I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: Rainy Night Demon Sword

Dead Silence.

The largest illegal cult in the world of Noah, with a sizable number of followers. Unlike some cults, Dead Silence's ideals have gained popularity among ordinary people as well.

Their actions are extremely evil, often sacrificing silent, deceased, and silent victims.

The current leader of Dead Silence, "Silence," once held a grand ceremony seventy years ago.

People refer to it as the "Ritual of Tranquility."

This is the highest-level ritual recorded within Dead Silence. Legend has it that it has brought forth the Songstress multiple times in a certain world.

He sacrificed an entire city to the Outer God, Peaceful Songstress, hoping for her descent into the world.

However, the "heavens" did not fulfill their desires.

Although they received unprecedented blessings, the Songstress did not descend because of this.

The ritual was successful in a sense, but not entirely.

The leader of Dead Silence, "Silence," is extremely mysterious. No one knows his true identity, but his power is known worldwide.

After this "Ritual of Tranquility," he undoubtedly became even more powerful, and some even suspect that "Silence" may have reached the top echelon of power in the world of Noah.

"Weekly mission..."

On Bai Yan's mobile phone screen, a pitch-black street appeared, and at the end of the street were some gray-robed monsters marked as "Peaceful Disciples."

This time, only one member can participate in the battle.

Bai Yan selected "Sword of Demons" as the participating member from the operator list.

He operated on his phone, sliding his finger, and the pixelated version of "Sword of Demons" flew out, easily piercing through the bodies of the monsters.

They let out a sound resembling "ah" and, as a result, had their health points directly reduced by more than half.

Bai Yan kept sliding his fingers, as if playing a fruit-cutting game. On the screen, "Sword of Demons" flew around in the air, killing batches of "Silent Devotees" with pixelated style on the street.

However, these little monsters would also retaliate.

They would release red dots, attacking the "Sword of Demons" flying around in the sky.

And all Bai Yan had to do was to dodge these dots while continuously attacking the little monsters with the magic sword.

"There aren't even enough bullets to cover the screen, how could I possibly get hit...?"

Bai Yan shook his head lightly, and the "Sword of Demons" in his hand effortlessly disposed of all the little monsters.

In fact, the power gap was too vast, and Bai Yan suspected that even if he took on the "bullet curtain" head-on, it wouldn't be much of a problem.

However, he subconsciously wanted to achieve a perfect clearance.

Finally, the boss of this weekly mission appeared.

"High-level Priest"

This enemy was considerably bigger in pixel size compared to the other small monsters. However, his attire was no different from those "Silent Devotees" - a gray robe.

"He shouldn't be very strong either, right?"

Bai Yan raised an eyebrow, feeling that it had become much easier.

He raised both hands, and hundreds of red dots immediately surged out, filling the sky and dancing!

However, Bai Yan's game operation skill was beyond human imagination.

Even if he played games with his feet, Bai Yan would still easily win all the game championships in his hometown.

He could completely manipulate the "Sword of Demons" to dodge this level of bullet curtain attack from the very first encounter.

"Is that all?"

Bai Yan smiled and shook his head lightly, not even using the ability to vaporize the "Sword of Demons".

Not only could he easily maneuver the "Sword of Demons" to dodge numerous barrages, but he would also find opportunities to occasionally brush against the boss's body.

Each time, he would take away some of the boss's health, and the effect was evident.

Finally, the boss's body started to turn black, as if preparing to enter the second stage.

Next, a massive and terrifying gray light beam began to spray from the boss's body, accompanied by a barrage of bullets attacking the "Sword of Demons".

There was a bit of difficulty in dodging, but Bai Yan still handled it with ease.

In the end, he effortlessly and perfectly defeated the boss in just one attempt.

Bai Yan activated the "Soul Restraint" ability of the magic sword, absorbing the boss's soul into his body, making it one of the "Ghosts" he controlled.

"Save the game?"


Bai Yan lightly tapped his finger.


That's how simple the weekly mission was.

He pinched his chin, pondering slightly, "Hmm, this is Mushroom's first weekly mission. I wonder what kind of experience it will be for him?"

Because the members of Babel Tower had become stronger, Bai Yan felt that these missions had become increasingly easier.

After all, being a real world, the members of Babel Tower have rapidly improved in strength, while the strength of their enemies in reality has mostly remained unchanged.

With the obvious improvement in the strength of everyone, the influence of Babel Tower is undoubtedly skyrocketing!

——Annottales, District 8.

Cold rain falls steadily, causing the water level on the ground to gradually rise.

In a month that should have been snowy, the weather has become somewhat abnormal.

Perhaps, it is the residual power of the Outer God still at work.

On the deserted streets, numerous robed figures emerge one by one from what seems like vortex-like "spatial gates".

There is a strange aura about them.

As if blending with the surroundings, devoid of any vitality, and without even a hint of noise.

A sense of tranquility.

Among the many robed individuals, the one leading them is an old, white-haired man with sightless eyes. He slowly turns around and silently stands before the rest.

The robed individuals also remain silent, maintaining their tranquility and serenity.

Finally, a white piece of paper that is unaffected by the rain appears in front of the old man. A peculiar power surges, causing ancient and distorted words to appear on the paper.

"Great accomplishment is within reach."

"We are about to commence the 'Ritual of Serenity' and summon our revered Songstress."

"It will bring tranquility to all things."

"At that time, we will all achieve eternal peace."

Eternal peace.

What exactly is that state?

Actually, very few people within Dead Silence can truly explain it, as they all believe that happiness in life is nothing more than a fleeting satisfaction of expectations.

Only the peace after death is the eternal thing to pursue.

However, mortal wisdom and souls are always limited. Even if they can reach a state of peace for a period of time, it cannot be maintained eternally. They can only hope in the great Outer God.

Peaceful Songstress.

It is also an Outer God.

Peaceful Songstress is an Outer God that represents the aspect of 'Winter,' which is the principles of silence, conclusion, and the unending passer.

It represents the time of midnight, and according to legends, the image of the Songstress is that of an elegant gentleman wearing a white mask. They sing for the departed in the realm of non-existence, granting them eternal rest.

After seeing the words on the white paper, the robed individuals remain silent and motionless, with no one uttering a word or even nodding.

They are like living statues or plants.

Just by living... they are already pursuing the state after death.

At this moment, the white-haired old man seems to have sensed something and slowly turns his head to look at the sky not far away.

Despite his blindness, it does not hinder his formidable INT, allowing him to effortlessly perceive things in the distance.

In the sky, amidst the falling rain.

There is a sword.

The magic sword hovers in the sky, slightly trembling, emanating a sword hum. The originally clear eyes on the hilt have tightly closed.


Suddenly, it dashed into the crowd of gray-robed figures at lightning speed. Before a few of them could react, they were impaled through the chest by the pitch-black blade.

Some less composed disciples finally revealed a look of astonishment in their eyes, though they managed to suppress any sound.

What kind of anomaly is this?

The air of danger and the power of slaughter is absolutely real, not a fabrication!

A deep male voice emanated from within the demonic sword.

"I am not your enemy, but the enemy of the world!"

The once adorable voice of a young girl vanished completely.

This voice sounded more like that of a punisher who had faced countless atrocities and battles!

Perhaps, as Bai Yan suggested, the "Sword of Demons" lacks a human-like soul, often only imitating certain desires of sentient beings.

Hence, when facing evil disciples, its voice naturally becomes different.

The disciples of Dead Silence finally realized what was happening and fell silent, casting their spells.

After a moment, numerous red dots emitted from their hands and swiftly flew towards the pitch-black demonic sword.

These red dots moved at an incredibly high speed, resembling bullets, and were even more powerful.

However, the "Sword of Demons" was even faster, like a black lightning bolt of Radiance!

One gray-robed figure after another fell, mercilessly harvested like wheat.

The slaughter continued.

However, an oddity was that not a single disciple of Dead Silence made a sound from beginning to end.

Perhaps, there were things that were more important to them than their own lives.

The blind old man with white hair, a high-ranking priest of Dead Silence, could not allow all of this to continue any longer. He remained silent while radiating hundreds of red lights from his body.

However, he still couldn't capture the figure of the pitch-black demonic sword!

The disparity was extremely evident.


The old man remained silent, feeling the immense power of the sword.

It was just a sword, yet it seemed to possess self-awareness.

"I see through your desires, such laughable desires: the desire for peace, the desire for tranquility. Deep down, you still crave immortality and eternity... Only deities, no one else can attain true immortality!"

Once again, a voice echoed from within the demonic sword.

By this time, nearly all of the disciples had been slaughtered by it, leaving only the blind old man with white hair.

Once again, writing appeared on the white paper in front of the silent old man.

"The serene singer will grant us all peace and tranquility after death."

"We do not fear death; we only desire to listen to His singing."

Finally, the old man with white hair opened his eyes.

It turned out he wasn't truly blind; instead, his eyes contained the power of evil spells!


He fixed his gaze upon the pitch-black demonic sword in the sky, beams of gray light erupting from his eyes, carrying an immensely powerful force, attempting to destroy the pitch-black demonic sword.


It still couldn't hit its target.


The pitch-black demonic sword seemed to laugh maliciously, its voice growing more fierce, grave, and chilling.

"Become my sacrifice, become my lamb, become my servant!"

"The Sword of Demons " suddenly transformed into a pitch-black ink light, bypassing numerous gray columns of light, and with a fierce thrust, directly stabbed into the heart of the white-haired old man.

However, until the moment of his death, the white-haired old man remained silent.

Maintaining silence is the fundamental practice for the followers of the Dead Silence.

He had no fear of death, on the contrary, there was a faint anticipation in his mind about entering the realm of the deceased and seeing the Singer.

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However, the old man soon became extremely terrified!

"No! Don't do this! How can you..."

The pitch-black demonic sword was absorbing the old man's soul, and faint blue dots kept appearing on its blade.

His soul had no chance to enter the realm of the deceased anymore!

The originally closed eyes on the sword's blade had now opened, filled with dark red malevolence and an extremely evil smile.

"Ahhhh! I curse you! I won't forgive you! Ahhhh!"

He wailed, struggled, but was completely helpless!

Finally, the old man's body fell, and his terrified and desperate soul was restrained and enslaved by the Sword of Demons .

"The savior of Babel Tower..."

"I'm willing to accompany such a task."

The tone of the pitch-black demonic sword was filled with wicked pleasure, its thirst for souls was instinctive, and that joy couldn't be suppressed at all!

Absorbing and enslaving souls was undoubtedly a delightful thing for it.

Black mist surged up, and then it disappeared from this place.

A dozen minutes later.

Christine in black armor and a group of knights arrived on the street, their presence causing pedestrians to dare not gather and watch.

Her silver hair tied up and her beautiful face were once again drenched by rainwater. Christine's expression was extremely serious as she slowly squatted down.

"Hmm, I can confirm that this is a member of Dead Silence."

"This old man is a senior priest of Dead Silence, also known as 'Evil Gaze'. His strength was already close to Crown... but he was killed here in a short period of time."

"All the bodies at the scene should have been instantly killed with a single strike, by sword wounds."

"The assassin is very powerful."

After analyzing, Christine took out an ancient parchment scroll from her bosom.

This is a Civilization-level Relic.

"The old shadow reappears."

She took a deep breath, paid the price, and activated it.

With a faint sound, a bone inside Christine's body broke.

The parchment scroll also revealed black and white depictions, showing scenes of the demonic sword slaughtering numerous followers, even the sounds were paired with text beside the images, making it extremely clear.

At the end, Christine saw that sentence.

"'The savior of Babel Tower... I'm willing to accompany such a task,'"

Christine nodded gently, solemnly muttering to herself, "Another savior... Another Babel Tower. Your influence is indeed continuously infiltrating this city."

She slowly stood up and looked into the distance.

"I wonder when I will meet you face to face... And when that time comes, what should I do?"