I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: Malice Surges

The strange individuals that appeared on this street were actually just a variety of people. Most of them were humans, with many half-beasts, orcs, and other races as well.

They lived in this forbidden land.

Now, they had all transformed into wild, beast-like madmen.

"Sleep now."

In the rain, Aaron, hidden behind his mask, calmly narrated as he activated the forbidden spell he had just set up.

In an instant, the invisible Dream Curse spread around, and a wide range of blue light flickered in the rain.

Deep blue runes swiftly flew out from Alan's side, adhering to the bodies of the strange creatures, one by one.

The souls of the strange creatures were soothed by the power of dreams.

This mysterious and unfathomable power made them feel an unimaginable exhaustion, completely unable to resist. Soon, they fell down and plunged into a deep, sound sleep.

"Sinking Dream".

Alan learned forbidden spells stolen from "The Cursed String Music," the captain of the Sword-wielding Troop.

It didn't belong to the seventy-two ancient forbidden spells that had been passed down for centuries. Instead, it was one of the three new forbidden spells recently invented by "The Cursed String Music," the captain of the Sword-wielding Troop.

Belonging to the Lawbinding discipline.

The Eyes of the Empire, the central headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency, the Intelligence Department, and the forty-six other central organizations of the Air Alliance have all relocated to Tatsumi City.

As one of the few surviving members of the original Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City, Alan, who was also the highest-ranking Night Watcher remaining, was immediately granted an audience with the director.

When he met the renowned director, he immediately learned something.

The formation of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City had been officially disbanded.

Yes, it is.

That's perfectly normal.

In the current state of the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City, it was almost completely annihilated. Apart from a few civilian personnel, there were barely ten Night Watchers left alive.

After the Doomsday Crisis, the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City ceased to exist.

And after the relocation of the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency, it was only reasonable and in accordance with the rules that the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City would be disbanded.

Alan took a long time to accept this fact.

For him, the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City was like a second home.

Home, it was gone.

However, he still had a chance to revive his family.

If he is the chosen one, he will surely be able to do it... Even if it's not possible for now, there will come a day when everyone, including Lin Bian, will be resurrected.

Two days ago, Alan was chosen by "The Cursed String Music," the captain of the Sword-wielding Troop, which only recruits once every thousand years. He was immediately enlisted into the Sword-wielding Troop, the Air Alliance's highest-level special forces unit.

This is a team of just over a hundred people, including civilian personnel, but they have resolved numerous highly significant incidents and even saved the world in history.

Am I truly part of the Babel Tower or the Demon Hunt Agency?

He would no longer dwell and ponder upon such boring matters.

At this moment, Alan made up his mind to become the bridge between the Babel Tower and the Demon Hunt Agency!

"Double Agent!"

Rain continued to fall as Alan calmly looked around.

All the enemies fell into a deep sleep, under the enchanting spell of the 'Sinking Dream', the people wouldn't wake up for at least ten days.

Most ordinary people would likely perish due to dehydration, but these peculiar individuals possess extraordinary constitutions that defy common logic. It seems they would have no major issues even if they didn't eat or drink for a month.

"I can only collect these people for now..."

Alan took a deep breath and retrieved a black scroll from within a ring. He threw it forward.

The scroll unfurled, and an invisible force started to sweep away everything around.

When the scroll returned to his hands, hundreds of peculiar individuals were nowhere to be found. All the people had been captured and recorded within the black scroll.

Advanced Relic, "Scroll of the Heavenly Dome".

It appeared as a slender black scroll without any content on its surface. When unfurled, it could stretch out to over ten meters. However, it could only capture things that didn't resist, and couldn't be used in battles. Soon after, the corresponding "paintings" would appear within the scroll.

Just now, Alan's act of capturing people into the painting had already filled one-third of the entire Scroll of the Heavenly Dome, completely filled with ink-like little figures resembling unconscious peculiar individuals.

This advanced Relic, "Scroll of the Heavenly Dome," was awarded to Alan by the Demon Hunt Agency's Director General, the "Sword Saint" Austin, as a recognition of his and Tatsumi City Demon Hunt Agency's bravery and sacrifices during the Doomsday Crisis.

"That should be about right."

Alan couldn't bring himself to harm the numerous civilians, who were still human, half-beasts, or orcs, even when they were driven into a frenzy and appeared monstrous.

And so, he chose a compromise sealing method.

Alan slowly reached out his hand, unfurled his fist, and observed dozens of gently floating pale blue threads in the palm of his hand.

It was the memories he had just extracted from the hearts of dozens of people.

With the collective memories, Alan quickly found a person among them.

A man who called himself the Avenging Saint, and claimed that many referred to him as the Evil Bastard.

This person had never appeared directly, but existed in the memories of every mutant, manipulating and tempting them to acquire the so-called "powers."

Alan fell into deep thought.

"I won't let you go."

A black mist surged up, and he knew his mission had come to an end.

Soon, Alan was engulfed in black mist, and the world around him shattered.

Not long after, he had returned to his home in Tatsumi City.

At this moment, Tatsumi City was being covered in snow. Alan's new home was a villa in the Dawn District. Due to the recent chaotic circumstances, his parents came to live with him.

Alan stood on the balcony, took out his phone, and shared his new discovery on the Babel Tower forum.

Among the new members, "Sword of Demons" and "Sacred Heart's Chosen" had not joined the forum established by Amy, the Cybertyrant.

The former is a sword that lived in the wilderness, while the latter existed in another world.

For the most part, they will basically have no connection with "phones" and "forums" in this lifetime.

"Mr. X", "Hmm? The person you found is called 'Evil Bastard'? Let me search it."

"Mysterious Magic", "Yes, is there any information about him in the database? It seems that this person is still a saint."

"Mr. X", "I found it. In my database, there are some records about 'Evil Bastard'. He is currently the actual leader of the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch. His strength is unknown, and he has always been low-key, never causing any major trouble."

The Order of the Moon Witch.

The members of Babel Tower saw this term and fell into contemplation. In their impression, the cult that worships the Ultimate Witch has always been low-key and unremarkable.

"Scarlet Moon", "Avenging Saint of the Order of the Moon Witch? Are you kidding? The Ultimate Witch has not ascended to godhood and there is no such thing as a 'Chosen One' in the first place. Can this person really be considered a saint?"

"Mr. X", "You're absolutely right. His title of being a saint must be self-proclaimed. The Ultimate Witch, in the end, is nothing more than a quasi-deity. Since she never ascended to godhood, there is no such thing as a Chosen One."

"Mysterious Magic", "When I was in Annottales, I discovered that he caused many ordinary people to go mad and mutate, regardless of age or gender. Moreover, this power seems to be contagious... If we continue to ignore it, the entire city will be in danger."

"Mysterious Magic", "In the end, I didn't kill those afflicted by madness, but instead sealed them away."

"Profligate", "Well done, you have worked hard. Others will make the same choice as you."

The sudden appearance of Profligate caused a momentary pause in the forum chat. It seemed like everyone was trying to find the right words to say.

For them, Profligate elder figure was somewhat like a half headmaster, making it difficult for them to express themselves freely in front of him.

"Psychic Dancer", "Mr. Profligate, I have a feeling that another fierce battle is imminent... During the Doomsday Crisis, we barely emerged victorious. I truly hope that such a situation won't occur again in the future..."

"Profligate", "Rest assured, all of you are growing stronger and will eventually be able to face various evils with ease, overcoming obstacles along the way."

"Psychic Dancer", "Hmm, we are all growing stronger, and if... if something like that were to happen again, I wouldn't be helpless anymore."

"Profligate", "Let's get back to the topic, about Annottales... This ancient city might be on the verge of something significant."

"Profligate", "If nothing unexpected happens, the root of the problem should lie in the collaboration between the Order of the Moon Witch and the black wizard, and there might even be other forces involved... However, I believe the great Savior has already sensed everything. For now, let's wait patiently, everyone."

Nightsaber, "Hmm, all we need to do is focus on our own tasks and trust in the Savior."

"Mr. X", "By the way, I have something to give you... perhaps it will be helpful to everyone... my 'sisters'."



Annottales, the Fifteenth District.

In an ominous building, which was supposed to be the stronghold of the largest gang in this district, there wasn't a single surviving member of the gang left.

Evil was spreading.

"In the Tulip Manor, there existed a powerful force of the heart, my dear."

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, the one-eyed girl without arms had eyes as blue as precious gems.

She calmly reported the situation to someone in the darkness.

The man had a silver diamond-shaped mark on his forehead. His face was indiscernible in the darkness. He was quite tall, approaching two meters, and dressed in a black coat.

He seemed to be the darkness itself.

In the darkness, the man picked up a glass of red wine, took a sip, and after savoring it, he suddenly asked, "Noah, has your power been completely dispelled?"

"Yes," replied Noah, the one-eyed girl.

The man continued, "Over here, the Evil Bastard's sneaky activities have also been noticed by someone, hehe... But that person quickly left the city, vanishing without a trace... Perhaps they are the legendary person of the Babel Tower?"

If Tao Wu were still alive, he would definitely recognize the man with the diamond-shaped mark on his forehead.

In the man's eyes, there was something beyond ordinary.

The gaze that saw the entire world as a game.

It existed only in the eyes of a few.

The man continued, "The remnants of Dead Silence and the Order of the Moon Witch have decided to join forces. They even invited me back from the Whirlworld to assist them... Even with 'Noah's Mightiest' in Annottales, they may not be able to stop our plan."

"But with the Babel Tower, everything may not be certain," he suddenly changed the subject.

The one-eyed girl asked calmly, "Master, what exactly is the Babel Tower?"

The man smiled and said,

"Who knows? I don't know, and I don't care... I just think that things will become very interesting once I get involved with them."

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He lifted his head, his eyes filled with joy, "You, the Savior of Babel Tower, are you a deity or a demon? I long to meet you! Because you see the entire world as a game... You are a being similar to me!"

It was like fulfilling my dream!

"Master, there's something I still can't understand."

Nora thought for a moment and continued to ask, "Why is one of the rewards the Order of the Moon Witch asks for, the sealing of the reincarnated form of Dead Silence's leader, the Silent Heart of Death?"

In the darkness, the man chuckled, not answering, but instead asking the young girl a question. "What do you think, deep within the hearts of the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch, is the true identity of the reincarnated form of the Ultimate Witch?"

Nora pondered for a moment, expressing her confusion. "The incarnation of faith?" she wondered.

"No, the Order of the Moon Witch is a group of traitors!"

The man said, "They once betrayed the Ultimate Witch. After her fall, they tried to consume her flesh and blood to gain power, but in doing so, they became bound by a cursed force. Throughout generations, they were compelled to obey the commands of the reincarnated form of the witch and could not betray her willingly."

He suddenly burst into laughter, clapping his hands and exclaimed,

"In the eyes of these wasted souls! The reincarnation of the witch is actually their archenemy, their natural master, the fate they have always wanted to destroy through generations!"

Nora nodded, seemingly understanding many things.

She analyzed, "So when the leader of Dead Silence proposed to turn the witch's reincarnation into an undead, forever sealed away, Evil Bastard remained silent, implying agreement... Though unable to betray willingly, the remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch, more than anyone else in the world, hoped for her complete disappearance."

The man nodded and smiled, saying, "That's how it is in reality."

"A great show is about to begin."

He suddenly took out a coin, smiled, and tossed it into the air.

"If it's heads, following the agreement, he would risk everything to help the two united cults... If it's tails, without hesitation, he would betray them, hehe..."

And then, they were mercilessly slain.

The man squinted his eyes.

No matter which side the coin would land on.

It will all be very exciting.

The involvement of the Babel Tower filled him with endless excitement!


Viscount Edmond, also known as Bai Yan, received a black letter that night.

This black letter suddenly appeared inside the mansion.

It appeared right beside the bed at Hidden Azure.

In his heart, he knew that this letter was written for himself, or rather, for the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan had reason to believe that they were being watched, that someone had noticed the significant connection between Viscount Edmond, or Kaluoer, and the Babel Tower.

Not long ago, there were reports about the Tulip Manor, and he certainly remembered this incident.

The last person to send a letter like this was "Ji".

Bai Yan opened the letter, read its contents, and fell into deep thought.

"Who is it?"

He was very curious to know who wanted to help him.

The content of the letter was very simple, clear, and thorough... It explained something.

The remnants of the Order of the Moon Witch, along with the leader of Dead Silence, will perform some kind of ritual in Annottales.

They were trying to sacrifice the entire city to the "Peaceful Songstress"!