their health plummeted rapidly.

Bai Yan joked, "Maryse, I really want to congratulate you on reaching a 'Cleanliness Queen' milestone."

Bringing along the Psychic Dancer was indeed the right choice. She might not be very useful in the boss battle, but when facing the small monsters, she was incredibly powerful!

Next, the phone finally displayed the BOSS.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes and smiled.

He was ready for an exciting and thrilling boss battle!


Ten hours later.


The sky gradually darkened, and the people living in this city, some returned home to rest, while others needed to continue working into the late night.

The heavy rain that had been falling for a long time suddenly stopped.

In its place, a large quantity of white mist suddenly appeared.

It spread throughout the various corners of the city, making it difficult for people to see things even within two meters.

Like a white barrier.

"It's getting foggy now."

"These foggy mists appeared all of a sudden?"

"Such strange fog..."

Not only on the streets, but even inside people's homes, there appeared white mists.

Many people felt a hint of unease in the white mist.

Recently, in this city, too many strange things and frightening rumors have been appearing.

Perhaps, these white mists were a mysterious omen.


The Eighth District.

The busiest commercial street with the largest crowd.

In the sky above the street, a small, dark purple portal suddenly appeared.

Wearing a long white robe with intricate patterns, a young girl with six eyes, cat-like ears, and white hair, suddenly tumbled out from the dark purple portal.

With one hand gently pressed against the ground, she landed steadily on the floor.

Because of a large, strange and white mist, only a very few people were able to notice her sudden appearance on the busiest commercial street where there were lots of people.

"The mysterious technique."

She softly spoke and pressed her hands onto the ground, unleashing a power completely different from the "magic" present in this world.

The invisible technique.

"With my three hundred and twenty-seven years of life, two hundred and sixty-five years of past, and all the happiness, hope, and emotions as offerings..."

"She arrived."

If the Savior of Dark Light, who protects this kingdom, is all well, even if one sacrifices everything through the forbidden knowledge of "The Mist of the White Shore," it will not change anything.

She was well aware of this.

But even for this small "possibility," she had already prepared herself to make sacrifices.

In the next moment, the six eyes of the cat-eared girl grew lifeless, losing all sense of self.

And beside her, to her astonishment, appeared hundreds of individuals donned in white robes!

Their sudden appearance was so abrupt and inexplicable, yet the people around seemed oblivious, completely unaware, as if everything was still "normal."

Perhaps, in an instant, all these ordinary people were "hypnotized."

Amongst the numerous individuals in white robes, there was one slightly shorter figure who clearly stood out as the "leader."

Because this slightly shorter individual in the white robes possessed a certain aura that anyone could easily sense.

It was as if winter, tranquility, and fading away were concepts that simply existed.

The leading figure in the white robe slowly reached out and placed their hand on the head of the cat-eared girl, but didn't say a word.

"Silence" was always silent.

Just beside "Silence," a tall figure over two meters in height, clad in full metal armor, softly spoke.

"She had found temporary peace."

"Don't be sad for her, this sacrifice helped us successfully arrive in Annottales."

"Next, we must perform the Ritual of Tranquility,"

"Finally, they embraced eternal peace."

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