I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Gold Knight and Silver Knight

The female knight with golden short hair prayed silently.

She hoped for a response from above.

But she was still anxious.

When she was still a saint, Aurora had prayed countless times, year after year, only to watch helplessly as the earth gradually sank into despair, turning the world into a living hell.

Just then, Aurora's body underwent an unprecedented transformation.

Her soul seemed to boil, power surged and flowed to every corner of her body.

Aurora could feel herself undergoing a metamorphosis, a change that originated from the deepest part of her soul, continuously empowering the abilities she possessed.

This was the power of the Spirit of Revelation, the last one.

Not long ago, the last Spirit of Revelation left behind by Bai Yan had just promoted Aurora from a lower ranked Crown to a middle ranked Crown.

Of course, according to the Continent of Zeuo, it was called the "Holy Rank - Middle Rank", and there were still lower ranks such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron.

In a sense, the power divisions were quite "traditional".

God? The Savior?

Have you responded to me?

After suddenly becoming stronger, Aurora, who had always remained calm, now showed a hint of astonishment on her face.

Finally, the golden-haired knight smiled with relief.

"I understand."

Then, she slowly stood up, raised the sword in her hand, and turned to face the other knights.


Aurora's voice was full of power, anger, and determination!

The knights present were slightly stunned, all looking towards the direction of the voice, each one gazing at their leader Aurora, wanting to know what she was about to convey.

"For years, we have been to almost every corner of this continent, but still could not find the source of the Decaying Disaster and bring it to an end. We have lost many comrades and saved many innocents, and even I have made many wrong choices."

"But... no matter what, you have never abandoned me, nor have you abandoned this world!"

She took a deep breath, and knelt down on one knee before her knights.

"I am grateful to all of you, but I also know that gratitude alone is not enough."

"Today, I have felt the power of God, no, the power of the Savior... His will has been transmitted to my heart, and His power has given me a new elevation!"

"We will surely save the Continent of Zeuo! Save our country and our people!"

Aurora's expression was sincere, and every word came from the bottom of her heart, moving all the knights present.

They were already a group of passionate warriors, gathered from all corners of the continent, shedding blood step by step to reach today, to this moment.

Even if the beautiful future depicted by Captain Aurora seemed ethereal and elusive, the knights were still willing to believe in her.

The female knight stood up, turned around, and looked towards the sky.

The white snow continued to fall.

The biting winter made sorrow heavy.

But the warm season was also approaching.

At that time, all things would revive.


The world of Noah.


Evie was incredibly excited, her heart beating rapidly, almost about to burst out.

At this moment, she had arrived at the location where her sister was.

This is the fourteenth district of Annottales, covered in pure white snow.

Evie could clearly sense a corrupt and unpleasant smell in the surroundings.

She couldn't help but frown.

It is well known that this world's oldest city has fifteen districts in total, with the residents of the first three districts being either rich or noble, but the last three districts are different.

In fact, the last three districts are referred to as "slums" by people.

In these three districts, even Divine Laws are less effective... because no one would report any crimes, and even if someone did, the high-ranking priests who rule over the slums would often not "submit" the reports to the gods.

What truly holds power in the slums is the numerous factions closely associated with the high-ranking priests.

Each district of Annottales has millions of people, and the enormous slum formed by the last three districts is like a densely populated, rotten independent kingdom.

In reality, no one knows exactly how many people live here, and no one really cares.

Countless evils breed in this corrupt and massive kingdom, with countless people becoming victims in the "meat grinder," and the factions that rise through crime number in the hundreds.

Above these faction leaders are the high-ranking priests responsible for overseeing the districts.

According to tradition, apart from the first district, which is directly managed by the Saints, each of the other fourteen districts is jointly governed by two high-ranking priests, with at least one of them being a transcendent at the Crown level.

Although in the Babel Tower, those Core Operators who are not at the Crown level have almost become a minority.

But in reality, Crown level transcendent still holds a middle role in the major forces, an existence of Tier Three, undoubtedly a strong level.

Evie had arrived in front of an "Old Duck Tavern," her entire body wrapped in black clothing, making it impossible for people nearby to see her appearance.

She originally wanted to come here as soon as she received the news, but the maid responsible for protecting Evie strongly opposed it, because this place was just too dangerous.

It was only today that she managed to sneak out alone and come here disregarding all dangers.

"This place is completely different from the first district, it really feels like two different worlds..." Evie frowned, understanding why the maid was so adamant about not letting her come.

On the dilapidated streets, young prostitutes younger than her could be seen everywhere, while drunken men lay naked on the side of the road.

Some children under ten years old stared at her suspiciously from the shadows, ready to steal at any moment and immediately pass on the news of a stranger's arrival to the faction that controls this street.

Everything here is nauseating, but Evie is not so unaccustomed to it.

After all, she didn't grow up in the first district from birth. When she was young, she was a girl growing up in a craftsman's family.

Although the environment Evie grew up in when she was young was far from as terrible as this.

Why is her little sister hiding here?

Is that person deceiving herself?

"Could it be that Kaluoer has encountered... inhuman fate?"

In her black robe, Evie looked at the prostitutes not far away and thought of the pain Kaluoer would suffer almost every day, sinking into contemplation, completely afraid to think further.

If, if it's really like this...

Evie took a deep breath and her fingers trembled.

But she still pushed the door and walked in. Inside the tavern, a decadent smell hit her.

The men in the tavern turned their heads and looked at her fiercely.

"Kid, this is the territory of the Evil Tiger Gang. Are you in the wrong place?" Two strong men blocked her path.

Because Evie was covered in a black robe from head to toe, with only her eyes visible, these people initially didn't recognize her gender.

"I'm looking for a girl named Kaluoer . She should be working as a cook here."

The usually irritable Evie did not directly get angry this time, but asked patiently.

The strong men were indifferent. Suddenly, the bald bartender in the tavern chuckled, "Your voice... is actually that of a woman? Let us see what's under your black robe."

Others also started to jeer, and the two strong men who stopped Evie had already reached out their hands, wanting to rip open her black robe.

"Heh heh."

Evie was already powerless to comment on these foolish and impulsive gorillas.

Inflammable garbage.

So, she started to sing loudly.

There was no doubt about the talent of the Innocent Singer, which was singing.

The extremely beautiful singing voice, like divine music, made everyone at this moment stunned, staring blankly at her.

After a gentle and soothing melody, everyone present fell one by one, falling into a deep sleep.

Evie took out a dagger from her pocket and walked over, grabbing the bald bartender and thrusting the dagger into his thigh.

"Ah ah ah ah!"

The bald bartender, who had just fallen asleep, woke up wailing and realized that he couldn't move, immediately realizing that he has encountered an extraordinary individual.

In fact, he was also an extraordinary individual, just at the "Origin" level, but sufficient to "oversee" this tavern.

Even though the situation was very bad, the immobilized bald bartender still roared loudly, "You stupid bitch! You actually offended the Evil Tiger Gang. Our leader will definitely tear you apart and sell you!"

Evie 's eyes were devoid of emotions, and without hesitation, she gave him another slash on his other leg.

"Ah ah ah, bitch! Hahaha! It's useless! Think about your miserable life as a pig in the future! You will spend your time in misery!"

The bald bartender shouted and laughed, filled with immense anger.

Evie didn't say anything, and stabbed him in the arm again, calmly twisting it several times. The bald bartender was in excruciating pain.

"Darn it! Ahh!"


After repeating this for a few minutes, the bald bartender naturally couldn't keep silent anymore. He told Evie everything he knew.

Upon hearing this, Evie exploded.

Because according to these people, her sister wasn't here at all. The only cook in this tavern was a sixty-year-old grandmother. If they really encountered a beautiful stranger, they wouldn't just make her a cook.

In a place like this, the "demand" for beauties is constant.

Evie immediately felt she had been fooled!

That beast who gave her the note! How dare he play her like this! I'll chop off all his limbs and feed them to the dogs!

The bald bartender stopped talking and just stared at her with eyes filled with hatred... he was already contemplating revenge.

However, Evie was furious and angry at the moment.

"You have too much filth in your brain, I'll clean it up for you!" Evie stabbed him between his legs again.


This cry was much longer and full of lingering pain, but Evie was still not satisfied. She finally stabbed him directly into his mouth.

"You've used and sold many girls, now taste what it's like to be stabbed!"

He stopped making noise.

All these years, all she wanted was to find her sister, nothing else mattered.

But in the end, it was all in vain.

Evie left the tavern in a daze, not caring about anything around her, allowing the prostitutes to scream and flee.

She was tired and exhausted.

For the past few years, she could always feel her sister's pain and agony, but she could never reach her.

"I, I have to stay happy... all the joy she can feel can only come from me..."

Evie forced a smile, trying to make herself look happy.

She had heard that smiling would make people feel happy, not just because they are happy.

As long as she smiled, maybe it would bring her happiness...

"Kaluoer !"

Evie suddenly shouted without hesitation, yelling over and over again for several minutes, but there was never any response.

"Why, why is it like this..."

Evie fell to her knees in the snow, tears streaming down her face, feeling immense pain and unwillingness in her heart.


A cold and emotionless voice from an elderly person made Evie freeze. She immediately looked up, only to witness a confusing scene. Under the sunlight, there was a sixty-year-old grandmother.

Was she calling herself sister?

In the next moment, the old woman's appearance changed, revealing the beautiful and cold face of Kaluoer.

Her face shimmered under the reflection of the sunlight and snow.

"Kaluoer... am I dreaming?"

Evie's eyes filled with tears in an instant, and her emotions were completely out of control. Something had finally burst.

"It's not a dream... it's me."

Kaluoer had no expression on her face, as if there was no emotion in her words.

She opened her mouth, wanting to ask her sister if she had been doing well all these years... but Kaluoer remembered the happiness that came from Evie and decided not to ask.

Well, let's just go.

Kaluoer didn't know why but she really wanted to turn around and leave, but then she was tightly hugged.

"I won't let you go again, absolutely not! Even if the world is destroyed, it can't take you away. I've been looking for you all these years, but I don't know why, I just couldn't find you..."

Evie , tightly hugging her sister, had already cried so much her tears were streaming down her face.

Kaluoer remained silent.

Evie continued, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Kaluoer , it's my fault, I couldn't protect you... but now that I've finally found you, I won't let you suffer anymore."

Evie gritted her teeth, and her beautiful face suddenly turned grim.

"Tell me, who hurt you? I will make them pay!"

Kaluoer remained silent, shaking her head.

"The people who hurt me should all be dead... someone helped me."

Mercury Ball has been destroyed.

Though it's not very clear, that person in the Tulip Manor is the only one Kaluoer can think of.

Evie was slightly stunned and suddenly realized something!

Could it be that the person who helped her find Kaluoer had been secretly protecting her sister?

It could very well be true!

For her, this person, no matter who they are, even if they are an unforgivable criminal or a demonic hell creature, they are the greatest benefactor she must repay in her lifetime!

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😋)

Evie swore to find this person and give her everything to repay him!

"Let's go back, sister."

She gently stroked her sister's face, her eyes filled with love, wanting to take her sister back to the Temple of Dark Light to live the best life.

Kaluoer didn't want to be so close, but Evie held onto her tightly.

So annoying.

Kaluoer silently complained in her heart. She could feel that her sister was still living in her childhood.

She was still the same "innocent" as she was back then.

But the sister you used to cherish is no longer here.

Now, I am just a useless tool that nobody wants.

You won't bring me anything.

That's it.

It's too late.

[You have been chosen by fate, Hidden Azure.]

Suddenly, a male voice echoed in Kaluoer 's mind, making her slightly stunned.

But she didn't panic, she just had some doubts.

"There's a voice in my head..." she murmured to herself.

"What? What are you saying?" Evie looked confused and asked her sister what was going on, but Kaluoer didn't answer.

In the next moment, Kaluoer crouched down slightly and then jumped up, leaping dozens of meters high in an instant.

Evie held onto her and refused to let go.

Kaluoer was confused, but she didn't struggle like the other Babel Tower members in their "First Experience" and instead cooperated with the Crown's arbitrary domination.

She didn't think there was anything wrong with it.

The two quickly arrived at a nearby rooftop, and upon arrival, Evie suddenly felt immense pressure!

"Who is it?" She became alert and immediately stood in front of her sister.

"Kaluoer, run away first, wait for me nearby, I will definitely come find you!"

Such intense momentum!

Evie's breathing became difficult.

The opponent's presence was like a blade deeply stuck in her chest! It had already killed her!

"Found them, found the remnants of the Mercury Ball!"

A tall female knight with silver hair in a ponytail was waiting here, she smiled slightly, her black divine-forged armor still intimidating in the snow, and she held a constantly glowing silver sword blade in her hand.

This blade was not physical, but a manifestation of Chris's talented power, containing unimaginable strength.

"Make way."

Kaluoer's expressionless face pushed her sister's head, forcefully moving her out of the way, surprising Evie with her sister's strength.


Kaluoer slowly extended a poisoned sleeve blade from her modified hand, a blade with a potent toxin that could even kill a dragon.

However, she knew that the presence in front of her was extremely powerful, something she couldn't possibly confront.

After all, she had not yet reached the Crown, while the female knight in front of her had already reached the pinnacle of the Crown.

The gap in strength between the two sides was self-evident.

Perhaps she would die.

"It's another report from the enthusiastic citizen 'Ji', but this time there's only one informant left... There were clearly two identical 'Ji' before."

Christine narrowed her eyes and smiled, raising the sword blade composed of silver light, instantly cleaving through the clouds in the sky.

Kaluoer and Evie saw this scene and were stunned.

She smiled cheerfully, "For order and the people, for love and peace, for the bonus as well as fried chicken and beer and barbecue and... in short, I will eliminate you here!"