I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Marquis Scarlet

Half an hour later, Bai Yan let out a long breath on the sofa. After several attempts, he had completely figured out how to clear the new event and finally cleared the stage on the fifth try.

The first stage was already so difficult.

‘That was not how the game was done. If it was a mobile game, it would have been criticized!’ Bai Yan complained in his heart, and he knew that Babel Tower was not a normal game at all.


He finally saved the game and smiled when he saw the pass reward. Bai Yan looked at the reward and heaved a sigh of relief.

‘Mu Ling, or Miss Nightsaber, I’m all done here. It’s your turn.’


Lightning accompanied thunder in the rain-drenched night, and once again, Mu Ling realized her body was out of control.

But so what?

She no longer felt afraid. She had long since become familiar with the sensation of being in the Savior’s power. Her body and mind had adjusted. Or perhaps she would feel afraid if she lost his protection one day?

Mu Ling suddenly thought of the dog she had raised when she was young. One day, the dog got lost, and she cried for a long time but still couldn’t find him.

‘In the dead of night, would he think of his master in the corner?’

‘Wait, what am I thinking?’

If the Savior had been a normal person, she might have felt a little ashamed of her thoughts, but now the sense of shame had disappeared since she thought that the Savior was not a human.

‘People probably think of me as the Hound of Babel Tower right now…’

At this moment, Mu Ling opened her mouth gently and felt the raindrops falling into her mouth.

“The Black Star destroyed my family. I’ve long since lost hope and dignity. Now revenge is all I have. The Blood has always been an integral part of the city. They’ve long since infiltrated the various industries. I heard that Marquis Scarlet has access to a great deal of information about the Black Star.”

‘I must take the information from his hands.’

‘Why am I talking to myself?’

She couldn’t understand it at all. ‘The Savior is controlling me. So these explanations are all for me! He is taking revenge for me…’ Mu Ling subconsciously wanted to clench her fists, but she couldn’t.

Gratitude welled up inside her. The Babel Tower wasn’t just a cold-hearted salvationist organization. The Savior seemed ruthless, but he was actually willing to help his subordinates.

Unconsciously, a sense of belonging arose in her.

If Bai Yan checked the operator lists now, he would definitely discover that Mu Ling’s loyalty had already risen to 7. As this event progressed, her loyalty might even increase further.

Mu ling’s head was filled with nonsense. She hung around the complicated streets. She passed the passersby in the storm without looking back, all the way to the more isolated areas of the city.

The number of hoodlums and homeless people taking shelter from the rain increased. They stared maliciously at the beautiful stranger, but no one dared to step forward.

There was the territory of Marquis Scarlet, and no crime against women was allowed… The Blood did not interact with the people of the real world, but they still were able to influence powerful gangs.

Of course, as long as Mu Ling walked out another block, things would change. She was so beautiful. Any man who faced her couldn’t control themselves.

Mu Ling has dealt with a lot of harassment since she was young. She usually wouldn’t be too heavy-handed and would only use “light kicks” on a man’s lower abdomen that guaranteed that he wouldn’t die.

Now, she just stared ahead and walked straight to a brightly lit club, the Scarlet. There were four black-suited vampire guards at the door.

There was only one person who would use that name as the club’s name. Mu Ling had lived in this city for several years, so she knew that there was a powerful Blood in this territory.

Marquis Scarlet was a rather famous man in the Blood. At the very least, he had the strength of a Might level. He had lived for countless years. When Queen of the Scarlet Moon led the Blood from the Air Alliances to Tatsumi City, he was one of her right-hand men.

He was a well-bred collector and gentleman. He was so respectful towards women that he would allow his female enemies to harm him. Perhaps he would only attack a woman in extreme anger.

‘My duty is to collect information on the Black Star from him.’

Mu Ling thought about how the Savior would manipulate her into doing this. First of all, she had to enter this secret club of vampires, but the four guards were keeping guard at the entrance.

She had never thought of hurting anyone. The Blood had always been very low-key in Tatsumi City. So far, they had not killed an innocent person. Mu Ling would not kill casually because of a person’s background and race.

She fell into deep thought. She was even more curious about how the Savior would control her.

At that moment, a thick black mist appeared.

Even though it was not the first time, the black fog still made her feel a deep fear. The next moment, a long white-purple cloak appeared from the fog.

‘What’s this?’

Her hand automatically reached out and grabbed the cloak. A large amount of information that could not be described was arranged and combined in her mind, forming pieces of understandable content.

Merlin’s cloak, a civilization-level relic. Merlin’s cloak housed the mythical power of the caster.

Although it was a lower-level civilization-level relic, Mu Ling still swallowed and watched herself put it on without hesitation.

Her flesh was fragmented and reconstructed. Her limbs instantly shrank, and in the blink of an eye, she had become a translucent bird barely the size of a human thumb.

Without hesitation, Mu Ling flew to the side of the club and in through the window.

When she looked up again, she was officially inside the club. A bright light came into her view, and the darkness and gloom of the stormy world outside were swept away. It was as if she had entered a beautiful new world.

The interior of the club was lavishly decorated and extremely imposing. Classical music sounded around, and well-dressed waiters were politely serving fresh drinks, desserts, and fruit on trays.

This was an auction house.

The masked men and women present were all Blood. No one noticed Mu Ling’s arrival. She leaned close to the others and overheard the discussions of the vampires.

“The spell books this time are worthless. All basic knowledge.”

“I got a history book about other worlds last time.”

“Do you think Babel Tower and Black Star are enemies?”

‘The bloodpuccino’s a bit light today.’

Mu ling quickly found Mililyn, the vampire viscount, drinking alone by the window, and she automatically flew over.

“Why haven’t you come, Scarlet?”

Mililyn drank a cocktail with a cool expression of dismay.

Mu Ling could sense that she had a low-level might of a Blood kin. Her strength was troublesome… if she didn’t have the help of the Savior.

Next, she flew all the way to a room in the club.

The room seemed very different. Classical music was playing in the room. The architecture was noble and elegant. It covered at least two hundred square meters and was filled with a variety of sculptures and oil paintings.

Could this be the Marquis Scarlet’s room?

Mu Ling suddenly began to change again. She gradually returned to her human form and walked toward an oil painting without hesitation.

‘The information is there?’

Her expression changed. Then she took a red letter from the oil painting. Suddenly, she heard clapping.

“You truly are indeed the Hound of Babel Tower. I still can't believe you could sneak in to my room like that."

Mu Ling was extremely shocked. Her expression… did not change.

The one who came to applaud was none other than the famous man among the Blood, Marquis Scarlet.

He had a handsome but not undignified face, and his smile showed a faint hint of pride. He was dressed in a red tuxedo, with a glass of “red wine” in his hand. He looked like a nobleman from the Medieval Ages.

“Please state the reason for your presence, my beautiful lady. It better be a a good reason.

The light in Marquis Scarlet’s eyes grew crimson.

“Otherwise, I would be happy to taste you.”