I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: The Event Begins

“Thanks to the perfect industrial and agricultural system, Tatsumi was able to become one of the most prosperous of the many independent cities. The automated agricultural sector we developed is what ensures that we can export products to other independent cities on the basis of self-sufficiency.”

“Tatsumi has actually tried to open up the wilderness many times, but they all failed. We still can’t deal with large-scale natural disasters outside of the independent cities.”

“Okay. Class dismissed.”

“Bai Yan, come over.” At the end of the last class of the afternoon, the old professor suddenly called out to Bai Yan, who was holding his phone. The latter could only awkwardly put it away.

“I’m coming.”

Bai Yan followed the old professor out of the classroom and walked to the corner of the teaching building.

The old professor looked disappointed and said in a bad tone, “Bai Yan, you play with your phone in class every day. What are you doing? You weren’t like that back then. I remember you studying hard and taking notes every day.”

“It’s not easy to graduate from Herendor. I know that studying is tiring, but you have to understand that studying is the best and fairest way for everyone to change their fate.”

“After you leave school, there’s a chance you’ll be eliminated for taking the wrong step during an interview or for not looking good or sounding bad. There’s no justice in society.”

Bai Yan muttered, “I think I’m handsome.”

“What did you say? Do you want to become a gigolo in the future?”

The old professor was silent for a moment before saying, “I asked the counselor about your situation, and he helped you apply for the student grant.”

Bai Yan was silent for a long time. He knew that the old professor was speaking sincerely. He had better not be ungrateful.

Even though he knew he had more important things than studying, he couldn’t hurt the old professor who wanted to help him.

“Thank you.” He took a deep breath and said seriously, “I understand, Professor. It’s all my fault.” Bai Yan admitted his mistake and promised, “I won’t make any excuses. I’ll definitely sit in the first row and listen attentively in the future.”

‘Well, it means only listening to your class. I’ll play with my phone in other classes.’

The old professor thought that Bai Yan was bullshiting him, but he quickly saw a pair of sincere and spirited eyes. It was too pious. Only a thoroughly good person or a real drama queen could show that.

“Alright, I believe in you.” The old professor nodded and left, satisfied.

Bai Yan shrugged. Twenty years of study is enough. Besides, he didn’t need to worry about his livelihood… as the master of the Babel Tower, it was impossible for him to worry about money in the future.

He bowed slightly in the direction the old professor had left. He knew very well that he was not destined to walk the path of an ordinary person.

Bai Yan turned around and took out his phone again. Without hesitation, he sent a message to the counselor to ask about the grant.

Although he would definitely not lack money in the future, he could not abandon the money he could get now!

Half an hour later, he was in the library again. There were many people studying hard in the hall, but someone had actually taken his spot.

Bai Yan shrugged. He was here to play with his phone anyway, and there were no books on his seat. So be it. He then found another remote spot with a light gray sofa. It was more comfortable to sit on but not suitable for reading. Bai Yan lay on the sofa and logged in to the Babel Tower. He first took a look at the profits for auto-playing.

[Daily record of Nightsaber]

“Ran after a cultist with his family. His son defended him. Nightsaber let him off and left.

Interrogated the cultist in the alley afterwards and finally killed him. Mood – 3.

Rescued two children abducted by that cultist. Mood + 2.”

Bai Yan was silent as he continued to read. He suddenly realized that not only had Nightsaber’s attributes changed but there was also a new Rank.

A brand-new Character Card appeared.

Main Operator:

Name: Nightsaber

Gender: Female

Plane: Material

Level: Evolved

Race: Human

Main skill: Kill, lurk, destroy

Rank: Knight, Hound of Babel Tower

Strength: 58 (as strong as a whale)

Intelligence: 39 (able to see many unusual things)

Dexterity: 60 (Can tie a shoelace with her tongue)

Secondary Attributes:

Charm: 10 (no one can ignore her beauty unless already blind)

Loyalty: 6 (willing to be loyal to you)

Mood: 6 (A little tired, but still has plenty of fighting spirit left)


As graceful as a cat (DEX increased; Speed increased a lot)

Glory and revenge (Greatly reduce the chance of Nightsaber’s mood dropping to 0)

I wanna protect you, my people (Skills greatly improved in a battle with innocents present)


Deep Blue World (Proficiency: 75%, time stop for 3s)

Demon Knight Blood—Dark (Bloodline)

More information:

Height: 169cm

BWH: 92cm, 56cm, 88cm

Like: Honor, Victory, Kitten, omurice, Training Swordsmanship

Hate: Cultist, Criminal, Salty cuisine

Item: Night Blade x 1


The disgraced successor of the legendary knight clan. She was born with a huge responsibility. Revenge and reviving the family is her long-cherished wish.

“The future Queen of the Night, invincible in the darkness.”

‘You’ve already grown, Nightsaber.’ Bai Yan was very pleased with this operator who could work herself up.

He then checked Psychic Dancer.

[Daily record of Psychic Dancer]

“Reading GL magazines with her personal maid, Irena. Learning makeup and making herself a clown. Mood + 1.

Anonymously posted online to denounce the dickhead netizens who defamed Psychic Dancer. Mood – 1.

Knowing that Marquis Scarlet from the Blood who feels disgusting is visiting her home. Mood – 1.”

As always, he was speechless in every sense of the word.

Marquis Scarlet… For some reason, Bai Yan felt that he had seen this name somewhere before, but he didn’t remember clearly.

Bai Yan thought for a moment, then suddenly saw an icon popped up in the upper left corner of the screen. It was the Icon of the Black Star glittering.

“Yes, it’s about time.” Bai Yan immediately guessed what it was.


“New Event: The Black Star Faction opens!” Bai Yan had never met this activity before.

Although he had cleared the game once, there were still missions in the second round that he had not seen before. The Babel Tower has lots of random content. Every time the game reopened, he could play many new missions.

“No, it’s not a game at all,” Bai Yan muttered.

When he played the Babel Tower for the first time, he had only drawn the Nightsaber in the later stages. At that time, the Black Star was already gone. There were no related missions or activities at all.

Through Nightsaber’s daily record, Bai Yan already knew a lot about the Black Star Faction.

Black Star was an evil society that believed in the Chaos Star. Their power was spread throughout the Air Alliance, and they were extremely powerful. Their head in Tatsumi was a senior priest known as Mr. Mystery.

“Basically, he should be the boss of this event.”

Bai Yan gently opened the new activity. Soon, the game screen changed to a map of Tatsumi City. The map was also marked with six blinking red dots. Clearly, the new event checkpoint.

[Game Notification: Please choose the latest level to begin!]

Bai Yan could only click on the first checkpoint – Visit the Vampire.

Soon a new prompt appeared.

[Game Notification: Please choose one booster as help for this stage. The other two will be included in the options for future mission help.

The first stage had three optional boosters: The Marquis Scarlet’s Secret, The Mysteries of Power --Photosynthesis, and Relic -- Merlin’s Cloak.

“Attention, core operators can’t fight continuously! Please match the order of battle reasonably!” Bai Yan knew exactly how the game worked.

The Marquis Scarlet’s Secret would help him complete the mission easily, but choosing the other two boosters was not impossible. However, it would be difficult.

After clearing the event, all the mysterious powers and relics that had been chosen could be obtained with a certain amount of energy power points… It was definitely profitable.

“If you want more, you have to choose the latter two boosters. Then there’s no doubt at all.”

Bai Yan chose Merlin’s Cloak first.

Merlin’s Cloak: The cloak of the legendary great spell-casters. The wearer will have the ability to transform himself/ herself into a variety of animals, even powerful magical beasts.

The Disguise Mask could only change the shape and appearance of a human being. However, Merlin’s cloak was able to change people’s bodies into an animal or magical beasts with the actual ability to fight.

[Game notification: The stage begins!]

“Have fun!”

On a rainy night.

The storm and thunder intertwined, and the strong wind swept up the sudden rain like countless whips. There was no sign of it stopping.

Mu Ling stood calmly in the alley, black fire burning on the bodies behind her. It was the counterattack of the Black Star.

Recently, Mu Ling had cleaned up enough cultists and angered the Black Star. She had just fought with this group of cultists and suffered a slight injury to her shoulder, but it was not a big deal for a hunter.

“Thank you, Master.” If it was half a month ago, she would have definitely died already. Mu Ling silently glanced at the alley behind her and stepped away.

The storm-washed streets had long since emptied of pedestrians. In her dark raincoat, she moved alone.

The overwhelming raindrops almost formed an airtight veil, and the wounds gradually healed. Mu Ling thought about how to take revenge on the Black Star next. As much as she wanted to destroy it and kill Mr. Mystery, she also knew that it wasn’t practical at this stage.

“Calm down. You must learn patience, Nightsaber.” Mu Ling closed her eyes and stopped thinking about the faces of her family.

As for praying for the Savior to destroy the local Black Star, she didn’t even dare to think about it. She was just a nobody. How could a mysterious organization that wanted to save the world help her?

At this moment, Mu Ling suddenly heard a familiar male voice in her mind.

[Nightsaber, Babel Tower is about to destroy the Black Star Faction here. You have been chosen as the executor.]