I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: Journey to the Divine Kingdom

"In the books that I have read, it is written that these scenes and this symbol in front of me are exactly the same as here... I will definitely not forget..."

Aurora took a deep breath.

"I will never forget."

On her face, a special bitterness and pain were evident. She was the former saintess of the Heavenly God Church and could recite every scripture of the church by heart. How could she possibly forget the appearance of the divine kingdom?

This is truly the divine kingdom of the Heavenly Gods, the only difference being that the once "unified and singular" continent in the scriptures has been shattered into countless "islands" by a terrifying force.

The divine kingdom was destroyed!

No wonder all these years, my prayers have gone unanswered. No wonder the continent is on the brink of destruction and His Majesty Light God has not issued any divine revelations...

Everything made sense.

Aurora, who was exceptionally clever, quickly figured out many things, and her emotions became even more complex.

Then, where did His Majesty Light God go?

She fell into deep contemplation, and the first answer that popped into her mind was... the Light God, who was very likely to have fallen.

However, this thought was immediately suppressed by instinct. Regardless of how things were, Aurora found it difficult to accept this possibility... even though this possibility seemed very likely at the moment.

For Aurora, the benevolent His Majesty Light God was the supreme being, as well as the guiding beacon in her life.

If it weren't for His divine prophecy, being an orphan, myself, wouldn't have been fortunate enough to be adopted by the church, nor would I have lived until today.

She wouldn't have been able to see the stories and literature that shaped her present beliefs and personality, Aurora knew that the divine deity she believed in was undoubtedly a benevolent god.

Even though the earthly church had become rotten, and the actions of the Pope were disgraceful, Aurora never lost her faith in the Light God.

The current situation made her feel despair for the first time in her life.


After taking a deep breath, Aurora closed her eyes and felt that she had to focus on positive thoughts.

His Majesty the Light God may not necessarily fall, and even if the divine being were to fall and the soul decayed, there would still be a chance for complete rebirth.

For you see, the gods are immortal.

"It seems like she was deeply hurt."

Mu Ling, who had the ability to read minds, didn't know how to comfort the other person. All she could do was silently use her psychic power to relay the situation to Maryse.

[Here was the divine realm of the deity she worshipped... and, her faith was unwavering.]

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment, then walked up to Aurora and said, "Don't dwell on it for now, let's continue our exploration... Perhaps, the entity you believe in is simply temporarily absent from here."

"Alright," Mu Ling thought to herself, feeling unsure if she could console others.

Aurora smiled faintly, trying to comfort herself, "I understand, maybe I'm just overthinking it. He simply left after the battle... Let's continue with our exploration mission, we shouldn't think too much."

She murmured to herself, "I must shield my heart, and not let despair seep in..."

The few of them remained silent, not knowing what else to say. They continued searching within the palace, amidst the ruins and broken walls. It was truly incredibly vast in here.

Aurora said, "His Majesty, the Light God, is a towering giant of platinum color. Therefore, His palace is immensely vast. These remnants in the sky are probably just the tip of the iceberg."

Mu Ling couldn't help but recall the divine projections she had encountered when confronting Glofield... The sheer power emanating from those beings was truly terrifying, beyond imagination.


However, nothing could compare to the Outer God that once resided in the sky!

The three of them searched here for a long time but found nothing. The massive ruins were almost empty, with only the remains of the wreckage left behind.

"There is nothing here. If we hurry, we can go to the next cloud."

After Mu Ling made the suggestion, the other two also agreed.

Like a pursuing shadow, the pulling force behind them would eventually bring them back to their respective worlds.

Aurora's expression was complex. After a thorough search, she was now certain that this was the realm of His Majesty, the Light God.

The place that Aurora had always dreamed of reaching from childhood until now, she finally saw it today... but it appeared in a way that Aurora had never wanted to see.

"What should I do in the end..."

Even Aurora, who symbolized hope itself on the continent, felt a hint of confusion at this moment.

Perhaps, only someone with a strong will like her could still maintain their composure.

If ordinary devout believers were to witness the destruction of the divine realm, they would probably instantly lose all hope and even go insane.

They soon arrived at another cloud where things existed, but here there were no longer massive ruins and remnants. Instead, it was covered in scorched earth and fiery red flames.

"Be careful, this is the fire of hell, touching it will burn your soul."

Mu Ling spoke up, as an inheritor of a crime-hunter family, books about hell and demons like "Hell, Demons, Contracts", "Classic Demonology", and "Avoid Making Deals" were important mandatory readings.

She was familiar with all the things inside hell.

"Hell's inferno?"

Aurora fell into deep thought and said, "Could it be that this place has been attacked by a certain king of hell... In the realm of hell, the only beings capable of waging war against the divine should be the 'Four Pillars of Supremacy' and the 'Ultimate Demon'."

Hell, throughout the multiverse, has always been an incredibly unique dimension. In almost every world, there are various legends and tales about hell, and the presence of demons can be found.

Demons were undoubtedly a great menace scattered across the multiverse.

The Four Pillars of Supremacy and the Ultimate Demon are the most powerful beings in hell. The former is the king of hell, while the latter is the calamity of hell.

The Four Pillars of Supremacy are four demonic lords with self-awareness. They reign above the other sixty-eight demon lords, each possessing power surpassing even that of high-ranking deities. Throughout endless time and space, they have slaughtered countless gods, and it is said that only the Outer Gods and advanced civilizations can instill true fear in them.

And the Ultimate Demon, on the other hand, resembles more of a phenomenon, a calamity. They are special beings born from the convergence of "the destruction of civilizations" and "endless negative emotions." Each Ultimate Demon possesses the potential to destroy the world.

"Even though we discovered traces of Hell, we still couldn't understand the cause and effect... Everything here is just too difficult for us to grasp."

Aurora smiled bitterly, for she had once faced demons, and had even slain powerful ones.

But the Four Pillars of Supremacy and the Ultimate Demon were, to her, mere elements of mythology.

Even if we were to pinpoint them as the masterminds, what difference would it make? Should we even attempt to slay them and descend into hell?

He was merely a human knight.

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment before saying, "Perhaps one day, a great Savior will conquer Hell."

Maryse glanced at her, thinking this person was beyond help, always praising that one, for no reason at all... Though admittedly, He was indeed mighty, but how could someone possibly conquer Hell?

Hell is a negative accumulation of the multiverse, just like its shadow - where there is light, there is shadow. Unless the multiverse is completely destroyed, Hell will always exist.

As long as Hell exists, the demons will never perish completely.

This was an unchangeable fact.

No matter how powerful one's abilities were, there was no way to destroy Hell... Perhaps, except for "the end."

After another fruitless search, they continued on to the next cloud.

That was a pristine new "island," seemingly empty, but still, the perceptive Mu Ling discovered something.

She extended the "Anathemas Star Chains" in her hand, reaching deep into the clouds. Taking a deep breath, she lifted her arm and with an immense strength that ordinary people couldn't comprehend, she "reeled" something up.


This is a massive bronze "pool" with a diameter of several dozen meters. Inside the pool, there is clear and pristine liquid, and at the very center of the pool, there is a peculiar object being stored.

Aurora spoke up, saying, "I know what this is, it's the legendary Purified Water... The soul of the one who is baptized will be completely cleansed, free from any impurities... I've never seen something like this before. It doesn't exist in the real world, only in His Majesty's divine kingdom."

"As for the thing inside the pool..." Aurora furrowed her brow, shook her head, indicating that she was also unsure.

Mu Ling recognized what was inside the pool. It was a pair of terrifying "Demon Eyes", resembling two burning rubies engulfed in flames.

Even when fully immersed in the Purified Water, these flames showed no signs of extinguishing.

"It is the eyes of the Demon Lord, containing a powerful magic."

Mu Ling fell silent for a moment, reaching out to touch the pool of Purified Water. Suddenly, the entire "Purified Water" along with the "Demon Eyes" vanished without a trace.

"What is happening here?"

The three of them looked at each other, unaware that their exploration within the "Treasure Hunt Dungeon" would cause valuable objects to be transported directly into the Babel Tower.

This is the special aspect of the "Treasure Hunt Dungeon".


The sudden voice that appeared in Aurora's heart left her momentarily stunned, but she noticed that the other two individuals were not surprised at all.

The three of them continued their exploration. They could feel that the pull behind them was getting stronger and time was drawing closer to leaving the place that seemed like a divine realm.

They searched through one cloud after another, and finally, the three of them discovered something new and peculiar.

On a rather enormous white cloud "island"...

There is a dragon.

A few hundred meters long, there was a giant pale yellow dragon! Countless bolts of lightning were continuously striking down from all over its body!

It was trying to get up, but even a slight movement caused the entire cloud layer to tremble.

However, the dragon's limbs were all bound by barely visible chains made of black mist, and it could only continuously roar and rage in the clouds.


Seeing three female humanoids, with half-elven features approaching, the furious thunderous dragon's pupils shrank, and it immediately gathered a large amount of lightning in its mouth.

"Be careful!"

Just as Mu Ling and the others were preparing for battle, the lightning in the dragon's mouth dissipated. Instead, it emitted a deep sound, as if pleading for help, yet unwilling to appear too submissive.

Maryse understood and turned to the two of them, explaining, "It says that if we can release it, it will definitely find a way to repay us."

"But moments ago, it wanted to attack us," Mu Ling gently shook her head and said, "Perhaps, it might not keep its word and launch an attack after being freed for some time."

This mighty dragon was incredibly powerful, and Mu Ling's intuition could even sense the danger it posed.

Dragons, in general, become more powerful as they grow larger. Typically, an ordinary adult dragon is only about a dozen meters long, yet it already possesses the formidable strength of an awakened being.

The dragon before them was hundreds of meters long, and it was absolutely not to be underestimated.

"No, trust me, it won't break its promise because I can hear its heartfelt intentions," Maryse said firmly.

Aurora and Mu Ling exchanged a glance and both nodded, choosing to trust the little guy in front of them.

Not far away, there were four enchantment circles that bound the mighty Thunder Dragon. The intricate red symbols on them were incredibly complex and unique, beyond the reach of Mu Ling's sword to break.

The "people" who shaped the enchantment circles were unimaginably powerful.

So, Maryse drew out the Blade of Annihilation and effortlessly destroyed each of the enchantment circles, proudly saying, "Hehe, it's up to me at crucial moments."

Because clouds surrounded her from all directions, she didn't have to worry about the relic randomly transporting her to the ground.

Finally, all the restraints crumbled away, and the faintly visible chains vanished without a trace. The enormous Thunder Dragon spread its wings and roared, soaring into the sky!


It swiftly circled in the air, causing thunder and lightning to surge in the sky. Only then did it slowly land, its terrifying dragon head facing the tiny trio, with thunder and lightning constantly flickering in its eyes.

A voice from the heart.

["I am the Thunder Dragon King, Saide, and I always keep my word," said the Thunder Dragon King.]

["Human, I will grant you a reward for saving me," the Thunder Dragon King declared.]

In the next moment, it rose up and flew away once again.

Maryse shouted loudly, "Hey, don't go! What about the reward? Are you polite?"

A lightning giant sword, over ten meters long, fell from the Thunder Dragon King's mouth and landed with a loud crash in front of the three of them.

Its body constantly radiated thunder, possessing an astonishing might. Within the sword, there was a power that mankind could hardly imagine.

Mu Ling, Maryse, and Aurora looked at each other in surprise.

Can a person use this sword?

It's a bit too big, isn't it...

"I don't care anymore... In any case, was it a good outcome?"

Maryse took the initiative and stepped forward, wanting to touch the giant sword of thunder and lightning. In an instant, it vanished without a trace.


Bai Yan was completely "passive" this time, not controlling the Core Operators at all, but silently watching the whole process.

The harvest was quite good.

Purified Water, the gaze of the Demon Lord, and the mysterious Thunderous Sword...

Bai Yan was earnestly pondering about something else at that moment.

He reached into his pocket and took out a black crystal, revealing a Ruin-level Relic called "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used."

Bai Yan seemed to be murmuring to himself, as if speaking to it, "Your favorite 'ruins' have been found, they are... the ruins of a divine kingdom."

"Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" seemed to tremble as if it had a sense of self-awareness.

Bai Yan could sense its greedy heart and was immensely curious about what "elements" could be extracted from the ruins of the divine kingdom.

Immediately, he equipped "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" to "Nightsaber" in the game "Babel Tower."

[Bringing it into the ruins of the palace]