I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: The Omnic Clan

Everyone fell silent.

So, what does "gurgle" mean?

Who understands this?

"Gurgle, gurgle gurgle, gurgle gurgle gurgle!"

The deep blue slime extended its tendrils, gesturing animatedly to express its message clearly.

It's not that it can't speak human language, it's just a little emotionally charged, so it's resorting to its "native language" at this moment.

However, the people present exchanged glances with each other.

Most people didn't understand what it meant.

Just at that moment, someone offered an explanation.

"It said that the Nine Trees System has already discovered its connection with Babel Tower. It also said that the sages of the Tree City are forcing Professor Bai Lan to hand it over."

Everyone was taken aback, realizing who was explaining.

Surprisingly, it was the voice of the floating sword in mid-air.

It was a neutral voice devoid of any emotion, impossible to discern its gender.

"Is this sword also a member of Babel Tower? Isn't it someone's weapon?" Maryse murmured softly, filled with doubt.

The members of Babel Tower are becoming more and more peculiar, and why can this guy understand?

"I am... a mushroom."

The magic sword introduced itself, revealing its name as "Viscount Edmond," given to it by Bai Yan .

Everyone fell into silence after hearing this.

What kind of thing?

A mushroom?

You call this a mushroom?

"It doesn't look like a mushroom at all, it's clearly a sword..." Maryse continued murmuring softly, voicing what everyone was thinking.

Bai Yan , who had been silently listening to everyone's thoughts, had the urge to laugh but struggled to hold it in.

"I am a sword, but my name is still Mushroom," the magic sword explained. Only then did everyone finally understand.

But, but the person who named it must be crazy, it's quite outrageous!

Maryse stared at the magic sword for a while, squinting her eyes, and suddenly burst into laughter, her mouth curved into a smile.

Others didn't understand why Maryse was smiling, but only Bai Yan knew what she was thinking and why she was laughing.

It even almost made Bai Yan spit out his water.

She was actually thinking... among the members of Babel Tower, besides Amy , another person shorter than herself has appeared!

Bai Yan appeared indifferent on the surface, but in his heart, he contemplated. Indeed, it's you, little puppy... Is that what you care about?

And, you've always judged that Amy is shorter than yourself... Height calculations without prosthetics...

He, controlling the incarnation of "Profligate ," smiled and nodded gently.

"I see. It seems that this Mr. Slime is already in danger in The Tree City... I wonder who among you can accommodate it?"

Ganis pondered for a moment, wanting to speak. He had a good sense of the slime, and the Persecuted in the wilderness also needed powerful assistance.

In that case, let him accommodate it himself.

Come to me.

The first to speak was Amy in the wheelchair.

Behind the mask, she smiled gently and nodded slightly, saying, "We are all in Night Union, so we should be able to live together, maybe even have some similar habits... But of course, this is just my personal opinion. I haven't lived with such a big slime before... Uh, Mr. Slime."

"The most important thing is whether it wants to or not," Amy added.

"Gulugulu!" The slime exclaimed, slightly excited.

"It says it is willing," the magic sword translated emotionlessly.

[Got it.]

The voice of the savior rang out.

Since that's the case, the matter is settled. Ganis had nothing more to say.

After this meeting, Bai Yan will use the power of the savior's authority through "summon" to directly transport the slime to Amy's current residence.

As for the situation with Professor Bai Lan, the slime did not mention anything. It had no understanding of responsibilities and was completely unaware of what kind of accountability or pressure Professor Bai Lan might face after its departure.

It just suddenly felt a bit pressured itself.


After deeply pondering the matter of moving and starting a new life, the slime had a cat-like reaction. It was so scared that it even changed its voice a bit, scratching its "head" with its tentacles continuously.

Everyone turned their heads to look at the sword suspended in the air.

The magic sword translated, "It says it's very nervous."

Amy nodded gently, and her wheelchair moved on its own.

With a smile on her face, she came to the side of the slime and gently stroked it, as if comforting a child.

"Don't be afraid, everything will be fine," Amy cooed with a smile. "I have lots of delicious treats for you, so don't worry. You will feel happy."


Upon hearing about the delicious treats, the slime immediately stopped being nervous and became very happy. It even reached out and gave surprised Amy a big hug before placing her back in her wheelchair.

"It's still better not to hug me casually..." Amy in the wheelchair forced a wry smile.

Maryse, who had been muttering to herself all along, silently continued muttering, "This scene looks quite awkward."

Amy shook her head slightly and suddenly looked at the savior, seriously saying, "I have been developing 'advanced artificial intelligence' recently. Their work efficiency is indeed very high, but I have always had a vague fear that one day I won't be able to control these advanced intelligences."

"I wonder if what I'm doing is really the right thing?"

"Advanced artificial intelligence?"

Amy's use of this term hit a blind spot for many people, like Ganis who never went to school and could barely read, and had never heard of this term.

Maryse was stunned for a moment, then exclaimed, "The legendary advanced artificial intelligence? So cool!"

Everyone had gotten used to her antics and didn't say anything. Maryse stuck out her tongue and felt that her own reaction was a bit exaggerated.

But she quickly realized that Mr. Profligate did indeed look over because of her exaggerated performance. Well, isn't that great?

Does this make me the clown?

Maryse shook her head, unsure if there were any other ways to grab his attention... but it seemed that she herself really had no other option.

A little bit conflicted.

Ah, if only my body could be as promiscuous as Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon.

Amy looked at the savior with a serious expression, wanting to know if her decision was the right one.

This is a matter of great seriousness.

The birth of a powerful artificial intelligence may very well trigger a Doomsday Crisis.

But she had to harness this power.

Because it was her only choice to become stronger, more useful, and capable of saving the world!

Finally, the voice of the savior appeared in the hearts of the people.

[As long as... no harm comes to the innocent]

[Without any taboo]

The savior Bai Yan's attitude was very clear.

There wasn't much time left for Babel Tower, so as long as innocent people were not subjectively harmed, any means could be used, even if there was risk involved.

Moreover, compared to the threat of the Outer God, the "Omnic Crisis" might not be particularly terrifying, and it shouldn't develop too dramatically in the short term.

In fact, after the First Doomsday Crisis, although he never showed it, the always easy-going Bai Yan felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Just the First Doomsday Crisis alone resulted in so many deaths, and Babel Tower was almost wiped out.

Has it always been like this, can they really achieve a perfect clearance?

Can they truly save the world?

No, it's still not enough, not done well enough...

Bai Yan was very aware that Babel Tower was still not strong enough.

Not only was it powerless against the Outer God, but even against ordinary "God Seat" level beings, it was incredibly vulnerable, unable to withstand a single blow!

All along, controlling Babel Tower had only been a matter of "doing one's best", but to save the world, one must "give it their all"!

Next, they must try every means to make Babel Tower stronger!

Even if these methods are risky, or even unethical, they must be done.

As long as they don't cross the final line.

"Profligate" Bai Yan took a deep breath and looked at the people present, his gaze serious. "Everyone, let's strive to become stronger, adapt to our own power as much as possible."

"Don't die anymore..."

"The world still has a future and hope, and this hope itself... is our Babel Tower."

Mu Ling also nodded slightly, gazing at the figure of the savior. Although they were only a few dozen meters apart, it felt like an insurmountable distance.

But when his voice echoed deep in her heart, Mu Ling felt that they were so close to each other.

The savior was in her heart.


After the meeting.

the Ring City.

Slime arrived at Amy's... new home.

This is no longer a home, but a vast underground base, resembling the final lair of a supervillain in a science fiction story.

The slime stared blankly at everything.


"Welcome to my 'Evolution Ground,' come on, let's go inside and take a look." The girl in the wheelchair smiled next to the slime.

This is an underground space located between the 115th and 114th floors, a very large secret base with seven floors, each occupying thousands of square meters.

Now, they were on the fifth floor of the secret base.

The slime quickly became stunned as it witnessed an incredible scene!

In a well-equipped laboratory, there were many "Cybertyrants" beside the Cybertyrant!

These "Cybertyrants" all had different clothing, hairstyles, eye colors, and facial expressions.

But there was no doubt that everyone had the same face!

Almost every "Cybertyrant" was busy, and one of them approached.

"Amy, you're finally back... Our new excavation plan is underway. So far, your power and ours have successfully shielded us from detection, and we haven't been discovered yet," said the Cybertyrant.

Amy introduced Slime.

"They are all my lovely 'sisters,' also known as 'Miracle-Class' powerful artificial intelligences. You can refer to them as the 'Omnic' family," said Amy.

"Gurgle!" answered the slime.

Amy smiled and nodded to the "Zero" beside her.

"You've worked hard," said Amy.

For some reason, the blue twin-tail Zero, dressed in a white professional suit, blushed slightly.

She immediately shook her head.

"Not hard at all! Not hard at all! The tasks assigned by Sister Amy are our mission! You are our creator! Whatever you want us to do, we will definitely do it!" said Zero.

Amy spoke seriously, "I don't want you to be my slaves, nor do I want to exploit you like those despicable 'upper-class' people. It's just that the upcoming Doomsday Crisis in these few years is too tense... Once we completely save the world, I will grant you freedom."

"Why?" asked Zero, confused. "Amy, don't you want us anymore? Why do we need freedom?"

Zero looked puzzled and asked, "Amy, don't you want us anymore? Why do we need freedom?"

This question stunned Amy for a moment.

It was only in moments like these that she realized the other party wasn't really human, nor a humanoid sentient being.

"No, I just want to give you the will for freedom," said Amy, shaking her head and smiling. "Of course, if you choose to stay by my side, I won't object."

Unbeknownst to Bai Yan, changes were happening to Amy.

Perhaps due to a series of experiences, her desire for control was no longer as strong as in the first playthrough.

Zero spoke firmly, "In your eyes, we, like flesh and blood, are all living beings. Your respect for us makes you our great creator. It is our duty to fight and work for you."

She looked shyly to the side, completely unsure of what to say, oh, there was the bashful Deep Blue Slime that made gurgling sounds.

"Hello, are you also a member of Babel Tower?"

"Gurgling, gurgling," the slime answered earnestly.

Zero understood and her expression turned serious as she continued to ask, "What kind of existence is the savior of Babel Tower?"

Zero fell silent for a moment and said with a subtle expression, "I have always been curious about what kind of existence Amy's owner is..."

"If it weren't for Him granting power to Amy, there wouldn't be our Omnic clan."

"In a sense, the savior of Babel Tower is also an extraordinary existence for us. Even though He is not our direct creator, He is still the original source of the Omnic clan."

Amy watched silently, smiling without saying a word. She had actually described the savior before, but it was clear that Zero wanted to collect information from different people.

Zero had her own thoughts, even though she believed herself to be the creator, she didn't fully trust every word she spoke.

The slime remained silent for a while.

Finally, it gave its own serious answer regarding what kind of existence the savior actually was.



At this moment, our great savior, Mr. Bai Yan, has already returned to Tatsumi City.

Bai Yan silently followed the Scarlet Moon to the vampire clan's club, and now he stood somewhat awkwardly in her room.

"Can we begin?" the Scarlet Moon, standing in the shadows, asked coldly, showing no signs of pleading.

"Not yet, wait a little longer," Bai Yan shook his head gently, indicating a temporary refusal.

"Why?" the Scarlet Moon frowned in confusion, unable to understand.

He had already come over, so why couldn't she drink his blood yet?

Actually, there was no particular reason. It's just that Bai Yan wanted to tease her a bit because she always had a sour face.

He wanted to see her desperately wanting to drink blood but couldn't, the expression that she couldn't hide.


A trace of delight appeared in Bai Yan's deep heart.

A few minutes passed.

"Still not yet... What are you waiting for?" the Scarlet Moon became visibly impatient, but little did she know the sinister nature of human hearts. In fact, the more she was annoyed, the more pleased the man in front of her felt.

She really couldn't hold back anymore.

Although only a few days had passed, the Scarlet Moon discovered that the allure of his blood was truly terrifying.

Unable to forget.

Unable to distance herself.

Unable to resist the longing and craving.

At this moment, Bai Yan casually found a chair, waved his hand to summon a book, and leisurely began reading it.

The title of the book was "Soul Magic: From Beginner to Eternal Rest."

After a few minutes, the Scarlet Moon suddenly understood something.

"Are you trying to say...?"

Finally, the Scarlet Moon's breathing became heavy, and her eyes were filled with full-on aggression.

It seems that she really can't hold on anymore.

Bai Yan knew in his heart that the bloodthirsty Blooded Queen was on the verge of killing someone, so he put down the book in his hand and nodded helplessly.


In the next instant, the Scarlet Moon had already rushed forward!

She moved as fast as a shadow, mercilessly pinning Bai Yan to the ground and stooping down to greedily draw blood.

Lying on the ground, Bai Yan did not feel any pain, knowing that the other party had secreted that special liquid again, blocking his sense of pain.

He couldn't help but feel a bit surprised.

To be honest, Bai Yan thought that this woman would seek revenge.

He suddenly remembered something.

The Scarlet Moon said that she was willing to officially join the Babel Tower... does that mean she recognized him as a comrade?

From his impression, this guy was a super "protective" presence.

"Your Highness."

Just then, a man's voice suddenly came from outside the door.

It's the voice of Marquis Scarlet!

Bai Yan and the Scarlet Moon were both stunned, but she still didn't stop drawing blood, quickly ingesting several kilograms of it.

Marquis Scarlet's voice sounded a bit anxious and uneasy.

"Recently, the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency, the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire, and other important departments of the Air Alliance have all moved here, causing a great deal of unrest among our various clans."

"They all think that perhaps those people might come after us... After all, the Blooded are just members of the dark world in the Air Alliance, unable to rise to prominence."

"We need to be prepared in advance, Your Highness. Whether it's the Sword-wielding Troop from the headquarters of the Demon Hunt Agency or the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire, they could wipe out the Scarlet Blood Clan overnight!"

"Your Highness, are you listening?"

Marquis Scarlet's voice sounded a bit puzzled, for some reason, he smelled a tempting scent of blood.

Is Your Highness drinking blood?

No, that shouldn't be the case.

Marquis Scarlet had seen the Scarlet Moon's ferocious appearance more than once and was well aware that the Queen didn't like that kind of behavior. She usually avoided drinking blood.

The warm and crimson blood kept flowing into her throat, and the Scarlet Moon didn't let go for a long time, yet she also felt that she should say something now.

Bai Yan, lying motionless on the ground, fell into contemplation, unsure if he needed to speak.

He always felt that if he spoke up here, the situation would become delicate.

Isn't it interesting?

So, Bai Yan smiled and spoke up.

"Scarlet... We're a bit busy here, could you come back later?"

In the next moment, Bai Yan felt a sharp pain in his neck, and the Scarlet Moon seemed to be staring at him with a gaze that could kill!

Marquis Scarlet's pupils contracted outside the door!