I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used

Bai Yan now has over 2,000 Source Points in his hands, enough to summon four ten-pulls. Just thinking about it feels satisfying.

But he wasn't in a hurry to summon right away, deciding to do something else first.

First, Bai Yan allocated the current seven Spirits of Revelation in Babel Tower.

Among the eight current members of Babel Tower, there are already two members of Potential Apocalypse, two members who have not yet reached the Crown, and four members with lower ranked Crown and intermediate strength.

He knew that the closest one to Potential Apocalypse is undoubtedly the "Sword of Demons ."

He can directly promote it to Potential Apocalypse in one go.

However, after thinking about it, Bai Yan knew that since "Sword of Demons " can follow the "hunman devouring" flow to upgrade, there is no need to upgrade with the limited Spirits of Revelation.

So, the first one to be ruled out is "Sword of Demons ."

Since it can upgrade by itself, there is no need to waste Babel Tower's precious "dog food"!

"The remaining options are the little guy, Ganis, and Alan ."

The next one to be ruled out is Ganis.

There are already two straightforward combat units, and adding another Ganis wouldn't be of much use. Babel Tower doesn't need another powerful melee member right now.

"The situation is clear, it's either the 'Psychic Dancer' or 'Mysterious Magic .'"

One specializes in psychic power, and the other is a top-notch all-rounder.

They are somewhat opposite in a sense.

After thinking about their practicality, "Psychic Dancer" is useful in all non-BOSS battles, while "Mysterious Magic " falls a bit short in comparison.

"If 'Babel Tower' was just a game, I might have chosen you, Alan , but in real-life situations, the little guy's abilities are truly useful."

That kind of joy in "ravaging" society is something that won't be forgotten once experienced.

He used six out of the seven Spirits of Revelation on the little guy, instantly raising her "Revelation Degree" to over sixty and reaching the upper rank of Crown.

Maryse might still be sleeping, but she is already taking steps towards true strength... Of course, Maryse hasn't been slacking off lately.

She is not only an extraordinary being at the upper rank of Crown, but also with skills and abilities that Bai Yan has proficiently maxed out, along with various powerful Relics and Mystical Power.

Facing enemies below the Apocalypse level, Maryse is capable of fighting.

Perhaps because she already has too many skills, after reaching the upper rank of Crown, the character card of "Psychic Dancer" didn't gain any new abilities or Traits.

However, all the Attributes on the character card of "Psychic Dancer" have greatly increased, almost doubling.

The three Primary Attributes have doubled, and the actual increase in strength is probably more than just doubling!

Bai Yan has realized one thing, the members of Babel Tower have completely stepped up their game, mainly because the Crown Ceremony is enough to bottleneck them.

In the world of Noah, the situation is the same. The number of Potential Crown exceeds the number of awakening, and the number of Potential Apocalypse may be close to the Crown level.

Many people find it difficult to become a Crown level extraordinary through a proper Crown Ceremony.

As for those who want to become "Apocalypse" level... even if they have luck, effort, talent, opportunities, and resources, they may still not be able to take the final step.

The last "ingredient" for Slime Crown Ceremony has not been found yet, but Bai Yan learned through Projection that it might be found in the "Arrival of Paradise" instance.

As for the suitable Crown Ceremony for "Cybertyrant".

Bai Yan has already locked on to a highly-promotional Crown Ceremony that is suitable for "Cybertyrant," but there is a time restriction and it can only be conducted in half a month.

"Then, there's this... compared to all the other rewards, it's obviously more valuable."

He took out a black crystal from inside the Babel Tower.

Bai Yan squinted in the study, feeling an extremely powerful force, indescribable, completely different from the previously perceived power.

He seemed to have seen a forge that would not burn!

"Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used"

One of the twenty-seven Ruin-level Relics in the multiverse!

The power it possesses is absolutely terrifying. Bai Yan knows that "Moon Witch" carries a Ruin-level Relic, allowing her to contend with Apocalypse strong individuals even at the level of Crown.

When Tao Wu , the middle-ranked Crown, was killed, "Moon Witch" hadn't even reached Crown yet.

"So what use do you have?"

Bai Yan took out his phone and looked at the information provided by "Babel Tower."

"Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used"

"Ruin-level Relic"

"Relic Effect 1: Residue Extraction: Can extract 'Element' from any 'remnants' and 'ruins'."

"Relic Effect 2: Transformation of All Things: Can transform dead objects touched into Relics."

"Relic Effect 3: Element Injection: Can inject 'Element' into dead objects for strengthening."

It should be a very powerful ability, right?

The description seems simple, just a treasure of "enchantment" and "waste utilization"... But since it corresponds to the Ruin-level Relic of the "Mysterious Heart," it should be exceptional.

After pondering for a while, Bai Yan decided not to think about it anymore, but to try it immediately.

First question, what are "remnants" and "ruins"?

Bai Yan tried using "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" to touch a teacup and use the power of 'extraction.'

No effect... it seems so.

The power of "Transformation of All Things" has taken effect!

The next scene left Bai Yan dumbfounded. The ordinary teacup suddenly gave off a faint red color, and soon this redness settled down and turned into a peculiar symmetrical pattern at the bottom of the cup.

"Digital World."

A white light flashed in Bai Yan's eye, immediately knowing the name and effect of this Relic.

Very strange.

The Relic already has a "name" the moment it is transformed.

Could this "name" be the one from the Outer God... given by the Mysterious Heart?

"Red Cup, ordinary Relic, has the effect of turning any liquid into red tea, but the price is that the person who puts the liquid in cannot urinate for a day."

Bai Yan fell into contemplation and touched his chin.


"A strange price indeed."

So, how can I use the power of "Ruin Extraction" and "Element Injection"?

He pondered for a moment, holding the black crystal stone in his hand and silently activating the "Real Digital World" in the power of the "game."

The next moment, a familiar sensation of immense pain.

He could only read the information about the usage of "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used," but he couldn't fully understand the specific principles.

"If I am strong enough, as powerful as a god... is it possible to completely understand the abilities on the Ruin-level Relic and make them my own?"

Bai Yan shook his head and took a moment to relax.

He had this speculation in his mind, but he couldn't confirm it.

But fortunately, the current situation is acceptable.

He already understood how to properly use the Ruin-level Relic in his hand.

Bai Yan gripped the black crystal stone, first injecting a large amount of mental power, then cutting his finger and dripping a drop of blood.

The next moment, it activated.

"Ruin Extraction."

The black crystal stone suddenly emitted a dazzling white light, and the combination of black and white gave it a special feeling.

What items will be judged as ruins?

He wanted to try extracting the Element from the just-born "Red Cup," but found it impossible.

Clearly, this thing is not a ruin.

The ordinary things around him were also not ruins, and Bai Yan realized that the definition of "ruin" was quite strict... Finally, the black crystal stone in his hand reacted.

Bai Yan froze for a moment and muttered to himself, "So, this could be considered a 'ruin'... In the public's concept, this thing can be called a 'remnant.'"

"Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" reacted to a decorative oil painting hanging on the wall.

Bai Yan knew its origin, coming from a country that had been destroyed for hundreds of years... It was the last painting of a saint in that country that was once established by the Demon of Justice.

He bought this painting for a lot of money, luckily the current Babel Tower would never lack money.

"Extract it."

Bai Yan didn't have any sentimental thoughts or taste for poetry and the arts. He didn't hesitate to destroy it.

Having this painting in the bedroom was just to make the persona of "Viscount Edmond" more complete, with no other meaning.

The next moment, the oil painting disappeared into a scattered white light.

Within the scattered light, a small cluster of black light emerged.

Digital World.

Bai Yan quickly deciphered the effect of this black light, which was the extracted "Element".

The Element called "Dye" can change the color of items...


Damn it! Isn't this completely useless?

However, after sighing, Bai Yan quickly became relieved.

Because the idea that "increasing combat power" is equal to "useful" is just the opinion of most people. Many people's innate abilities and the effects of many Relics are completely unrelated to combat.

After pondering for a moment, he quickly entered the interior of the Babel Tower.

Inside the "open world" of the Babel Tower, Bai Yan glanced at those who were captured... Over time, there were already six or seven hundred people trapped here.

Most of these people were under the control of a red-haired woman and began to believe in the "savior of the Babel Tower", while Maryse's father Reno did not join them and seemed to be ostracized by others.

Although they had no way to use force, they could still use various details to mentally bully others. However, Reno, the original spirit family lord, was very calm and didn't care about being ostracized and antagonized.

Those who were ostracized were faintly forming a new force, but Reno did not join this group.

"Even if they are all prisoners, they can still be divided into two factions... perhaps this is the wisdom of living beings."

Bai Yan shook his head, ignoring them, and just went to search for "remnants" in the huge research institute.

He clearly knew one thing, all Civilization-level Relics were born from the ruins of civilization or the corpses of gods...

In other words, no matter what, corpses definitely counted as remnants.

Bai Yan hesitated and didn't extract the corpse of Gravity of Darkness from the research institute. This guy had worked hard, and every member of the Babel Tower had a bottle of Blood of Darkness.

For the "squishies", this automatic healing ability was still very important.

He also glanced at the bound Shadow Fiend nearby. Even though it appeared as a black-haired girl with her mouth sewn shut, in reality, it was a complete monster...

Ah, this guy still hasn't died?

Should I kill it?

With great enthusiasm, Bai Yan finally targeted the corpse of a minotaur monster.

It was captured in a certain weekly mission and so far, only some useless things had been researched from it.

"Extract!" Bai Yan once again activated the mysterious Ruin-level Relic power.

Then, the entire corpse completely dissipated into particles of light, leaving only a red light sphere in the air.

This was the "power" of the Element.

"So, the so-called Element is all various conceptual Elements. Very interesting... Let's try injecting it next."

After muttering to himself, Bai Yan took out his frequently used Gungnir and used "Element Injection" to infuse the "power" into Gungnir.

Flames of red patterns appeared on the gun, emitting a faint glow, as if enhanced with special effects.

Bai Yan, holding Gungnir in his hand, clearly felt a significant enhancement in his powers.

"The effect is obvious... or maybe a bit too much."

Bai Yan has already grasped the main ability of "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used" which can be simply described as the highest level of "waste utilization," it's really powerful!

Even though he was not considered powerful when he was alive, just by obtaining the remains of a minotaur at the awakening level, his strength could significantly increase.

If he could extract the Element from the divine remains of the Doomsday Legion and inject it into existing relics and magical equipment, he couldn't even imagine the effects it would have!

"Overall, this thing is definitely an unexpected surprise in this little activity."

Satisfied, Bai Yan smiled and washed his hands before returning to summon again.

Now, he has over two thousand points, with five hundred points allowing for a ten consecutive summon, and forty consecutive summons would be more than enough.

But after considering, Bai Yan decided to draw "Destiny" and "Different Dimensions" ten times each, and save the remaining points.

He plans to accumulate points and exchange them for a very advanced newly unlocked building in the Babel Tower, one of the most important advanced buildings, worth three thousand Source Energy Points - the "Babel Tower Exchange Center"!

Its effects are very powerful, allowing for the borrowing of points and conversion of fragments.

Ten consecutive summons!


After summoning, Bai Yan quickly noticed that there were operator names he didn't recognize in the pool!

Before the First Doomsday Crisis, this situation was only limited to "Mysterious Magic "... but it seems different now.

And then, the goods arrived!

First shot!

"Operator Fragment·Moon Witch × 1"

Second shot!

"Operator Fragment·The Final Gun × 1"

Third shot!

"Mystical Power Fragment·Reality Manipulation × 1"

Fourth shot!

"Tactical Card·Divine Possession × 1"

Fifth shot!

"Relic Fragment·Blink Blade × 1"

Sixth shot!

"Mystical Power Fragment·Rebirth After Death × 1"

Seventh shot!

"Operator Fragment·The Covenant of Destruction × 1"

Eighth shot!

"Operator Fragment·Sin Spirit × 1"

Ninth shot!

"Relic Fragment·Langinus Spear × 1"

Tenth shot!

"Core Operator·Hidden Azure!"

Seeing the words "Hidden Azure," Bai Yan couldn't help but laugh.

After hesitating, he decided to "redeem" the fragments of Sin Spirit, The Covenant of Destruction, and the Langinus Spear.

And the goods arrived again... Bai Yan was stunned on the spot, unable to believe it.

First shot!

"Relic Fragment·Trident of Poseidon × 1"

Second shot!

"Operator Fragment·The Final Gun × 1"

Third shot!

"Core Operator·Sacred Heart's Chosen !"