I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Strong One "Nightsaber"

Mercury Ball.

This ancient organization, which has been passed down for many years, has always revered the "host of the ball" of each generation as its leader, the highest position.

And the only leader.

The host of the ball of the Mercury Ball has always been extremely mysterious, even the Color Assassins do not know how each host of the ball is chosen or appears.

From ancient times to the present, for thousands or even tens of thousands of years, each generation's host of the ball would suddenly disappear, and a new generation's host of the ball would suddenly appear.

But without exception, they all possess the power to gather the Color Assassins.

And every generation of hosts wear delicate masks on their faces, like flowing mercury.

Throughout the ages, only the mercury mask has never been replaced, lost.

The old man wearing an orange mask behind the round table sounded a bit impatient.

"How long until we can retrieve the ancient artifact beneath the Tulip Manor? The world is already dangerous, we need to find a way to leave this world."

The young man beneath the green mask looked at the host of the ball, his voice cold and indifferent:

"As long as we obtain it, we will become stronger, and even have a chance to reach the 'Apocalypse', is that right?"

This term's host of the ball was still dressed in a white robe, wearing a mercury mask that obscured their face. They nodded slowly, their tone calm.

"That is correct."

The assassin beneath the yellow mask, "Isoyellow Pearl Jade ", finally couldn't help but speak.

"Why are you so sure? Is there any supporting document? What exactly is the thing buried beneath the Tulip Manor?"

Things are different now, and this meeting is very important. Three Color Assassins were even directly summoned by the "host" of the ball.

They did not defy the host's summoning power.

But these people were really annoyed now.

Because of the arrival of the Doomsday Crisis, the "purple" was killed and the "azure" betrayed, making the Color Assassins realize that the Mercury Ball was already dangerous.

"Hidden Azure" has been confirmed to have been tempted and betrayed by the Babel Tower, and the assassin mentor "Purple" died as a result.

Now there were only three Color Assassins left in the Mercury Ball.

"Orange Light Phantom " was a frail old man, and he was the fastest among the assassins. He could often turn into phantoms, making his tracks disappear in an instant.

"Isoyellow Pearl Jade " was a short middle-aged man. He was responsible for resolving the financial issues of the Mercury Ball and wielded great power. He was skilled in curse magic and was a master in this field.

"Green Emerald Fog Rain " was a strangely twisted and distorted young half-elf. He was the most vicious among the Color Assassins and the only extraordinary individual who reached the "Crown".

Present in the room, besides the three Color Assassins, was the core of the Mercury Ball, the "host" of the ball.

The Mercury Ball could lose any one of the Color Assassins.

Even if all of the Color Assassins died, the Mercury Ball would not be annihilated.

But the "host" of the ball was irreplaceable. They possessed the power to summon all the Color Assassins and could directly receive the assassination intentions of "guests" from across the country.

They negotiated with the "guests" through projections and set the monthly assassination list.

Without the host's existence, there would be no "Mercury Ball".

The host of the ball slowly spoke up to explain:

"The ancient artifact beneath the Tulip Manor comes from the 'Mystery Heart'... It is an Outer God that grants power to all extraordinary items in the multiverse... Anything that belongs to it naturally possesses immeasurable power."

"In the multiverse, there exists the 'Ruin-level Relics'."

Ruin-level Relics?

The several Color Assassins present were stunned, unable to comprehend what the Xu Relic was. Was it another type of Relic? A Civilization-level Relic or something even higher?

The host of the dance had lifeless eyes, remained silent for a while, and continued to patiently explain, "The so-called 'Ruin-level Relic' is something higher-level than the Civilization-level Relic."

"The twenty-seven Outer Gods at the highest level of the multiverse correspond to the twenty-seven Ruin-level Relics. Their 'weight' is much heavier than that of the Civilization-level Relics and were the first to fall into the Noah world located at the 'bottom' of the multiverse."

"Based on my estimation, at least five Ruin-level Relics have already fallen into the Noah world... This is something unimaginable in other worlds of the multiverse."

At this moment, the words spoken by the "host" were too bizarre and beyond comprehension, leaving the Color Assassins somewhat unable to understand.

"There are a total of twenty-seven Outer Gods?"

In their understanding, there were only twenty-four Outer Gods..."Inquired the Orange Light Phantom with a frown.

The "host" remained silent for another while, nodding, "Indeed, that's right. In fact, besides the twenty-four powerful Outer Gods that people often know, there are three more higher-level existences, namely 'Origin,' 'Ceremony,' and 'End.'"

"All twenty-seven Ruin-level Relics possess a portion of the power of the Outer Gods. As long as we can obtain one of them, we will possess unimaginable power compared to ordinary people."

Just then, the "host" suddenly paused and remained silent for a long time.

The flowing mercury mask on his face emitted a faint and colorful light.

"We have a guest."

"An unexpected guest."

"It's not a guest but an assassin... The assassin from the Babel Tower has come to assassinate us assassins."


Inside the Tulip Manor.

Bai Yan was still using his cellphone in the study.

The boss battle of the new event, "Assassin," was about to begin. A group of assassins gathered around to watch as "Nightsaber" and "Sword of Demons" intruded.

Clacking sounds appeared from the subtitles.

Host of the dance: "You... the reason why you appeared here, is it because the savior of the Babel Tower has targeted us?"

Nightsaber: "In the name of the savior, the blades of the Babel Tower will eliminate all of you."

The conversation ended, and the battle began.

Bai Yan manipulated "Nightsaber" on his cellphone and took the initiative to attack.

At the same time, he also sent the incarnation to the assassin manor.

For some reason, even though "Nightsaber" had already shown overwhelming strength, Bai Yan still felt a bit uneasy.

Because it was written in the underlying data that in the ancient Mercury Ball, there was a "hidden character" associated with the "Tower."

It was a dangerous existence.


Assassin manor.

Mu Ling had already killed her way in.

In fact, she didn't take much time at all.

Her speed and strength were too formidable. Mu Ling's combat ability completely overflowed, and the ordinary assassins in the manor were no match for her.

Two minutes.

Mu Ling killed her way from the entrance to the interior of the manor. Behind her, warm blood mixed with rainwater, slowly flowing into a small river.

She stood in the dim hall inside the estate, but couldn't smell the scent of decay. Looking around at the old and abandoned decorations, she looked up at Mr. Mushroom floating in mid-air, oh no, Ms. Mushroom... that doesn't seem right.

"Why... does your voice, Mushroom, change?" Mu Ling thought the name Mushroom was strange.

The magic sword didn't hesitate and answered with an indifferent female voice, "My voice... is actually like a mirror, reflecting the deepest desires within every living being."

"The deepest desires?" Mu Ling fell into deep thought.

The magic sword continued, "Yes, so during the meetings at Babel Tower, my voice remains neutral... because there are too many people present and I have to 'synthesize' it."

Mu Ling couldn't help but ask, "Then, what are my desires? Why does it simulate this voice?"

The magic sword replied, "Your most important desire, which many people don't consider 'evil'... is actually 'obsession.'"


Obsession... Mu Ling fell into deep thought, or perhaps it was persistence. There was no mistake, once she set her sights on something, she would go all the way and never regret or abandon it.

Always like this.

"Ah, I see."

Mu Ling sincerely felt that this wasn't a big deal, and even considered obsession as a sign of strength.

The magic sword continued, "Other desires that belong to normal humans, such as appetite, reproduction, vanity, love... also exist in you to some extent, but they are all suppressed by your obsession and often difficult to manifest."

Mu Ling remained silent, without answering.

She did remember one thing she owed her family.


"If I have children... as long as I have more than a few, I won't need to bear the burden of the family anymore, and I can just wholeheartedly serve the savior..."

But she couldn't find a satisfactory spouse in her mind.

First and foremost, it would be best if they were stronger than herself, which already eliminated many people... Secondly, their personality had to be great, at least recognized as a "hero" by the world, and lastly...

Just as Mu Ling was lost in her thoughts, her body moved under invisible control.

The girl slowly reached out and raised the sword in her hand.

With a swing of the sword, a black light cut through the nearby wall.


Mu Ling calmly looked at the position of the wall, sensing the space here gradually distorting, as if something that didn't exist in the real world was "hit" by her attack.

She launched another attack.

One sword after another, relentless.

After many attacks, the distorted space was completely destroyed, and in front of the girl appeared a pitch-black hole.

A bizarre and eerie aura gradually emanated from the black hole.

Mu Ling 's body walked into it on its own.

Even though the breath inside the black hole is incredibly strange and uncomfortable, Mu Ling is not the least bit anxious and believes in whatever choice the great savior makes.

The magic sword followed suit, silent, seemingly observing Nightsaber .

Mu Ling arrived at a mysterious room, filled with a thick aura of darkness, in the center of the black secret room "flowing" a mercury-like round table.

Around the mercury round table sat four people wearing different clothes and strange masks.

They should be the notorious Color Assassin.

Through recent knowledge of the Euro League, Mu Ling already has an understanding of the Color Assassin.

Throughout history, there has never been a shortage of their presence.

"The host of the ball" always suddenly appears in front of someone with intent to kill, trying to tempt the other person to kill, and once the transaction is confirmed, "Color Assassin" and its numerous "assassins" quickly execute.

As for the payment that needs to be paid by the hired murderers, some are just large sums of money, while others are even the souls of their entire family.

And many of the victims should not have died, even if they were great heroes, great good people.

The Mercury Ball does not consider the goodness or wickedness of the employer and the target.

Many people who are blinded by hatred and not in a clear state of mind are easily tempted by the "host of the ball" and cause great tragedies.

Seeing the girl in front of him, the host of the ball is not the least bit nervous and slowly speaks, "You... the reason why you appeared here is because the savior of Babel Tower has targeted us, right?"

Mu Ling gazes at the man in front of her, expressionless, "Many famous tragedies are caused by you... even children who know nothing, will kill their parents because of your persuasion..."

"In the name of the savior... Babel Tower's blade will sweep you away."

The host of the ball shakes his head lightly, "You're wrong,we just gave those people a chance. Those who truly want to kill are driven by their own intent to kill."

"Why do you blame the 'weapon'? Mercury Ball doesn't distinguish between good and evil, so it never represents good and evil."


Deep inside Mu Ling 's heart, she feels extreme disgust.

The conversation between the two parties stops here and there is no need to continue.

Adults, especially the strong, have their own values and are unlikely to change easily. "Verbal battles" are meaningless.

The three Color Assassins attack without hesitation at the same time!

Orange Light Phantom is fast and also has a protective Civilization-level Relic, making it difficult to deal with. Green Emerald Fog Rain 's toxin is extremely tricky, able to turn a living person into pus in an instant. Isoyellow Pearl Jade 's strength is very strange, able to turn various gold and silver jewelry into living monsters using mysterious and unpredictable abilities.

They are all undoubtedly strong, even Mu Ling , who is already a Potential Apocalypse, fought against three Color Assassins for a while.

Just this short duration made the Color Assassins tremble in fear.

She is just too overpowering~

She could easily deal with three people on her own, terrifying in speed, astonishing in strength. If it wasn't for their strong survival skills, they would have been killed instantly.

"Run! This person didn't even use full strength!"

Orange Light Phantom shouted and quickly transformed into a shadow, escaping from the secret room without hesitation.

What a joke!

This silver-haired girl's strength is too strong!

In the Kingdom of Dark Light, not even ten people could defeat her!

The lackeys of Babel Tower have become this powerful? The speed at which they have become stronger is too exaggerated!


Seeing this scene, the other two assassins also tacitly wanted to escape, but Mu Ling quickly realized that her savior no longer wanted to hold back.

"Let's end it here."

She slowly tightened her grip on the sword in her hand, took a deep breath, and a dense darkness engulfed her body, like an original black hole that could swallow everything in the world.

Even darker than the darkness in this secret room.

The people of Annottales slowly raised their heads and witnessed a shocking scene.

The sky turned dark.

Half the city was already in NightFall.

With her eyes closed, Mu Ling could still sense everything around her. The two enemies in front of her seemed transparent and posed no threat at all.

The unfathomable power left the remaining two Color Assassins dumbfounded, not knowing how to resist.

The girl in front of them disappeared.

Deep Blue World.

In the next instant, Mu Ling had already retracted the sword in her hand, and the two Color Assassins behind her fell to the ground, their heads cut off directly from their necks.

Double kill.

As urban legends, the two Color Assassins died so easily in Mu Ling 's hands, without any chance to escape.

Not because they were weak.

Purely because Mu Ling was already powerful enough!

"Deep Blue World."

In the next instant, Mu Ling did not take out her sword again, but she already had the head of the "Orange Light Phantom " who had just escaped in her hand.

The old man who claimed to be extremely fast had his mask completely shattered, revealing an incredibly terrified and desperate face.

After activating "NightFall," Mu Ling could sense everyone in half the city, making it impossible for him to escape.

"Next, it's your turn."

Mu Ling turned her head to look at the Mercury Ball host not far away.

From beginning to end, he had not made a single move.

Very strange...

The following scene shocked Mu Ling !

The host of the ball suddenly fell to the ground, and his body rapidly aged and decayed at a visible speed, turning into a dried and emaciated corpse within a short period of time.