I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 325

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Chapter 325: A Tale of Love

Bai Yan gently shook his hand, and the suddenly appeared black letter disintegrated into fragments.

The contents inside weren't much, and he easily remembered them. There was no need for this letter to continue existing.

He then approached the table and took a sip of the red tea.

The cup that Bai Yan is using now is, of course, not the "Scarlet Cup" that has been transformed into a relic.

Based on the information obtained from Dai and Alan, Bai Yan could generally ascertain that the contents written on this letter were true.

"Dead Silence"、"Moon Witch Order".

Two major evil organizations have joined forces!

But there were a few questions that Bai Yan needed to ponder.

The first important question was, who sent this letter?

Why did the sender want to help him?

The way the letter was revealed hinted that it was the same as the ones sent by "Ji", who undoubtedly was his enemy.

As Bai Yan thought about this, he felt a bit puzzled. Could it be that this person had a split personality?

"Why does he sometimes act aggressively towards me and then suddenly help me?"

Couldn't understand it.

This was a truly puzzling question, and Bai Yan shook his head. Same old routine, he wouldn't continue to dwell on it.

As for the other questions... the most crucial point is how many enemies there actually were.

At present, the confirmed enemies are the "Dead Silence," the largest cult in the world led by Noah, and the remnants of "Moon Witch Order" from the Order of the Moon Witch.

But wait!

In addition, the trace of the black wizard appeared!

Bai Yan could determine that the person controlling Dai was indeed a black wizard.

She might even be an enemy of Lin Bian and Alan.

And in Bai Yan's impression, the black wizards of this world generally held the consensus that "gods are simply more powerful beings" and "there is no need to respect the gods."

In history, hardly any black wizards would join the guild.

"Maybe this is the work of a third party?" he mused to himself, analyzing the situation.

Although it wasn't certain who the enemies were yet, the ones known at the moment were already quite formidable.

"Dead Silence".

Noah, the largest guild in the world of Noah, has a history that spans over tens of thousands of years. They have not only flourished in the world of Noah but have also impacted many other worlds.

In the realm of Noah, "Dead Silence" was just one of the numerous branches of their vast organization.

The leader of "Dead Silence" had always been a mysterious and unpredictable figure. Many claimed that he was not from the world of Noah, but from another world.

He was the organizer of a major event called the "Ritual of Tranquility" that had taken place in the past.


He is an incredibly difficult character to deal with, and his power and skills might possibly rival Glofield's.

As for the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch...

The Moon Witch Order now appears much more destitute compared to Dead Silence. During the heyday of the "Ultimate Witch," they might have been able to rival Dead Silence, but now they are considered a lost cause.

From this, Bai Yan could make a judgment that the next main adversary of the upcoming event would be Dead Silence.

Bai Yan began to ponder the final question: How many helpers and allies would there be for this upcoming event?

The enemies were about to strike Annottales!

Annottales itself also had numerous powerful beings!

This time, without the interference of the Pupil of Chaos, in this city filled with creatures, both the saints and the Knights of the Divine Blade would undoubtedly take decisive action.

He immediately thought of the mysterious old man.

"Annottales' monsters, including the 'ultimate' one... as long as the powerful beings of the 'divine throne' level don't intervene, there is absolutely no mortal creature in this world that can match him."

Especially since he was fighting on his home turf, not even the world's number one cult leader, Silence, could be mentioned in the same breath.

Noah, the strongest person, was right here in this city.

"Incarnation of Dark Light"

The Savior of Dark Light, the Oracle on the earth.

Divine Executor.

Meanwhile, he was also the foster father of the Innocent Singer, Evie.

Bai Yan recalled the powerful abilities of the Divine Executor in the background story of the first playthrough.

"Even if the Dead Silence and the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch join forces, and assuming the Savior of Dark Light doesn't intervene, it would be impossible for them to directly challenge the Dark Light Church headquarters."

Because the old man was there.

"So, in order for Dead Silence to achieve its goal, it must be clever."

Outside the window, it was still raining. At that moment, Bai Yan sensed that someone in the Tulip Manor had awakened.

"Hmm, Dai has awakened," he murmured to himself as he took a sip of his tea.

After Bai Yan used his mystical powers to comfort her, Dai, who had just awakened, started to feel much better. However, she still felt a little dizzy and disoriented.

"What have I just experienced?"

She slowly sat up in bed, resting her hand on her forehead.

"How strange... Why can't I remember anything?"

Dai's memories, which were recently manipulated by someone, had already been erased by Bai Yan.

This nightmarish experience, like being controlled by a puppet, was filled with despair and needed to be forgotten completely.

Bai Yan used his telepathic power to observe every movement of the people in the Tulip Manor. He repeatedly made sure that there were no problems with anyone inside the estate.

Even so, Bai Yan still didn't let his guard down.

In fact, since the enemy wasn't completely defeated, how could one possibly let their guard down?

"Hmm... I should do something... Let's find someone to go with me to Dai's house nearby and take a look."


When Bai Yan made this choice, INT told him that it was the right one.

"Oh, I understand now... It seems there are still some things that haven't been completely solved."


Inside the Babel Tower.

Sitting on the marble throne, the incarnation of Bai Yan gazed calmly at the cellphone in his hand.

The Game of the Babel Tower.

"Emergency mission."

"Location: Annottales"

"Please choose a Core Operator for deployment."

"Have made a choice."

"Hidden Azure."


Thirteenth City District.

The heavy rain nearly engulfed the streets.

The water kept rising.

Bai Yan had arrived at Dai's memory place.

In a gentleman's Western-style black suit, tightly holding a walking cane, with gray hair at his temples, Viscount Edmond appeared.

"Is this the place?"

Bai Yan's voice was steady and calm.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan, who stayed inside the Babel Tower, received a new emergency mission from "Babel Tower" through his phone, as his incarnation.

The location of the new emergency mission also pointed to this area.

This mission is very likely related to Dai's family," Bai Yan had this feeling in his heart.

"Has he arrived?"

Bai Yan smiled and looked to the side. A thick black mist surged up, and before long, the figure of Kaluoer, dressed in a black and white maid outfit, slowly emerged from it.

"I need someone, and someone needs me."

She was sent by Bai Yan's incarnation through the "Babel Tower" game.

Kaluoer remained silent.

She glanced around and knelt before Bai Yan, just like a true assassin.

"Just now, the 'Savior' spoke to me and said that I have been chosen... Is there a mission?"

The Wolf-Eared Girl's tone was neither sad nor happy.


Bai Yan nodded and calmly said, "Can you sense it? The atmosphere here feels very strange."

He finished speaking and took an umbrella out from inside the Babel Tower using a "mysterious ring". He stepped forward and opened it to shield Kaluoer.

Kaluoer could certainly sense that something was amiss.

In this neighborhood, there was a sense of eerie silence hanging in the air.

It was very strange.

What on earth was affecting my "sense of smell"?

She had a peculiar obsession with cleanliness, so much so that it affected her inspiration.

The more wicked and bloodthirsty a person was, the more foul and repugnant they appeared in Kaluoer's "sense of smell". On the other hand, kind and innocent individuals emitted a variety of pleasant scents, along with other intriguing smells.

And the scent that greeted her here had an aura of "ominous stillness".

Perhaps, this was the essence of the soul.

In terms of the sense of soul, so far it had always been very accurate.

Kaluoer knew that the exception to this was the "Keeper of Secrets" Viscount Edmond.

The scent emanating from him was incredibly chaotic, as if multiple fragrances intertwined, impossible to separate and fully blend together.

This must have been some sort of intentional concealment, don't you think?

She had wished for it so much.

"What should I do? Kill everyone here?"

Kaluoer, kneeling on one knee, calmly made a proposal without showing any expression on her face.

At the next moment, a heavy black staff was pressed against her fair neck.

Bai Yan continued to hold the umbrella for the girl, but the aura of death emanating from the black staff was undeniable.

"When I ask you to take a life, only then can you do it... Only by agreeing to this shared principle can we cooperate."

After a moment of silence, Kaluoer asked again, "Because, are you my master?"

"Viscount Edmond" smiled and said, "If you absolutely need a master, then I willingly take on the role of being your guiding rope, becoming your guardian."

He suddenly became serious, his tone filled with menace, "Kaluoer, listen carefully... In the past, you were forced to kill innocents, and there was a chance for redemption... But if you dare to harm ordinary people without justification in the future, I assure you, you will deeply regret it... Of course, by then, as your guardian, I will not be exempt from blame either."

Bai Yan's voice remained calm as he continued, "I don't like to be guilty for the mistakes of others, so if you continue to indiscriminately kill the innocent, I will have no choice but to end your life."

"Okay, I will obey your command," Kaluoer nodded gently.

She didn't care.

It wasn't the act of killing that made Kaluoer feel familiar and accustomed, but rather the act of obeying orders itself.

"Go and investigate the situation inside," Bai Yan raised his hand and pointed towards the alley. "Your friend Dai's house is right here."

"I, don't have any friends..." Kaluoer thought silently.

"Yes, master."

Kaluoer nodded gently, her petite figure fading into nothingness, disappearing from sight.

She wandered in another dimension, with distant misty whiteness all around, swiftly moving towards the alley.

Arriving at the alley, Kaluoer came across Dai's house.

Amidst the sound of rain, an eerie atmosphere permeated the place.


Two men and two girls.

They sat around the only table, their voices sounding hoarse.

The skin of all four people turned purple, their eyes bloodshot and their minds clouded, consumed by an uncontrollable urge for bloodshed.

"Sister, sister, why did you leave again... Sister, sister... I miss you so much."

The youngest girl mumbled incessantly, her words unclear.

The old man grinned widely and chuckled, "She won't come back, hehe, she has abandoned us, hehe."

The slightly older girl remained expressionless, then suddenly reached out and grabbed a passing mouse. Without showing any emotion, she slowly tore it apart.

The scent of blood brought delight to the group of people.

Dai's older brother Lanen shed tears from his eyes, struggling as he clutched his own neck.

"Don't come back, I can't control myself, Dai, don't come back... I really want to kill someone."

Kaluoer silently observed everything happening in the real world within the void dimension.

Even though they were very close, they could not possibly discover her whereabouts.

This is Dai's home.

So, they must all be Dai's family, right?

Kaluoer remembered Dai's smiling face.

The girl was always strong and hardworking, very afraid of being driven out of the Tulip Manor. She tried her best to think of ways to do everything perfectly.

And, Dai cared deeply about her solitary nature.

Even though he completely ignored her, she kept coming back to chat with him time and time again.

She even said, "I'm afraid you'll be isolated..."

An overly foolish and naive girl.

Even if she played pranks on herself, she would just laugh it off. But after hearing her own scary story, she would run crying to her room at night, wanting to sleep together.

Being completely different from someone like herself, he was like a being living in two different worlds.

Kaluoer looked at the few people inside the room.

She knew very well that if Dai saw this scene, she would be utterly heartbroken and in great pain.

She would feel like her former self.

Falling into the deepest despair.

For some unknown reason, deep within the heart of the girl with wolf ears, there was a certain emotion that all intelligent beings in the world possessed, which was ignited uncontrollably.

Even if it was just a little, it was still an ignited emotion.


Kaluoer had a blank expression, finding it difficult to understand her own changes.

Why is there a strange emotion deep within my heart?

That kind of thing should not belong to me.

It had been a long time since anything belonged to me.

"Is this anger?"

She asked herself with self-disgust.

Excessive self-doubt and questioning made the wolf-eared girl increasingly restless and uneasy.

For some unknown reason, Kaluoer felt an urge to commit violence!

Why not just destroy everything?

And then, "master" would kill me, right? He wasn't joking just now, for sure.

In this way, I would no longer feel anything.

Thus, they managed to regain...

Be at peace.

She suddenly materialized from nowhere, wielding a weapon, poised to attack the people in the room.

Get rid of the source that made oneself feel emotions again!

But in that instant, Kaluoer thought of Dai's face, her sister's voice, and finally Mr. Edmond...

If they were to destroy everything here, they would never be able to go back.

Those fragile, yet the only connections they had.

She stopped her attacking motion, her hands trembling slightly.

"Well done, you kept yourself in control."

Suddenly, Viscount Edmond had appeared by her side, his voice calm and steady.

"Sorry, master... But at the last moment, I couldn't let you kill me."

Kaluoer still wore a blank expression, but she also knew that she had changed slightly.

Let your self-destructive emotions stop for now, consider it for your own sake.

Bai Yan gently shook his head, observing the situation of the people in the room.

They didn't attack when the two of them appeared.

Because Bai Yan's spiritual power immediately took full control of the four people.

They were undoubtedly Dai's family, but now they had all transformed into half-human, half-ghost beings.


Bai Yan pondered how to heal them and extended his hand, unleashing the power of the Sacred Rune "Frigga."

In the white light, the mutations on the bodies of several people were not eradicated.

It seems that this slight mutation would not be considered as "injured".

Bai Yan pondered, and in a way, it could even be considered as a direction of evolution.

So, healing the Sacred Rune "Frigga" had no effect.

"Troublesome thing."

Bai Yan felt that he should try using a different extraordinary power.

The greatest advantage of Power Possession is that, as the "Savior," he possesses countless means to use.

He then turned to Power Possession, using Sacred Heart Spell on Sacred Heart's Chosen, but even after a shimmering golden light flashed, there was still no apparent effect.

"Understood, it's just that my thinking was off... Well then, this power should be able to solve the problem." Bai Yan chuckled instead.

Kaluoer silently watched everything that was happening, without saying anything, just observing.

Next, Power Possession performed the Mysterious Magic.

"Close your eyes, Kaluoer," Bai Yan suddenly spoke up, reminding her.

The girl with wolf ears nodded gently and closed her eyes.

Bai Yan opened his arms and within the depths of his heart, he called out the name of the sun, as a golden light shimmered from his body.

The Sun Anthem.

A strong golden light spread out in all directions, immediately encountering its natural enemy against the evil power that resided within Dai's family members. Slowly, it began to fade away!

"Ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh ooooh!"

They instinctively howled, seemingly in great pain.

But Bai Yan, having confirmed that they were not injured, chose to continue exerting his power.

The Sun Anthem!

Under the intense golden light, Dai's several family members gradually returned to normal. However, they remained unconscious due to the powerful surge of energy.

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"Did they solve the problems they had?"

Kaluoer, who had been standing nearby, expressionless, suddenly asked.

Her tone of questioning was very cold and devoid of any emotions.

But Bai Yan, upon hearing these words, was briefly taken aback, and then he smiled.

This was Kaluoer's first time caring about other people.

Bai Yan answered her, "Yes, Kaluoer, you have successfully helped me save Dai's family. She will be grateful to you."

"I didn't do anything and don't need any gratitude."

Kaluoer gently shook her head, lowered it, and wondered what she was thinking.

Bai Yan continued to give orders, "Carry on. There should be more than just this one house experiencing abnormal situations in this block. Unfortunately, during the days after the Doomsday Crisis, when we were unaware, all the forces of evil in the world must have been stirring."

"Yes, master."

Kaluoer answered indifferently.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, his face showing a solemn expression.

"The root of this matter, ultimately, was because they could confirm... the Dark Light Savior no longer had much positive influence on Noah. Nowadays, in this country without 'laws of man,' the 'divine code' might not be useful anymore."

The Kingdom of Dark Light will eventually descend into chaos.

It's only a matter of time!

When the two of them left the house, Bai Yan said again, "Once we finish cleaning up this area of mutants, I will take Dai's family back to the Tulip Manor. It's no longer safe here."

Kaluoer remained silent for a while, her gaze towards Bai Yan devoid of sadness or joy. "Why are you doing so much for a maid you've only known for a short time?"

"Because, I can do it."

Bai Yan also looked at Kaluoer and said earnestly, "For me, saving her is merely a small effort. It neither requires sacrificing myself nor making any significant choices."

"Maybe this simple act of raising my hand will inspire her gratitude and loyalty, and she will willingly give everything, but that is her choice... For me, it is just a way to bring peace to those around me and fulfill the mission of a great Savior."

Apart from this, there was one more thing.

That is actually me, the Savior of the Babel Tower, who needs to complete tasks to earn rewards. But how could I possibly explain this to you?

Kaluoer nodded gently, no longer speaking.

"There he comes," Bai Yan reminded her.

A gentle voice, belonging to a man, suddenly appeared in the hearts of the two.

[Why hinder their own choices?]

[The choice to become stronger is an individual's own decision. Rebellion is an inevitable path... For thousands of years, how many people have been destined to be oppressed and enslaved from the moment they were born?]

[I am merely giving them an opportunity, an imperfect opportunity, to empower themselves, to have the ability to resist, and a chance to bring those who oppress and enslave them to an end!]

The once gentle male voice grew more and more impatient, angry, as if he deeply despised the two who sought to eliminate mutations.

[As long as enough blood is shed, so that those people can understand pain and despair, this world full of slavery and oppression will have a chance to become better!]

Bai Yan remained silent, quietly listening, as he unleashed his Mysterious Magic of heightened senses, searching for the exact whereabouts of the other person.

The power of the mind had its limitations when it came to distance.

Since the other person was able to speak in his own and Kaluoer's minds, it indicated... that the person shouldn't have gone far.

[I despise you, nobles, bloodlines, power, and your use of everything and every means! Unfairly oppressing us! Enslaving us! Now, even the only hope we can hold on to is being stripped away!]

[Perish here, slave masters!]


A creature roared angrily as it emerged from the ground of the street. It resembled a massive beetle, with a purple, sturdy shell and a colossal body stretching nearly a hundred meters.

"Get rid of it, Kaluoer."

Bai Yan spoke calmly, uttering the lines he had always wanted to say.

"Yes, master."

Kaluoer's figure vanished into thin air, and then, in an instant, she had already appeared on top of the beetle's head.

From her outstretched arm, a short sword emerged, piercing into the beetle's eyes, and slashing fiercely.


With a terrifying roar, purplish corrosive blood sprayed out, but not a drop hit the wolf-eared girl's body.

"Indeed, when it comes to battling large monsters, 'Hidden Azure' is not very skilled."

Bai Yan turned and looked to his right.

Three hundred meters away, yes, exactly at that spot.

The person who just used telepathic powers must be the culprit who targeted Dai's family, a member of the Order of the Moon Witch. However, it is uncertain if he is attempting to manipulate Dai, the black wizard.

"I found you."

In that instant, the man lurking in the shadows seemed to sense that his whereabouts had been revealed!

So, he immediately stood up and swiftly fled!

He moved with incredible speed, like a black shadow!

Power Possession·Nightsaber.

Bai Yan calmly waved his hand and threw a black staff.


The staff transformed into a pitch-black beam of light, soaring past the buildings, leaping over obstacles, and piercing through narrow crevices, accurately pinning the escaping black-cloaked figure tightly to the wall!

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