I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: Overwhelming

Bai Yan sat calmly in the chair in the study, the red tea in his hand gradually cooling down.

On his phone screen, the game screen for the new event appeared.

It was a gloomy pixelated mansion, located near the cemetery of Annottales. The vegetation was lush, but the population was sparse.

In the hearts of many people, it is just an abandoned mansion, with no one living here for at least several decades, and no one would come here for a stroll.

In reality, this is Mercury Ball's hidden secret base.

The location of the first level is the outskirts of the gloomy mansion, with many minions lurking at the entrance.

Bai Yan just took a glance and knew that the art style and level design of the new activity were somewhat similar to the annual action blockbuster "Black Deity".

"Is there a roguelike game to play with? Unfortunately, it seems not..."

Shaking his head, he genuinely felt a bit regretful. Roguelike games are really fun.

Among the members participating in this activity, Bai Yan can choose to let "Nightsaber " and "Sword of Demons " act on their own, which is the autonomous mode.

Of course, he can also choose to control one of the Core Operators and let the other Core Operator act autonomously. He can even freely switch between the two during the battle.

After contemplating, he opted for the last option: controlling one Core Operator, letting the other Core Operator act autonomously, and freely switching.

First, he controlled "Nightsaber ".

By now, "Nightsaber " is already powerful enough, with many skills to choose and use. On the phone screen, a row of skill buttons directly appeared, and the UI was very unfriendly.

For the sake of convenient operation, Bai Yan connected a gamepad to the phone without hesitation.

Well, of course, he bought the gamepad in Tatsumi City. It's not available here.

After entering the level, Bai Yan first tried the controls.

First, every time he pressed the "Dodge" button, "Nightsaber " would enter the dark dimension, a state of invincibility. When he pressed the "O" button, she would activate Deep Blue World, and a countdown of five seconds would appear, indicating the end of time freeze. After that, Deep Blue World would enter a cooldown period.

The triangle button is Sacred Rune·Frigga, which can heal or give other targets a healing buff.

The square button is to put on a black eye mask, and afterward, "Nightsaber " would have a new attack mode that uses Yin energy.

R1 is for normal attack, R2 is to use the grappling hook, L1 is for blocking, L2 is for dashing. When the attack and grappling hook buttons are pressed together, a performance screen will appear on the screen, unleashing the powerful skill "NightFall" with a new understanding.

"All right, everything is ready."

After trying it out, Bai Yan nodded lightly, a excited smile appearing on his face.

"Your turn, Nightsaber ."

The "Nightsaber " he controlled rushed forward, weaving through the crowd like a dance, effortlessly killing enemies.

Like a goddess of revenge.

The "Nightsaber " who has reached the Potential Apocalypse has excessive attack power, and it only takes one strike to kill an enemy.

The demon sword in autonomous mode follows closely by, occasionally descending from the sky to assassinate the minions.

Overall, this level has no difficulty.

Bai Yan slightly paused, muttering to himself:

"All of a sudden... I feel like my characters have become stronger."

This wonderful and refreshing feeling, ever since Bai Yan started playing "Babel Tower" in the second playthrough a few months ago, has never been experienced before, until recently.

In fact, in the previous events of "Babel Tower," the bosses they had to fight against were often stronger than the "characters" in Bai Yan's hands.

The members of Babel Tower were not strong enough, their stats in the game were not high enough, and they couldn't even one-shot trash mobs.

It was even more ridiculous in the Doomsday Crisis.

If it weren't for the Tactical Cards and various external assistance, all the characters in Babel Tower combined would probably not be enough to defeat one of Glofield's bosses in a single phase.

Until now, he finally had a completely overwhelming feeling of mowing down enemies!

The battle BGM in the new event is very passionate, and Bai Yan was almost moved to tears while playing.

The cultivation he had been doing all along turned out to be useful, and unconsciously, Babel Tower had truly become incredibly strong.

"Luckily, the real world is not a game. There is no dynamic difficulty balancing... otherwise, the game developers would be in trouble... though I have no idea who the game developers are."

After annihilating all the trash mobs without taking any damage, the first level was passed.

There are still fourteen more levels ahead, but it's not a problem at all. Bai Yan controlled Nightsaber , the Potential Apocalypse, and cleared a level in less than ten minutes.

He was looking forward to the moment when Nightsaber officially stepped into the Apocalypse.

From that point on, as the strongest character in the later stage, Nightsaber would gradually widen the gap with other Core Operators, and it would become more and more apparent.

The first level was in the outskirts of the mansion, and the second level was at the front gate, where there were even more guards.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, and after entering the second level, he did not launch any attacks. Instead, he let Nightsaber stand still and take the hits.

He watched as a group of trash mobs attacked Nightsaber for a full half minute before only cutting off about half of her HP... The difference between the two sides was indeed too great.

These assassins should also be awakened, but they probably didn't even reach the level of "awakening."

Then, Bai Yan picked up the gamepad and instantly pressed R1 and R2 together.


The pixelated character Nightsaber on the phone screen started emitting a dazzling black light all over!

In the next moment, a performance animation of her unique skill appeared on the screen. First, the exquisite 2D portrait of Nightsaber appeared, then in the animation, she tightly grasped her sword and an endless darkness surged behind her, swallowing the entire world.

Then, it returned to the pixelated game screen.

The screen on the phone visibly darkened in tone, and Bai Yan noticed that even the BGM had changed.

"If I remember correctly, this is the only skill in the second playthrough that changes the BGM... in my impression, every Potential Apocalypse or higher-level character has a skill that changes the BGM."

The once passionate BGM has become deep and dark, as if a girl born of death is singing in lament, but there is always a glimpse of hope in endless despair.

In reality, the reason Bai Yan let Nightsaber stand still and get beaten is to test the actual effect of her awakened new ability, NightFall.


Its effect description states "greatly enhances perception and recovery abilities."

Bai Yan quickly realizes that this ability's performance in the game is also quite obvious.

The perception effect of NightFall allows Bai Yan to unfold and observe the entire game map, without any "map fog".

As for the powerful recovery effect, it is even more amazing. Nightsaber, who had already lost half of her health, starts regenerating and in just three or four seconds, her health is fully restored!

"In other words, in reality, it would only take three or four seconds to go from a serious injury to a complete recovery... If it's just a broken hand or leg, it might take just one second to recover."

Bai Yan recalls many anime and novels he has seen, many of which feature characters with such difficult-to-deal-with vitality.

"Well, a super-regeneration-like ability... In battles of the same level, where you are not overwhelmed, this can be a very troublesome power... and also a guarantee for dominating weaker opponents."

This extremely terrifying vitality is already comparable to the nearly immortal monsters in stories, with NightFall's ability description stating that even decapitation won't kill.

However, after Nightsaber has fully recovered, Bai Yan still retreats instead of launching an all-out attack.

He starts playing the second level again.

The reason is simple, he doesn't plan on saving here... Bai Yan can't allow Mu Ling in reality to be hurt for no reason.

Even if she won't die, even if she has a monster-like body, she might not even frown...

But Mu Ling is just a girl who can feel pain.

He knows this deeply.

After starting again, Bai Yan quickly perfects the newly activated second level, and then progresses through the third, fourth levels without any difficulty.

Then, they enter the fifth level with the red skull.

In the game, Nightsaber and Sword of Demons have already reached the center of the first floor of the mansion. As long as they open the rooms in front, they will see the first boss of the new activity.

But after entering the level, Bai Yan remains silent for a while, not immediately letting Nightsaber and Sword of Demons pass, but enduring the pain to look at the data of the bottom floor of "Babel Tower".

"Indeed, there are differences..."

The information in front of him is very useful, making Bai Yan unable to help but smile.

"If you attack the wall outside the door ten times in a row, you can find a hidden secret passage..."

Bai Yan is very excited, the ability of the "Real Digital World" is incredibly useful, almost equivalent to having a strategy guide.

"The second playthrough has the chance to complete the hidden parts that were missed in the first playthrough... not bad."

He manipulated Nightsaber to enter the secret passage.

In the next moment, the situation on his phone stunned Bai Yan immensely.

It was a hidden, dark room, and sitting around the table that flowed like mercury were four individuals.

They each had a name above their heads.

"Orange Light Phantom ""Isoyellow Pearl Jade ""Green Emerald Fog Rain "... "host"

Bai Yan couldn't help but fall into contemplation. The core location of Mercury Ball had been "skipped" and found by himself.

"What would happen in the real Mercury Ball several hours later?"


Ever since Maryse died once, Mu Ling hadn't relaxed for a long time.

She deeply felt that her own strength was insufficient.

During the loading of the "casual skin", Mu Ling had taken a brief rest, but subsequent experiences made her increasingly aware of her insignificance and weakness.

She no longer dared to rest.

Even though her own cultivation level becoming stronger was not worth mentioning compared to the blessings of the Savior, if the newly acquired blessed operators were not proficiently mastered, they could only exert twenty to thirty percent, or even less, of their full power.

Therefore, before Bai Yan could directly allocate skill points, daily Training Simulations and the operators' self-training in private were still necessary.

Indeed, it was necessary now as well, after all, directly allocating skill points required points, but the operators' self-effort to master power didn't require any consumption.

Mu Ling had always done this very well.

She was about to go to the bathhouse in the clan to take a bath when she saw the old butler, Huo Xin , in front of the bathhouse.

The old man was waiting for her here with a serious expression on his face, as if he hadn't been this serious for a long time.

"Miss, I want to talk to you," Huo Xin said earnestly.

Mu Ling nodded gently and said, "Hmm, go ahead, Huo Xin ."

Huo Xin sighed and said, "Miss, you have been burdened and in a bad state recently... I know that your only resting time is during your bathing time, and you don't even sleep well."

"Maybe Miss may think that I am too intrusive, but as the head of the family, your personal matters are big matters for the clan to me."

A hint of pity and indulgence for the younger generation appeared in his eyes.

"I suggest taking some time to rest... It's been a long time since you went to the café."

Mu Ling fell silent.

In fact, she hadn't rested for the past month.

Even more terrifying than what Huo Xin had in mind.

Every moment of the twenty-four hours had been maximized by Mu Ling . She hadn't wasted a single minute.

Even during bathing, the young girl was contemplating with closed eyes, trying to manipulate her power more accurately.

Mu Ling nodded gently and said, "Thank you for your concern, Huo Xin , but I'm not the same as before now. I don't need to sleep or eat... So, you don't have to worry about me."

"But is your heart unbreakable as well?" Huo Xin asked helplessly.

Mu Ling remained silent for a moment, and then her voice suddenly became unusually firm: "Yes, because someone is supporting me...and I want to repay them."

There was a kind of light in her eyes.

This light made Huo Xin realize that he had underestimated the master of the family, the girl he had watched grow up, who was no longer the weak ordinary person.

She had become a formidable being that he could never reach in this lifetime.

The pressure now, for her, was something she could bear and must bear.

Huo Xin suddenly felt emotional and said, "For you now, Babel Tower and the Savior are more important than the family, right?"

Mu Ling smiled, looking at the old steward Huo Xin cheerfully and shaking her head lightly, "Why can't they be equally important?"

Seeing the girl's smile, Huo Xin was slightly stunned and smiled bitterly, "It seems that I have cared too much... You have a spiritual support that I cannot imagine, coupled with extraordinary strength beyond ordinary people, enough to support your will."

【Nightsaber , you have been chosen】

The voice of the Savior suddenly appeared in her mind, but Mu Ling was not surprised at all and put down the clothes she was planning to change.

She was one of the highest attendance members in Babel Tower, she was used to it.

"I'll be back soon, Huo Xin ."

"Okay." The old steward sighed and smiled as he watched the young lady who he could no longer control, "I will make you a good omelet rice while you're gone."

Mu Ling was slightly stunned, and a childish smile appeared on her face.

"Well... I have always been grateful to you."

In the next moment, the surroundings completely changed.

Everything could change, but the girl's will remained unshakeable.


The rain fell on her clothes and hair, making the sky lose its color.

Mu Ling was prepared in an instant.

Whether she acted personally or felt "controlled" by the Savior, she was already very familiar with it.


This was the outskirts of the Assassins' Manor. Mu Ling slowly opened her eyes, and in front of her was a group of black-clothed people who looked lost and panicked.

Anyone who entered without notification would naturally be killed.

They all drew their weapons and attacked Mu Ling without hesitation. These assassins were all well-trained and their strength was no less than that of the formal Night Watchers.

The girl didn't know who these people were.

Nor did she know why the Savior wanted them dead.

The rain hit her face, easily wetting her black clothes.

Mu Ling didn't hesitate, her body and that will were extremely harmonious. She bent down slowly, drew her sword.

"Count your sins." She said softly.

"Kill her!"

The assassins of Mercury Ball were extremely calm, their voices low.

Deep Blue World.

Just before numerous attacks were about to strike, Mu Ling 's body and sword had turned into a black light, like dark lightning, and in just an instant, she jumped over the people who were blocking her.

She sheathed her sword.

"Where is she?"

"She's gone!"

The assassins were in a panic, unable to comprehend the strange situation before their eyes.

Why did that girl disappear in an instant?

Mu Ling, who slowly sheathed her blade, didn't even bother to look back. She had already rushed through several streets and arrived at the gates of the hidden assassin mansion, hundreds of miles away.

In the next moment, the weapons in the hands of the outermost assassins, their bodies, the weapons and bodies of the ones slightly further away...

In that instant, everything was split in two by an invisible force!

Blood immediately splattered, and brilliant blood flowers bloomed in the rain.

The corpses piled up.

"So weak..." The young girl remained expressionless.

At the dilapidated mansion gate stood a group of new enemies, but Mu Ling lightly shook her head, paying no attention to the terrified assassins who dared not approach.

Instead, she raised her head and looked at the sword in the sky.

That sword should be her comrade as well.

"Hello... Mr. Mushroom?"

After a moment of contemplation, Mu Ling politely greeted, not caring at all about the enemies hesitating in front of her, unsure whether to attack.

However, the magic sword made an unexpected sound.

"I'm very good... incredibly good."

Mu Ling froze slightly.

It was the voice of a young woman, hmm, about the same age as herself, but with a natural indifference, a coldness.

"I enjoy killing, I enjoy bloodshed... you did well, Nightsaber."

Mu Ling shook her head and said, "The recent action was actually manipulated by Respected Savior... although I myself am capable of doing it as well. Killing these people is not difficult."

The magic sword curiously said, "I can see people's desires... the main desires of most people are very dirty and ordinary, but you people from Babel Tower are different, very strange."

Seeing through desires?

Mu Ling did not answer, unsure if her face was blushing.

Has her desire to go back and take a bath and eat already been seen through?