I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 321

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Chapter 321: Sweet

In the towering presence of the immense Demon Duke, his arm and hand were severed.

As a result, it no longer grasped the floating cloud islands in the sky. The colossal body suddenly began to plummet, descending thousands of meters in an instant, as if it were about to fall into an endless abyss.

[Feel my anger!]

Suddenly, its colossal body started to shatter on its own, transforming into countless Humanoid Flame Demons.

They sprouted bat-like flesh wings from their backs, their arms transformed into hooked spears, and their entire bodies were engulfed in crimson flames. With piercing screams, they flew towards the three female mortals.

The Demon Duke's transformation produced an entire legion of Flame Demons, setting the sky ablaze. Their combined power was terrifying, with each individual reaching the threshold of "awakening."

If Mu Ling had not encountered the Babel Tower initially, defeating two Humanoid Flame Demons would have been a daunting challenge.

Controlled by the "Savior," Aurora took a deep breath, feeling her body once again instinctively wield the "Chosen Gun."

Transforming into a golden light, he/she/it instantly shattered the dozens of Humanoid Flame Demons that had approached him/her/it.

Aurora knew in her heart that, although there were divine powers restraining them, if it had been her from a week ago, she wouldn't have been able to fight so effortlessly.

It was because of the blessing of the "Savior" that she became even stronger!

Aurora pondered, perhaps one day, she would become as powerful as those two people.

This possibility, even just as a thought, filled her with hope!

But what she was about to face next was even more, a multitude of evil creatures that covered the sky and earth.

"If I had my own army to lead, I could easily fight against them."

Aurora sighed, the bravery of being alone was not a strength she excelled at.

Actually, in various ordinary activities and missions, Bai Yan could choose Aurora's knight squad as his companions, entering into real battles together.

In this treasure hunting adventure, which was a special circumstance, Aurora found herself with little room to shine, and could only try her best to stay alive.

However, this place undoubtedly was the remains of the Light God's kingdom, and the underlying data of the Babel Tower clearly indicated to Bai Yan that taking Aurora along was necessary.

The Humanoid Flame Demons that flew in surrounded Aurora, as if they were about to completely engulf her.

A golden ray of light descended from the sky!

The silver-haired girl with red eyes moved swiftly like a shimmering shooting star among the many groups of demons, swiftly defeating one flaming demon after another with a single strike in a blaze of brilliance.

Mu Ling, like a tireless meat grinder, mercilessly and extremely efficiently eliminated evil within the groups of demons!

Unknown to Aurora, Maryse had appeared by her side, as if by magic.

She smiled proudly, looking at the numerous demons in the sky, without a hint of fear in her heart.

"Facing me, the soul unexpectedly split apart… It was really foolish, as I previously had no way to contend against your spiritual power, but now things are different."

"Their hearts were as if... in the palm of my hand!"

Maryse took a deep breath, closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and decided to use a power that she rarely employed.

Mind's Piercing Scream!

In the next moment, an invisible force surged out from Maryse's center, rapidly spreading in all directions!

The magnificent power of the mind continued to surge and expand, but strangely, this force didn't harm Aurora. Instead, it caused the humanoid flame demons in the sky to fall, one by one.

Although there was no physical sound at all, they all heard it deep inside their hearts. It was the loudest noise they had ever experienced in their entire lives!

Under the will of the Mind Queen,

The tiny soul was crushed into dust, over and over again!

Just as the numerous Humanoid Flame Demons were about to be completely slaughtered, they finally merged back together, transforming once again into the colossal body of the Demon Duke, towering like a mountain.

Suddenly, it sprouted a pair of enormous wings, resembling mountainous cliffs. With a swift turn, it flapped its wings and quickly fled from this place.

[For now, I shall spare you. If only I had my full power... today's outcome would have been completely different... I curse you... Remember this day forever!]

The Demon Duke named "Ernie" is massive in size, yet remarkably fast in flight. With effortless flapping of its wings, Ernie swiftly soared a kilometer away in the blink of an eye.

"Maryse, take me over there!" Mu Ling arrived at Maryse's side, brandishing her sword and pointing towards the Demon Duke escaping from them.

As long as Maryse could swiftly "move" her over, she could quickly approach by "freezing", and catch up with it!

"Don't say my real name in front of the newcomers...I've been keeping it a secret all along, forget it."

Maryse felt a bit helpless and immediately grabbed Mu Ling's arm.

She warned, "I won't use full force, but you will still get hurt due to the ultra-high speed. I can only guarantee that this power won't harm me when I use it."

"I believe in you," Mu Ling simply replied.

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

Mu Ling vanished on the spot.

Deep Blue World.

Suddenly, the Demon Duke, who had flown a great distance, became completely still. Both of its remaining heads were severed, and from the severed necks gushed forth a grand fountain of crimson.

Mu Ling had found herself standing on its back, unaware of how she got there.

She had an expressionless face, her body covered in countless wounds inflicted by the Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

Under the NightFall, the girl's torn flesh swiftly healed, and her broken bones instantly became whole again.

Mu Ling fully recovered in the blink of an eye.

The lifeless body of the Demon Duke started to plummet downward, and Mu Ling followed, descending steadily.

In the next moment, the black crystal in her embrace reacted, floating up on its own and beginning to absorb the colossal corpse of the Demon Duke.


Mu Ling glanced slightly, suddenly feeling the intensifying attraction behind her. It seemed that the time for the three of them to leave the Divine Realm had arrived.

"But the black crystal has not yet finished absorbing the demon's corpse..." the girl murmured to herself.

Finally, "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" was completely absorbed, and as a result, the demon's corpse beneath Mu Ling vanished into thin air.

The girl, who had no foothold in the air, realized that there were no cloud islands nearby where she could use her chains.

She then took out "Merlin's Cloak" and transformed into an incarnation of a white-headed, black-bodied eagle. Without hesitation, she soared over and seized hold of "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used."

In the next moment, she was expelled from the Divine Realm.

Maryse and Aurora, both of them, were also forced to leave the realm of the Light God.


In the silent realm, sudden flashes of pitch-black lightning began to sparkle.

Even a single random lightning bolt would be enough to destroy a cloud island.

In the sky, a black hole had already appeared.

Meanwhile, inside the black hole, enormous dark purple tentacles emerged, continuously coiling and shattering cloud islands. These tentacles were adorned with massive crimson eyes, constantly scanning the surroundings.

The indescribable atmosphere caused the entire realm to contort.

Countless shattered cloud islands gradually turned black, giving birth to writhing fleshy tentacles and crimson eyes. A colossal creature slowly "squeezed" its way into the realm.

[The Savior...]

[Not here]


Annottales,the Tulip Manor.

Bai Yan sat upright in the study, picked up the nearby cup of red tea, and took a gentle sip.

For the past three months, he hardly drank tea, but now he has developed a taste for it... although Bai Yan still doesn't understand what makes tea so enjoyable.

He stood up again, took his cellphone, and checked the progress of "Babel Tower".

The earnings this time were quite satisfactory.

"Thunder Giant Blade: Once wielded by deities, this enormous weapon could only be used by giants. It possesses the power to control thunder and should not be underestimated."

The blade of the gods?

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. This immense Thunder Giant Blade could very well be the weapon of the Light God.

But it was a bit too big; none of the members of the Babel Tower were able to use it for now.

"No, actually there is someone whose size matches it... I almost forgot about that person."

Bai Yan's eyes lit up as he thought of a certain Core Operator with an immense stature.

There was no doubt, it was a slime.

Although the image of a slime wielding the Thunder Giant Sword with its tentacles seemed strange to imagine, it did have a certain coolness to it!

Next came those unsettling eyes.

"Sammikina's Eye: The source of power of the Demon Lord Sammikina, the possessor can see the dimension of the deceased and freely use most of the related spells of the undead."

In the world of Noah, among the fifteen recognized types of magic, there was no category specifically for necromancy. Generally, spells related to the undead were classified under the categories of enchantment and curses.

Could these pupils be equivalent to a necromantic spellbook?

And, glimpsing into the dimension of the deceased... Bai Yan knew that everyone from the Babel Tower, except for Mu Ling and the newly joined members, had all lingered in that dimension before.

From Amy's gathered information, it seemed that the dimension was a very peculiar place.


"Purified Water: A special liquid born in the realm of heavenly gods, it has the power to completely wash away a person's distractions, allowing them to solely focus on what matters most to them. The Purified Water can also be used through a ritual to eliminate all traces of evil."

Bai Yan had already decided not to let Mu Ling consume the Purified Water anymore.

"What a joke," he exclaimed.

"Is this stuff a 'brainwashing' medicine?" he wondered.

Bai Yan, as the "Savior", undoubtedly needed a loyal warrior, a like-minded subordinate.

However, he didn't want to have a completely brainwashed slave, a true dog.

"Mu Ling, just do what you want to do."

Bai Yan sighed, thinking that if it were his "past self" from thirteen years ago, he would probably have chosen without hesitation to make her take it.

"Element of Ernie's Flame: The extracted element from the remains of Demon Lord Ernie, capable of enchanting objects."

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, but he didn't use it right away.

But he understood that this element was precious, almost as valuable as the elements of divine radiance.

Because the divine radiance element, although it is an element of the gods and holds a higher plane, it is still only obtained from within the palace. However, this particular element was directly obtained from the essence of the Demon Duke himself.

"Considering the element of divine brightness, all in all, the loot from this treasure-hunting dungeon was quite abundant."

Bai Yan felt very satisfied. After the First Doomsday Crisis, "Babel Tower" officially entered its mid-phase, and the gains obtained each time increased significantly.

However, the Second Doomsday Crisis would also be quite challenging...

Bai Yan fell into deep thought. He had somewhat anticipated the level of difficulty in the First Doomsday Crisis, but in the end, he could only pass it with great difficulty... The second one absolutely cannot be like this.

Just at that moment, a cold and indifferent voice could be heard.


Expressionless maid Kaluoer pushed open the door, holding a tray in her hands, on which there were many colorful pastries.

It looked delicious.

Bai Yan had already tasted Kaluoer's cooking skills, and how should I put it, at least Kaluoer was, until now, the best cook he had encountered, besides the "Food".

Perhaps as an assassin, Kaluoer might make mistakes, but as a maid... she was extremely skilled.

"I remember you like to eat salty snacks, so I made some specially in the kitchen..."

She placed the tray on the table with great respect and stood by attentively.

"Thank you."

Bai Yan smiled and took out a piece of snack, starting to eat it. In the moment of chewing, his face slightly changed.

"Why is it so sweet?" his voice was deep.

It wasn't just sweet, Bai Yan had already closed his eyes, afraid to savor it. There was a strong sensation in his heart. It felt like he had just put cubes of sugar into his mouth!

Could she have mixed up the salt and sugar?

Bai Yan fell into deep thought for a moment, until he broke apart a piece of snack and discovered it was filled with abundant preserves and honey essence.

Kaluoer earnestly tilted her head and said, "Sir, since I know you like savory things, I specially made some sweet snacks. Are they delicious?"


Bai Yan remained silent for a while, and he had already noticed something.

In Kaluoer's heart, the "emotions" were definitely starting to come back. She even knew how to play pranks now.

"Delicious, it's really delicious! I'm so moved that I could almost cry, Kaluoer..."

Bai Yan shook his head and gently snapped his fingers.

"Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, you can stay here and 'play assassin' for a while."

Kaluoer's expressionless face froze for a moment, and in the next instant, her body uncontrollably started to squat down.

As Kaluoer continued to squat up and down, a disappointed expression appeared on her face. She knew she had been fooled again, just like in the past.

"You have no morals."

Bai Yan couldn't help but complain in his heart, "Every time, whether it's assassinating or playing tricks, it's always you who harbors ill intent towards me first. I'm just defending myself in response. How can you blame me?"

He suddenly picked up a pastry and threw it!

As Kaluoer was squatting down, she tilted her head and skillfully opened her mouth, catching the tooth-achingly sweet pastry with a precise "ahh" sound. She expressionlessly devoured it with delicate munching sounds.

Time and time again, Bai Yan threw pastries, and Kaluoer effortlessly caught every single one. The two of them played together in perfect harmony.

He smiled faintly, rose slowly, hands behind his back, and with a composed face as Viscount Edmond, he said, "Kaluoer, take a look, this is what we call 'reaping what you sow'... Is it delicious?"

Kaluoer's tone was flat, and she squatted down with a serious expression, "It's because your tolerance for sweetness is poor, it's not the dessert's fault. Don't blame me... you worthless person."

Bai Yan remained silent. The only sweet beverage he could tolerate was something like cola. As for sweets and pastries, he truly didn't enjoy them.

"What you said, perhaps makes sense... So, come on, let's change positions, Prisoner Workout: Shoulder Inverted Squat."


Kaluoer, who had changed her position, suddenly said, "Dai wants to take a few days off and go home. She says she misses her family."

Dai, the maid who temporarily took over for Kaluoer, the one with black hair.

She was just an ordinary person.

Bai Yan nodded and asked, "Why didn't she just directly ask Steward Carson for leave?"

Kaluoer fell silent for a moment and replied, "Because of your orders, Dai is currently learning how to become a steward under Carson. These days, she has become increasingly afraid of strict Carson... She simply doesn't dare to ask her own teacher for leave."


Bai Yan also knew that Carson was a serious, even somewhat strict person. If he were to hear that the student he had invested so much time and effort in had left after just a few days, he would probably get angry on the spot.

Dai was afraid that such a situation would occur, which is why she directly approached the "boss" to ask for leave.

Bai Yan replied, "You can go tell Dai that she can take a break... The steward training can wait."

Bai Yan knew in his heart that, according to common sense, even if this place was not a prominent family, it would still take at least a year or two for training as a noble steward.

And what the Noah's world would be like one or two years from now, and whether the Tulip Manor would still exist, remained unknown.

So, Steward Carson's training for Dai was actually seen as completely unnecessary in Bai Yan's eyes.

But he didn't need to tell everyone that the world could be destroyed at any moment...

There is no need to disrupt normal daily life.

Perhaps, these everyday joys and sorrows are their ultimate happiness.



Inside the Temple of Dark Light.

On the white bed, Evie sat with a pained expression, continuously drinking water and sticking out her tongue.

"It's so sweet, it's so sweet, I can't stand it... What's going on? What's happening over there?"

She couldn't help but ponder.

Could it be that someone had just pressed my little sister's head into honey?

Evie was very curious about her sister's condition, but the crystal ball she used to contact Kaluoer was simply gathering dust, as her sister callously put it away. Additionally, the spells, tools, and relics she had sent to monitor the Tulip Manor were all somehow blocked by that man.

"Oh no!"

Sister, how can I earn your forgiveness...

"And then we lived together forever..."

Evie's face was filled with a sorrowful expression.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no, it's all that guy's fault... I will chop off all his limbs sooner or later!" she suddenly exclaimed in anger.

For some reason, she always felt annoyed with that man.

Or, to put it another way, she was a little afraid of him.


"Oh, oh, oh, did the vacation request come through?"

As high-ranking servants, both Kaluoer and Dai had their own exclusive rooms.

However, the maids at the Tulip Manor shared a large bathing area.

In the dressing room, Dai, who had put on her clothes, heard Kaluoer's words and felt extremely happy.

These days, she was really feeling like Alexander!

Compared to the easygoing and composed Viscount Edmond, Steward Carson was really too strict!

Even though Mr. Carson had never laid a hand on her and was very concerned with etiquette, reprimands seemed to occur almost every hour!

These few days happened to be the Lunar New Year. Because of Viscount Edmond's decision, the servants at the Tulip Manor were granted a holiday. Dai thought it was a perfect chance to run away and go back home for a while.

"Hmm, you can rest assured and go home," nodded Kaluoer, as she changed her clothes.

"Thank you!"

Dai ran out with a smile, clearly showing that she was very happy.

Kaluoer silently watched Dai's figure, knowing that her excitement was because of her family. It reminded her of some childhood memories.

That older sister who always wanted to take away half of everything for herself.

In various moments of danger, she always did her best to help and save herself.

Perhaps, she didn't always need to hide from her.

"Do I leave here and enter the Temple of Dark Light with her... or do I plead for her to come over, disguised as an ordinary maid..."

Kaluoer fell into deep thought. She didn't want to be under the watchful eye of the Church, but she also knew that her sister wasn't the type to serve others.

There might be a third option, which is to... leave everything behind.

But even if she wanted to go to the desolate place with her sister and start a new life, has the Savior of Babel Tower already placed invisible chains around her neck?