I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Duke Murray

Kaluoer noticed that everything around her had changed.

Objects five meters away became hazy and shrouded in white mist, making them unclear.

It felt as if she had entered another dimension.

This was the power of "Entering the Void."

She wasn't afraid of the unfamiliar, but calmly changed into her maid uniform and walked out of the room.

In the corridor, Kaluoer quickly noticed the other servants in the mansion, but they seemed oblivious to her presence.

It was as if she and the others existed in different worlds.

Expressionless, Kaluoer walked to the main dining room of the mansion.

She saw several male and female servants chatting, but they also turned a blind eye to her. Kaluoer reached out her hand and tried to grab the hair of a servant who had spoken ill of her.

She made contact.

She tugged on the other person's hair with force.

"I felt something touching me!" A voice echoed from what seemed like a distant place, as if separated by a barrier of water.

The servant seemed startled and then frightened, not knowing what had happened.

In the next moment, Kaluoer felt the surrounding mist dissipating, and she was about to be bounced back to reality from this dimension.

Was it because she interfered with the real world?

Kaluoer immediately let go of her hand, and the white mist returned, everything back to its initial state.

"Just now, something really touched me!"

The servant who had her hair pulled was still unsettled and quickly ran away.

Expressionless, Kaluoer followed from behind.

She continued to attempt contact with the servant, again and again, until the maid fell to her knees, crying.

After this experiment, Kaluoer understood the mechanism of "Entering the Void."

As long as she attempted to interfere with reality, she would gradually be bounced out of the "Void Dimension." But as long as she stopped her actions immediately, she would return here.

Once truly bounced out, in order to "Enter the Void" again, she would need at least one minute of preparation time.

This ability was undoubtedly very suitable for stealth and assassination.

Kaluoer was well aware that at least 99% of the Crown-level extraordinary individuals do not have the ability to defend against or monitor other dimensions.

It's difficult for someone to be prepared for a sudden attack from nothingness.

"Very powerful," she muttered to herself.

Even though Kaluoer had not yet reached the Crown level, she was confident in her ability to kill most Crown-level extraordinary individuals... whether it be by ambushing them while they were bathing or using poison secretively in their food, with the power of "Entering the Void," there were plenty of easy ways to kill.

Before reaching the "Apocalypse" and obtaining the "Mang," most extraordinary individuals were high in offense and low in defense, making them easy to kill.

After understanding her new powers, Kaluoer returned from the void dimension to reality.

She closed her eyes, her ears drooping.

"It's a little tiring... but for a few tens of minutes, it should still be doable."

Kaluoer fell into contemplation, "The rewards bestowed by the Savior of the Babel Tower are already exaggeratedly powerful. What exactly is he?"

Is he some kind of deity?

Kaluoer gently shook her head. The truth and objectives of the Babel Tower and the Savior were actually unrelated to herself... she was just a mere tool.

This time, the person who gave her orders should be able to live longer.

Let me be satisfied.


At the same time, on the other side, Bai Yan also tried to use his new power, returning from the void dimension to the real world.

Very strong!

"A very practical power!"

There was evident joy on his face, followed by contemplation.

"However, one thing still cannot be determined, whether the Incarnation of Dark Light can perceive the 'void dimension'... and whether it can use this power to infiltrate the Temple of Dark Light and steal the key to the Ultimate Ritual, is still a question mark."

Ninety-nine percent of the transcendent beings cannot detect things in another dimension, that is an objective fact.

But as the most powerful mortal in the Noah world, serving as the earthly representative of powerful deities, it is also normal for the "Incarnation of Dark Light" to be one of the very few "exceptions."

How about sending Kaluoer to try it out?

Bai Yan still remembered the attitude of the "Incarnation of Dark Light" not long ago, he seemed unwilling to be in opposition with the Babel Tower.

But the key to the ritual of becoming a god is of great importance, perhaps this old man will change his mind.

"Even if Kaluoer is discovered during the mission, there should not be a big problem. If worse comes to worst, she can just die once... No, as the Vessel of God, it is impossible for Kaluoer to be killed. In that case, sending her in for a stroll is indeed a good choice."

Bai Yan thought of the attitude of the "Incarnation of Dark Light" towards Evie , vaguely guessing that this old man was protecting the Vessel of God with all his might for some reason.

"But the infiltration can wait, there are other things to do tonight."

Some time ago, Bai Yan received an invitation from Duke Murray to attend the party he hosted at the club tonight. The theme of the banquet is to mourn the deceased in the Doomsday Crisis and the loss of the Heart of Radiance.

The Heart of Radiance belongs to the "Original God," not a "Faith God."

It has never actively promoted faith, causing the number of people who believe in it worldwide to be neither large nor small.

However, no one can ignore the existence of this deity.

Its death will still have a significant impact. It's just that the Doomsday Crisis happened less than ten days ago, and many people are still in a state of confusion and have not yet reacted.

Using his psychic power, Bai Yan 's voice quickly reached Kaluoer on the other side of the mansion.

[Get ready, we're going out to attend the party.]


It's already late, and the heavy snow is still falling. The pitch-black carriage drives through the streets of the second district.

Bai Yan looked outside the carriage, silent and deserted.

The carriage stopped near an extremely upscale club, and Kaluoer walked out of the carriage expressionlessly, opening an umbrella. Then, "Viscount Edmond" walked out of the carriage.

Kaluoer was like a real personal maid, serving dutifully. As for Dai, the black-haired maid, she was probably resting at this time.

Bai Yan had Dai follow Carson , the butler, to learn and eventually replace him in the future... it seemed like a disservice to the diligent Mr. Carson, but under normal circumstances, she would have to study for one or two more years at least.

Two years later, Bai Yan felt that he might have already become a god... if the world still existed.

By that time, the situation he would face would surely be different from what it is now, and Dai might not actually take over as the butler.

Even the identity of "Viscount Edmond" might not exist anymore.

"Master, I will wait outside for you."

Inside the club's entrance, Kaluoer calmly put down the umbrella, tidied Bai Yan's collar respectfully, bowed, then opened the umbrella again and left, returning to the carriage to wait.

The waiters in the club were all smiling and dressed elegantly with impeccable manners.

Many true high society people had arrived, and some acquaintances of Bai Yan greeted him, to which he smiled and responded.

Duke Murray, who was hosting the banquet, had already appeared in the hall. He had an ordinary appearance, showing no signs of vitality, but there was something profound in his eyes.

Duke Murray was specifically responsible for managing the overseas business of "the Pupil of Dark Light" and its affiliated family, including business with the Air Alliance and Night Union, as well as business related to otherworlds.

The overseas colonization activities of the Kingdom of Dark Light had never stopped.

They occupied one useful "resource world" after another, forcing the indigenous beings of otherworlds with intelligent civilizations to change their beliefs and worship the Savior of Dark Light.

The concept of a multiverse is almost infinitely vast.

In theory, more than 99.9999% of the space in the multiverse doesn't exist, let alone useful resources and living beings... so in order to travel to the Otherworld, which is called the "resource world," one must first acquire the "coordinates."

Only then can they accurately locate those useful and resourceful worlds.

Among the methods to acquire "coordinates" in the multiverse, the most commonly used and widespread one is... using the "soul halo" in the Soul Dimension for positioning.

This leads to one thing: when opening the gates to space and traveling to new worlds, people generally arrive in Otherworlds where life exists.

Conflict is inevitable in such circumstances.

"It's only been a few days, but it feels like a whole year has passed... as if it really has been a year."

Bai Yan is currently chatting with his "old friend," the high-ranking Priest Baroque , and there are a few other "acquaintances" present as well.

Baroque is primarily speaking while Bai Yan and others listen.

Baroque chuckles and touches his flat nose.

"You know, recently we discovered a new world, named 'Belan' by the saints. There are many business opportunities there..."

Although the party was held in honor of those who died in the Doomsday Crisis and Heart of Radiance, nobody immediately discussed those matters.

Rather than saying that people were indifferent to the Doomsday Crisis, it was more accurate to say that it was too serious for many people to openly discuss.

After all, going deeper into the matter would lead to questioning why the divine beings did not intervene... and whether the Savior of Dark Light could really save this world in the future...

The topic immediately becomes sensitive, making people feel powerless and desperate.

After all, what's the use of discussing it?

Mortal beings can't do much.

"Is that Belan World suitable for living?" suddenly, the liquor tycoon Earl Edward asks, earnestly staring at Priest Baroque.

Priest Baroque squints his eyes and nods in response, "Hmm, it is. For ordinary humanoid races, the environment of that world is quite habitable. There are many forests, good climate, and no noticeable disasters or monsters."

"The main ethnic group in Belan World is the Belan Cat People, a race similar to half-beasts. They are a very foolish and cowardly race, but it seems that they used to domesticate humans as pets... hehe."

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"In a few days, I think everyone will have added the existence of Cat People to their collections of slaves."

Regarding foreign policy, the Kingdom of Dark Light, the Air Alliance, and Night Union are all fundamentally different.

Any intelligent beings from Otherworld who do not comply with the Kingdom of Dark Light's conversion policy will become the lowest level of slaves, while those who do comply will receive the title of "convert" and treatment... similar to advanced slaves, but at least they are not considered slaves in terms of divine laws and legal principles.

The Air Alliance is different, as it has no slavery system.

The people who held onto the idea of slavery during the time when the Air Alliance was forming were mostly crushed by the "Demon of Justice" - quite literally.

However, the Otherworld colonies in the Air Alliance are still exploited by the kings, but due to the "Mysterious Prohibition Principle," Otherworld beings are absolutely not allowed to come to Noah and the Air Alliance freely.

As for Night Union, it is more complicated. Noy Military, Rock Morgan Group, and Nine Trees System all have their own plans... The Nine Trees System treats everyone equally, and many wise men in the Tree City are from Otherworld.

Or perhaps, for the Nine Trees System, it doesn't really matter who their "citizens" are.

"Is the environment suitable for living?"

Earl Edward, who was asked the question, fell into contemplation and looked troubled as he said, "Perhaps, I should arrange for my family to live in Belan World as soon as possible. As you all know, Noah World has already caught the attention of the Outer God... It has become very dangerous."

The heavy topic made the people present stiffen their expressions.

In fact, many upper-class individuals have already started thinking about how to leave Noah and go to the Otherworlds colonized by the Kingdom of Dark Light.

The "situation" here is truly unstable.

Perhaps one day, we will face a catastrophe.

Bai Yan quietly listened and suddenly noticed that Duke Murray, who was hosting the party, was walking towards him.

"Hello, Mr. Edmond, nice to meet you for the first time."

Duke Murray looked calm and greeted "Viscount Edmond" and the others.

"Mr. Murray, you are a prominent figure serving the Saints. It is my honor to meet you," Bai Yan said.

"Honored, honored, truly honored! Haha!" Priest Baroque laughed.

Everyone also politely exchanged pleasantries as usual.

Bai Yan was a little curious why this man would approach him on his own.

After a moment of silence, Duke Murray smiled and made a proposal, "I've heard that Mr. Edmond has very strong financial power, and I currently have a big business opportunity regarding Belan World in my hands. I'm in urgent need of capable investors. Viscount, would you be interested in making money?"

A big business opportunity?

Bai Yan was slightly stunned and politely asked for more details before declining, "Could you reveal a bit more about it?"

He was planning to refuse, after all, as someone with the abilities of "Cybertyrant," he didn't lack money at all.

Investing in a business like this is better left alone.

Earl Edward's eyes lit up and he immediately asked, "A big business opportunity? Mr. Murray, please share it with us. You don't think we don't have any money, do you?"

Everyone knew very well that Duke Murray had a strong ability to make money, and those who followed him became prosperous. He was truly a living god of wealth!

Otherwise, the "Pupil of Dark Light" wouldn't be so close to Duke Murray.

The few people by Bai Yan's side also looked over, and Duke Murray hesitated for a while, as if undecided whether to disclose the information to everyone.

He finally nodded and said, "I have reliable information that at a hidden location in Belan World, there may be remnants left by an advanced civilization."

Everyone's faces changed.

Even Bai Yan's heart trembled slightly.

An advanced civilization?

Duke Murray remained unchanged in his expression and silently took a sip of the red wine in his hand.

"It should be clear to everyone what this means. Legend has it that the power of an advanced civilization is enough to contend with the Outer Gods, and anything left behind by them, as long as mortals grasp even a little bit of it, will bring us endless benefits... The 'Nine Trees System' in the 'Tree City' of Night Union is a special creation left behind by the advanced civilization."

Yes, indeed.

The Nine Trees System is not a creation of the native world of Noah. In the history of the Noah world, no civilization has the ability to create it.

It is a product left behind by the "unknown" in advanced civilizations.

Bai Yan understands in his heart that if he can really obtain the legacy of advanced civilizations, the immense benefits he can gain cannot be described as soaring to the sky.

It is almost like finding the One Piece, which ultimately leads to a result that can change the entire world.

Several people are very tempted, and Bai Yan falls silent, not saying a word.

Duke Murray looks at "Viscount Edmond" again and asks earnestly, "Are you still interested in this investment?"