I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 327

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Chapter 327: A New Grand Event!

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One of Bai Yan's two innate powers, activate!

But in just a moment, numerous fragments from Ruler's past life had already come into view.

In the following time, Bai Yan would see many things, a considerable amount of content and secrets.

At the same time, he was using his psychic powers to delve into the depths of the other person's heart, hoping to uncover any valuable information.

In the blink of an eye, Ruler suddenly became devoid of any remaining secrets.

Bai Yan calmly said, "Now, I even know about the times when you had a secret crush on the big sister when you were little."

After a good while, Bai Yan finally finished looking, in a way, completely devouring the other person's heart.

"To be honest, I prefer using this move on females..."

And then, silver flames flickered in Bai Yan's eyes.


Digital World.

At the next moment, a vast amount of digitized information about the Ruler Saint emerged in the real world.

Of course, only Bai Yan could see it.

"An Uninvolved Person:"

"Title: The Dark Light Ruler"

"Gender: Male"

"Plane:Formation Realm"

"Level: Crown (Ruling)"

"Race: Dragon Descendant"

"Milestone: Guardians and Saints"

"Primary Attributes:"

"Physical strength: 121 (an incredibly powerful body, far surpassing ordinary humans)"

"Inspiration: 214 (a more powerful inspiration than physical strength)"

"Tip: 118 (having excellent abilities in manipulating the power of dark light)"

"Secondary Attributes:"

"Charm: 7 (having a handsome appearance and a natural aura as a descendant of dragons)"

"Loyalty: 0 (It is clear that you are enemies)"

"Feeling: 2 (feeling upset is inevitable after being defeated and humiliated by enemies)"

"Trait: Dream of a Hero"

Aside from that, Bai Yan carefully read through many detailed descriptions below and finally gained a thorough understanding of the Ruler Saint through and through.

Bai Yan gently shook his head, carefully studying the man's face, which had a completely human appearance.

"Doesn't look like a descendant of dragons at all, did they use their abilities to conceal their appearance?"

He turned around, his figure gradually fading away in the rain, but his voice still remained:

"Since you were deceived by Him, I will not kill you."

Otherwise, the Divine Executor would have a difficult time, Bai Yan understood this and knew that he needed to win over the old man at this stage.

"Remember your promise, rescue the people here."

As soon as "Keeper of Secrets" Bai Yan completely disappeared, Ruler regained consciousness from the previous state.

How powerful it is!

Ruler took a deep breath in the rain.

"What is this creature? It can't fight back at all, completely subdued and helpless."

"Keeper of Secrets".

The members of the Babel Tower.

His power was beyond what anyone could have expected, leaving Ruler completely amazed.

Ruler, who was kneeling on the ground, held his forehead and murmured, "Even Big Brother might not be his match... Perhaps the three of us need to join forces for a chance..."

He looked around and, as the Keeper of Secrets had said, this street was indeed filled with a strange atmosphere.

"We need to explore here as well."

Although it was more important to eliminate the evil that was named by the oracle than to save people, Ruler would not give up on helping wherever he could.

He always dreamed of becoming a great hero.

These insignificant little things may contribute to one's own "story" and "legend" in the future.

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Fifteen minutes later.

Judgement and Executioner, two holy saints, also arrived here.

But they didn't find any trace of the members of Babel Tower, instead they came across many strange beings lying on the ground.

These strange beings had purple skin and were all in a state of unconsciousness.

Judgement and Executioner both frowned.

Ruler stood among the crowd, gazing at his two brothers:

"I just encountered the 'Keeper of Secrets' at the Babel Tower... but I was quickly defeated. Before he fled, he told me something. The people here are being influenced by something... it seems to be the power of a cursed spell."

The Executioner said coldly, "Ruler, instead of concerning yourself with helping the common people at the center, you should be more focused on fulfilling the prophecy. Why aren't you chasing after it?"

"I understand," sighed Ruler. "But he had me in the palm of his hand. Even if I were to chase after him, it would be futile, meaningless."

"Hmm, let's inform the church to take these people away, but be cautious, for they may be buttons of the Babel Tower," Judgement shook his head gently and looked at Ruler, saying, "When faced with an unbeatable enemy, sometimes it is wise to temporarily surrender. Ruler, your actions were not wrong, but let me tell you a story."

Ruler nodded gently in silence.

Judgement told the story, "Several hundred years ago, there was a saint who was tasked with fulfilling the prophecy of the Savior. It demanded that he kill a young girl. However, upon finding her, he realized that she was not a sinner or a slave, but an ordinary civilian who faithfully believed in the Savior. In fact, she was kind-hearted and had a strong sense of justice."

Judgement paused for a moment before continuing,

"Noah felt sorry and decided not to kill her. Instead, he chose to take her away from the world of Noah and raise her..."

"But when the young girl grew up, a tragedy occurred. Suddenly, a power belonging to the Outer God surged within her. Despite her goodness, this power caused the saint who raised her and thousands of people to die instantly."

Judgement let out a sigh, saying, "Until now, we haven't been able to find her again. In the following centuries, the number of innocent lives lost is simply too numerous to count. It's beyond imagination."

"For the Savior's divine proclamation, we must immediately obey, even if it means sacrificing everything... We are simply humble mortals, our decisions will never be as wise as the gods'."

Suddenly, Judgement emanated a strong aura of killing.

Ruler stood frozen in astonishment.

He understood why his older brother was telling him this story.

Because, in his recent tone, he subconsciously doubted that the Babel Tower could possibly be a good entity.

Actually, this kind of behavior is questioning God!

Judgement's tone was filled with indifference.

"Do you understand?"

"For those who are truly innocent, never doubt the commands given by Him."


The Tulip Manor.

Bai Yan sat calmly in the study, quietly pondering the cause and effect.

He received a lot of useful information from the Ruler and learned about the specific goals of Dead Silence this time around.

The new "Ritual of Tranquility".

This is a story from seventy years ago. It was the Ritual of Tranquility that Dead Silence, the leader, presided over in silence and Ruler successfully judged. The entire city fell into complete silence during the magnificent ceremony.

The projection of the Outer God descended.

All living creatures were taken away by the arriving Peaceful Songstress, leaving only Silence alone.

From that day forward, the mysterious and unmeasurable leader became even more powerful.

In the realm of Dead Silence, there were actually no saints.

Until now, the Peaceful Songstress has not chosen anyone as her saint.

Perhaps this is related to the nature of the divine.

Under the reign of Silence, there were a total of seven high priests, all possessing considerable strength. Among them, the most powerful high priest was known as the "Evil Spirit."

He was essentially regarded as the successor to Silence.

The special power was called "Magnitude."

This was a power of concept, not just limited to the size of physical objects, but also encompassing the magnitude of length, distance, strength, and even age. The Evil Spirit had the ability to exert certain interferences in these aspects.

The extremely eerie power made him very challenging to deal with, always proving difficult to overcome.

But within the realm of Dead Silence, there were only these two individuals who were known to possess the extraordinary powers of the Apocalypse level.

The Apocalypse level, in the end, belonged to the ranks of the top experts, even within the notorious evil cult recognized by Noah, there were only two individuals.

Are there twenty individuals with the extraordinary Apocalypse level in Noah's world?

Bai Yan was also unsure about this.

Cola made a sound of agreement from outside the door, then suddenly rushed in and jumped onto Bai Yan's shoulder.


Bai Yan turned his head and couldn't shake off the feeling that this mysterious cat knew something, but it would never speak to him.

The cat's face, squinting its eyes, seemed to be filled with a joyful smile.

He always felt that this kind of smile made people very uncomfortable!

"What are you laughing at?"

Bai Yan suddenly reached out and grabbed it, ignoring its struggles and cries, giving it a series of firm pats on the back.

There was no particular reason, simply because he found it displeasing to look at.

After Bai Yan let go of his hand, Cola got scared and ran away immediately, meowing loudly all the way, making annoyed "meow, meow, meow" sounds...

"Hmm, recently, no one should dare to approach me."

Bai Yan wore a proud smile on his face.

Just at that moment, inside the Babel Tower, the incarnation received an expected game clue.

He arrived.

Inside the Babel Tower, Bai Yan picked up his phone and glanced at it.

"A grand new event has begun!"

"Dark Night Lost City!"

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