I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 322

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Chapter 322: Going Home

In the early morning, Dai, wearing a large hat, sat inside an old carriage.

The carriage swayed and rocked, almost making her lose her breakfast.

After a long while, the carriage finally came to a stop.

"Miss, we have arrived... However, in a place like this, I hope you won't stay for long," the carriage driver looked around cautiously, fearing someone might jump out and rob them.

This is the slums of Annottales,

It was a place with very poor security, with crime and violence rampant. People from other parts of the city didn't want to live with those from the slums, even if they were from the same district.

Dai remained silent for a while, then smiled and said, "Thank you for your advice... I understand now."

A black-haired maid stepped down from the carriage.

They arrived back at the alley in their hometown.

She took a deep breath, looked at the crumbling surroundings, felt the chill, and knew that this place was a completely different realm from the Tulip Manor.

Dirty and dilapidated, the carriage behind them quickly sped away.

This place was their childhood, their home as they remembered it.

Dai's clothes were very old and quite plain, with no signs of wealth. She also covered her face with a hat and veil, refusing to reveal a face only slightly less beautiful than Kaluoer's.

Here in the thirteenth district of Annottales, the best place in the slums when it comes to safety and environment, but still a part of Annottales' slums...

Born in the slums, it was actually a secret of Dai's.

Inside the Tulip Manor, only Steward Carson knew this.

According to the rules, even ordinary noble families wouldn't hire someone from the slums as a high-ranking servant. People born in the slums can at most work as kitchen maids or laborers, rarely stepping into high society.

If guests were to see someone from the slums in the dining hall, it would undoubtedly lower the overall elegance and taste of the noble family.

As for women who were born in the slums and became personal servants to nobles... In the popular novels of Annottales, there have indeed been instances of such unreasonable occurrences.

After luckily becoming Viscount Edmond's personal maid, Dai was always nervous and frightened. The rise in her status and salary made her feel incredibly fortunate.

She simply didn't have the courage to voluntarily reveal her true background.

Oh, the high-ranking maids of the Tulip Manor, almost all of them come from a lineage of servants. Their character, manners, and loyalty are impeccable.

She would become the new personal maid of Viscount Edmond himself, simply because he didn't care, didn't mind, and casually chose her, that's all!

Every night, Dai would be afraid, knowing that Steward Carson, who held the secret, might expose her.

When Viscount Edmond used something of poor quality, he would always be the first to get angry, believing that it tarnished the honor of being a noble. He would sternly reason about it.

One time, Steward Carson and Viscount Edmond had a big argument, it was very intense... Viscount Edmond casually distributed the high-quality wine meant to be offered to the Savior of Dark Light among the servants.

This middle-aged man always remained so stubborn and demanding.

She also felt that if she were truly exposed, she would willingly leave the manor...and go to an ordinary middle-class family, to become an ordinary maid.

He surely will expose me!

After all, Steward Carson was recognized for doing things in an orderly manner, always considering the best interests of the Tulip Manor and the viscount!

However, the situation completely took Dai by surprise.

Steward Carson had never done such a thing before.

To this day, Dai still doesn't understand why...

She undoubtedly felt lucky.

All the people in the Tulip Manor, whether it be Steward Carson or Lord Viscount, or even Miss Kaluoer, they were all kind and easygoing individuals.

Thinking of this, a smile appeared on Dai's face.

She felt happy.

Finally, Dai came to a stop at the end of a winding alley. In front of her stood a small, damp wooden house, with stagnant water in front of the door that had not been cleared away.

A sheep with a shaking head was tied up at the entrance, continuously swaying its body, resembling a dancer.

She saw Dai and bleated in fear, quickly hiding away.

"I'm back."

She stayed silent for a moment before finally entering her crowded and old home.

Even in a room that wasn't as big as the owner's bedroom, there was a slight musty smell.

Her father, brother, and two younger sisters were all crowded in a small house. Dai used to live here with them too.

On one of the three beds inside the house, Dai's father, who looked extremely thin, quietly drank his alcohol.

Lanen, a tall but slightly chubby older brother, sat by the small window, gazing outside.

And Dai's two younger sisters sat on another bed, playfully tossing a beanbag back and forth. It was the only toy they had in the house... Dai found it a bit strange that her sisters didn't go to work at the factory.

As for her father and brother... many men in the slums of Annottales were idlers.

They were all astonished when they saw Dai returning.

"Sister is back!"

The youngest sister shouted joyfully, while the older sister Mary stood there, dumbfounded, as if she couldn't believe her eyes.

And when Dai's father and brother, Lanen, saw her, their expressions immediately became complicated.

"You... came back?"

Father seemed strange, but he still pulled a chair over and asked Dai to sit down. The two younger sisters went to explore the gifts that Dai had brought back.

Dai gazed at her adorable little sisters and couldn't help but let a smile escape.

Lanen, Dai's brother, fell silent and went to pour a glass of cold water. He walked over and said, "Dai, you've actually come back... We thought you wouldn't return after two years of being apart."

"How come? Didn't I always send letters?" Dai shook her head and said, "I would never abandon you."

Father looked at her for a moment. "The things you wrote in those letters, they seemed a bit too unbelievable for us... We couldn't believe your experiences."

Dai paused for a moment, her eyes widening slightly.

She then handed over the package in her hands and looked at her brother in front of her.

"Brother, we have money now."

"Get ready, in a couple of days we will leave this place... This time, I brought back a lot of money."

Lanen, the brother, looked through the money inside the package and became completely stunned.

He exclaimed in astonishment, "Are you really working as a maid? How did you come to have so much money?"

The money that Dai brought back was very abundant, more than enough for them to leave the slums and exchange for a brand new dwelling in a safer neighborhood, a fresh living environment.

She took a deep breath, her expression becoming serious:

"I've come back this time to take you away... If we stay here, my two younger sisters might end up like those girls who became prostitutes, walking down a rotten and smelly path... Brother, you and our father should live in a better environment, that's what I hope for."

Dai paused for a moment, then said:

"I have a chance to change everything now, so I can't just sit and don'thing."

Mary, the older sister, turned her head back, her expression complex and hesitant, as if she had something to say but couldn't find the words.

Dai's father remained silent, and Lanen, her older brother, asked earnestly once again, "Are all of these really the money you earned as a maid?"

He seemed incredulous. In this slum, even if his two younger sisters worked at the factory, operating sewing machines for ten years, they would never be able to earn this much money.

"Kaluoer, the personal maid, had a decent income, and Viscount Edmond was quite generous," Dai replied with a smile. In truth, she had borrowed quite a bit of money from Kaluoer.

Kaluoer said at that time, "When Dai returns, I will give her a foot massage every day as interest."

The whole family fell into sudden silence.

After a while, the silence was broken.

"Are you... involved with that viscount...?" the father asked, suddenly breaking his silence with a hesitant voice.

Dai hesitated for a moment before responding earnestly, "Actually, there are even prettier girls by his side working as personal maids... Don't think too much about it."

"It's impossible! No one can be more beautiful than my big sister!" the youngest sister exclaimed, jumping up and shouting!

Dai's brother murmured softly, "No one would reject having many beautiful women around... Dai, you have to work hard..."

Dai shook her head, already feeling impatient, "Brother, please, let's not talk about this kind of topic for now. I'm hungry and want to eat."

"Okay," Lanen nodded and then went to prepare the food.

Mary had a small surprise; she thought it would be her younger sister, Dai, who would be cooking. Both of them were usually quite lazy.

The family members who hadn't seen each other for two years felt a bit awkward at first when they met. But Dai and her youngest sister quickly started to play and have fun together... However, she keenly noticed that there seemed to be something on the minds of her family members.

Dai noticed that her sister Mary, who used to be very lively, seemed lost in thought and hesitant today, with a complex expression on her face.

When it was time for dinner, Dai couldn't help but ask:

"What happened? What has happened in the two years that I was not here... Are you all hiding something from me?"


Several family members looked at each other hesitantly, except for the youngest sister who looked puzzled and said, "What happened in these two years? Oh, it must be because I have grown taller! Big sister!"

"It was her affair..."

The "her" in Lanen's words was clearly his younger sister, Mary, who was three years younger than Dai.

"We have already found her a new job here."

Father couldn't hold back and exclaimed, "Is that considered work?"

"Don't say anymore, big brother," Mary lowered her head and said, "I will not cause any trouble for my sisters and all of you. Please move to another district and start a new life there. I will stay here..."

Dai sensed that something was wrong. Finally, unable to contain herself, she shouted loudly, "Tell me! What on earth is going on?"

The few people were stunned by her angry shout.

If it had been two years ago, Dai wouldn't have dared to speak loudly to her father and brother. But after not seeing them for two years, she had changed. Having been exposed to the upper class society, she was no longer the same.

Lanen, the older brother, sighed and finally explained the truth, "The boss of a gang has developed feelings for Mary and wants her to become his lover. If we don't agree, they may even force her into prostitution... And you should understand that for our family, and even for Mary, this is actually seen as a good prospect. We never considered refusing, so we have already accepted the money."

Dai felt a bit dizzy in her head.

To her surprise, Dai realized that her younger sister had grown up. Indeed, her sister's beauty was no less than her own.

Although she couldn't compare to Kaluoer's stunning and unforgettable beauty, in a place like this, how could it be possible for no one to be attracted to her?

And as her brother had said, if she hadn't escaped the slums and hadn't worked her way up to her current position, becoming the lover of a gang leader would actually be a good way out.

Dai knew that some of her childhood friends, even though she hadn't been able to confirm it with her own eyes, had probably turned into the common, filthy and fallen prostitutes seen everywhere in the slums.

Compared to that rare and tragic fate, being the lover of a gang leader was already quite good.

"Have you already taken the money?" Dai asked, feeling her voice becoming hoarser as she spoke.

Brother Lanen nodded once again, his expression serious. "Yes, they just threw the money here. We didn't have the courage to return it... The gang leader said that Mary should stay at home for a few more days, spend time with her family, and then go over there."

Mary's life was hanging in the balance, and Dai knew that this gang leader had a reputation of being somewhat honorable, given the circumstances in the slums. At least he hadn't resorted to directly snatching Mary back, treating her like a slave or a toy.

Instead, he gave her money and even allowed her to spend a few more days with her family at home.

"You have to take Mary away!"

Right at that moment, the usually quiet father suddenly spoke up, his voice filled with seriousness. "Ever since the Heart of Radiance fell, things have started to go awry in the slums..."

Something was wrong? Dai couldn't comprehend it.

Her father continued, "In the past week, there have been many rumors and wild talks in these three districts. Many people are saying that the world is on the brink of destruction. Perhaps you don't know, but in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth districts, large-scale conflicts have erupted, resulting in bloodshed. It's only a matter of time before chaos ensues in our area too!"

"How could this be?"

Dai couldn't believe it. Although there were various uncertainties and rumors surrounding the Tulip Manor, people generally continued with their daily lives.

The people of high society, without a hint of hesitation, continued their celebrations and parties.

Harmony and joy filled the air.

Even as the Heart of Radiance fell, there were no followers of it in the Kingdom of Dark Light.

And the Savior of Dark Light repelling the Outer God to save the world, even came to be seen as another great achievement, and would be repeatedly celebrated as a "heroic triumph" for all to hear.

Even though everyone had hidden anxieties in their hearts, they still didn't resort to disrupting the order, but continued to live their lives as usual.

But, haven't the several districts behind already descended into such chaos?

Why, in the Tulip Manor, had one never heard any relevant news?

Father seemed to have seen through Dai's thoughts, a strange smile appeared on his face, as if mocking and yet also expressing a hint of resignation.

"Hehe, the people above won't know or care about us ... I experienced a turmoil when I was little, where thousands of people in the neighborhood were killed overnight. But the high priests easily covered it up, and the people above wouldn't know a thing."

"Because, they really don't care about the fate of the rubbish."

Dai remained silent for a long time. She lifted her head and said firmly:

"I understand, but I will not abandon anyone. Our whole family will leave this place!"

Lanen couldn't help but ask, "So, what will you do? How will you repay that gang leader? You wouldn't consider going to where he lives to repay the money, would you? That would be a foolish idea, walking right into the lion's den."

Dai immediately stood up and began packing her things to prepare for a temporary departure. "I will go seek help to resolve this matter," she said. "Viscount Edmond, I will beseech him. For him, protecting our family is a trivial matter, and he can even send someone to repay the money on our behalf."

Father suddenly became angry and shouted, "Don't be foolish! He is a nobleman, an upper-class individual. You haven't even shared a bed with him. Do you think he would care about you? You are just a servant!"

"Lord Gentleman is different."

Dai remembered that moment.

When he saw the scratches on his arm, a mix of tenderness and frustration shimmered in his eyes.

If she pleaded with him, begged him, even knelt down and cried for his help, he would surely assist her.

And then, how should she repay him? Should she share a bed with him?

Perhaps, she thought, she had reached too high.

Dai let out a sigh.

Father's emotions flared up as he continued to roar, "Different? What's so different? Don't be foolish. Over all these years, I have seen countless aristocrats, priests, nobles, and gang leaders. They all wear different disguises, but they are all arrogant demons, towering above us!"

Dai froze, her impression of her father didn't include such emotional outbursts.

In these past two years, perhaps he has been drinking too much... Or maybe it's because of various recent events that have made him excessively suppressed.

"Two high priests ruled over the thirteenth district, how many lovers did they have? Thirty, forty, fifty? No, it was more than a hundred! To them, ordinary people were merely possessions and playthings! Most of them were even worth less than that! They were all like animals!"

"Viscount Edmond, he's different," Dai glared at her father angrily.

Father paused for a moment, noticing a certain unique emotion in his daughter's eyes. He chuckled, "If he truly is different, he will eventually face rejection from high society and meet an unfavorable fate."

Dai left.


Dai's father sat on the bed, lost in deep silence, and continued to drink.

Suddenly, a gentle voice appeared in his heart.

[You felt anger, and you felt fear, even despair towards this world.]

The father was first taken aback, and then asked fearfully:

"Who are you?"

[They called me the 'Evil Bastard', and also referred to me as the 'Avenging Saint'... but actually, I am neither. I am just someone who enjoys helping others fulfill their wishes.]

[My power can make you strong, giving you the possibility to seek revenge against the strong. Those people won't understand, but I understand that even the weak deserve respect.]

Dai's father slightly lowered his head, his eyes shining with a different light.

The gentle voice continued to tell its story.

[The gods unjustly judged the incarnation of the moon, 'the End-Witch', but now, the Heart of Radiance finally faces retribution and falls into ruins... However, the crisis of world destruction still persists, and the Order of the Moon Witch will bring you new hope before the final Judgment... Become stronger, for there will be no more oppression from now on! The only thing we need is power!]

A flame, resembling the color of the moon, suddenly appeared before the father's eyes.

It was so beautiful and radiant.



Dai sat in the carriage, her hands wrapped around her knees, bowing her head as she felt a deep sense of unease.

For some reason, after listening to her father's words, she always had a sense of foreboding.

She had lived in the slums since she was little, often witnessing bloody conflicts, but she knew that despite the chaos, there was also its own order here.

"It's so quiet," Dai looked outside the carriage.

Actually, when I was little, the area near my house should have been bustling with activity. Even though the impoverished people were still struggling to make a living, they would use alcohol, gambling, and prostitution to numb themselves, while also hoping for a slightly better tomorrow.

The streets had never been so deserted before.

On the faces of the people she occasionally encountered, there was unease, vigilance, as if war was about to come, and everything was amiss.

In the seemingly peaceful Annottales, tumultuous currents were actually brewing.

Perhaps one day, all the familiar order would crumble and cease to exist.

The happiness that had just been grasped in one's own hands would also turn into nothingness.

Dai's fingers held tightly.

Savior of Dark Light... Why... does our country have a sequence?

Why, in your heart, do the people here not deserve to be saved...?

Dai bites her lip.

"You are feeling very confused."

Upon hearing a strange voice, Dai slowly raised her head, her face filled with surprise and astonishment.

A young girl sat inside the carriage, staring at her from across.

The girl had no arms and no right eye, but her left eye, like a pale blue gem, was incredibly clear.


"Is it you who is wrong? Is it the world that is wrong? Neither of them."

The one-eyed girl spoke, her voice calm.

"The one to blame for creating this unfairness was the powerful being... It is because you deep down inside know the answer, which is why you feel confused."

She slowly cast her gaze upon the spot where Dai's forehead was.

"Thoughts, for you, they are really too heavy... Don't think too much anymore, maybe this seal will make your life better."

Dai's eyes gradually lost their spark, and she couldn't fight back at all.

Mr. Viscount...

Save me.

She shed tears.

I seem to...

I'm going to disappear.

The one-eyed girl showed a faint smile and said, "From now on, I will think for you. Perhaps, for the weak, it is a kind of happiness."