I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Interview with the Vampire

Bai Yan felt a bit cold. Looking up at the ceiling, he realized that the air conditioner was blowing cold air straight at him.

The air conditioner was one of the greatest inventions of human civilization, but no matter how much you loved it, you shouldn’t get it too close.

He wanted to sit on the other end of the sofa, but just as he got up, a boy suddenly came and sat there right in front of him.

Without hesitation, Bai Yan went to the boy and cleaved to him so their bodies pressed against each other. The boy looked at Bai Yan with a strange look. He was so frightened that he quickly left.

Bai Yan manipulated Nightsaber to start the first level of the event.

“Interview with the Vampire.”

The pixel image displayed on the screen was the city night view. Raindrops with cheap special effects were falling down.

Nightsaber’s pixel figure came out of an alley.

“Tap, tap, tap…” with a unique sound effect, letters appeared on the screen.

“Black Star Faction destroyed my family. I have lost hope and dignity and now revenge is everything to me.”

It was an emotionless female mechanical voice with an indifferent tone, which sounded like the voiceover in TRPG videos.

Nightsaber’s avatar was in the lower right corner of the subtitle, which represented those were her lines.

Bai Yan sat with his legs crossed. He wondered if Nightsaber would speak like this in real life.

“The Blood has always been an indispensable part of this city. They have already infiltrated all industries in the Otherworlds and the real world. I heard Marquis Scarlet has a lot of information about Black Star Faction.”

Nightsaber kept talking to herself. Bai Yan didn’t know why she had to say everything aloud.

“I must get Black Star Faction’s information from him.”

After all the subtitles ended, Nightsaber’s pixel figure walked down until she was out of the screen.

The screen dimmed slightly and switched to the next scene.

In the storm, Nightsaber arrived at a brightly lit club. There were four conspicuous guards at the front door, all in black suits and sunglasses.

“I'll be stopped by the guards if I go straight inside.” The subtitle appeared. Obviously, Nightsaber was talking to herself again.

After she finished, Bai Yan regained manipulation of her again.

It meant the plot was over. The event officially began.

Bai Yan murmured, “To be honest, since I know this game controls the world, I dare not to skip any plot.”

He knew he was unable to skip it as always, but he was fearful that his finger would touch the screen by mistake. It would be terrible to miss any vital information.

It was no longer an ordinary game. He had to play it seriously.

Bai Yan manipulated Nightsaber to step forward. The guards immediately stopped her.

A dialog box that gave options popped up on the screen.

“1. I want to talk to Marquis Scarlet on behalf of Babel Tower.”

“2. Black Star Faction’s information is very important to me.”

“3. Surrender! The Blood!”

“Before you save the game, you can explore as much as possible.”

Bai Yan played this game very carefully now. He had compared all the uploaded videos of Babel Tower with the images in his memory. After getting his thoughts down on paper, he drew two conclusions.

First, what he did in the game would only affect reality after he saved the game.

Second, the timing in the game and reality were inconsistent. Everything would be delayed by hours in the real world.

Bai Yan thought for a while. In order to win perfectly, enough attempts were needed. Sometimes, alternative playing methods could bring him hidden props and tasks.

He chose the third option.

Nightsaber pulled out her broadsword directly!

Seeing her action, four guards took off their sunglasses and revealed their blood-red eyes. They grabbed their guns and fired.

"Despite their opponent already having broken the rules, These vampires don’t fight using their abilities. They are using guns!”

Perhaps for the weak, the times had changed.

But for Nightsaber, times hadn’t changed at all.

The bullet from a small-caliber gun only gave her a little scratch, then the wound healed in a blink of an eye.

Bai Yan found that Nightsaber was not driven back at all.

After all, this girl had strength equivalent to a whale.

Under his control, Nightsaber rushed up to the guards quickly. With each slash, she killed one. With only four slashes, she killed them all.

The dying vampires screamed and then turned into ashes.

Ordinary people couldn’t kill vampires at all, but there was a mysterious power within Nightsaber’s bloodline for her to achieve that.

She broke into the club, which had a superb interior design. The guests were all dressed up. It was a masquerade party for the upper class.

Everyone turned to look at Nightsaber. Blood-red pupils showed under their masks.

Bai Yan manipulated Nightsaber to wield her sword and kill them.

After the slaughter, the boss finally came out.

The boss was a woman dressed in red. She was tall, blonde, and had a cute face…Bai Yan imagined her appearance according to the pixel figure, but he wasn’t sure if his imagination was correct.

“I am Viscount Mililyn of the Blood. Why is the pawn of Babel Tower mindlessly slaughtering our kind here!?”

“Face your sins,” Nightsaber replied calmly.

“The Blood always remains neutral, but since you’ve declared war on behalf of Babel Tower, we’ll never retreat.”

A banner image suddenly appeared on the screen like a cutscene of anime.

“Boss: Viscount Mililyn.”

Mililyn moved extremely fast. She was elusive and had an ability that can transform her into a phantom. Bai Yan had to deal with her attacks with extreme caution.

Fortunately, Nightsaber’s speed was also not slow. Bai Yan seized the opportunity to use Deep Blue World. He paused the time when the opponent was approaching and then kept pressing the “slash” button.

After the pause was over, the multiple slashes knocked back Mililyn!

“Ah!” she screamed and wailed.

Bai Yan used the relic Merlin’s Cloak again. He quickly chose a magical beast from the list of options.

Merlin’s Cloak came into play. Nightsaber transformed into an invisible bird. She was even smaller than a hummingbird so she could hide. Mililyn temporarily lost her target.

Nightsaber hid and waited for the cooldown to use Deep Blue World again.

From the beginning, Bai Yan was satisfied with this power because sometimes it worked wonderfully.

After several rounds of attacks, even the Blood with a high HP couldn’t hold it.

Mililyn fell to the ground.

The image suddenly began to shake.

A red light rose from the center of the screen. A handsome man with blond hair came out of it. He went down on one knee and held Mililyn’s body, extremely repentant.

Subtitles appeared again, but this time the font color was blood red.

“My love…I broke my promise again. I’m late at the most important time.”

“Those who hurt you have to pay ten times the price!”

The background music was like a symphony of fate, and the anime-like cutscene appeared again.

“Marquis Scarlet of the Blood!”

The next moment, Marquis Scarlet disappeared on the spot and appeared behind Nightsaber.

A large amount of blood exploded from the ground. Nightsaber was instantly beaten into the air. The number of combos was recorded in large red fonts on the screen!

After twenty-five combos, Nightsaber fell with nearly zero HP.

“Deep Blue World.”

During the paused time, Bai Yan rapidly manipulated Nightsaber to hit Marquis Scarlet a few times, then immediately pulled away.

Marquis Scarlet was in an armored state. It was meaningless to attack him.

He stood there and stretched out his hand towards Nightsaber.

“Feel my wrath!!!”

Nightsaber’s pixel figure trembled on the spot. Then she was sucked away by an invisible force. Her body turned to sprays of spurting blood in mid-air!

“Don’t forget me…”

The screen gradually darkened.

“Save or New Game?”

Bai Yan rolled over on the sofa, falling into deep thought.

“Well, I probably get to know Marquis Scarlet’s level.”

It was impossible to succeed in defeating Marquis Scarlet at this stage. He needed to think more about how to get the information.

“New Game.”

Next, the scene returned to the front door of the club. A rain drenched Nightsaber calmly looked at the four guards in black suits.

Bai Yan manipulated Nightsaber to step forward, and a dialog box popped up.

“1. I want to talk to Marquis Scarlet on behalf of Babel Tower.”

“2. Black Star Faction’s information is very important to me.”

“3. Surrender! The Blood!”

Finally, he didn’t choose any of them but manipulated Nightsaber to take a step back.

“Let me do it in my own way.”

Nightsaber used Merlin’s Cloak to transform into an invisible bird. She flew to the back of the club and got in through the window.

Soon, she came to the auction.

No one noticed the bird. When Nightsaber was close to others, what she overheard would occur on the screen.

“Books of magic this time are all worthless. There is only basic knowledge.”

“Last time, I got a volume about the history of other worlds.”

“Do you think Babel Tower and Black Star are enemies?”

“Today’s bloodpuccino is a bit weak.”

In no time, Bai Yan found the pixel figure of Mililyn. She was drinking alone by the window. He immediately manipulated the bird Nightsaber to fly over.

“Scarlet, why aren’t you here?”

Mililyn held the wine with a cold expression, looking very upset.