I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Scorching Sunlight

Although she was a vampire, as the highest-ranking queen among the vampires, the Scarlet Moon was not afraid of sunlight.

She simply disliked sunlight.

Instead of arranging to meet Profligate at an outdoor location, the Scarlet Moon asked him to come directly to the vampire's club.

In fact, Tatsumi City is currently undergoing reconstruction everywhere, and there aren't many good places for "dates" either.

The blow that Tatsumi City suffered this time can be described as devastating, with a third of its area completely leveled, and most of the remaining buildings damaged by the aftermath of earthquakes and battles.

Many families' properties were destroyed overnight, experiencing a profound sense of despair.

Even some survivors might choose to commit suicide in the aftermath of the war.

Nobody knows if it's because of their lost properties or because some people find this increasingly insane world difficult to accept and understand.

Of course, there are reasons for the revelation of the extraordinary powers... Some people choose to "restart."

Without extraordinary powers, after such a devastating blow, it would take several years, or even more than a decade, for a city to fully recover its past prosperity.

However, extraordinary powers do exist in this world.

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The Leaf King, who hasn't returned yet, has already declared his intentions.

As the King of Tatsumi City, he will restore the city to its original state within a day... and then make it even better!

Not only in Tatsumi City, but as the new leader of the Air Alliance, the Leaf King has swiftly established a nationwide post-disaster reconstruction plan, vowing to completely eliminate the impact of the Doomsday Crisis on people's daily lives within half a year, ensuring sufficient safeguards for both prices and employment.

Recently, the Air Alliance has taken control of the Aliin world, gaining a considerable amount of new financial income, so they are temporarily not lacking money.

After the official and explicit news from the Air Alliance spread, almost everyone was incredibly excited!

However, the people of Tatsumi City still felt somewhat uncertain about the Leaf King, whom they hadn't seen for many years.

He is the lawful King of Tatsumi City, and at the same time, the newly appointed leader of the Air Alliance.

In fact, the Leaf King has already become the supreme leader of this country.

Such a high-ranking figure is about to return, and Tatsumi City has also been chosen as the new "Highest City," which will receive various policy incentives, making it impossible for the city not to prosper.

Everything seems to be fine.

Sounds wonderful.

The only issue is... Tatsumi City already has a king now.

In the hearts of the people of Tatsumi City today, only the savior of the Babel Tower is considered the true ruler of the city!

Oh, there's one more thing that shouldn't be ignored.

According to the rules, since the Leaf King has already chosen Tatsumi City as the new Highest City.

Therefore, important departments such as the Demon Hunt Agency headquarters and the Eyes of the Empire will also be relocated to Tatsumi City in an orderly manner.

In other words, the Air Alliance's powerful individuals like "World" will also take up residence in Tatsumi City.

At this moment, the savior of the Babel Tower and the king of Tatsumi City, our fellow Bai Yan... He has just infiltrated the Blood Clan's club and entered the room of the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Although he infiltrated the lady's room, he was invited after all, so he was not at all shy.

He quickly discovered that the domineering and lazy queen was hidden in the darkness, making her face unreadable.

"You finally came," she said.

Perhaps I came at the wrong time?

You have self-awareness. I feel disgust just by looking at your face.

Shouldn't I have come?

No, you should have come.

Have you read Gu Long's novels?

Bai Yan touched his nose, not wanting to continue this awkward conversation.


The Scarlet Moon was stunned, unable to imagine what kind of dragon Gu Long was and why he would write novels.

She shook her head gently and replied, "I don't understand what you're saying, but you must leave your blood and then you can go."

the Scarlet Moon gestured towards a table in the room. Bai Yan glanced at it and saw a complete set of blood extraction equipment placed on it.

"Draw the blood," she said.

Bai Yan shook his head, pointed to his clean neck, and smiled. "Why don't you come and embrace to suck? I remember you enjoyed it recently, although it hurt me badly."

He was really in pain at that time. How could it not hurt when his soul power was being drained?

Under normal circumstances, bloodsuckers would secrete a special substance from their teeth to soothe the prey they fed on, making them feel pleasure.

But the Scarlet Moon at that time did not do so; she, being irrational, didn't do that either.

Bai Yan was really hurt badly. The pain was beyond measure, even beyond the internal organs being crushed.

the Scarlet Moon fell silent for a while and replied seriously, "It's not a necessary moment. I'm not accustomed to physical contact with others. You can take the blood using the equipment."

“Why do you want to drink my blood?" Bai Yan asked calmly, showing no intention of drawing blood himself.

The Scarlet Moon in the darkness fell silent again.

"Nothing, just a whim. But I will give you a Relic as compensation... Just take the blood, this one time."

Bai Yan vaguely understood the situation of the Scarlet Moon and smiled.

"Regular Relics don't mean much to me... As for Civilization-level Relics, I'm afraid you can't offer me any."

He was telling the truth.

"Then what do you actually want?"

From the emotionless voice of the Scarlet Moon, there was not a trace of anger, after all, this time she was the one asking for help.

"You'll find out soon," Bai Yan replied silently, deciding to see what this person was up to.

Deep Blue World.

The next moment, Bai Yan had already arrived in front of the Scarlet Moon's body in the darkness.

He calmly reached out and pressed her exquisite face.

The expressionless Scarlet Moon, however, was completely unaware of it and offered no resistance.

Real Digital World.

Several seconds passed before the Scarlet Moon's body shattered into pieces, like a broken humanoid toy, with various light blue strip-shaped ribbons flying out.

"Unfortunately, this ability won't work on Glofield."

Although it consumed a lot of mental power, Bai Yan was not afraid at all. He just needed to switch to Power Possession·Queen of the Scarlet Moon after the time stop ended to instantly replenish himself with "Infinite" recovery.

Insightful Linking.

After activating his power once again, he stared at numerous entries, until he found one flashing with the words "what if, what if, what if," and within it, a ribbon displaying the current status of the Scarlet Moon.


So that's it, Bai Yan understood the cause and effect instantly upon seeing this entry.

When time resumed its normal flow, the Scarlet Moon had already returned to its original state.

She had no idea what had just happened.

"I don't want to give you my blood," Bai Yan said directly.


If she really didn't care, why would she have specifically called me here?

"Well then, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening. Goodbye."

Bai Yan smiled, bowed gentlemanly, and turned to leave.


Bai Yan seemed to not have heard, and he didn't stop walking.

In the next moment, the Scarlet Moon appeared expressionless in front of him, her chest heaving up and down, seemingly in a somewhat agitated state.

"I need your blood."

Bai Yan nodded slightly, his face calm. "I know, but as I've said, I don't want to give it to you."

Finally, there was a hint of imperceptible emotion in the Scarlet Moon's tone.

"What do you want from me? My body? Or do you want me to obey your commands, to be a dog of the Savior and Babel Tower?"

"Don't be so arrogant anymore."

Bai Yan remained silent for a moment before saying, "You always claim that the Savior enslaves you, but we both know that members of Babel Tower have their own personalities. Many of them are difficult to control without using force, and yet the crisis to save the world is imminent."

"You think you're being used, but so what? In this world, who isn't being used by others, and who isn't needed by others? Who truly transcends society? Even gods are not exempt."

The Scarlet Moon remained silent for a long time, unable to resist asking, "What do I need to do for you to give me your blood? What kind of trade do you want?"

Bai Yan smiled faintly, originally planning to use his blood as bait and gradually manipulate the Scarlet Moon, leading her on a leash with an invisible "collar." However, he couldn't help but change his approach.


"In fact, if you were my comrade, I wouldn't hesitate to give you not just a bit of blood, but even half my life... But you only care about your own lineage, don't you? Why shouldn't I prioritize those who acknowledge and identify with me?"

"You're just an 'ally,' right?"

Bai Yan shook his head, feeling a little tired, and simply said, "Forget it, just come and suck it out. I won't argue over this insignificant amount of blood with you."

He didn't want anything at all.

Although he had been a bit rude in his words, Bai Yan wouldn't stand idly by and watch the Scarlet Moon suffer.

Even if the arrogant woman in front of him didn't identify with the Savior, she had her reasons, and Bai Yan acknowledged her.

After all, she had sacrificed her life twice, and she had no regrets towards Babel Tower and herself.

She was just being stubborn.

So what if she gets to suck some blood?

Just consider it as giving the employees a year-end bonus... even though they just received one recently.

This time, the Scarlet Moon fell into a long silence that made Bai Yan slightly furrow his brows.

Her tone finally became serious as she said, "Find a way to inform the Savior... if He no longer manipulates my body without consent in the future, then I am willing to formally join Babel Tower."

After saying that, she walked slowly over.

She embraced Bai Yan's neck with both hands and started to drink his blood.

Bai Yan had originally prepared himself for intense pain, but this time he didn't feel any pain. Instead, it was a gentle sensation.

And... he didn't resist.

The Scarlet Moon continued to drink for several minutes without letting go, as if the more she drank, the more she wanted to drink.

The taste of blood was like a sweet and rich wine, an indescribable exquisite experience that instantly made one feel happiness and satisfaction, erasing centuries of emptiness and loneliness.

When a "drinker" opens up to drink, it is truly difficult to let go for quite a while.

Bai Yan couldn't help it.

He slowly reached out to touch the Scarlet Moon's shoulder, trying to push her away, but he couldn't move her at all, as if she were rooted to the spot.

He tried to push again.

Still no progress.

Woman, leave!

He still couldn't push her away, and the Scarlet Moon didn't leave either. She had already consumed who knows how many kilograms of blood from his body.

Treating me like a "buffet," not leaving until you're satisfied, huh?

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, the Scarlet Moon froze.

"Profligate" had disappeared.

She irritably wiped the blood stains off the corner of her mouth with her fingers and then licked her fingers clean.

"It feels more flavorful every time... it's definitely not an illusion... why is the quality of the soul changing so rapidly? This is almost impossible."

The Scarlet Moon couldn't understand. In her eyes, "Profligate" had various mysteries surrounding him, and perhaps the Savior had even more.

However, no matter what.

She knew that she would be able to sleep peacefully over the next few days.

Mu Family, the grand bathhouse.

The white-haired girl sat calmly in the water, feeling the power that had just been bestowed upon her.

"I've become stronger once again."

She was no longer surprised by the gift, but she still felt grateful.

In the eyes of others, she was the loyal dog of the Savior in Babel Tower, and that's how Mu Ling felt in her heart as well.

However, the Savior was a master worth sacrificing for.

He truly saved the world!

It wasn't a scam!

It wasn't those evil cults proclaiming to be saviors!

If one day sacrificing herself is needed to save the world, the Savior in Mu Ling's heart would willingly make that sacrifice.

"I am willing to fight for you."

She felt the power of her newfound awakening.


This is the brand-new power Mu Ling obtained after stepping into the level of Potential Apocalypse.

She can create the night out of thin air during the day, shrouding half the city, and of course, it can also be used when it is already night.

Under such nightfall, Mu Ling can continuously heal her physical injuries through the power of darkness.

This is an unmatched healing speed that the Blood of Darkness possesses.

Even if all her limbs are severed, she can restore them to their original state in less than a second.

Even if her head is cut off, she won't die instantly.

At the same time, Mu Ling can also perceive anything in the darkness under the "nightfall," not even a speck of dust can escape her senses.

Of course, in addition to the newly discovered innate talents, Mu Ling's physical strength, skills, and INT have also more than doubled.

If she has the opportunity to fight against the legendary Pastor from before, she has the confidence to achieve a one-hit kill.

Even if her opponent is the current Queen of the Scarlet Moon, Mu Ling doesn't believe she will definitely lose to her... If it is a battle for the great savior, then she will definitely win!

She takes a deep breath and continues to cultivate, to continue the fight.

If one day she can burn her soul for the savior, Mu Ling feels it would be the best destination for her.


abattoir, underground dormitory.

“I, I didn't die...”

Ganis sat on his narrow bed, somewhat incredulous.

The pain, anger, and determination at that time were all still so real.

Yet, it seemed unreal.

He revived, and the world was also saved.

It took Ganis quite a while to accept reality and slowly stood up.

Suddenly, a young voice with no joy or sadness appeared in his mind.

【Fist of Duel, this is the reward for you.】

The next moment, an inexplicable surge of immense heat erupted from the depths of his soul, causing Ganis to even involuntarily open his mouth and scream!


What on earth is it, so scorching, so blazing?

The sun?

No, it's something forever hotter, more blazing than that!

Soon, he knew.

This is the tremendous power of the primal fire from one of the Outer Gods, from the myths!

Blazing Heat of the Day!

Ganis emitted an extremely high temperature from his body, turning his entire body a faint platinum color, his heart like a pounding sun, constantly beating, and his eyes burning with intense flames.

As if the incarnation of the sun!

However, the clothes on this man were not affected by the high temperature, and this heat could be freely controlled.

Ganis tentatively reached out his hand and gently grasped the iron railing at the head of the bed.


The next moment, unimaginable heat turned the iron railing into molten metal, melting and dissolving it.

Ganis took a deep breath and tentatively exhaled a hot gust of wind at the room's door, just this wave of heat made the steel door blazing hot.

Even more astonishing, Ganis could shoot out scorching beams from his eyes, instantly attacking targets hundreds of meters away.

He tried to concentrate all the heat in his fist!

His body became increasingly scorching, and the energy in his fist gradually increased, as if there was a sun being born in the palm of Ganis's hand!

Ganis didn't dare to unleash it, afraid of destroying this place and causing harm to the innocent Persecuted.

It's too dangerous.

The flames in his eyes subsided, the platinum color on his body faded, and Ganis returned to normal.

“It's truly amazing... Beyond imagination, this is the power of the Outer God... Far beyond normality."

He realized that this power still needed to be developed. He hadn't fully mastered it, and was merely at the beginner level of utilization.

Is this the reward of the Savior?

Even though he hadn't reached Crown level yet, he felt that he already possessed the potential to fight against Crown level extraordinary beings!

It was possible to shoot him in the head with a single glance while he was off guard.

Ganis took a deep breath once again, feeling extremely excited.

He knelt down again, as tradition dictated, closed his eyes, and prayed to the Savior of Babel Tower.

“Great Savior..."

“I know that you chose us because we have an important mission."

“The possibility of saving the world... needs to be realized in order to become a reality... I will never disappoint your choice!"

The next day, in the morning.

Ganis woke up early, knowing that the ceremony was about to take place, so he went to the training ground once again.

He planned to train with the other Persecuted as usual.

In fact, after the major incident occurred, he knew that the ceremony would not be canceled, but instead would be held even more grandly.

On one hand, it was to stabilize people's hearts, and on the other hand, it was to pray to the Savior of Dark Light.

The Dark Light Church naturally attributed the credit for saving the world entirely to the Savior of Dark Light, and Ganis was well aware of this.

After interacting with the people of Babel Tower, he no longer harbored hostility towards all the people in the city, but he understood that the Dark Light Church, which established the ranking system, had to be overthrown.

When Ganis arrived at the abattoir, he noticed that something was clearly amiss.

Everyone seemed tense, as if an important figure had arrived. Even the familiar Persecuted only dared to lift their heads and show deference after his arrival.

In fact, a genuine important figure had indeed arrived.

Ganis soon saw two figures completely covered in impenetrable black armor, their heads adorned with towering visored helmets. They were in conversation with Keno, the half-dragon owner of the abattoir.

Knights of the Divine Blade!

Ganis's pupils slightly constricted, immediately understanding the origin of the other party - true important figures!

These people were the highest military power protecting the city.

“It's him!"

Suddenly, a servant at Keno's side raised his hand, widened his eyes, and pointed at Ganis, loudly proclaiming, "He's the one you're looking for, the champion of our abattoir, Ganis."

The two Divine Blade knights turned their heads and looked at Ganis not far away together.

One of them spoke in a cold voice.

“Sinner, you have been accused of colluding with the Witch Sect. Come with us now!"

Recently, the Witch Sect has caused quite a stir, second only to the Order of the Troublemakers...Knights of the Divine Blade have been searching everywhere for the followers of witches.

Ganis remained silent, standing still without moving.

If he followed the Knights of the Divine Blade, the ceremony wouldn't proceed as planned, and he wouldn't be able to break through the Crown during the ceremony.

It would be even more difficult, at that moment, to fulfill the agreement with the Profligate and rescue all the Persecuted from the abattoir.

Moreover, the Knights of the Divine Blade possess the magic to search souls...

It is completely permissible to use this magic on sinners.

Ganis knew in his heart that his connection with the Babel Tower was highly likely to be exposed because of this!

Ultimately, why was he reported?

Who is targeting this place?

Or perhaps someone is targeting the Babel Tower behind him?

This is also of utmost importance.

“What are you thinking, sinner?”

Seeing the motionless sinner before them, the voice of the Divine Blade Knight contained a hint of anger, and both of them slowly drew their weapons from their waists.