I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 328

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Chapter 328: "Dark Night Lost City"

On the screen of his phone, Bai Yan saw numerous game prompts, giving him a nostalgic feeling. It seemed that "Babel Tower" had officially entered the middle stage of the game.

The game content also became more complex.

"Game Tip: The grand event 'Dark Night Lost City' has begun."

"The event lasted for three days, with the first two days being the 'prelude' and the third day marking the 'final battle' moment."

"The time for this activity's intervention has increased, the 'Savior' can influence the real world ten hours in advance through the game 'Babel Tower'."

"This event is divided into two stages, the "prelude" and the "final battle." The Savior is not allowed to use the power of "summon" and cannot bring additional Core Operators to the fight. In each stage, the Savior can only choose three to five Core Operators to send into battle."

"This activity adopts the Roguelike mechanism. Before each game starts, the Savior will choose the necessary "assistance" based on the accumulation from the previous attempt, and the game content will change due to the distortions caused by the "Pupil of Chaos"."

"Every ten hours, the game progress will be settled, and there is no way to go back."

"In this grand adventure, there are seven tasks for the Savior to complete. If they finish three of them, the activity is considered complete, and they will earn 200 legend points. By completing five tasks, there will be extra special rewards given, along with 300 legend points. To achieve a perfect SSS rating, the Savior must complete all seven tasks, earning them 500 legend points."

"Mission 1: Protecting the People: Save as many ordinary folks as possible. If the population of Annottales loses more than one hundred thousand lives, the mission will fail immediately. Reward for the mission: 100 Source Energy Points."

"Task 2: The Game of Salvation: In this mission, all the Core Operators of Babel Tower must survive, and at least one 'Apocalypse' level enemy must be defeated by your own hands. You will be rewarded with 100 Source Energy Points."

"Mission 3: Hear My Roar: Completely disrupt the Ritual of Tranquility ceremony. Mission reward: 200 Source Energy Points, Spirit of Revelation 1."

"Task 4: Everyone's Joy: In this mission, all allied units must remain alive. The mission reward is 200 Source Energy Points, and the Spirit of Revelation will increase by 1."

"Spellcaster's Quest: Defeat the leader of the Moon Witch Order, 'Evil Bastard', and receive a reward of 300 Source Energy Points, 2 Spirits of Revelation, and 5 Awakening Souls."

"Quest 6: The True Conspiracy: Discover the true purpose of two factions in Annottales. Quest reward - Extremely rare Mystical Power 'Dream of Nightmare', 2 Spirit of Revelation, 5 Awakening Soul."

"Mission 7: Never Silent: Defeat Dead Silence. The members of Dead Silence must have at least half of their numbers killed in Annottales, and their leader, 'Silence', must be defeated, successfully stopping their true conspiracy."

"The Spirit of Revelation," "Entertainment Card," "Tactical Card," "Source Energy Points," "Awakening Soul."

"Mission rewards 300 Source Energy Points, one chosen Tactical Card, one chosen Entertainment Card, 3 Spirits of Revelation, and 10 Awakening Souls."

In the first moment, Bai Yan whispered, "Awakening Soul is completely worthless as dog food... But if we could get one from the 'Babel Tower,' it would drive the outsiders, the extraordinary beings, crazy."

Leaving aside the main quest, the "Doomsday Crisis," let's not discuss it.

In all the current Babel Tower events in the second playthrough, this time the scale of the Dark Night Lost City event is evidently the largest.

So, there are also quite a lot of rewards.

The basic reward for completing all seven tasks is already worth twelve hundred Source Energy Points.

If they were able to receive a perfect evaluation, the legend points would double to two thousand four, and with the additional conversion from legend points, it would be an extra one thousand points...

In theory, this grand event could potentially yield a whopping three thousand four hundred Source Energy Points!

Besides that, there are also a remarkable eighteen Spirits of Revelation, after the rewards have been doubled!

"What is the concept of three thousand four hundred Source Energy Points?" Bai Yan had just completed an emergency mission in the slums, and it only rewarded him with one hundred twenty Source Energy Points.

"Hmm, with fifty Source Energy Points, you can draw once. And with three thousand four Source Energy Points, without a doubt... you can draw sixty-eight times!"

In addition to the Source Energy Points Bai Yan currently has, it would be more than enough to make nine ten draws in total!

Of course, in order to unlock the new advanced building facility called the "Exchange House," he still needed to allocate three thousand points from it, but he still had plenty left.

Even though Bai Yan, who was no longer excited about summoning, took a deep breath at the thought.

If he could perfectly complete this event, the Babel Tower would directly make him super rich in an instant!

But the difficulty and the reward are relative, Bai Yan realized this very clearly.

The reward for the Doomsday Crisis was also plentiful, but since he only received an A rating and had to revive many members, in the end, he didn't have much left.

"This is a grand event that doesn't exist in the story of the first playthrough... Strange, what could be the reason for this unexpected change?"

Bai Yan took a deep breath. Before officially starting the event, he had to do something first.

"Give me a clue, please..."

Real Digital World.

He once again dismantled the Babel Tower, observing the special content hidden within the underlying data.

"If a bloodline possesses the power of Dead Silence, they will be immune to many enemies' 'curses'..."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😋)

"If only three Core Operators are deployed in each stage, they will earn an additional purple achievement called 'Few Against Many'..."

"Dead Silence had called upon additional help, the 'Son of God' Amicio..."

"The true plot of Dead Silence was hidden beneath a real plan. They had two main objectives, and the most important sacrifice was not Annottales..."

Suffering from a splitting headache, Bai Yan took a deep breath and paused his reading.

"Luckily, this wave of 'cheating' yielded many crucial pieces of information."

For example, the Scarlet Moon has a restraining attribute against Dead Silence. There are hidden achievements and also information about the additional boss, Amicio, as well as intelligence on the 'true plot'.

Bai Yan had a recollection of the Son of God, Amicio. He would often appear during Bai Yan's first playthrough.

Noah, the man who held the highest bounty among the three major forces!

The most powerful black wizard in the world!

Meanwhile, this individual is also the most renowned descendant of the Fate's Strings Master within the Rainbow!

Although the Fate's Strings Master always appeared in the form of a young girl, she had given birth to many descendants over thousands of years, with the most famous of them being "Amicio".

The silhouette of this man would suddenly appear throughout history, as he had no fixed position and his alignment between good and evil was uncertain.

Sometimes, he would slaughter an entire city, while other times he would save the world. Occasionally, he would disguise himself as a beloved hero, capturing the hearts of the people. However, there were also situations where an evil king would suddenly reveal his true identity as another alter ego of Amicio.

If one were to insist on ascribing any criteria to this renowned "Son of God"...

In that case, acting solely based on mood and interest without any principles became his "guiding principle" in life.

"Indeed, after the First Doomsday Crisis, the happiest person in the world returned to their homeland... In a way, this person was even more excessive than the Moon Witch."

In the first playthrough, whenever Bai Yan reached the middle to later stages of the game, the Son of God, Amicio, would repeatedly appear in the storyline. This fellow had the tendency to unexpectedly join in various activities and quests.

Each time he appeared, there was a fifty-fifty chance that he would become a powerful helper, a companion to the Babel Tower, while the other half of the time, he would transform into a fearsome enemy, a hidden boss.

Amicio stands out in both strategy and tactics, exhibiting an astonishing and enigmatic nature.

Very few people could discern his true intentions, and no one could ever outsmart him.

In "Babel Tower," the first playthrough, Amicio is one of the very few bosses with health bars who has never been defeated by Bai Yan's Babel Tower.

Because there is something called "plot death," and there is also something called "plot survival"... Amicio always seems to have a trick up his sleeve, able to narrowly escape death and prove incredibly difficult to deal with.

In this adventure, this individual is the boss instead of a companion.

"It seems like my luck was a little bit worse."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. If he had the assistance of "the Son of God" Amicio, the difficulty level of the activity would immediately decrease by one level.

But since he was an enemy of the Babel Tower...

If this fellow were to give it his all, he would definitely be one of the most formidable individuals in the world!

"Let's begin."

Bai Yan shook his head and stopped thinking further. He clicked on the event called "Dark Night Lost City."

First, in the past couple of days, the selection of operators for the first 48-hour "eve" phase took place.

It was very important!

Because of the restrictions imposed by the event, "summoning" was forbidden. Even the practice of bringing people through the Heart of Babel Tower was prohibited. The gameplay of directly airdropping the Babel Tower squad didn't work.

In other words, the only remaining variable inside the "Babel Tower" game was Bai Yan himself.

And in the "eve" and "final battle" phases, Bai Yan could only send out three to five different people each time.

So, the selection of team members for each phase became very important.

Bai Yan always felt that something was strange.

"Why? If 'Babel Tower' is a game created to save the world, why can't it give me all the power directly? Why does it have so many restrictions?"

He couldn't understand. There was too little information, and what was known was very limited.

So, which Core Operators should be dispatched?

First and foremost, the Core Operators at the Crown level would naturally be the primary consideration.

There were seven Core Operators: Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Nightsaber, Psychic Dancer, Sacred Heart's Chosen, Mysterious Magic, Fist of Duel, and Sword of Demons.

"If during the 'Eve' phase, we dispatch the strongest 'Nightsaber', 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon', and 'Psychic Dancer' from the current 'Babel Tower', then in the 'Final Battle' phase, it would become very difficult to fight without powerful core operators..."

Bai Yan hesitated for a moment and continued to speak to himself, "Currently, the most powerful Core Operator in Babel Tower is undoubtedly the divinely empowered 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon', and she also possesses the ability to restrain the curse of Dead Silence... Perhaps the combined importance of 'Nightsaber' and 'Psychic Dancer' is almost equal to hers, at least in this event."

In each phase, he only wanted to dispatch a minimum of three Core Operators. This was in order to obtain the achievement of purple rarity.

The rewards that an epic-level achievement could provide were surely plentiful; they must not be given up on.

Bai Yan finally made a decision.

In the "Eve" phase of Dark Night Lost City, the three chosen Core Operators were Nightsaber, Psychic Dancer, and Sacred Heart's Chosen!

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