I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: "Sacred Heart's Chosen "

When the pixelated figure of Hidden Azure was summoned, she bowed and recited her battle motto.

"I am but a mere tool."

Bai Yan immediately made a change to her.

"I am needed by others, and I need others as well."

As for the other new operator, Sacred Heart's Chosen .

On the phone screen, she was a tall woman in golden armor, with short golden hair and a heroic posture. A pixelated figure was kneeling on one knee on the ground.

"Fight for the innocent, fight for yourself."

This was her battle line.

Bai Yan muttered to himself, falling into contemplation.

"Sacred Heart's Chosen......"

A Core Operator that had never been heard of in the first playthrough.

In the game "Babel Tower" of the second playthrough, after the First Doomsday Crisis, the number of newly added operators had been increasing. Bai Yan realized this.

"The Moon Witch fragments are already seven, and her wish is about to come true... In addition, there are nine Blink Blade fragments... Very good, we can gather them soon."

Bai Yan temporarily did not open the guide mission for new operators, but instead directly opened the pool for "Different Dimensions".

Ten consecutive draws!

Squander your points here!

First draw!

"Potential! Surreal Writer·Truth Scholar (Permanent)"

Second draw!

"World Line Change Fragment·Shadow Kingdom×1"

Third draw!

"World Line Change Fragment·Qingqiu Country×1"

Fourth draw!

"World Line Change Fragment·Fusang Tree×1"

Fifth draw!

"World Line Change·Yaochi!"

Sixth draw!

"World Line Change Fragment·Shadow Kingdom×1"

Seventh draw!

"World Line Change Fragment·Shadow Kingdom×1"

Damn it!

I don't want Shadow Kingdom, help!

Eighth draw!

"Potential! Pride Sin·White Night Devil (7 days)"

Ninth draw!

"Potential! Dark Shadow·Sword of Demons (7 days)"

Tenth draw!

"Potential! Abyssus Extinguisher·The Final Gun (7 days)"

Another item came out.

Bai Yan took a deep breath. His luck today was really good!

From the "Different Dimensions" pool, a permanent skin for Truth Scholar and a never-before-seen "spectacle" Yaochi came out!

Moreover, there was something important worth noting. Eastern-style spectacles had also been added.

"There are more and more changes appearing."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation. In his impression, there weren't many Eastern-style spectacles and relics in "Babel Tower", but now the situation seemed different.

"Is this the charm of the game, the second playthrough? Unlocking a completely new version, but in return, the Doomsday Crisis becomes extremely difficult."

Without hesitation, he reforged the three Shadow Kingdom items!

Don't want Shadow Kingdom, don't want Shadow Kingdom, don't want Shadow Kingdom!

First draw!

"Potential! Nemesis·Hidden Azure (7 days)"

Second draw!

"Potential! Wrath Sin·White Night Devil (7 days)"

Third draw!

"Potential! Nemesis·Hidden Azure (7 days)"

Bai Yan froze. It was unbelievable that such a coincidental thing could happen in the world. He obtained the skin fragments of the two newly drawn operators with just one forge.

Well, it really was that coincidental.

"Today's luck is really quite good... No, it's more like having some gacha luck..."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation, always feeling that the "game" ability would give him a boost in his luck.

Now it seems that he was right.

Twenty draws, or rather twenty-six draws... immediately yielded two skins, two new characters, and a new spectacle.

Although his emotions were not as easily stirred up now, he was indeed very happy.

He seriously pondered if he had a lifespan of thousands of years, and how many times he could be lucky.

Bai Yan first looked at the new spectacle, the most curious one being Yaochi.

"In the game 'Babel Tower,' it's the first time I've seen such an Eastern-style spectacle."

Yaochi is said to be the resting place of the Queen Mother of the West, the first heaven of the heavenly realm.

"Yaochi: Above the surface of Yaochi stands a towering and slender stalactite called 'Lingyun Stalactite,' with splendid colors, and the pool water below is still as a mirror. Lingyun Stalactite absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, and it takes a hundred years to condense a drop of holy water."

"Lingyun Stalactite: Exchange one drop for every 50 Source Energy Points. After taking it, you can immediately extend your lifespan by eight hundred years, heal all physical and spiritual injuries, restore mental power and physical strength... Each person can only take one drop per day."

Understood, an enhanced version of immortal beans!

Not only can it instantly restore full strength, but it can also extend one's lifespan by eight hundred years. Bai Yan understood its value.

In theory, it could be used at the right moment to reverse the situation.

The only problem is that fifty Source Energy Points for one drop is a bit expensive.

Bai Yan thought one point for one drop would be more reasonable, even better if it were free... but of course, that was just wishful thinking.

Then he took a look at the new skin for "Hidden Azure."


"By loading this potential, Hidden Azure will gain the new ability 'Revengeful Death,' which has the power to sever death... After each death, you can immediately spend a small amount of Source Energy Points to revive and be immune to this type of death."

After finishing reading, Bai Yan understood.

A shield-bearer.

Whenever there's a big boss with a one-time killing ability, or a Civilization-level Relic, he could send in "Hidden Azure" directly.

"Although this usage feels a bit unfair to her, I always feel it will be useful sooner or later."

Next are the guide missions for two new Core Operators... Bai Yan pondered for a moment and decided to do the guide mission for "Sacred Heart's Chosen " first.

"Let's go."

On the screen of his phone, there appeared a pixel-art-style holy knight. In the snowy weather, she stood in front of a burning village, commanding her knights behind her.

"The village has been destroyed by flames."

"Everyone must be careful of the demons and enter the village in an orderly manner to rescue the victims!"

Then, this heroic holy knight became a controllable unit.

"Sacred Heart's Chosen ... please take care of me."

When Bai Yan controlled her to move forward, he noticed that the squad of knights behind the holy knight was also moving forward. There were a total of twelve people, and they seemed to automatically follow the priestess unit, "Sacred Heart's Chosen ."

He took a look at the skills of "Sacred Heart's Chosen ."

"Sacred Heart's Chosen" currently has three skills in total.

The first skill is "the Chosen Gun," a charging skill that grants temporary "invincibility" during the charge.

The second skill is "Sacred Heart Spell," a healing skill that also increases defense.

Bai Yan was slightly stunned. This is the second healer character in the normal state of "Babel Tower".

If we don't consider possibilities, the only Core Operator with healing ability in the first playthrough is "Innocent Singer".

But the situation is different in the second playthrough.

Her last skill is "Group Command".

An interesting skill, when Bai Yan first uses "Group Command," the skill descriptions of "the Chosen Gun" and "Sacred Heart Spell" will change.

"the Chosen Gun" will directly become "Collective Impact," while "Sacred Heart Spell" will become "Collective Defense"... In short, individual skills will become group skills!

In addition, due to the team characteristic "Leader" of "Sacred Heart's Chosen", the effectiveness of team skills will be upgraded.

"Hmm? So what I drew is not actually one person, but a small team? No, a knight order?"

Bai Yan fell into contemplation and then continued to move forward, controlling "Sacred Heart's Chosen".

"Extinguish the fire! Save the people!" There was only this option, and Bai Yan decisively clicked it.

After a while, the team of "Sacred Heart's Chosen" rescued some survivors. These survivors were somewhat afraid of the knights who were high above, but also expressed their gratitude.

Finally, the enemies respawned.

They were some figures with movements resembling zombies, with purple wounds all over their bodies and red eyes growing all over... "humans"?

"So this is the so-called 'demon race'?"

Bai Yan felt that these guys were very strange, completely different from the demon races in other worlds, more like zombies. He didn't hesitate to command "Sacred Heart's Chosen" and the others to launch an attack.

He had already realized something.

The world where "Sacred Heart's Chosen" is located is definitely not Noah. This is the second playthrough in "Babel Tower," and she is the first Core Operator from another world.

On the phone screen, with a heroic demeanor, she had already put on her helmet and shouted loudly, "Be careful, don't get bitten by them, otherwise, you may get infected and become demonized!"

The battle was easy. The knights were fully armed to the point where only their eyes were visible, and all twelve knights should have reached the awakening level, so they wouldn't be injured by small fry monsters.

Bai Yan silently commanded, and all the small fry monsters were eliminated.

Just at this moment, a huge purple lump-like monster in the shape of a coconut jumped out.

"Demonized Dracobeast."

From its name... Bai Yan couldn't see at all that this thing had any dragon bloodline after being demonized.

It rushed towards the group at an extremely fast speed.


Bai Yan, a male, had long discovered that he could not only manipulate the Sacred Heart's Chosen, but also control the movement of the squad. The knights would automatically attack after moving, and they could engage in both melee and ranged combat, which required precise micro-management. In theory, it would be difficult to control more than a dozen characters simultaneously, but he possessed the ability of "the game" and could easily do it!

He commanded thirteen knights, including the Sacred Heart's Chosen, in battle, his finger speed so fast that it was invisible to the naked eye.

The attacks of the "Decaying Disaster" included charging and spitting out purple flames, which were fast, but had a large wind-up time and could only move in a straight line.

As long as one remained vigilant, it posed no threat at all.

Finally, the Sacred Heart's Chosen defeated the Decaying Disaster without any injuries.


Bai Yan let out a sigh of relief.

"Game prompt: Guide mission completed!"

"The rewards have been issued!"

Bai Yan checked and found that the task rewards included 200 Source Energy Points, a Tactical Card called "Giant Meteor from the Sky," and a new Mystical Power... "Void Escape."


In another universe.

The Continent of Zeuo, Holy Light Kingdom.

In front of a burning village, Aurora, the former Holy Maiden of the Heavenly God Church and current captain of the Knights of the Sacred Heart, led her knights to a halt.

She had a tall and slender figure that could even rival male knights, dazzling golden short hair, and a heroic presence. Anyone who saw her would instantly understand that she was a true warrior, as if a battle angel descended from the heavens.

Aurora was originally a Holy Maiden in the Heavenly God Church of the Holy Light Kingdom.

She joined the choir at the age of eight and was chosen as a Holy Maiden at twelve. For the next few years, she led the girls in the choir to sing hymns to God.

Praying to God.

When she was sixteen, a terrifying Decaying Disaster erupted in the Continent of Zeuo. Aurora prayed for the world in the church for four years, but the Decaying Disaster only grew worse.

God did not respond.

Aurora could never hear the divine oracle.

Perhaps God would never respond again.

Finally, she cut off her long golden hair and stopped singing.

Aurora picked up her weapon, left the capital, and decided to go to the place where the Decaying Disaster occurred to solve the real problem herself!

The Heavenly God Church was furious about this and promptly expelled her from the church, completely cutting ties with her.

Aurora had anticipated this and gathered a group of like-minded knights with her own money, starting to fight fires across the continent... Many people knew her story, and she had become a legendary figure.

Nine years had passed since then.

"The village has been destroyed by fire."

Aurora looked at everything in front of her, dismounted her horse, and turned to give orders to the knights behind her.

"Everyone, be careful of the demonic clan. Advance in an orderly manner and rescue the victims!"

The knights did not speak, but without exception, they obeyed the orders.

These knights, both men and women, belonged to the high-ranking elite of the Knights of the Sacred Heart and called themselves the Sacred Heart Knights.

The entire Knights of the Sacred Heart is composed of common members who were persuaded by Aurora's personal charm. Including the servants such as chefs, there are more than seventy people in total.

They hold only one belief, which is to end the escalating Decaying Disaster at all costs!

Both the church and the kingdom have abandoned them.

And they have abandoned the church and the kingdom!

In the eyes of the Sacred Heart Knights, Aurora who smiles in the face of any strong enemy is the only object of worship and follow!

The knight team is very organized and strict when it comes to rescue missions. They have been involved in disaster relief many times.

However, the Decaying Disaster on the Continent of Zeuo has never stopped over the years.

The victims are being resettled, while Aurora is using divine healing techniques to treat an injured child.


A black-haired female knight walked over with concern and said, "Captain, you haven't rested for seven days and nights. Let us handle this disaster relief. Please take some rest."

Aurora turned to look at her, with a gentle smile on her face that instinctively drew people closer.

"I promise you, I will rest once this disaster relief is over. Okay, Judy ?"

"Alright." Judy , the black-haired female knight, could only nod helplessly.

"You must remember, for the entire Knights of the Sacred Heart, nothing is more important than you."

Aurora looked at the victims beside her and asked, "Aren't the innocent ones more important?"

Judy remained silent for a long time and sighed, "But all these years, what we have done is just a drop in the bucket. The Decaying Disaster can't be ended."

Unable to end the Decaying Disaster... Aurora turned to look at Judy , who was also staring at her without changing her mind.

Because Judy knew she was right.

But, ending the Decaying Disaster on the Continent of Zeuo at all costs is the meaning and creed of this knight order!

Aurora fell silent.

Was everything she did really meaningful?

Even Aurora , who always smiled at everything, couldn't help but start to ponder at this moment.

Suddenly, she heard a strange and indifferent male voice.

[Sacred Heart's Chosen , you have been chosen by fate.]

This voice came from her own mind?

Aurora was completely stunned. Who was the source of this voice?

Why was it appearing in her mind? What was going on?

Then, she realized something terrifying.

She couldn't move her body at all!

Could it be a conspiracy by a powerful demonic race?

Aurora exerted all her strength to struggle. She was a powerful "Holy Tier" saint knight, although not as strong as those "Domain Tier" demigods, she was still a top-class warrior.

The power erupting from her body was huge, enough to move mountains and split rocks!

However, it was meaningless. Compared to her incredible power and the power that was restraining her, it was like a drop of water compared to the vast ocean.

The two were completely different and incomparable!

What on earth is going on?

Suddenly, people saw Aurora kneeling down on one knee, and she began to speak out the altered battle lines someone gave her.

"I have my own justice, witness the supreme blaze."

Aurora looked righteous, her tone filled with nobility and fervor.

The victims heard the words of this legendary figure, and the members of the Sacred Heart Knight Order were slightly stunned.

Is this a vow?

For the knights, a vow is something extremely important.

Finally, one by one, all the Sacred Heart Knights knelt down on one knee, seriously reciting the vow spoken by their captain.

"I have my own justice, witness the supreme blaze."

Judy took a deep breath, knowing that she would follow this person forever.

The whole scene was solemn and dignified, and the performance of this female captain of the knight order reignited the enthusiasm in many people's hearts.

But at this moment, Aurora couldn't express her bitterness.

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The words just now were not what she wanted to say, but were manipulated to be spoken... But everyone misunderstood perfectly.

In her entire life, she had never encountered such a situation before.

Suddenly, her body was controlled.

Being able to silently control oneself all of a sudden is definitely the ability of a formidable person. Aurora is very clear that the other party is at least a "Domain" level expert.

But on the whole Continent of Zeuo, there are only a few "Domain" level experts.

The Holy Light Kingdom and the Heavenly God Church each have only one, namely the Court Sage and the Pope, respectively. Apart from them, eh, there is only the President of the Chord Magic Association and the Queen of the Daylight Elves who have reached the "Domain".

Which one of them is it?

Or is it a strong mage that she doesn't know?

Aurora's mind was in chaos. She always felt that the situation was not logical. There are indeed many people who can defeat her, but there should be very few who can suddenly control her.

Things are very strange.

It can't possibly be the "Heavenly God" she has always believed in suddenly descending to earth...

Even though struggling was meaningless after just trying it, she did not give up struggling and persisted, trying to break free from the control!

What happened next, however, put Aurora at ease.

She, still under the control of this mysterious entity, and the other members of the knight order continued to save people in the village and even defeated the sudden appearance of the demons.

Nothing bad happened, which relieved her. Based on the current situation, the person controlling her should be well-intentioned.

So, who is the person controlling her?

The Court Sage or the President of the Magic Association?

Just then, a voice from an unfamiliar man echoed in her mind.

[I am the Savior.]

[Everything is for the salvation of the past and the future, for this world that is about to collapse and be destroyed.]

[Sacred Heart's Chosen .]

[From today on, you are a member of the Babel Tower.]

"The Savior..."

She immediately wrote down the name, and the meaning behind the name touched Aurora instantly.

Is there really a savior in this world?

The world is on the brink of destruction, on the verge of collapse, and most of the people have died in the past decade... Will there really be a savior?

Aurora knew that many of the Knights of the Sacred Heart considered themselves as saviors.

She has been maintaining a smile for this reason, always instilling confidence in people, even if many people died because of it.

But only when she woke up every morning did Aurora realize soberly that she was not a savior at all!

Where have you been all these years?

Heavenly gods, saviors... why have you remained silent?

She fell into deep silence and took a long time to recover. The situation was too strange, and she did not choose to tell her subordinates about it.


Suddenly, Judy called out to her loudly.

"Can you come with me, please?"

She followed Judy's footsteps and saw a middle-aged man who was beyond help in a collapsed house.

The middle-aged man's body was completely rotten, pus and disgusting tumors kept bursting out. Ordinary people would vomit at a glance, and even battle-hardened knights would frown upon seeing him.

"He has been cursed, he can't hold on for long, we must..." Judy didn't finish her sentence, but the cursed ones have only one way to go, and it's best to solve them before they "mutate."

"You are... the legendary knight who suddenly stopped being the saint..." The middle-aged man's voice was low and hoarse.

Aurora nodded gently.

"Why! Why couldn't you come a few hours earlier, why... my child! My wife... why couldn't you come earlier! You're all liars! My child loved your stories so much! Liars! You couldn't save her!"

He cursed angrily, hysterical.

The female knight's face still maintained a gentle smile.

She calmly knelt down and reached out to embrace the body of the man who was completely rotten.

A kind of warmth made the man tremble and he stopped speaking.

"I'm sorry."

"Even though I knew from the beginning that I couldn't save everyone... but until today, until this moment, I still hope that you can be saved."

There was no hint of falsehood in her words.

"For this, I'm willing to give everything."

A tear rolled down the man's face, and his gaze gradually dimmed.

He slowly let go of his body, and the once holy female knight was now dirty with pus.

She remained silent.

If there really is a savior, if you are the incarnation of God, or the chosen savior by the heavenly gods... me, who hasn't prayed for many years, sincerely prays to you at this moment.

Please put an end to all this suffering completely!

"Just use me as the necessary sacrifice." She murmured to herself.