I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Mirrors and Reflections

With the power of "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used," it can transform lifeless objects into relics.

Without a doubt, this has an immensely powerful effect, surpassing any civilization-level relic.

And this is just one of the three effects of a ruin-level relic!

Now even Bai Yan's usual black staff has been transformed into a true relic that makes ordinary extraordinary individuals envious.

Its effect was very simple.

At the tip of the black staff, a purple glow appeared, enhancing the user's power output!

As for the cost, it would noticeably drain one's strength.

For the present-day Bai Yan, such a cost was simply inconsequential.

In the next moment, Bai Yan had crossed a distance of several hundred meters and arrived in front of the enemy.

He saw the true face of this man.

He was a man with skin that turned purple just like the monsters, incredibly thin and frail, almost a skeleton covered in skin.

Bai Yan, who was around thirty years old, had short blue hair. His body was firmly pinned to the wall by a black cane, and his eyes continued to glare angrily at Bai Yan.

Unwillingness, anger, hatred, and intense negative emotions completely shaped his demeanor.

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Even though he was captured, the frail man continued to shout, "You foolish nobles! Slave masters! Do you really think your power can truly kill me? I am an immortal avenger! Hahaha!"

Bai Yan, with a calm expression, spoke slowly, "Tell me all the information... How many of you are there, and what do you plan to do next?"

"Do you think I would tell?" the frail man chuckled in a triumphant manner.

"Of course, with my magic, you will be able to say anything."

Bai Yan snapped his fingers, his eyes shining with a silvery glow, and his psychic power instantly infiltrated the enemy.

The frail man's eyes grew vacant, and the anger and triumph he had just felt vanished without a trace.


Bai Yan, the male character, witnessed a gruesome scene. The body, pinned to the wall, suddenly shattered into pieces, with blood splattering in all directions. However, not a single drop tainted Bai Yan's body, remaining as pure as ever.

He stood in place, still a gentleman, unmoved and unruffled.

"Boom," he exclaimed.

Bai Yan, a male character, gently shook his head, indicating the failure to acquire the information.

They might indeed be truly dead.

It is also possible that they used some kind of ability or relic to escape unscathed.

When all is said and done, it wasn't a happy ending.

He reached out and the black wand flew back into his hand. He turned his head to look at something not far away.

Kaluoer was actually still fighting with that monster.

What goes around, comes around.

"She really isn't good at dealing with enemies of large size, nor is she suitable for direct combat," Bai Yan muttered to himself.

He used his power of "Connection".

Extracting information about the monster.

The monster's power was not yet at the level of the Crown. It was a native creature from the Belan World, the dominant species in the local food chain.

Although in terms of power level, it was similar to Kaluoer.

But in terms of compatibility, Hidden Azure was at a disadvantage.

Even some extraordinary beings who have reached the level of the Crown, especially those who are non-physical entities, may find themselves threatened by the power of Hidden Azure.

For instance, Maryse could very well be suppressed by the power of Kaluoer.

She didn't possess the "radiance" of an Apocalyptic-level extraordinary being, nor did she have inherent defense, and her physical body could be considered relatively fragile.

Although Maryse's raw power far surpassed Kaluoer's, if she were ever ambushed by Kaluoer, emerging from the void and slicing through her head while she slept, she would unquestionably meet her demise.

And then, there are colossal monsters like Fusion Slime, even though it hasn't reached the level of a Crown, it lacks any vital points and possesses a massive body, with remarkable regenerative abilities.

Kaluoer was completely overwhelmed by the explosive hammer, without any doubt.

And this is the "compatibility" between extraordinary powers.

In battles between extraordinary beings, compatibility often plays a more decisive role than the strength itself in determining the outcome.

So, the knowledge of each extraordinary being's abilities became crucially important.

Of course, there was one exception to this.

If there was a certain extraordinary being who possessed the power to handle any situation, they would be invincible against any enemy and perilous environment they faced.

The so-called compatibility of extraordinary powers became completely unimportant to him.

Bai Yan, who possessed the ability of "Power Possession," was truly a one-of-a-kind exception!


The enormous shell monster rolled incessantly, attempting to shake off the little one on its head, but it was completely powerless. It could only be constantly wounded and covered in cuts.

If it continued like this, it would end up hitting the nearby houses... It had to take action.

Bai Yan, with golden flames condensing in his hands.

The Scourge of War.

From his daydream, he pulled out the Apollo's Arrow, a relic belonging to the Civilization-level. This arrow, shining with dark golden flames, possessed the power to instantly slay monsters, even with only half of its true strength!

Civilization-level Relic, Apollo's Arrow: possesses a tremendous power capable of greatly restraining all manner of evil and strangeness.

The true cost of genuine relics is the chaos it brings to relationships, but the civilization-level relics that are imagined require no payment at all.

Just as Bai Yan was preparing to destroy the monster...

Someone arrived.


Kaluoer, who was perched on the monster's head, blinked for a moment, as if having a clairvoyant moment, and immediately retreated into the dimension of nothingness.

In the next moment.

An immensely huge black beam of light descended from the sky in an instant, like a heavy hydraulic press, crushing the monster with its terrifying power, completely flattening it into thin slices.


A lot of blood sprayed out, instantly staining the surroundings with a strange dark purple color, accompanied by a terrible smell.

In a fit of rage and despair, the enormous monstrous creature finally lost its life and let out a mournful howl as it collapsed with a resounding thud.

Bai Yan squinted his eyes and gripped the black staff, watching this scene unfold.

His "true face" had been concealed by the transformation of the "Disguise Mask" for an unknown period of time.

Kaluoer knelt on one knee beside him and said gently,

"Master, I couldn't complete the task."

"Please punish me."

She habitually sought punishment, evidently influenced deeply by the adjusted training from her female mentor during the Mercury Ball in the past, penetrating to the very core of her being.

Bai Yan shook his head, his tone still steady. "Hidden Azure, step back for now. We mustn't let others see your true identity."


Kaluoer lowered her head, gradually disappearing from sight.

In the next moment, at the spot where the monster had been flattened like a pancake, a handsome man with golden hair suddenly appeared.

In the rain, he donned a black robe, his expression solemn, resembling a noble figure. In his hand, he clasped a blue glowing pearl, perhaps a powerful relic of some kind.

Among the many Dark Night Saints stood one, the Dark Light Ruler.

The Ruler gazed at the Keeper of Secrets, Bai Yan, not far away. He spoke, communicating with two other brothers in different districts through the air:

"The members of the Babel Tower are right here, I have found them."

Kaluoer had already disappeared, leaving behind only the steady figure of a gentleman in black amidst the rain.

The Ruler could sense the overwhelming pressure emanating from his body!

No raindrops fell upon the Dark Light Ruler's figure, and his true face hidden beneath the mask remained a mystery to all. The Dark Light Ruler could feel the unfathomable aura emanating from his opponent, as though it were the depths of a dark and vast ocean!

A true champion!

The Ruler discovered that, surprisingly, they instinctively took a step back.

Bai Yan's tone was steady and calm as he introduced himself, saying, "Welcome, Mr. Saint. I am an member of the Babel Tower known as the 'Keeper of Secrets'... Many people on this street have become afflicted by the madness caused by the Moon Witch Order, and they are in need of the church's aid and healing."

"Of course, they would."

The Ruler nodded slowly and said, "The Savior's people, we will never abandon... But besides that, I also have a very important task."

"Indeed, let's destroy the Babel Tower!"

He knew that the other person was a powerful being, but he would not shrink back because of it.

What kind of believer could that be considered, then?

From childhood, the Ruler has always dreamed of being like the heroes in myths, the Savior who saves the world and fights for justice.

Bai Yan fell into deep thought, still remembering that the Divine Executor had a fondness for the Babel Tower.

But this saint had obvious hostility.

"So, what you're saying is, even within the top ranks of the Dark Light Church, there are disagreements?"

He turned calmly and wanted to leave this place.

"The Babel Tower is an organization that exists to save the world. It won't affect you for now... and even if it does, you won't be able to do anything against us."

"Don't think you can just leave like this! Heretic!"

The Ruler scolded angrily, raising the Relic in their hand, wanting to unleash its power.

But in the next moment, he realized that the Relic in his hand had suddenly disappeared.

The Ruler's abdomen was pierced, causing a fairly terrible wound, and a large amount of blood flowed out.

"How is that possible?"

The Ruler felt incredulous and could not comprehend what had happened. They knelt down on one knee, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Is this person, like that 'Nightsaber', also possessed the power of pausing time? Or perhaps, the power of instantaneous movement?

The face of Bai Yan, the Keeper of Secrets, beneath the mask, remained calm.

He had been standing behind the Ruler, but he didn't know when it had started.

In their hand, they held a pearl that emitted a shining blue light.

"I told you, you cannot stop the Babel Tower from doing anything."

Bai Yan paused for a moment and continued, "Moreover, we are not enemies."

The Ruler continuously used dark light to heal the wounds, growing furious and laughing in response, "To destroy the Babel Tower is the divine decree, hehe, do you really expect me to believe you, rather than trusting in God?"

So that's how it was.

Bai Yan had come to understand: this was the reason why the Dark Light Church held such hostility towards the Babel Tower.

But now, there was something worth pondering.

Why would the Dark Light's Divine Executor choose to stand with the Babel Tower? Why would he adopt the Vessel of God? And why does he, as the leader of the church, always oppose the church and the divine decrees at every turn?

Just as Bai Yan was pondering, suddenly a magnificent black light shrouded the entire street!

The Ruler flew into the air, his figure growing a hundred times larger, completely enveloped by the dark light, as if a black deity was looking down upon the tiny people of the Babel Tower.


"You, are fraught with heinous sins!"

"I obey the divine decree! I shall pass judgment upon you!"

One after another, black rays of light thunderously descended from the sky at an incredible speed, resembling flickering lightning bolts, seemingly intent on obliterating the "Keeper of Secrets" at the Babel Tower.

But after the dark thunder, the "Keeper of Secrets" still stood in the same spot, unharmed.

"How could this be?"

The Ruler found the scene before them utterly unbelievable. It was their full-force strike, powered by years of accumulated Dark Light energy. It seemed impossible for someone to easily withstand it.

The Keeper of Secrets, Bai Yan, simply smiled and calmly spoke, "But how could you possibly know if everything you see in this moment is real and not an illusion?"

Could it be, could it be...

The scenery before the Ruler gradually became blurry.

Everything was merely a fleeting illusion.

The rain continued to fall.

Bai Yan stood calmly behind the Ruler, while this man's eyes were now vacant, completely controlled by the power of the mind.

The desperate struggle just now, the all-out attack, simply didn't exist in reality.

In Bai Yan's eyes, a black mist emerged.

They stayed in touch.

"About the secrets of the leaders of the Dark Light Church, let's gather them all from you."

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