I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Clone Assassination

In the eyes of everyone, Duke Murray's proposal cannot be called a "proposal," it is called "a stroke of luck" and "receiving help from a nobleman"!

Anyone who can benefit from this matter will definitely go down in history, and it is worth investing as much money as possible.

However, "Viscount Edmond's" choice surprises everyone.

"Sorry, I need to consider it."

Except for Duke Murray, who remains calm and silent, everyone else is completely stunned.

They can't understand "Viscount Edmond's" choice. What is there to consider?

Who does this guy think he is?

Just a nobleman from another land.

"What is there to consider?"

Because he has been continuously hypnotized by psychic powers, thinking that he is Baroque, a senior priest of "Viscount Edmond" and an "old friend" for many years, he immediately becomes anxious.

He is worried for his friend!

Bai Yan shakes his head and asks again, "So all those big shots in charge of this big business, they also know about it?"

Duke Murray answers:

"Of course, you should all know who I represent..."

Duke Murray smiles, and everyone else smiles too, understanding it in their hearts.

Everyone knows that he is responsible for making money for the Saint "the Pupil of Dark Light," and "the Pupil of Dark Light" is the one among the many Dark Night Saints who is in charge of the secular world. It is highly likely that he is the wealthiest person in the Kingdom of Dark Light.

Compared to the spiritual leader, Incarnation of Dark Light, who is aloof and beyond worldly affairs, perhaps, the Saint the Pupil of Dark Light is the one who has a greater influence on the people.

"I want to join, with your guarantee, I can invest as much money as needed." Earl Edward immediately decides to join, but the wine magnate starts to worry again and says, "But it seems that Belan World is not a good place to hide, I was thinking of moving my family there."

Duke Murray nods and says, "The current situation in Noah is very delicate, and it is indeed not safe to continue living in the native world."

If Bai Yan remembers correctly, this wine magnate Earl Edward and a black wizard named Weasley, who used to be in Tatsumi City, should belong to the same family.

Their family's wine has always been popular in high society, and they are also responsible for making the wine used for sacrifices every year.

"I know of a habitable world that would be suitable for refuge, maybe it can help you," Duke Murray quickly suggested. "The environment and level of development there are both very high."

"That's great!" the Viscount nodded repeatedly, his chubby face shaking as his friendly smile beamed.

Bai Yan stood nearby, lost in thought.

In reality, he wasn't just considering Duke Murray's "big business" proposal, he really didn't want to join.

The reason was simple and practical.

Bai Yan couldn't read Duke Murray's true intentions.

Based on the information he had, Duke Murray shouldn't be a supernatural being, just an ordinary person.

But Bai Yan couldn't read his mind.

So, Bai Yan completely distrusted this man's proposal, ultimately because he couldn't trust the man himself.

In this moment, he suddenly understood some aspects of Maryse's mentality.

Because of this ability, he became jaded and found it hard to believe in others... It was unavoidable, as long as one had this ability, they couldn't help but rely on it.

But in this society, where were there many sincere and kind hearts?

Especially since Maryse lived in a corrupt family, everything made her feel suffocated from a young age.

Although Bai Yan chose not to join the "big business," Duke Murray did not stop him, but politely left, seemingly without any special intentions towards "Viscount Edmond" himself.

However, the perceptive Bai Yan always felt that there was something fishy about this man.

At the very least, the fact that he couldn't read his mind puzzled him.

The banquet was about to end.

[The time has come, Murray is there, good.]

But Bai Yan's mind power caused him to pause slightly.

[It's time to act here.]

[This is my last chance...]

Hmm, something interesting is about to happen, Bai Yan nodded slightly, already looking towards the person who was about to act.

He had the power to stop it all from happening, but he chose not to intervene.

Suddenly, a male waiter in the banquet threw away the tray in his hand and pulled out a uniquely designed high-tech gun from who knows where, aiming it at Duke Murray without hesitation.

In the heavily retro-culture Kingdom of Dark Light, it was jarring to see an assassin suddenly pull out advanced technology weapons.


A white beam shot out from the gun, hitting Duke Murray in an instant.

No, it didn't directly hit him, but was blocked by an invisible barrier.

A female supernatural being disguised as a guest made a move, she should be Duke Murray's bodyguard, always within ten meters of him, she quickly performed a defensive spell in a short amount of time.

"Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!"

The gun continued to shoot beams, attacking Duke Murray repeatedly.

Even with a multitude of supernatural beings present, the assassin disguised as a "waiter" remained expressionless, completely fearless of life and death.

Duke Murray remained calm, drinking his wine without feeling any danger from the sudden attack.

The defensive magic of the female superhuman was very effective, and no attack could harm a single hair on Duke Murray's head.

"Who is this ignorant fool?" Baroque angrily attacked. Although he was easily controlled by Bai Yan , he was still a senior priest.

A dazzling black pillar of light surged from the ground, instantly enveloping the assassin.

The assassin was completely immobilized and unable to pull the trigger.

Being experienced, Baroque didn't kill him. He knew that if he killed the assassin directly, he would be suspected of "killing to cover up."

Bai Yan witnessed the entire assassination process, pretending to be surprised.

He had long noticed the assassin's mental activities, but he wanted to see Duke Murray's true nature, so he watched silently.

"Duke Murray, it seems that someone is extremely jealous and dissatisfied with your profitable business." Earl Edward, with a shocked expression, sighed in relief and looked at Duke Murray.

Shaking his head, Duke Murray slowly approached and asked the assassin, "So, are you a colonial rebel? Or the Air Alliance? Or Night Union? Or maybe a domestic force? I'm really curious, which enemy sent you to me?"

The assassin in the black pillar remained silent and indifferent.

[It's over... now is the best time, he is very close now.]

Hearing the thoughts, Bai Yan knew that the situation was not over yet. Something big was about to happen.

Suddenly, Duke Murray quickly retreated and shouted to the others, "This guy is a product of Night Union, a clone from Noy Military. He came here to release the biochemical weapon inside him..."

Suddenly, the assassin in the black pillar exploded!

A literal explosion!

The man's body burst open instantly, and invisible substances rushed out of the black pillar, spreading rapidly in all directions.

"What is this?"

Even Baroque , who had considerable strength, felt fearful at this moment. His INT was sounding the alarm!

Invisible death was spreading rapidly, and it wouldn't be long before it covered the entire club.

Deep Blue World.

Bai Yan froze time, and the panic and confusion of the people on the scene were evident on their faces, except for Duke Murray.

He fell into contemplation.

Noy Military had high technological power. If they let the biochemical weapon continue to spread, most of the people in the club could die.

Although he suspected that Duke Murray was suspicious and wanted to test him, hoping to force him to make a move, he couldn't sacrifice the lives of everyone in the club.

Even though most of the nobles here had exploited and oppressed, the servants were mostly innocent.

Bai Yan decided that when the time was right, he would make a move without attracting attention. Suddenly, he felt something strange.

"So that's it..."

Then, he pressed the thought of taking action again.

In the next moment, the real savior appeared.

The space in front of everyone suddenly collapsed, revealing a huge fissure like a black hole. The biochemical weapons in the air and the assassins' bodies were instantly sucked into the fissure.

Then, everything returned to calm.

A steady brown-haired man appeared on the scene, towering like a lion on the earth, unyielding.

"It's him!"

"Is the crisis over?"

"Look, it's Mr. Chris!"

Every person present immediately recognized his identity, the legendary strongest leader in the history of the Knights of the Divine Blade.

"The divine-made monster" Chris.

The people at the banquet were still in shock, including Duke Murray and Bai Yan. They took the initiative to approach and express their gratitude to Chris, who was the target of the assassination and the organizer of the banquet. "Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Chris… It was close, everyone here was in danger."

Duke Murray then turned around and looked at the guests present, loudly proclaiming, "It's fine now! With Mr. Chris from the Divine Blade, it's absolutely safe here! The banquet today will end early because of what happened. I apologize for scaring you all, and I will send gifts as an apology in a few days."

Everyone nodded repeatedly, indicating their understanding.

Looking at Duke Murray, Chris calmly said, "I was pursuing the Order of the Moon Witch and Dead Silence. I happened to pass through this district... I sensed danger here and immediately came over."

The Church and the Knights of the Divine Blade have always belonged to two different systems, with some grievances. Baroque, as the high priest, has always remained silent on the sidelines.

Chris didn't even look at him.

When Bai Yan faced Chris directly, he could feel the immense power emanating from this man.

It was not just his strength that was powerful, but also his willpower and aura. The "radiance" on him was as heavy as the earth.

This man had done two legendary things in the past. One was to kill a formidable enemy stronger than himself in Apocalypse, who was known as the strongest black wizard.

The other thing was that he sacrificed himself to protect a city from an attack by ancient gods from another realm.

He was personally resurrected and parachuted by the "Savior of Dark Light" after his death, becoming the leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, entering the unconventional circle of Annottales.

Over the years, the leaders of the Knights of the Divine Blade have always been from the four major families and the nine small thirteen families. Chris, who came from a lower-ranking civilian background, became the only exception.

At this moment, Bai Yan, also known as "Viscount Edmond," asked from his current standpoint, "Mr. Chris, thank you very much. If you hadn't appeared in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable... What do you make of the attack just now? Why would people from the Noy Military come to kill Duke Murray?"

"I don't know, I am not sure," Chris shook his head and said, "We should ask Duke Murray himself about this, he may know the reason better than anyone else."

Everyone looked at Duke Murray.

Duke Murray remained silent for a moment, and finally gave the reason, "It's still about that 'big business' in Belan World. Both Noy Military and ourselves have colonies there. It seems that Noy himself has also obtained intelligence about the 'big business' and is willing to do anything to monopolize it."

Everyone was stunned, Noy Military...

Chris nodded calmly and said, "If the situation continues to develop this way, there might be a colonial war."

He said it calmly, but everyone's hearts were filled with mixed emotions. Count O'Connor, in particular, secretly felt fortunate that he did not send his family to Belan World for refuge.

The situation in Noah World is bad, but the situation in Belan World might not be any better!

After hearing the reason, Bai Yan could sense that something was terribly wrong.

For Night Union's Noy Military, assassinating Duke Murray wouldn't make much sense if their goal was to monopolize the remnants of advanced civilization. They could easily replace him with someone else.

So what was the real reason?

Or perhaps... even if the weapon and the person used for the assassination all belonged to Noy Military, and Noy Military had sufficient motive to carry out the assassination... could it be that they were not the true mastermind behind it?

"I'll take a step ahead."

Chris , as the captain, had no intention of staying any longer. He calmly took a step forward and vanished into thin air.

It was enviable how he could play with the power of space at will.

With just a thought, he could even directly go to Belan World in the next instant and bring back some local specialties.

Duke Murray sighed.

"Well, let's call it a day for today's banquet."

The banquet ended hastily.

Bai Yan left the clubhouse, and the heavy snow never ceased.

Kaluoer got off the carriage, opened the door for him, and he sat back inside the carriage, while Kaluoer sat calmly across from him.

Bai Yan didn't speak in the carriage. Instead, he took out his phone from the Babel Tower's incarnation and started using the Entertainment Card "Arrive in Paradise."

Regardless of the situation that lay ahead, Babel Tower's primary mission had not changed in the slightest.

To become stronger.

The "Arrive in Paradise" challenge begins!

"Please select three Core Operators for battle!"

(Recommended strength: Average strength should be at least Crown level)

The difficulty of the Arrive in Paradise challenge was not low, and there were many places to explore.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and finally slid his finger on the operator list to choose three Core Operators.

"The decision is made, it's all up to you!"