I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Champion, Champion, the Crowd Cheers!

Bai Yan held the black and white cat in his hand. It didn't move or make any noise, just observed the surroundings.

There was a subtle wisdom in its eyes that was not easily perceived.

A very strange feeling.

Bai Yan always felt that this cat seemed to be smiling, even though cats theoretically shouldn't smile like humans.

When they appear to be smiling, they are actually smelling things, yawning, or displaying stress.

But this cat's gaze toward him indeed had a hint of laughter.

A cat that can nullify one's innate powers is definitely not a normal cat.

Bai Yan took a closer look and realized it was a female cat. Then, for some reason, the cat suddenly became furious and started scratching at Bai Yan's hand frantically.

The trace of laughter just now disappeared completely!

"Aooh! Aooh! Aooh!"

But the present Bai Yan has already undergone a complete transformation, and he no longer feels any pain from this level of power.

He could even, if he wanted to, use the power of his skin to break the cat's claws apart.

He said indifferently, "This cat has probably been stray for quite some time. Although it looks pretty clean, it'd be better to give it a wash, remember to use warm water, cats don't like cold water."

After seriously explaining to the maid, Bai Yan handed the cat named "Coke" back.

"Yes, master."

The maid immediately took the cat.


As a result, the cat was still in a rage and suddenly scratched the back of the maid's hand, leaving a bloody wound.

"Ah." The maid couldn't help but cry out in pain.

Bai Yan furrowed his brows slightly, reached out and tapped, using the power of Frigga Sacred Rune to heal the maid's injury.

"Be careful."

"Thank you, thank you, master."

The maid nodded obediently and looked at her undamaged hand, feeling somewhat surprised.

There was no trace of pain at all.

Then, he calmly picked up the cat again and gave it two slaps on its buttocks.

It seemed even angrier and confronted the man in front of it completely.


Hair standing on end!

"Go to sleep."

Bai Yan spoke expressionlessly and simply used his psychic powers to put it to sleep, and then he handed the slightly tilted head cat to the maid in front of him.

He also used his psychic powers to make her unaware of the fact that he had used his psychic powers.

"Take it to wash now while it's still asleep. It won't wake up for a while, I suppose."

The maid bowed deeply and then took the cat downstairs.

"Hmm, the Real Digital World doesn't work, but psychic powers do... a strange existence. At least one thing is certain, this is not an ordinary cat."

Bai Yan couldn't determine what kind of animal this "cat" actually was, but he would keep an eye on it.

He left the room once again, and after a while, he arrived at the garden that resembled the "promised place."

The unfortunate Evie was already waiting here.

After seeing Bai Yan, she once again furrowed her brow as usual and felt strange.

"Why am I here..."

Bai Yan shook his head gently, leaning on his black cane, and a subtle expression appeared on his face. "Don't say it anymore, I've already heard these conversations several times."

"You, what are you talking about?"

Evie's face was full of shock. She covered her head and showed fear.

She was very smart and immediately realized that something was wrong.

"I don't understand, what are you talking about?"

Evie tried to draw information from the person in front of her, wanting to know why she was here and what he intended to do.

Right, why didn't her personal maid and guard come here with her?

Bai Yan continued to shake his head, once again skillfully raising his hand, and launched his psychic powers towards her. "For now, you don't need to understand the cause and effect."

"Ah, ah, ah..."

As if a beaten baby seal, the hypnotized Evie finally lowered her head, looking dazed and clueless.

"Have you found that 'key'?" he asked.

"I, have found it."

Bai Yan, who originally didn't have much hope, paused for a moment and his eyes brightened.

"Hmm, where is it?"

"It's right beneath the main hall's statue... At the very bottom, there's a special passage that can lead to somewhere underground through a certain ritual. I happened to overhear the old servant in the temple mention it... The 'key' is there."

So that's how it is, not a very surprising answer.

During the first playthrough, it was just a mobile game called "Babel Tower," with limited freedom. Bai Yan only knew that the boss would always find the key to ascend from the Temple of Dark Light.

Now, he finally knows the specific answer.

The question now is how to get in.

In fact, Bai Yan is well aware that if he rashly infiltrates the temple, he will be immediately caught by the Incarnation of Dark Light, who already possesses "quasis-god" power.

It will be too late to regret then.

That old man is probably even stronger than Glofield, and the Temple of Dark Light is his home ground, so it's impossible to forcefully break in.

Bai Yan silently ponders.

The key to a strategic approach lies with Evie. As the adopted daughter of that old man, she is almost unrestricted.

"Ah, if only you could jump out of the pond quickly."

Bai Yan remains silent for a moment, then makes a decision.

He slips a piece of paper into Evie's fair little hand.

"Your sister is right here."

Bai Yan continues, "However, if you want someone to investigate who gave you this information, you will automatically forget everything, even discard the note."

This is a small compensation and reward.

He forcefully hypnotized Evie during this time, making her do things for him, so naturally, he also wants to do something for her.

So, Bai Yan decides to fulfill her long-held dream.

He gives her the current address of Kaluoer, Evie's sister.

Undoubtedly, this is a risky move.

Evie might as well turn around and report the note, although it's unlikely to be successful.

However, Bai Yan knows that these sisters have both longed to be reunited in their dreams, and if he can help, but chooses not to... It could be seen as acting for righteousness and ensuring absolute safety, but the current Bai Yan is becoming less inclined to do so.

After Bai Yan leaves, Evie gradually regains consciousness, clutching the note.

"How did I end up here..."

She hesitates in confusion, then subconsciously realizes that she has something in her hand – a piece of paper with words on it.

"A note?"

Furrowing her brows, Evie continues to read, and her pupils instantly contract!

The first sentence tells her not to investigate who gave her the information, otherwise, she will forget everything and lose the chance to find her sister.

Below that is the current location of Evie's sister, Kaluoer!


In all these years, her heart has never raced like this before.

"Why did this happen?"

Kaluoer is in Annottales!

Evie is confused. Has her sister just arrived in this city? Or has she been here all along? No, Kaluoer cannot have been here all along, otherwise her foster father wouldn't have been unable to find her.

Who provided this information?

With such an important question, she couldn't help but ponder.

As soon as this idea surfaced, Evie immediately suppressed it, afraid that she would forget about Kaluoer.

The hints on the note didn't seem fake.

But regardless of who the person is and whether this is a conspiracy, Evie felt incredibly grateful towards this person at this moment.

If she could really find her sister, she would be willing to give everything to repay them.

For Evie, her sister was a hundred times more important than her own life!

Even if it meant sacrificing everything, it would be worth it if it could bring her even a little happiness!


The festival continued as planned.

Today is the third day of January.

"It is also the day known as "Dark Night Day" in honor of the Savior of Dark Light."

Dark Night Day.

For the people of the Kingdom of Dark Light, this day, Dark Night Day, is actually more important than the first day of the new year.

On this day, almost everyone in the country gets a holiday, even professional servants and slaves who have to work on important days receive compensation.

Professional servants save up this holiday as their annual leave, and the divine law protects their right to take time off for Dark Night Day. Even nobles and priests dare not violate this rule.

To demonstrate their generosity and devotion, the upper-class society even has a trend of competing to reward their servants on this day.

Only sinners are exceptions, as they are not considered human and are completely excluded from the festivities.

The Tulip Manor of Viscount Edmond is currently beautifully decorated, and many guests from the upper-class society have been invited to attend the ball.

He also sent invitations to some important figures from the Dark Light Church, but received no replies.

The guests who come to the Tulip Manor are all below Sequence Three, mostly nobles and priests of Sequence Four, with a few renowned individuals from Sequence Five also being invited.

Sequence Five consists of high-level elves, blooded, moon people, Hunter Eyes... These high-level magical races are born more noble than other races and are mostly from wealthy backgrounds.

Common elves, dwarves, and Ainor belong to Sequence Six and mostly live without worries.

Among them, Ainor is a kind of half-human with giant blood, generally reaching around three meters in height. Although they have human bloodlines, their Sequence is much higher.

"They dislike being referred to as a branch of "human" and consider themselves part of the giant race."

However, the true giant race no longer exists in Noah.

"Bai Yan, in his "Viscount Edmond" form... He is currently at the Tulip Manor, chatting, drinking, and saying some nonsensical things to the guests."

The servants were busy, as the Viscount had unexpectedly given them an extra month's wages today. Therefore, no one complained, and they all worked with great enthusiasm.

They hoped that if the Viscount was pleased, he would give them an additional month's wages!

Only Steward Carson wasn't very happy, even though he got the highest salary. He still felt unhappy.

He felt that the Viscount was too extravagant and spent money recklessly.

Even if one has money, it shouldn't be spent that way. Just freely giving the servants an extra month's pay will only increase their demands, and the expenses will surely accumulate in the future.

Steward Carson also recommended that Viscount Edmond buy some slaves, both as a cost-effective means to complete the work on the estate and as a necessary investment.

However, Viscount Edmond firmly stated that the Tulip Manor would not purchase slaves.

Steward Carson, who worked diligently for the sake of the estate, couldn't understand this, but he had no choice but to obey his master's orders.

Neither the guests nor the servants on the scene were aware of one thing.

The reason why "Viscount Edmond" hosted such a grand banquet and allowed so many people to witness his appearance was simply to create an alibi.

Meanwhile, Bai Yan's incarnation was in another location in Annottales.

In another district...the abattoir.

For Bai Yan, the so-called abattoir was actually an arena for gladiators, just with a different name.

He stood at the entrance of the abattoir, not entering immediately, but turning around to calmly observe the people on the street.

The people of Annottales all wore black clothing, setting off fireworks and waving torches. Those with a rank of six or above indulged in drinking.

Long-lost smiles appeared on people's faces. Even if they were usually tired, they were happy at this moment.

The enormous statue of the Savior of Dark Light had been set up in the center of each district.

Even in this place, Bai Yan could see everything clearly.

It was a deity wearing a black robe, with no specific facial features. The people of the Kingdom of Dark Light were not allowed to depict its countenance.

"In the first playthrough, no matter what happened, there was no direct confrontation between Babel Tower and the Rainbow... but I have a feeling that it will be different in the second playthrough."

Bai Yan shook his head and muttered to himself, then turned around and took out the invitation in his hand, entering the abattoir.

"Hello, sir. Let me see your invitation... Please come in!"

Upon seeing the invitation, the servant at the door realized that the visitor was a noble and immediately had a designated servant lead Bai Yan to the VIP lounge on the upper floor.

Inside, there were plush sofas and champagne. Guests could overlook the situation on the field from a position of superiority.

Just as Bai Yan entered the private box, he heard...


Cheers that echoed like thunderous waves!

Thousands of people on-site were cheering enthusiastically, filled with excitement. Everyone was waiting for the appearance of the sinners, hoping to see the festival stained with blood.

As per tradition, at least a hundred sinners must die today.

This is also known as the "Atonement."

The ancestors of the sinners, driven by shameful desires, summoned hideous Outer Gods and brought the world to the brink of destruction.

After the merciful Rainbow saved the world, they didn't eradicate them completely.

However, as descendants of evil, they must atone until ten thousand years pass, only then can they be liberated from this identity.

Finally, the champion takes the stage!

The crowd cheers!

"Ganis! Ganis! Ganis!"

"Our champion!"

"Ahhhh! I've bet everything I have!"

The people present all boiled with excitement, and Bai Yan felt the immense popularity, sensing something subtle.

One of the necessary elements for Ganis' Crown Ceremony, the "Heart of Glory," has already been established.


Next, as long as Ganis defeats all the formidable enemies and initiates the buried ritual beneath the stage, he will successfully ascend to the Crown.

However, for some reason, Bai Yan always felt that things weren't so simple.

Upon examination, it was because of the sudden arrival of the "Heir."

This mysterious person, who knows Ganis' identity, is likely not acting without purpose. He is very likely to do something today.

And the most likely occasion for him to act is this ceremony.


Bai Yan observed his surroundings and suddenly felt a strange aura.

This aura did not come from one person but from many people in the venue!

The scent of demons.

Why is there a scent of demons here?

Bai Yan couldn't understand for a moment.

But at this moment, Ganis has already taken the stage completely.

He was dressed in leather attire and silently stepped onto the stage.

Today is the final performance.

Deep within Ganis' heart, there was an indescribable joy and excitement.

He closed his eyes and raised his hands high.

"This is the end."

At the same time, the words "emergency mission" appeared on Bai Yan's phone in the box.

Moreover, there were actually two emergency missions at the same time!

One is the Crown Ceremony "Heart of Glory."

The other emergency mission is the "Demon Bomb!"

Power Possession·Mysterious Magic .

Bai Yan's perception rapidly expanded nearly tenfold, as if an invisible sphere enveloped the abattoir. Indeed, among the thousands of people at the scene, there were quite a few demonic auras.

And these auras actually came from the people here!

Under his heightened perception, ordinary people appeared transparent in Bai Yan's mind, allowing him to quickly sense the conditions within their bodies.

Some kind of repulsive black mass was restless.

"Could it be... demon eggs?"

Bai Yan recognized it.

These things were like embryos of aliens, residing within the bodies of at least a hundred people present, constantly growing, and could break out at any moment!

Based on the knowledge gleaned from books at the Demon Hunt Agency, Bai Yan knew that Demon's Eggs were often used only by the most evil black wizards.

Demon's Egg, once cracked, will give birth to terrifying demons, instinctively killing everything around them.

"This thing... must be the work of Ji."

That mysterious person is going against Babel Tower.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment, knowing that he must stop all of this from happening.

He did not sympathize with these people. In fact, these viewers who had a strong bloodlust and used money to drive sinners to their deaths did not fit Bai Yan 's definition of "the innocent."

The problem was that if these demons were to break out at this moment, today's ceremony would be completely disrupted.

Ganis's Crown Ceremony would also be a failure.

"Keep cheering, everyone!"

The host shouted loudly.

"Our champion faces his formidable opponent!"

At this moment, Ganis on the stage was already facing his first opponent.

His opponent was a powerful monster, a massive centuries-old lava earth dragon resembling a gigantic turtle, with scales on its body blazing with flames. A mere touch from an ordinary person would instantly ignite and even lead to death.

However, in front of Ganis, it was still a negligible opponent.

He smiled.

Even a true dragon may not be a match for him now.

On the other hand, Bai Yan has already Power Possessed "Nightsaber ."

Deep Blue World.

With a speed invisible to the audience, using techniques beyond human imagination, he destroyed Demon's Eggs one by one from within the audience.

Those fleshy balls quickly withered and disintegrated with just a touch through the human skin.

Bai Yan didn't find such methods troublesome at all.

So what exactly does that person called "Ji" want to do?


The earth dragon fell heavily.

In the eyes of the incredulous crowd, with just one strike, Ganis defeated the massive lava earth dragon and prepared to face his next opponent.

He would ascend to the godlike steps, conquering all his enemies here!

Finally, amidst the cheers of the crowd, he ascended to the Crown!

"Come on! Keep going!"

Ganis shouted to the sky!

"Hmm, it's you."

Just at this moment, a robed figure appeared out of thin air on the stage, standing behind Ganis.

Ganis swiftly turned around, putting distance between them.

He was stunned. Who was this robed figure?

According to the predetermined script, his next opponent should still be a monster, not a humanoid creature.

"Mr. Keeper of Secrets" didn't mention this person either.

"Who are you?"

The robed figure's face was hidden beneath the black cloak, making it impossible to see their features.

"A member of Babel Tower? You're from Babel Tower, right? I finally found you, it wasn't easy."

The black cloak was removed, revealing slender non-humanoid insect-like limbs.

Three golden insect-like heads, a black scepter, and an eerie insectoid appearance stunned the audience, reducing the cheers by half.

Bai Yan , who was cleaning up Demon's Eggs, felt an extremely strong threat!

That guy is... Babel Tower's Cruelty!

In the first playthrough of the "Babel Tower" game, both the Tower and the Rainbow have very limited appearances.

They generally do not appear as direct enemies.

Bai Yan also learned from the Demon Hunt Agency's database that a few days ago, there was a conflict between Cruelty and the Imperial Guards of Eyes of the Empire in Tatsumi City.

Thousands of people looked in astonishment at the unidentified creature on the stage.

"Ah, ah, this seems like a special surprise!" The host was taken aback for a moment before quickly trying to ease the situation.

"Let's cheer! Our champion Ganis is about to face off against a special foreign being!"

The audience fell silent for a moment, then cheered again, completely unaware of the dangerously intense situation at hand!

"Champion! Champion! Champion! Champion!"

"Hehehe, these people think you're stronger than me."

The cheers of these people seemed to amuse Cruelty, who said:

"Although I don't know who this 'Ji' is that passed on the information or their intentions, it was indeed useful... Kid, tell me quickly, how can one enter Babel Tower..."

"Or maybe I'll find a way to make you speak."

Ganis felt a distinct feeling of suffocation.

After battling for so many years and killing countless people, every inch of his skin was stained with blood.

But he still felt that his murderous aura paled in comparison to the being before him.

In Ganis' eyes, this lanky and bizarre insect-like creature seemed like a thousand-meter-tall terrifying monster! Even more terrifying!

It was practically the violent incarnation! The essence of slaughter!

"Are there others?"

The multiple compound eyes of Cruelty scanned the surroundings, seemingly sensing a powerful presence among the audience. Then, it turned its gaze back to the man before it and composed its words.

It seemed to have sensed Ganis' nervousness and fear.

"Don't worry, don't be afraid, I am not angry," Cruelty immediately spoke in a gentle tone.

Cruelty's tone immediately softened as it said:

"Actually, I have always been peaceful and kind to others. That's how everyone describes me."

"Come on, tell me the secret about Babel Tower. I'm waiting for you to speak."


It patiently waited for a full three seconds, but when the other party didn't respond, Cruelty immediately shook its head and said, "No, I feel like killing someone now."