I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: Seizing the Babel Tower!

Assassins, robbers, thugs, outlaws, lawless individuals, some people are referred to as such.

They have many differences, but perhaps their common characteristic is... they may kill when they get angry.

However, Cruelty from the "Tower" is completely different.

It gets angry if it doesn't get to kill!

"Calm down, calm down, you need to stay calm. Don't kill this guy, it was hard enough to find someone from Babel Tower... Kill some other people to vent your anger."

All three heads of Cruelty suddenly started persuading themselves, hoping to calm down.

It ultimately succeeded in persuading itself to kill others to vent the anger, without touching the guy in front of it.

For a moment, Cruelty felt like it was too mild and reasonable!

Then, it raised its pitch-black staff and pointed it at the audience present.

"Champion! Champion! Champion!"

Those ignorant individuals who didn't understand the situation continued to cheer, unaware that their impending death was near.

It's about to take action!

Ganis instinctively wanted to stop the opponent, but soon realized something and his expression changed.

This person is likely an enemy, but those bloodthirsty savage audience members are his friends?

No, undoubtedly they are the enemies he has always hated.

So, he has no position to stop it.

He decides to watch and see what happens.

Cruelty's insect-like long limbs holding the black staff trembled, and massive accumulated black clouds gradually floated to the sky.

It not only covered this abattoir, but also the entire District 7. If Alan were present, he would surely recognize the name of this forbidden spell.

Back during the Doomsday Crisis, the "Chaos Saint" Hals used this move against him.

Kingdom of Decay.

It brings down a rain of aging decay, anyone who gets a drop of it will rapidly age and meet an untimely death.

"Deep Blue World!"

At this moment, Bai Yan has already dealt with all the Demon's Eggs present.

He changed his appearance, draped in a black cloak, and in an instant, he appeared behind Cruelty.

"Gorgeous Moonshine" split its body in two!

The world returned to normal.

The massive black clouds in the sky dissipated, and the crisis that could have destroyed this entire district was easily resolved.


Cruelty, whose body was cut in half, looked at this scene in surprise.

"What's going on? Just a moment ago... I felt the presence of the King of Deep Blue. Who on earth is it? How dare they harm my avatar."

The next moment, a white sticky gas flowed out from the seemingly severed body of Cruelty.

This special gas kept wriggling and "stuck" Cruelty's body back together.

Cruelty swung the staff and turned to look at the black-cloaked man who suddenly appeared on the stage, realizing the person's strength.

It silently said, "It's a pity, my avatar can only exert a small portion of my power..."

Bai Yan standing on the stage looked at this peculiar insect-like person and didn't say anything.

Whether it's the entire city or this abattoir, Bai Yan won't let it be destroyed. Ganis' Crown Ceremony requires the presence of these live audiences.

"Ah! I'm sure all of you audience members have seen it too! Our performance has encountered a very unexpected situation!"

The host of the abattoir was astonished and unable to comprehend the situation, and the audience members also finally realized that something was amiss.

"Who is that person?"

"Why did someone suddenly appear again? It just doesn't seem right."

"That guy doesn't look like he's from around here, and that insect-like person is also quite strange."

No matter what the audience on-site said, both Bai Yan and Cruelty obviously didn't care at all.

Cruelty stared at Bai Yan and, being talkative as it was, continued to ramble on.

"What exactly is your Babel Tower? What is your relationship with the Lord of Tower... Before disappearing, it once said that it would 'win back the origin' in the most terrifying and perfect game, but then it completely vanished, leaving only a message ordering us to find something called 'Babel Tower'."

"As for 'Babel Tower,' isn't it you?" Cruelty's tone was very subtle.

"So, what exactly is your relationship with the God of Games, the Lord of Tower... Could it be that the so-called savior is also one of its incarnations?"

Cruelty seemed unable to determine the hostile or friendly relationship between the two sides.

Bai Yan shook his head slightly and solemnly refused to answer, "The questions you ask, we cannot answer, because Babel Tower has its own rules."

Do I have to tell you...

Am I the savior of Babel Tower?

Regardless of whether he is the reincarnation of the God of Games, the God of Gaming, or the incarnation, Bai Yan doesn't want to have any connection with the members of the Tower.

Because these guys are no longer simply "bad" in the conventional sense.

They are fundamentally the evil incarnations.

The Moon Witch, in her distant past, was once the Ultimate Witch, and she could even be considered the "person" with the most principles in the "Tower."

The other "people" have no moral concepts at all.

Upon hearing this, Cruelty couldn't restrain himself any longer and shouted, "I've already been so mild, yet you still refuse to answer? Then there's nothing more to talk about. I'm going to take your souls and study the truth carefully!"

"Yes, there's nothing more to talk about." Bai Yan's tone was extremely calm.

The pitch-black flames had already ignited at some point, gradually engulfing Cruelty's insect-like humanoid body. No matter what, Cruelty couldn't escape from it and was slowly consumed by the burning flames.

It had no fear, not even anger, and simply made a calm declaration, "We will come to this world! Not in the form of avatars, but in our true forms... If it's not the Lord of Tower! Then we have only one goal, which is to seize Babel Tower!"

Want to snatch Babel Tower?

If you have the ability, then come and take it.

Bai Yan calmly watched as the insect-like humanoid was gradually burned to the point where not even ashes remained, showing absolutely no emotional fluctuations.

His potential enemies were an incredible group of powerful beings. Even if they had more members from the "Tower," it wouldn't make much of a difference.

Ganis silently watched the scene.

He pondered what exactly "the Lord of the Tower" was, but there was too little information to comprehend.

But Ganis understood one thing.

The Savior of Babel Tower's great favor towards him weighed heavily on his heart.

Even if at a crucial moment, the Savior needed his soul, he had no reason to refuse.

If such a thing were to actually happen, Ganis would entrust his aspiration to save the Persecuted to someone else and then die for the Savior.

The audience in the abattoir became fully aware that the current situation was not right, even the host no longer diverted attention.

Some of the audience began to flee from the abattoir.

Seeing this, Ganis sighed, realizing that the cherished heart of the "Crown Ceremony" couldn't go on.

He had let down the Savior.

"It's alright, I still have a solution."

In the form of "Viscount Edmond," Bai Yan remained calm, gazing at the situation without a trace of panic.

He still had a solution.

Ganis was slightly taken aback and asked in great confusion, "But these people are almost gone!"

"What, what other solution is there?"

At this point, Ganis really couldn't think of any solutions.

He saw the silver glow in the eyes of the "Keeper of Secrets," as an intangible power spread from another dimension, effortlessly dominating the minds of everyone present.

"Come back."

As the sound spread from near to far, one by one, people who had wanted to turn and leave became confused and walked back to their seats.

Like lambs being watched over by a shepherd dog.

In just an instant, the several thousand people who had wanted to escape and were in chaos all returned to their seats.

Silence fell.

"Keeper of Secrets" turned around and looked at the dumbfounded Ganis.

He revealed a light laugh, like someone in control of everything.

"See...the audience you need has returned."

Today, another major event occurred in Annottales.

In the seventh district, several thousand audience members suddenly fell into a collective hypnosis, losing part of their memories.

Afterward, a large number of sinners in the abattoir vanished into thin air.

As if evaporated from the mortal world.

Due to this significant event occurring on "Dark Night Day," the higher-ups in the church were furious, expressing their determination to thoroughly investigate and execute all fleeing sinners.

However, the "Incarnation of Dark Light" did not make any statement regarding this small matter.

As for the initiator of all this, "Viscount Edmond," he sat calmly in his home at this moment, holding a cup of warm tea, silently sipping on it.

There was heavy rain outside the window, and the air carried the scent of earth.

Bai Yan listened to the sound of dripping rain and spoke slowly:

"In this way, there are only two 'people' left who have yet to reach the Crown."

He calmly opened the operator list and glanced at the character card of "Fist of Duel", but he felt it was not satisfying. Bai Yan then directly accessed the "Real Digital World" to view more detailed underlying data.

A headache, here we go.

However, over the past few days, he has gradually started to adapt to this pain.

Core Operator:

Title: Fist of Duel

Gender: Male

Plane: Material World

Rank: Crown

Race: Human

Operator Identification: Slaughter/Duel

Milestones: King of the Arena, Sinner Leader, World Savior

Primary Attributes:

Physical: 279

INT: 175

Skill: 214

Secondary Attributes:

Charisma: 8

Loyalty: 8

Mood: 8


Duelist: Temporary skill boost in one-on-one combat, increases with severity of injuries.

Powerful Punch: Attack power increases in hand-to-hand combat, decreases when using weapons.

Outstanding Performance: Skilled at entertaining spectators, able to gauge the general thoughts of a group and guide collective opinion.

Sinner Leader: His words are authoritative to any sinner, and his orders must be followed.


Iron Body: A trained physique naturally stronger than steel and cement.

Insight: The higher the skill value exceeds the opponent's, the greater the chance of activation, the next strike is guaranteed to be a "critical hit".

Born Warrior: As long as any physical combat technique has been witnessed once, there is a chance to learn and improve it directly.

Blazing Sun: Power from the primordial flame, intense heat like the sun!

Secondary Data:

Body size: 186cm, 107, 87, 108

Likes: Little sister, freedom, pan-seared steak, salt-baked escargot, training

Dislikes: City dwellers, rainbows, desserts, black tea

Items: Ghost Armor

Description: The indomitable leader the sinners have been waiting for, who challenges the unjust order with duels, striking fear into all enemies, a born god of battle!

"The true savior of the sinners, the leader who liberates the enslaved."

Ghost Armor is a new item given to "Fist of Duel" by Bai Yan .

It is a high-level arcane equipment that can consume the user's flesh and blood to grant them greater power.

Originally, he intended to give it to the Scarlet Moon , but the current Scarlet Moon is already powerful enough, so she probably doesn't need this anymore.

As for the few things mentioned in the lower-level data, Bai Yan does know the third item, the second item...

He hasn't tried giving Dust of the Past to Ganis yet, but it seems lucky as there is actually a hidden loophole.

As for the "Endless Treasure," it is one of the most powerful Entertainment Cards, with the highest level among all dungeon cards... and the difficulty is much greater compared to the existing dungeon card "Reaching Heaven."

Although Bai Yan covets various things on that "island," the Babel Tower is temporarily not strong enough, and he can only be helpless.

Finally, he successfully rescued all the sinners in the abattoir in the seventh district.

These people are temporarily placed in the wilderness near Tatsumi City by Bai Yan , and he will never allow the sinners to enter Tatsumi City with the arrival of the Leaf King and the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire.

"Master." Just then, a maid came to the door, respectfully bowing her head, "Knight of the Divine Blade has arrived, they would like to come in and confirm if there are any escaped sinners in the Tulip Manor."

A light smile spread across Bai Yan's face as he nodded and said meaningfully, "Very well, let them come in. Prepare some refreshments and fine tea... As a law-abiding noble, I naturally cannot hinder the investigation of the Knights of the Divine Blade."——

A group of riders wearing black raincoats rode through the rain curtain outside the Tulip Manor a few minutes ago, coming from a distance to the entrance of the Herald Manor. The faces of their horses were covered with deep black masks adorned with golden iris patterns.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😉)

Even though their sight was obscured, they were still able to discern various things in the darkness and avoid dangerous terrain in advance.

A group of riders stopped in front of the Tulip Manor's mansion.

The silver-haired woman in heavy black armor, who was leading, dismounted and approached the mansion gate, knocking heavily on the door.

"Open the door." "I am Christine of the Divine Blade, here to investigate the escape of sinners."