I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: A Bountiful Harvest! Open the Champagne!


[I am so reluctant...]

Having stayed in the Noah's world for tens of thousands of years, Noah diligently searched until recently when it finally locked onto the specific location of "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used."

Jealousy, being cautious and careful, did not immediately take action. Instead, it took the time to investigate if there were any seals or guardians surrounding the Relic.

But before it was ready to truly take action, it had only been one or two days at most, and an inscrutable man had moved into the Tulip Manor.

Jealousy possessed a very powerful psychic power, able to read the thoughts of 99% of people, but it couldn't see through the Viscount Edmond in the Tulip Manor.

It immediately made a judgment that the other party probably possessed a powerful soul with at least the "Creation Realm" status, which meant they were opponents of the "Apocalypse" level.

For a moment, the jealous one hesitated and did not immediately take action.

Jealousy first sent Hidden Azure to the Tulip Manor to probe. Sure enough, this man was a very formidable existence... so it temporarily restrained itself and did not go directly.

Waiting for the opportunity.

Then, the earth-shaking Doomsday Crisis occurred... It had originally planned to take away the Relic at this time.

But because of the reclusive summon of the leader of the "Tower" organization, it had to temporarily leave the Noah's world.

After the Doomsday Crisis, the sinners collectively fled, and jealousy immediately reported Viscount Edmond to the Knights of the Divine Blade.

Unfortunately, unfortunately!

That waste named Chris just did a routine check and was completely deceived!

Today's jealousy is actually being pushed into a dead end and can only desperately go to the Tulip Manor to forcibly take "Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used"...

The consequences are obvious.

Whether it's that mysterious man, the vampire, or the girl from the Babel Tower... these people haven't even reached the "Apocalypse" level, yet they all have the means to harm "Apocalypse" level experts!

Especially that vampire... for some reason, there is a faint trace of true divinity hidden in her attacks!

Why is it like this?

It shouldn't end like this!

Reluctant, reluctant, reluctant, reluctant! Extremely reluctant!

Why should one expend so much effort, lure and kill so many people, and be on the verge of obtaining the treasure, only to have it handed over to the suddenly appearing Babel Tower?


This is unfair!

Deep within the jealousy's heart, it is filled with envy, finally releasing all of its emotional energy!

The overwhelming black-purple color spreads and forms thick tentacles, starting to piece together the fragments of "Mercury Mask".

Countless terrifying howls fill the entire city!

These emotional energies, like malicious tumors, have accumulated in this place, fueled by the jealousy in people's hearts for over ten thousand years!

Babel Tower has caused such a commotion that it can no longer afford to be discreet and stealthy. Even if it dies, it will bring the "Connector" in front of it to its grave!

Otherwise, this endless jealousy will never calm down!

After using the miraculous and magical "Sword of the Rainbow", Mu Ling has collapsed on the ground, and the "possibility" on her body has been replaced with the normal timeline.

The "Sword of the Rainbow" is undoubtedly the "finishing move" that brings the grand finale of a fairy tale story.

It is powerful, but also consumes a lot of energy.

She is too weak to continue fighting.

However, jealousy is already at the end of its strength.

Red Fire Meteor!

The burning Queen of the Scarlet Moon descends from the sky once again. She has an expressionless face and bursts out with a terrifying power that is comparable to the Apocalypse!

She stomps down!


With a heavy blow, all the black-purple tentacles in the sky burn and are destroyed!


In the huge wailing, jealousy feels an unimaginable power.

"The God of Games!"

Instantly, the burning Queen of the Scarlet Moon has shattered jealousy, completely destroying its attempt to enter the "second phase". It never had a chance to truly unleash its power.

Until its death, jealousy is extremely aggrieved.

At this moment.

In another district of Annottales, a blue-haired girl with beast ears stands in front of the window, staring at the strange phenomenon outside. A special black spell in her soul dissipates.

Kaluoer remains silent for a long time, and finally, there is a faint ripple of emotion.

"Mercury Ball...no longer exists."


The body of jealousy dissipates, completely dead.

At this moment, the Sword of Demons immediately flies up. It attempts to enslave the opponent's soul, but quickly realizes that the power gap is too large, making it impossible.

"What a pity..."

So it can only settle for second best and absorb jealousy's soul as its nourishment. The enormous energy causes the sword to almost burst.

But this blade, born from all evil, withstands it.

It emits an extremely pleased voice.

"What a powerful and delicious power. I am satisfied...great savior, please call for my assistance in such tasks."

At this moment, the Sword of Demons is next to the Scarlet Moon . For some reason, its voice has become that of a kind old man.

In a few more days, after absorbing the complete soul of jealousy, it will soon reach the position of Crown...this is the most terrifying aspect of the Sword of Demons !

Devouring, absorbing power, and enslaving souls...truly demonic!

"Hmph, another tamed dog?"

the Scarlet Moon looked at the sword floating not far away and heard what the guy said, subconsciously mocking.

The magic sword did not answer, it would not argue with someone stronger than itself.

the Scarlet Moon shook her head and looked towards Mu Ling not far away, seeing her kneeling on one knee, looking exhausted, it would probably take a long time for her to recover.

For some reason, there was a hint of satisfaction in the queen's heart.

She was different from them, she would never submit to the savior of Babel Tower.

She firmly believed in this.

But, this time she performed so well...

"Profligate" that guy, would he let her suck his blood a few more times?

At this point, the Scarlet Moon also understood that she probably couldn't get rid of his blood.

She could feel something different flowing within her, something very pure, something unimaginable to ordinary people... It had already entered the depths of her soul.

Even if she were reborn, she wouldn't be able to escape it!

What exactly is this?

Although she didn't know what was in the depths of her soul, she could feel it was a tremendous power, and the Scarlet Moon found herself increasingly liking "Profligate".

This feeling was a bit terrible.

Thinking of this, the Scarlet Moon's face became even more unpleasant.

Right, it was like her own kind looking at her... but she wasn't "Profligate's Spawn"... he was just her vending machine!


Mu Ling, who was extremely tired, took a deep breath and immediately regained some strength.

She looked towards the position of the Scarlet Moon, not showing a smile but nodded seriously.

"Not bad... as a member of Babel Tower, you have done well... thank you, the Scarlet Moon, for keeping your promise."

The Scarlet Moon sneered again, completely ignoring this loyal dog.

【Pick up the black crystal, Nightsaber】

The girl who heard the savior's order hesitated slightly and nodded without hesitation.


Mu Ling slowly stood up and walked forward, grabbing the black crystal without any hesitation, immediately feeling an indescribable pain coming from her arm.

But she had no intention of letting go.

This was what the savior wanted, it must be important.

"the Scarlet Moon, we..." Mu Ling was about to speak when she suddenly felt the air stagnate, and the atmosphere around her became extremely wrong.

Both of them, the two of them, and the sword's faces changed.

Who is it?

Why is there such pressure?

This pressure is simply too terrifying, although not on par with the god named "Food", it is probably only second to the Chosen for Eternity·Glofield of the Apocalyptic Legion!

Perhaps, only "the Demon of Justice" is on par with him.

"Who is it?"

the Scarlet Moon crossed her arms, turned her head expressionlessly, looking over, even if the opponent's pressure was so terrifying, it was impossible for her to bow down as a king.

It was an ordinary old man.

An old man in a black robe.

He had too many "names" and "titles". People called him the Incarnation of Dark Light, the Dark Night Oracle, and the spiritual leader of the Dark Light Church.


At the peak of the era! The strongest under the rainbow! Noah, the person closest to god in the world!

The old man stared at the two present, then looked at the black crystal stone tightly held in Mu Ling's hands, calmly saying, "It, you must keep it."


Mu Ling didn't care about being at the peak of the era or being close to a god-like powerful person. She raised her sword against him even though her head was throbbing.

This is what the savior wants.

First kill yourself, then take it.

"Babel Tower, is your purpose just to save the world? Or is there another motive?"

The old man's voice came gently, for some reason, it seemed to lack hostility.

"I don't want to fight you... but I can give it a try with the power of Babel Tower's savior..."

"Babel Tower's savior, are you 'the God of Games,' the most violent disaster in the multiverse?"

The old man didn't move at all, but three black light pillars silently surged from the ground, instantly enveloping the two present with their swords.

Unable to resist!

Within the black light pillars, Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon found themselves paralyzed and unable to use any extraordinary powers, as if they were birds trapped in a cage.

At this moment, a dense black mist arose from the surroundings.

The old man stared at the black mist, remained silent for a while, as if recalling certain memories.

"The power of the Connector... it's the first time I've observed it up close. Indeed, it is his power... but as far as I know, this existence of 'a mortal who kills gods' has long since perished."

"Why is that..."

Just as the black mist and the light pillars were about to attack each other, the old man suddenly silently retracted the black light pillars.

"Fine, you can stay."

His body gradually disappeared, like a phantom that never existed, leaving only his voice.

"At this point, I must also make a choice, a gamble... Babel Tower's savior, I am willing to believe in you... our goals are aligned."

The Scarlet Moon took a deep breath, looked in the direction where the person disappeared, and frowned expressionlessly. "He just left like this? I grew up listening to legends about him, never thought I would meet him in this manner... he is indeed deserving of those legendary strong ones."

The floating sword swayed for a while, and spoke with a cold and indifferent female voice, "I can't sense this person's desires... he's very strange, very hollow."

Mu Ling remained silent, not caring about these matters, only tightly gripping the black crystal stone in her hand.

In the next moment, the black mist surrounded them, and then they vanished along with the two and the sword.

"I'm late..."

Suddenly, three figures dressed in black robes appeared out of thin air.

They were the three brothers of the Dark Night Saint: "Judgment," "Verdict," and "Execution."

At the end of last year's internal meeting, the saints had already decided that these three people would handle the matter of the Babel Tower.

The goal is to complete the oracle! Destroy the Babel Tower!

"Judgment" remained silent for a while, then the man raised his head and asked puzzledly, "He should have arrived before us."

"Why didn't Oracle leave these people from the Babel Tower?" "Arbiter" asked.

The three looked at each other and realized that there must be a deep meaning... Dealing with the Babel Tower is the oracle of the Savior of Dark Light. Oracle cannot betray the will of God.

This is absolutely impossible!


At the Tulip Manor, "Viscount Edmond" silently sipped his tea.

The maid who brought the tea bowed and left.

She couldn't help but be amazed by the recent strange phenomena in her heart, but she forced herself to remain calm and composed in front of her master. A good maid must maintain composure and composure in front of her master.

Bai Yan silently sipped his tea, as if everything that just happened had nothing to do with him.

"Not bad... SSS-level perfect evaluation successfully in hand."

Bai Yan was a little worried about the power of the Dark Night Oracle. He didn't rush out just now, completely unwilling to face an impossible opponent.

He must be cunning when he should.

If he dies completely, then everything will be over.

Fortunately, things went unexpectedly smoothly, and the old man did not continue to harass the two with his sword. He let Mu Ling, the Scarlet Moon, and the mushroom go lightly.

Although the reason is unclear, Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief.

"Well, the strongest under the rainbow, the pinnacle of the era, temporarily has no hostility towards the Babel Tower... It's good news no matter what."

Compared to the rainbows that cannot be easily dealt with, the Dark Night Oracle is obviously a more difficult existence!

Bai Yan smiled. Since he is well-intentioned towards the Babel Tower, many things are easier to handle.

He shook his head and looked at the settlement rewards on his phone.

SSS! Perfect evaluation!

Basic point rewards doubled! And additional rewards!

"Mission 1: Defeat the 'Mercury Ball' and receive 10 Awakening Souls! 5 Spirits of Revelation!"

"Mission 2: Eliminate all 'Color Assassins' and receive 2000 Source Energy Points! 2 Spirits of Revelation!"

"Additional Reward: Tactical Card·Immortality x1! Entertainment Card·Another Me x1! Entertainment Card·Happy Memories x1!"

"Special Reward: Ruin-level Relic!!! Thousands of Ruins, Everything Is Used!"

The perfect evaluation raised the rewards by two levels, turning a mid-term small activity into a great harvest.

An uncontrollable smile appeared on Bai Yan's face, and his excited fingers curled slightly:

"Luck is great today, let's do a twenty consecutive draw!"