I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: New Event "The Assassin"!

Marquis Scarlet, standing outside the door, looked blank. Why was there a strange man's voice inside?

His brain momentarily malfunctioned.

It was difficult to understand the current situation.

Throughout Marquis Scarlet's memory of over a hundred years, such a moment had never occurred before.

Over a hundred years ago, when Marquis Scarlet was still an unknown orphan, he was born in the countryside of the Kingdom of Dark Light.

As an orphan without a family, he was often bullied since childhood due to malnutrition and being thin as if only skin and bones.

There was only one old beggar in the village who treated him well, teaching him how to run away, how to fight, and how to survive in this dreadful world.

As a result, he would often steal food and share it with the old beggar in the alley.

But one day, the old beggar suddenly died.

No one had harmed him, it was just an ordinary death, but it left a lasting impression on Marquis Scarlet.

It was a very cold winter, and even though there was free food distributed by the Dark Light Church, it was quite normal for an old beggar to suddenly die.

The apprentice priest in the village helped in collecting the body of the old beggar and said that he had not done any great evil in his life, so his soul would be protected by the Savior of Dark Light and he would be reborn as a human in the next life without lowering his rank...just because he wasn't devout enough, he wouldn't have the opportunity to elevate his rank in the next life.

He didn't understand.

Why do people die?

At that time, he was still very young and didn't understand anything, but he felt very sad and in pain.

Even if there is a soul after death that can be reincarnated as another person, it is still a very painful thing for a living person.

Now he truly had no family!

Months later, he was in a daze, lost and confused, and even thought of dying like this, wanting to reach the afterlife.

But on that twilight, everything about his destiny was changed.

A lazy and beautiful girl in red sat alone on the rooftop, watching the slowly setting sun.

That scene was something he could never forget in his life.


The girl didn't look at him, still looking at the sun, and slowly spoke, "I already know your story, know that you value family...so, do you want to become my family?"

Become, her family?

He found it hard to believe this invitation.

The girl continued speaking.

"Accept my blood, become my kin, and you will obtain Eternal Youth, as well as a group of family members who will never leave you."

The boy fell to his knees and cried for a long time.

He accepted her invitation and became a member of the Scarlet Blood Clan.

The boy soon learned that this "girl" was the progenitor of the Scarlet Blood Clan, the creator, and also the only queen.

All the descendants of the Scarlet Blood Clan were born because of her!

Everyone followed the rules and cut off their ties with their past kin.

From then on, only the descendants of the Scarlet Blood Clan themselves were considered true "family."

Here, you can do whatever you want, burning, killing, looting, helping others... I don't mind what kind of person you want to become... but there is one thing I won't forgive... and that is betraying your own kin.

Marquis Scarlet was born.

Scarlet, this is the name given by the Queen while half-asleep.

But in Scarlet's heart, Her Highness Scarlet Moon is a deity!

The first time he saw the Scarlet Moon retreat the enemy by drinking blood, he witnessed the imperfection of the "god," but was even more moved and admired by her sacrifice for their lineage.



Now back to the present, Marquis Scarlet's mind still hasn't cleared.

Why would a voice of a strange man be coming from Her Highness' room?

Marquis Scarlet had never encountered this situation before, unable to understand it for a moment, and not knowing what to do.

"You can go down first, Scarlet. I'll figure out what you said."

Finally, Her Highness' voice came through.

Her tone was still as lazy and indifferent as ever.

Marquis Scarlet's inner emotions were extremely complex, but ultimately he relaxed. As long as Her Highness was safe, as for what she was doing...

Honestly, he didn't dare to think further.

As someone who secretly had a daughter, Marquis Scarlet had a good understanding of certain things.

In fact, in the Scarlet Blood Clan, there were many people secretly forming relationships with outsiders, and the perfect Queen of the Scarlet Moon turned a blind eye to it.

He didn't dare to think anymore.

But in the end, Marquis Scarlet couldn't help but think, and started searching for reasons.

The scent of blood, could it be that man is being sucked by Her Highness? But her mind is very clear... So, what is she doing in there?

Why did she take a minute to answer?

What inconvenient matter could there be?

Couldn't understand.

"I, I understand."

Marquis Scarlet had many thoughts in his mind, but he didn't dare to disobey the Queen's orders.

He turned around stiffly and left.

Halfway through, Marquis Scarlet suddenly gathered his courage and said, "I won't tell anyone about what happened today... Your Highness, as long as you're happy, anything is fine."

After saying that, he immediately escaped.

Inside the room.

The Scarlet Moon had an extremely ugly expression on her pale face as she stared at the man lying flat on the floor with a smile. Indifferently, she said, "Don't you know that speaking at this time will only lead to misunderstandings?"

"I know." Bai Yan admitted without hesitation, his pleased smile not disappearing from his face.

The Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow deeply and asked, "Why?"

"Because it's interesting."

Bai Yan smiled even brighter, genuinely enjoying himself from the bottom of his heart.

If the witch were here, she would surely understand me... although she would probably want to see me having fun even more.

"So that's how it is. You've been fooling me all along and it makes you so happy... I've made up my mind. I'm going to break your limbs and tear out your tongue so you won't be able to laugh anymore."

The Scarlet Moon's tone has become icy cold.

"You're nothing but an irredeemable wild cat. Nightsaber is the loyal dog of the savior, while you're just the wild cat in Babel Tower who likes to provoke others."

But she didn't act on her harsh words.

Bai Yan knows her personality. If she really wanted to do something like that, she would have already attacked while speaking.

In other words, she is just threatening for now.

The Scarlet Moon, she would never harm her companions. That is the rule set by the king... unless she is betrayed first.

Bai Yan nods lightly, sounding helpless and sarcastic, "Alright, alright. Since you want to torment me like this, I can only run away, go to the ends of the earth, and make sure you never see me again."


The Scarlet Moon remains silent for a while before saying, "No, you can't."

"Why not?"

She thinks for a moment, no longer intending to reason with him.

"There's no reason."

Bai Yan is speechless, feeling like this fellow is about to resort to trickery. He slowly stands up from the floor, somewhat reluctantly.

However, the Scarlet Moon doesn't let go at all. She just shrinks a little, hanging on like a koala bear, and continues to suck blood from his neck.

"Haven't you had enough... If I were an ordinary person, I would have turned into a corpse..."

Bai Yan is even more helpless.

The Scarlet Moon remains silent, completely ignoring this despicable guy.

She has simply decided to suck as much blood as possible, so that the time until her next outburst can be delayed, saving her from having to rely on others... rely on the wild cat.

After a long time, the satisfied Scarlet Moon finally lets go.

"So tired."

Then, she quickly falls asleep on the bed.

"She fell asleep so quickly, without any guard. Is it because there's too much power in her blood, making it difficult to digest?"

Bai Yan watches on, dumbfounded.

He takes a close look and realizes that this fellow's sleeping face is quite innocent, like a child.

"Her Highness Scarlet Moon, please evolve into 'Divinity' soon, so my contributions and cultivation can bear fruit... and I can work for the great savior."

He smiles and murmurs softly to himself, leaving the room.


"How have you been lately?"

Since he has returned to Tatsumi City, Bai Yan visits the residence of the Augustus family.

He suddenly appears in Maryse's room.

A pleasant surprise.

The little guy sitting on the bed playing with a notebook is first stunned, then overjoyed.

He still remembers him!

Maryse lets out a sigh of relief. Her exceptional performance against Glofield should have been noticed... I'm not just a burden.

To be honest, the powerlessness she felt during the Doomsday Crisis has made her a bit anxious recently.

But she quickly pouts and says, "Go away!"

"Okay, then I'll leave."

Without a second thought, Bai Yan turned and walked away, leaving Maryse stunned and reaching out helplessly to stop him.

But she found that Mr. Profligate had disappeared in an instant.

The girl stood still for a while.

Then, Maryse suddenly slapped herself... At first, her movement was big, but the force was light when it landed because she was afraid it would hurt.

Oh dear, what a temper she had... she had brought this upon herself.

Maryse became angrier as she thought about it, feeling extremely wronged.

The 28-year-old half-elf "little princess" almost cried.

But she thought about the promise she made to her 18-year-old hunter sister to be a role model and decided that she had to be strong and not cry... which made her feel even more aggrieved.

"Don't cry, how can adults shed tears so easily?"

Bai Yan reached out and pushed her back gently, smiling.

Of course, he wouldn't just leave like that.

"What are you..." Maryse was about to scold him, but she was afraid that Mr. Profligate would run away in anger, so she swallowed her words.

"I think there will be big changes in Tatsumi City recently."

She started babbling about random things.

To be honest, Maryse wasn't very interested in these matters, but she didn't know what else to talk about.

In any case, she had to start a conversation with him first, at least that's what the books said.

Bai Yan nodded slightly and asked seriously, "Have the Leaf King's people contacted you?"

In fact, he didn't come here for a casual walk, he had a purpose in getting information about the Leaf King and the others from Maryse.

"Yes." Maryse pondered for a moment and replied, "That's true. The Leaf Lord sent people to the Augustus family with a letter, inviting me and Phoenix to attend a banquet he is hosting in a few days. All the upper-class figures in the city will be there... but I don't really want to go."

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"I've already figured out an excuse to ask for leave, saying that I suddenly fell ill and couldn't even crawl, let alone attend the event."

Bai Yan listened silently, without saying a word, and Maryse glanced at him.

"But if you want, I can go and take a look, uh, take the opportunity to investigate more about them."

Bai Yan nodded and said, "Even if you go to the banquet, it shouldn't be a big problem, but you must be careful not to get involved... 'The World' is a much more terrifying person than you can imagine."

Bai Yan's warning was serious.

During the first playthrough, when Babel Tower and the Imperial Guards' leader 'The World' confronted each other, although it only happened once, it left a deep impression on him.

The result was the devastating defeat of Babel Tower.

Even though the game didn't end in a wipeout, it still had a chain reaction that left Bai Yan unable to cope with the subsequent Doomsday Crisis.

Once Maryse's identity was exposed, there was a possibility that she would be immediately restrained by the powerful 'The World', and even the current Bai Yan couldn't fully guarantee her protection.

"Do you care about me?" Maryse asked abruptly, clearly concerned.


With the second Doomsday Crisis only eighty-odd days away, Bai Yan could only shake his head faintly.

His smile remained as before, as he began to speak vaguely: "We are comrades, aren't we? Fighting together for the mission of Babel Tower and saving the world, caring for each other is only natural."

At that moment, Maryse seemed to sense something, and after a moment of silence, she obediently didn't ask any more piercing questions.

But she still gave him a punch!

"Goodbye! See you next time!"


Bai Yan thought for a long time and decided not to go out of his way to see Mu Ling again, but instead went straight back to the Tulip Manor in Annottales.

How should I put it.

Even without communicating with her, in Bai Yan 's mind, she was the person who understood his "goal" the most in the world.

Even though she didn't even know who she was herself, nor the truth of the Savior.

But deep down, Bai Yan and her had a subtle resonance.

That was the determination to save the world.

If asked who he most wanted to fight alongside until the very end, it would undoubtedly be Mu Ling , and there was absolutely no other candidate.

But if asked who he most wanted to be with...

"Forget it, don't think too much about it, the world is going to be destroyed in a few dozen days."

He was originally someone who lived carefreely and treated life like a game, so he wouldn't dwell too much on this.

And right now, he didn't have the energy or time to think about it either.

Bai Yan arrived at the study, holding a cup of warm tea and a cellphone in his hand.

"It should be time."

Based on the content he saw after deciphering the underlying data himself, Bai Yan knew that a new event should be starting soon.

After a not-so-long waiting period, the new event to be released in Babel Tower is called "Assassin".

It's just a small event.

Bai Yan had already discovered that the scale of Babel Tower events, whether big or small, mainly depended on two factors.

The first factor was the current strength of the Babel Tower members. If their strength was too strong and they faced relatively weak enemies, then the original big event might be downgraded to a "small event".

The other factor was the scale of the event. Even if the enemies were weak, if the event was large and time-consuming, like a national-level war, then it would still be considered a big event.

These kinds of events usually occur in the later stages. Currently, Babel Tower is still in the middle stage.

He calmly sat in the study, drinking tea and silently counting down.

"10, 9, 8... 3, 2, 1."

In the instant that Bai Yan finished counting down, the cellphone he was holding vibrated on schedule.

"Very good."

A new event!


The presentation of the new event on the phone screen was quite ordinary, appearing to be a series of small levels linked together, with each one needing to be cleared before unlocking the next.

Bai Yan glanced over and saw that there were a total of fifteen levels, with the fifth, ninth, thirteenth, and last levels being marked with red skull icons, clearly indicating the so-called boss battles.

"New Event: Assassin!"

"It is said that in the Kingdom of Dark Light, there has been a mysterious assassin organization called 'Mercury Ball' lurking for thousands of years. It is rumored that assassins designated by them may appear in front of anyone with 'intent to kill.'"

"As long as you are willing to pay the price, there is no one that cannot be killed."

"Event Task 1: Defeat 'Mercury Ball'! 5 Awakening Souls! 3 Spirits of Revelation!"

"Event Task 2: Eliminate all 'Color Assassins' and obtain 1000 Source Energy Points! 1 Spirit of Revelation!"

Bai Yan had actually already seen all the game descriptions in the underlying data of "Babel Tower."

The rewards were clearly richer in one level.

Just a small event, yet the rewards were so rich... After the First Doomsday Crisis, the game entered the middle stage, where the enemies in Babel Tower became stronger and more diverse, while the rewards for events and emergency missions also skyrocketed.

Furthermore, Bai Yan discovered many hints about this event's "hidden tasks" through reading the underlying data. Although it was not made clear, he knew that the key was in the mask of the leader of the Mercury Ball.

"I must find its secret, and no reward can be missed," Bai Yan mumbled to himself, his eyes calm and his decision made.

In the new event "Assassin," there were two operators available for selection.

After some thought, Bai Yan chose "Sword of Demons " and "Nightsaber " from the operator list.

There were reasons behind his choices.

Firstly, Bai Yan wanted the newly joined "Sword of Demons " to adapt quickly to the situation in Babel Tower and complete an event task as soon as possible.

Then, the reason for choosing Mu Ling to join the battle was simple. She was strong enough and reliable enough to ensure the perfect completion of the mission.

Completing the mission perfectly would double the rewards.

Bai Yan mumbled to himself, "Well, besides that, there will be a 'third person' participating in this event as well, and that person is... Viscount Edmond."

During the first playthrough, the Assassin event was closely related to "Hidden Azure" and even determined the future direction of "Hidden Azure." This was also stated in the underlying data of "Babel Tower."

Therefore, Bai Yan attached great importance to this event in "Babel Tower."

"The show is about to begin," Bai Yan squinted his eyes, pondering why the hidden character of Mercury Ball in the underlying data had a connection to the "Tower."