I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 314

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Chapter 314: Evie's Rhapsody

The power of the Silver Sword was unquestionable.

She had once single-handedly swept through an entire cult, capturing their leader on the spot.

Evie and Kaluoer were not at the Crown level, so they couldn't possibly be her opponents.

Here, it referred to martial combat... but in reality, there was also intellectual combat.

"Hold on."

Evie(Female) gazed at the silver-haired knight in the distance, furrowing her brow and falling into deep thought. "I feel like I've seen you somewhere before. Hmm, the armor you're wearing is definitely the special black armor forged by the divine blade. You're one of the Knights of the Divine Blade."

Christine's face stiffened, without saying a word.

Pretending to know nothing, perhaps it's best to just strike with a single sword... This was the expression on her face.

"You're Christine, right?" Evie(Female) suddenly realized, pointing her finger at her. "Hey! You've been pretending not to know me all this time!"

"No! You've got the wrong person!" Christine replied earnestly, feigning seriousness. "I am merely a passing Silver Knight! I'm definitely not this so-called Christine! Christine seems to be a particularly beautiful woman, maybe we can't be compared."

"It's impossible, I have a deep impression! You are definitely the Silver Sword of Divine Blade!"

Evie(Female) shook her head, raised an eyebrow, and said coldly, "You attended my birthday banquet last year, got drunk, and publicly swore to get married within a year! Everyone at the scene heard it!"

"And then, you didn't come to my birthday banquet this year, was it too embarrassing?"

Christine lifted her head, looked at the sky, and for a moment, didn't know how to react.

"I really have no idea what you're talking about..." Her voice became weaker and weaker.

Evie(Female) snorted coldly, roaring loudly, "Christine! She's my sister! Can't you tell? If you lay a hand on her, I'll die right here too!"

Evie(Female) and Kaluoer(Female) are twins, except for their orcish features, hair color, and body development, their faces are almost identical.

Christine gritted her teeth.

"You're really as capricious as the rumors say! Damn, I feel like drinking beer!"

Christine had no choice but to turn around, and the silver glow sword in her hand also disappeared.

She flew away like a bird!

Evie(Female) and Kaluoer(Female) looked at each other.

This guy is powerful, but in a certain sense, it seems quite easy to deal with?

[Behold, for I am the Savior.]

[All is for the salvation of the past and the future, for this world that is about to collapse and be destroyed.]

[Hidden Azure.]

[From today onwards, you are a member of Babel Tower.]

The voice in Kaluoer(Female)'s mind made her ponder... but it was too troublesome, so she quickly stopped thinking about it.

In the future, will there be new people giving her orders?

That wouldn't be bad.

Not bad at all.

Since leaving the Mercury Ball, she had been thinking about many things.

For some reason.

After leaving the Mercury Ball, Kaluoer(Female) felt increasingly empty, realizing that she didn't fit in with the people around her.

She went to various districts in Annottales, met many people, but still couldn't find the warmth she needed in her heart.

Viscount Edmond had said that after leaving, she could do whatever she wanted... but she was always just a tool.

Apart from executing orders, she hadn't thought about anything else in the past few years.

Kaluoer has seen similar descriptions of psychological issues in books. It is said that some people released from prison do not adapt to the outside world just like her.

Trained hunting dogs would not want to return to nature.

However, she hesitated and did not return directly to the Mercury Ball.

Throughout, she felt lost and confused.

After that, the Mercury Ball was destroyed, and Kaluoer had no way to go back even if she wanted to.

After the crisis was resolved, Evie smiled and embraced her unwilling sister again: "Let's go back to the first city area now and go to the Temple of Dark Light... Kaluoer , actually, I've been living there all these years. The Incarnation of Dark Light adopted me."

She had no secrets to hide from her sister, no things to conceal.

Moreover, Evie still remembered their childhood promise.

They promised to share everything!

Incarnation of Dark Light?

Even Kaluoer , who had almost no emotions, couldn't help but be astonished.

It was too unbelievable. Incarnation of Dark Light, undoubtedly the supreme leader of this country, so her sister is actually a "princess"?

No wonder she easily defeated the powerful Knight of the Divine Blade.

But why would she be adopted by such a divine person?

Evie touched her human ears and smiled bitterly, "To disguise, my half-orc features have been removed by my foster father... Let me show you."

After she finished speaking, she suddenly reached out to grab Kaluoer's tail, but was stomped on the foot by her sister expressionlessly, causing her to release in pain.

"So that's how it is..."

Kaluoer nodded lightly, refusing expressionlessly, "I don't want to go there."

"Why?" Evie didn't understand, but vaguely felt unsurprised by this answer.

"No reason."

Kaluoer couldn't come up with a reason either. Rats in the gutter hate the lofty eagles, and they certainly don't need a reason.

She was just an assassin.

Following Evie to the Temple of Dark Light, and then maybe becoming a "princess" or not having any status at all, being raised by Evie like this.

Whichever the case may be, Kaluoer didn't like it.

"Help me find a master." she suddenly said something that shocked Evie .

"What are you talking about?" Evie couldn't believe it.

Kaluoer remained expressionless, looking ahead and said, word by word, "I am a tool, an assassin of Mercury Ball. I have been carrying out orders... Missions, commands, training, rewards, punishments... I have long adapted to these things and find it difficult to let go."

Evie 's face was filled with shock and sadness. She already knew that her sister must have endured inhumane treatment over the years.

Kaluoer continued, "Because of that person, I have separated from Mercury Ball in the past few days, but I still don't feel real... Hmm, he's the one who made you find me, right?"

Kaluoer 's guess, in a sense, was quite accurate.

"Mercury Ball... So that's it, I understand now, I understand it all.

Evie is clever, and considering everything that has happened before, she can probably deduce the cause and effect.

The man who secretly gave himself a note has actually been secretly protecting his sister all along! He even dares to oppose the mysterious assassin organization, Mercury Ball, and they engage in a life-and-death battle!

Only by destroying Mercury Ball can he truly give freedom to the girl he loves!

Even though the enemy is powerful, he is fearless. He just handed me the note before the decisive battle, asking me to come here and find the liberated Kaluoer.


Evie understands now.

Because he fears that if he dies, there will be no one left to protect Kaluoer!

That man has already...

He is alone, annihilating the ancient assassin organization, Mercury Ball!

"Today, I will give her freedom..." Evie already has an image in her mind.

Finally, this man succeeds, completely eliminating Mercury Ball... Perhaps, he himself has also died.

How romantic!

Evie is deeply moved for a moment, tears welling up in her eyes. She almost cries again.

Perhaps, just like what Kaluoer thought, she has always maintained her innocence as a young girl, never truly growing up.

However, because she never expected the existence of Babel Tower, Evie's imagination may be closer to reality. If she hadn't fallen in love, there wouldn't be such a caring person, right?

"How can someone be so good?"

He's even better than the male protagonist in the stories she's read!

"Let's go, let's find the person who saved you!" Evie firmly grabs her sister's arm. She must repay the favor to that person.


Kaluoer's expressionless face reveals her understanding. So, does her sister think that person is suitable to be her "new owner"?

Evie must confirm the situation of the person who silently sacrificed for Kaluoer.

If he really challenges Mercury Ball and they both end up sacrificing themselves, she must find a way to help his family and friends to the best of her ability. This favor is too heavy.


After thinking it over, Kaluoer believes that Viscount Edmond is a good choice to align with, and she can follow his orders to continue killing.

Evie takes a deep breath and prays silently that the man who silently protects her sister will be safe.

But deep down, she secretly hopes that her sister doesn't fall in love with him... because Evie made a vow to share everything.

Even when Kaluoer just said she didn't want to go to the Temple of Dark Light, Evie has already made up her mind to abandon her "princess" identity.

"By the way, who is that man? How did you meet?" She suddenly realizes that she doesn't know who that man is.

Kaluoer doesn't hesitate and nods, telling the story of how she assassinated Viscount Edmond.


Evie listens, her mouth slightly agape, stunned.

"Even if you were to assassinate me, I am willing to repay with kindness, silently guarding you without any grudges, willing to sacrifice everything for you... My eyes seem to have been filled with snow..."

Kaluoer fell silent, feeling that her sister was acting strange.

Perhaps she had misunderstood something?

It doesn't matter.

She touched her abdomen, feeling something extra inside, as if it were a black tower-shaped mark.


the Tulip Manor.

Bai Yan knew that the mark of the "Sacred Heart's Chosen " appeared on the back of the neck, while the mark of the "Hidden Azure" appeared inside the stomach.

Her modified body was different from ordinary people, her limbs and abdomen were constructs rather than flesh and blood, not only could she freely extend her limbs and release various weapons, but she also had many things hidden inside her stomach.

In fact, Bai Yan had checked while Kaluoer was hypnotized using his powerful perception ability.

Inside her constructed abdomen, there were even makeup brushes and mirrors. Well, maybe it was just for the convenience of disguises.

Bai Yan glanced at the character cards of the two new Core Operators but found that they were only the most basic versions, completely unsatisfying!

"Let me take a closer look..."

He took a deep breath and, following the operator list on his phone, activated the power of the "Real Digital World".

Core Operator:

Title: Sacred Heart's Chosen (Aurora)

Gender: Female

Plane: Formation Realm

Rank: Crown (Medium)

Race: Tersan (human branch)

Operator Identification: Team/Protection/Healing (Optimal for a team)

Milestones: Saint, Savior

Primary Attributes:

Physical Body: 187 (a strong body capable of directly confronting dangerous beings)

INT: 272 (as a saint, she has exceptionally high INT)

Skill: 211 (remarkable combat skills, especially in team battles)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 8 (undoubtedly a beauty, gentle and mature)

Loyalty: 5 (she starts to believe that the savior truly exists and regains her lost faith)

Mood: 7 (with new hope and aspirations, her mood has become quite good)


Team Leader: Able to make decisions with ease during team battles

The more, the better: Excellent war intuition and leadership abilities. The more direct subordinates she has, the more she can unleash her potential

Holy Mother: Always maintains strength and a smile, possessing the charm to heal people's hearts

Chosen by the Gods: As a saint of the "Heavenly Gods," she is always protected by the residual power of the "Heavenly Gods."


Knights of the Sacred Heart: A knight order consisting of a dozen elite knights. They are capable of communicating with the "Sacred Heart's Chosen" on a deep level during battles.

The Chosen Gun/Collective Impact: While under the influence of divine power, she charges forward invincibly, Knights of the Sacred Heart charging together like a steel hammer.

Sacred Heart Spell/Collective Defense: Healing oneself or others while providing defense. Knights of the Sacred Heart stand together, forming an impregnable fortress like steel.

Secondary Information:

Body: 176cm, 93, 63, 92

Likes: God, justice, hot baths, strawberries, children

Dislikes: Church, giving up, seafood

Items: Sacred Heart Armor

Description: Originally the leader of the church's choir, the holy maiden could not bear to see the land descend into a human purgatory, and thus led the Knights of the Sacred Heart on a path of salvation.

"The unwaveringly noble and pure-hearted leader of the Sacred Heart Knights."

(Hidden: If the Sacred Heart's Chosen gains the power of divinity, she will wield it more easily.)

(Hidden: If the elite knights under the Sacred Heart's Chosen perish, they can be revived through the Babel Tower.)

(Hidden: If the 'God' worshipped by the Sacred Heart's Chosen is fully resurrected, she will gain new powers.)

Bai Yan pondered as he looked at this information.

The God she worshiped, the Heavenly God, was apparently dead.

At least that's what the description said.

Now this chosen one, who was supposed to be the "Heavenly God", had been lured over by the "Savior" of the Babel Tower.

"This situation is quite interesting."

He actually knew one thing, that "Gods" never truly die.

Gods are immortal.

Why is there always a distinction between gods and non-gods, even greater than the distinction between Outer Gods and ordinary gods?

Because gods are immortal.

Ordinary people who are reborn after death, extraordinary beings whose souls do not enter the cycle of reincarnation, and gods with immortal souls are the three stages of the greatest transformation in the nature of living beings.

Even if they are temporarily killed or destroyed, their souls, which have reached the "Divinity Realm," are always immortal.

In any case, gods have the potential to be resurrected.

Therefore, for gods, what is more terrifying than death is corruption and erosion, becoming a "slave" and a "weapon" to a higher existence.

"That's what Dark Light... the result of failing to resist the Outer Gods is like this... He probably can't tell which divine oracle is coming from his own heart anymore."

Next, Bai Yan , enduring a headache, continued to examine the character card of "Hidden Azure".

He could feel that his headache was not as intense anymore.

It seems like he has grown stronger again.


Core Operator:

Title: Hidden Azure (Kaluoer )

Gender: Female

Plane: Material Realm

Rank: Awakening (Potential Crown)

Race: Half-beast (Wolf Tribe)

Operator Identification: Assassination/Infiltration/Surveillance (Optimal in Assassination)

Milestone: The Shapeshifter, Blade Assassin

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 96 (Not the most important aspect for an assassin)

INT: 122 (INT is already enough to be applied in combat)

Skill: 158 (More skilled in assassination and ambush than direct combat)

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 9 (Anyone who lays eyes on her will find it hard to forget)

Loyalty: 7 (She is accustomed to following orders from her 'master')

Mood: 3 (Should I be happy now?)


Lone Wolf: When fighting alone, skills and perception are significantly enhanced.

Ever-changing: Can disguise as any humanoid being in a short period of time.

Obedience: Tamed hunting dogs find it difficult to return to the wilderness.

Clean Freak: Perhaps the ultimate proof of human nature, cannot tolerate dirty things.

Barrier of the Heart: Do we really need to possess a "self"?


Ancient Assassin Training: Includes poisoning, stealth, hiding, weapon making, combat, and culinary skills.

Mechanical Body: Forty percent of the body is made up of puppet mechanisms. Has attempted to detach the arm and replace it with a frying pan, broom, vacuum cleaner, and other items.

Vanishing Into Thin Air: Possesses the innate power to transform supernatural abilities into intangible form through "contact".

the Vessel of God: One of the containers used by the Savior of Dark Light for "reincarnation" in the mortal world.

Subsidiary Data:

Physical: Height 154cm, measurements 88-55-83

Likes: None

Dislikes: None

Items: Assassination tools, maid props

Description: Originally an "ordinary" girl, she was adopted by the Mercury Ball after an artificial accident and eventually trained into a cold human weapon.

"The top assassin without a soul, an alternative body for the reincarnation of a deity"

(Hidden: If Hidden Azure gains assassination powers, they will be easier to master)

(Hidden: If Innocent Singer dies, Hidden Azure will regain normal emotions under significant stimulation)

(Hidden: If Savior of Dark Light reincarnates successfully, the original soul's personality will be completely overwritten)

Bai Yan pondered.

For some reason, he always felt that he would encounter the Savior of Dark Light in some form in the future.

Because Babel Tower was becoming stronger and the circles they came into contact with were getting higher, there were some things that could not be avoided in the world of Noah, the "Rainbows."

Bai Yan knew that many of the systems existing in the world of Noah were viewed unfavorably by the people of Babel Tower, and when the conflict escalated, he would obviously respond to his comrades' expectations.

"Just not sure what the situation will be at that time."

Just then, Bai Yan sensed the presence of two people and slightly froze. Sitting in the study, he looked towards the direction of the mansion gate.

"They actually came here?"