I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: Let's Call You Cola!

Sylve opened her eyes once again, greeted by an incredibly unfamiliar ceiling.

It had been three days since she arrived here.

She already knew that this mansion filled with tulips was located in Annottales, a part of "the Eruo League".

A city that should have only existed in stories and books.

Now, she was actually living here.

Even though it wasn't the first day anymore, Sylve still found it unbelievable.

Mr. Profligate was truly amazing, being able to effortlessly bring herself and her mother to another city in the world.

She still remembered the forbidden ritual passed down in her family, also a spatial power, but even just smuggling people from outside Tatsumi City into Tatsumi City required a high price.

The pain it caused made the current Sylve shudder.

Mr. Moriarty might have paid a price to bring her from Tatsumi City to here.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but clasp her hands tightly.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

"Guest, good morning, breakfast is ready and we've brought it in as you requested."

Two family maids had already arrived outside, bowing respectfully with great etiquette.

They placed the breakfast on the tray, carried it inside with their bodies straight, and gently placed the small table on the bed.

"Thank you."

Sylve, sitting on the bed, smiled and thanked the two people.

The two maids were slightly taken aback, not used to being thanked by nobles, as it was against common sense... Although Mr. Edmond often did the same.

The two maids skillfully attended to Sylve's meals, grooming, and dressing.

After everything was done, the two of them left, and Sylve closed her eyes and stretched lazily.

She sat in the chair in her room, opened a black notebook, picked up a pen, and began recording her experiences over the past few days.

"Annottales and Tatsumi City are completely different."

Sylve wrote down the first sentence, which was "different."

"In Tatsumi City, 'servant families' are extremely rare. Only the five major families have generations of servants. Most noble families' servants are more loyal to their wages rather than their masters."

"In Annottales, many servants come from families that have served for dozens or even hundreds of generations. It has always been this way."

"One's future is decided from birth. It sounds a bit scary, but the people here truly identify with this class and culture from the depths of their hearts."

"In the Air Alliance, nobles and commoners can intermarry, but in the Eruo League, this Kingdom of Dark Light, people from different ranks cannot intermarry, and they can't even use the same carriages, toilets, or streets."

"Otherwise, not only low-ranking people will be punished, but high-ranking individuals will also face moral criticism from the outside... Perhaps this is why people say that the nobles of the Eruo League are the true aristocracy."

"In the Air Alliance, as long as people have money or sufficient power, it is easy for them to become nobles. However, in Annottales and even in the entire Eruo League, people need more than just these to break free from the hierarchy."

"This country is filled with different races, but humans still make up the largest population, although most of them have low rankings in the hierarchy..."

"Slavery still exists in this country, and hardly anyone expresses confusion or surprise about it. Many people consider it as a matter of course, something that has been the case for many years."

"So, people who are slaves never see any hope. They and their descendants are born into a life of despair."


Sylve turned around, stunned. Lady Helen had appeared at the door of the room, though Sylve didn't know when.


Sylve was a bit confused, noticing that her mother had a somewhat worried expression.

Lady Helen furrowed her brow, holding a newspaper in her hand. She walked slowly into the room and sat on the bed. "I've thought about it seriously, Sylve, and it would be better if you... stayed away from Mr. Moriarty."

Sylve was stunned.

"Why? Mom, didn't you used to say it would be better for me to be closer to him?"

She couldn't understand her mother. Why did she suddenly change her mind when it was clear that Mr. Moriarty had shown greater power?

If she had a good relationship with him, wouldn't it be beneficial for the family?

"You better take a look at the content on this newspaper first."

Lady Helen sighed again and handed the newspaper over. "This is actually yesterday's newspaper. Today, the church has ordered a halt to the delivery of newspapers throughout the entire city of Annottales, and yesterday's newspapers are being forcibly collected from every household..."

"But I'm afraid it might be in vain. Too many people know about this."

Lady Helen's expression became extremely serious when she mentioned this matter.

"Although no one has spoken up in Annottales for now, perhaps people will have different thoughts after realizing that Babel Tower, not just the 'Heart of Radiance,' saved the world."

Sylve picked up yesterday's newspaper in confusion and quickly saw the unbelievable content.

The newspaper vividly portrayed the story of Babel Tower saving the world.

Battle after battle, heroic and tragic, made people unable to help but immerse themselves in it, experiencing the same emotions, their blood boiling.

The world was saved by Babel Tower! Not by the "Rainbows" of myth!

In fact, besides the clear actions of the Heart of Radiance, the portrayal of the "Savior of Dark Light" saving the world was merely in the propaganda...

Most ignorant people would believe, but those who know more extraordinary things may not... The stronger they are, the more doubts they will have.

Sylve suddenly realized something.


Why did he know about the Doomsday Crisis beforehand?

Could it be that Mr. Moriarty is also a member of the Babel Tower?

The girl realized that this possibility was highly likely, and Lady Helen sighed next to her.

"The trouble he is involved in is too immense. One misstep could lead to his own perdition..."

Her tone was calm as she looked at her only remaining loved one in the world.

"Sylve, I hope you can have a powerful support, but I also don't want our daughter to be swept into this massive whirlpool of crisis."

A bitter smile appeared on Lady Helen's face.

"We and him, we're simply not of the same world. Getting close to each other will only result in mutual entanglement."

Sylve remained silent for a long time and still didn't answer.——

Tatsumi City.

On the special train about to arrive in Tatsumi City, a slender young man with an Eastern appearance, dressed in white, slowly put down the newspaper in his hands and took out his cellphone to look at it for a while.

To his surprise, there were also related videos of Babel Tower on his cellphone.

"It's really... Babel Tower's propaganda is everywhere, there's no escaping it."

The Leaf King put down his cellphone and smiled.


The man sitting opposite the Leaf King also nodded.

This man was dressed in black casual attire, had a pair of arched eyebrows, exuding a dignified air, and had deep pupils.

Like a leonine figure descending from the clouds.

Anyone who saw him would feel a sense of awe.

"World" was indeed worthy of the respect of others, as the leader of Eyes of the Empire, the head of the Imperial Guards, and a major figure in the Air Alliance.

Throughout the entire train, there were only these two men and their subordinates, with no one else around.

The two most important figures of the Air Alliance had just arrived within the city limits of Tatsumi City.

On the table between them was a chessboard, and Mr. "World" was playing against himself, while the Leaf King simply watched.

"Your preference is not good in my eyes. Playing against yourself means you lose every time," the Leaf King spoke up.

"World" shook his head and calmly replied, "How about a different perspective? I win every time too, don't I?"

The Leaf King pondered for a moment and discussed the matter at hand, "The plan is a success. They don't know that I am your true puppet, Roon is just a pawn."

"World" shook his head again and replied, "Indeed, many people can guess our relationship, but we have no other choice. And you also understand that you are not my puppet."

"We two only have common interests."

The Leaf King didn't object and brought up the next topic, "Still on that question, how do you view Babel Tower?"

"World" fell silent for a while, holding a black chess piece for some time before gently placing it down.

"If possible, I would really like to have a conversation with the Savior of Babel Tower. Perhaps They can prove to me that the 'Rainbow' is wrong."

The Leaf King's tone grew increasingly serious, "World... I believe that among the remaining five 'Rainbows,' there is more than one with a problem."

"The worst-case scenario is that they all have problems."

"As for the Savior of Babel Tower, it is still uncertain whether They are the calamity that has destroyed countless civilizations, the god of strategy and games, the Master of the Tower... What we can confirm is that Babel Tower truly saved the world once."

"I won."

"World" spoke calmly. It turned out that the game on the table finally reached its conclusion, with the Black side successfully killing the White side.

The Leaf King smiled and expressed a different opinion, "But you lost too... Isn't this just a matter of different perspectives?"

"We've arrived!" Suddenly, a crisp female voice sounded from outside.

A tall, mature and beautiful woman stepped into the carriage, revealing a smile as charming as a flower.

Her appearance was no less captivating than the Scarlet Moon or Mu Ling, and she exuded a unique elegance and noble temperament, making people unable to help but be enamored.

The stunning woman squinted her eyes when she saw the chessboard on the table.

"When can I play another game with you? Are you still willing to play against me?"

"Not really daring to."

"World" fell silent for a moment and let out a sigh. "In theory, playing chess with a beautiful woman should be a joyful experience. However, I don't enjoy playing against beginners with poor chess skills. You almost have to undo your moves in every game, and I can't accept that."

The stunning woman remained silent, simply looking out of the window with a slightly embarrassed expression.

She is the "Tower."

She is the second most powerful figure after "World," possessing extremely unique powers and imprisoning dozens of renowned experts. Even the "Emperor" Kessel is currently under the captivity of the "Tower."

Finally, the train came to a stop.

The Leaf King, along with his subordinates, as well as over a dozen Imperial Guards, including "World," all disembarked.

"Justice," "Strength," and "Restraint" – these people who should have been dead were also among them.

They quickly came across the city that had turned into ruins.

"I didn't expect to return so soon."

"Justice" had an unpleasant expression, touching their own neck and sticking out their tongue.

The indifferent "Death God" looked at their sister, seeming to want to speak but holding back.

In the end, they remained silent.

"World" calmly looked at the purple-clad youth beside them, who was sucking on a lollipop, and gave the order, "Pope, it's your turn now. Make everyone have a favorable impression of the triumphant return of the Leaf King."

The purple-clad youth nodded reluctantly.

He took out a tattered sketchbook from his pocket, gently flipping it open, and drew with a black marker on one of the blank pages.

It was a simple doodle, with many dots drawn within a big circle, and it was labeled with the words "Tatsumi City."

Some kind of symbol.


The young boy "Pope" muttered to himself, speaking the word "recovery" in a long-lost ancient language.

He sighed, his tone filled with displeasure.

"It has been over a thousand years as the price... you all must compensate me."

The 'World' simply turned to look at the Leaf King, with a calm tone, "The representative of the white 'Rainbow' told me that Babel Tower saved the world only because they didn't want to be destroyed by the Outer God, not because the so-called savior is a benevolent being."

The Leaf King fell silent for a moment, then suddenly asked, "Given the circumstances, do you still believe?"

The "World" did not reply further, only calmly saying, "What delicious things does your hometown have? We are all starving here, and if the Imperial Guards starve, the Air Alliance will be instantly occupied and destroyed. The consequences would be severe."

The Leaf King didn't respond, but continued the questioning, "If... if they all have issues, what do you plan to do?"

The "World" calmly pointed towards Tatsumi City not far away.

"Look, it's a miracle."

A miracle happened.

The city, already reduced to ruins, began rapidly recovering at a visible speed to the human eye.

The collapsed buildings were slowly being reconstructed, broken trees restored to their original state, even the one-third of the area that was flattened began rapidly "recovering."

Throughout this process, no one would be harmed due to "recovery," it would only occur when it was ensured no one would be hurt.

Meanwhile, the young man in purple robes, "Pope," gradually aged and soon transformed into an old man.

Tatsumi City, restored to its original state!

However, the Leaf King still didn't wait for an answer from the "World."

Perhaps, no one could easily find the answer.



After learning about Tatsumi City's recovery, Bai Yan sent Sylve and her daughter back to Tatsumi City.

For some reason, Bai Yan always felt that Annottales would be more dangerous.

Perhaps it was because of the mysterious person named "Ji."

At this moment, he was in the living room, enduring a headache as he forcefully examined the underlying rules of the game "Babel Tower."

This time, Bai Yan was looking up the underlying rules of the character card "Nightsaber ."

He came across some hidden information about "Nightsaber ."

"Obscure Changer..."

Bai Yan pondered, and of course, he knew that Obscure Changer was the source of power within Mu Ling .

In the past, Mu Ling's ancestor or previous life sacrificed themselves to banish the projection of this Outer God, successfully saving the world.

However, her soul had already been "contaminated" by the Outer God.

He understood that this was an exclusive and difficult mission line.

The current self, or rather, the current Babel Tower, was still unable to solve the dangers within it.

However, Mu Ling was already able to enjoy the benefits it brought.

"The purifying water in reaching heaven? Something completely unnoticed in the first playthrough... Indeed, the game of the second playthrough is the real game."

Bai Yan already had the "Reaching Heaven" Entertainment Card in his hand and decided to use it soon.

Just then, he sensed someone outside the door.

"Knock, knock, knock."

"Come in," said Bai Yan .

The maid in the mansion pushed the door open and humbly lowered her head.


Bai Yan suddenly noticed that the maid was holding a half-asleep cat in her hands.

It had a black and white coat, its fur shining, and it looked quite handsome, but it seemed a bit thin, possibly malnourished.

Wait a moment?

Bai Yan frowned.

Why couldn't I detect the presence of this cat just now with my senses?

The maid, gently holding the cat, said, "This cat was left by Miss Sylve before she left. She said it suddenly jumped into her window... She mentioned that she wanted to give this cat to Mr. Moriarty."

Honestly, the maid was puzzled. Who is Mr. Moriarty?

Well, perhaps he is the master's friend.

Bai Yan didn't quite understand Sylve's thinking. Why didn't she just talk to his "Profligate" self directly?

Forget it.

He shook his head slightly and took the little cat from the maid's hands. Indeed, it was malnourished and weighed very little.

The black and white cat slowly opened its eyes and looked at the man who was holding it. It seemed to be staring at him.

It narrowed its eyes.

This expression... Bai Yan faintly sensed that something was off.

Real Digital World!

The next moment, Bai Yan was startled.

Contrary to his expectations, the cat in front of him had no extraordinary power that could affect the fragmented "Babel Tower" game!

What exactly is this? Bai Yan fell silent for a moment, then nodded gently, his tone still calm and composed:

"Hmm, let this cat stay in the mansion for now."

"Let's call it... 'Coke' from now on."