I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: World Trends and Reward Settlement!

Ten hours after the Doomsday Crisis ended.

Finally, January 1st arrived.

Today in the world of Noah, it is the Festival of Radiance.

From the 1st to the 6th, each day is a festival dedicated to a deity, and the first day is the day people commemorate the Heart of Radiance.

However, the Heart of Radiance no longer exists.

The Air Alliance, the City of the Highest.

This city has been the new generation "Highest City" for almost a century. Due to the strong tilt in policies and resources, the development of the Highest City has been extremely prosperous, and it has introduced a considerable amount of life technology belonging to the Night Union.

People living in the Highest City are mostly very comfortable, with low-level artificial intelligence permeating all aspects of life, and the level of medical and educational facilities far surpassing other cities.

Most people in the Air Alliance are eager to move to the Highest City, but it is not easy to truly secure a place there.

However, many people have still settled in this city or are striving in it, and the population of the Highest City is undoubtedly the largest in the Air Alliance.

At the scene of the Hundred Kings Assembly.

Legally speaking, the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire are the Imperial Guards of the kings. They are different from the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt Agency. The Imperial Guards are only responsible for the Hundred Kings Assembly and not at all responsible for the ordinary people of the Air Alliance.

However, over the years, since the new generation of "World" within the Imperial Guards has gained immense prestige and resources in external wars, everything has changed.

At the same time, many kings of independent cities have also been poorly managed and financially strained for various reasons.

As a result, they massively enfeoffed wealthy individuals who borrowed money as nobles, or simply implemented policies that scraped the land, leading to the gradual proliferation of low-level nobles in the Air Alliance and discontent among the people under their jurisdiction.

All these unfavorable factors have made these kings, whose debts are mounting, sleepless and restless.

Even though they lack money, the top families behind the kings still indulge in extravagant spending, with daily luxury expenses that are unimaginably high for ordinary people.

And after "World" gained control over a large number of colonies, some kings in the Air Alliance gradually began to follow the "World's" ideas for their own interests.

Suddenly, before many people could even react, the Eyes of the Empire, who had both power and wealth, gained immense influence over the entire political situation of the Air Alliance.

Thus, the "Eyes" faction was born.

Under the guidance of Mr. World, they united and implemented some policies that favored the Imperial Guards.

At the same time, many kings gradually felt threatened by the Imperial Guards. Most of them were led by the leader of the "Shadow Association", Ms. Peggie, who was nicknamed "Casket".

The powerful Imperial Guards were thorns in the eyes and thorns in the flesh of these kings.

United, they opposed almost anything supported by the "Eyes" faction.

The hall of the Hundred Kings Assembly looks quite ancient. It was built after the election of the former alliance leader and has been standing for nearly a century.

Similar to the design of a European opera house, the seats were arranged in five tiers from high to low, with each king seated in their respective position.

Each of these individuals came from a family that controlled at least one independent city. In fact, the eighty kings were representatives of the eighty major families within the Air Alliance.

Legally speaking, the two hundred and eighty-eight independent cities controlled by these major families were almost privately owned.

Kings were free to dress as they wished in their daily lives, but during the Hundred Kings Assembly, they were required to wear white robes embroidered with golden patterns of light.

The white color of the robes symbolized the purity of their bodies and souls, while the golden patterns of light were a tribute to Ailsa, one of the founders of the Air Alliance known as "the Demon of Justice".

At this moment, the kings had different expressions on their faces, and their seating positions also varied greatly.

They were grouped together, with different factions clearly sitting apart from each other.

Out of the eighty kings who should have been present, only seventy-six attended. The two absent ones, except for two unimportant individuals, were both significant figures.

One of them was Ms. Peggie, also known as "Casket".

As the owner of the Shadow Association, which controlled intelligence and underground transactions, Ms. Peggie was once the most highly anticipated candidate for the new alliance leader within the Air Alliance. However, she was still confined in the "inescapable world" of the "Tower" guarded by the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire.

In the recent invasion incident from the Otherworld, the Demon Hunt Agency discovered that it was a trusted subordinate of Ms. Peggie who provided the coordinates to Noah, an Otherworld individual. After the capture of this person, they immediately claimed that it was Ms. Peggie's assignment.

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This matter was extremely serious, if proven true, it would be treason.

Within the Air Alliance, there were few crimes that could completely overthrow a king.

Except for treason.

The kings in Ms. Peggie's camp were all in a state of despair and anxiety, speculating about their uncertain future.

For these kings, if a king supported by the "Eyes" faction were to become the leader of the Air Alliance, it would essentially mean that the Eyes of the Empire's Imperial Guards, or rather, the "world," would control the country.

How could such a situation be tolerated!

But apart from voting, they had no other options. Engaging in a battle of force was out of the question, as the kings could never defeat the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire.

Although the Imperial Guards were not allowed to harm the kings on their own initiative due to the Contract of the Air Alliance, they could still defend themselves and retaliate when provoked.

If they couldn't win by force, they had to resort to civilized means... but even that wouldn't guarantee victory. So what could they do?

Today, the king named Roon, who was supported by the "Eyes" faction, inexplicably did not appear on the scene.

This middle-aged man had always been the number one puppet of the "world", and many people looked down on him. However, they also understood that he was likely to be the next leader of the Air Alliance.

But he didn't show up today, and everyone knew the reason for it.

Today's assembly was just a formality.

The former leader, Yue Xin, sat calmly on the platinum-built main seat. This elderly person of over a hundred years old had an Eastern face and used to dominate the world a long time ago. In recent decades, however, he had become more reserved, rarely expressing his opinions directly.

He was the longest-serving leader in the history of the Air Alliance, and also the longest-living one.

After meditating in silence for a while, Yue Xin finally spoke:

“Firstly, I need to clarify something. The three Imperial Guards, 'Restraint,' 'Justice,' and 'Power,' died in battle and need to be resurrected through the 'Contract of the Air Alliance.'"

Someone muttered, "Why don't we just leave them dead?"

Another person sighed and said, "Why should we bear the cost of their reckless behavior?"

An indignant voice said, "We are not the Imperial Guards' power source..."

But even with dissenting voices, it did not affect the decision-making process.

Reviving the deceased Imperial Guards is a necessary regulation. Of course, in theory, the Hundred Kings Assembly could also appoint or strip someone of their Imperial Guards position.

Due to the "Contract of the Air Alliance," as long as the souls of the Eyes of the Empire's Imperial Guards are not destroyed or restricted, the kings have the power to resurrect them.

As a cost, each resurrection ritual forcibly consumes a portion of the kings' lifespan.

Even though most of them have special means to replenish their lifespan, the cost is still high, and they cannot turn a blind eye to it.

However, the current kings could only grumble, as they could not hold the actual leader of the Eyes of the Empire, "The World," accountable.

Yue Xin shook his head gently and continued:

“I have decided to exercise the Leader's 'Special Authority.' This authority can only be invoked when the Air Alliance is in extreme danger and on the verge of collapse... It compels the convening of the Hundred Kings Assembly to select a new leader."

The current situation is indeed extremely perilous, not only for the Air Alliance but for the survival of the entire Noah world.

This world.

Has already been targeted by the Outer God.

Coupled with the recent Otherworld army's siege on the city and the two massive crises that just ended, every king present remained on edge.

During the Otherworld invasion, the kings also witnessed the power displayed by the Eyes of the Empire in crisis, and they all knew one thing.

"The World" has already reached a higher level.

He has become so powerful that he no longer needs to reason with people.

The act of imprisoning Ms. Peggie is actually not entirely legal, but her subordinates, a group of powerhouses, are completely defenseless against the Imperial Guards.

Fortunately, "The World" still wants to reason.

The result of this Leader's election had actually been decided before the meeting began.

"The World's" puppet, Roon, offended too many kings, while Ms. Peggie, who was temporarily imprisoned, never stood a chance. In the end, all parties reached a compromised decision.

The position of the new leader will be given to a man who originally had less than ten percent support.

Leaf in Tatsumi City.

During the invasion of the Otherworld, he also made many decisive and impressive leadership decisions, earning admiration.

The current Alliance Lord, Yue Xin, is already quite elderly. It took him several minutes to calmly go through all the regulations of the Air Alliance.

He didn't waste a single word.

"I've said everything I wanted to say. Let's begin the voting."

Soon, the voting results came out.

The Leaf King, hailing from Tatsumi City, stood up from his seat slowly and was elected as the new Alliance Lord with the highest number of supporters.

Although the formal handover of the "Contract of the Air Alliance" has not taken place yet, the Leaf King is temporarily not the actual Alliance Lord of the Air Alliance. He also doesn't have the authority to appoint, dismiss, resurrect Imperial Guards, or manipulate certain hidden powers of the Air Alliance.

But he already completely identified himself with this role.

So, the Leaf King walked to the center of the several rows of seats in the Hundred Kings Assembly and delivered his speech.

The Leaf King also had an oriental face, looking frail and vulnerable as if he could collapse at any moment.

He had been sickly since childhood, and if it weren't for the existence of extraordinary powers in this world, the Leaf King would not have lived to this age.

With a gentle smile and a soothing demeanor, the Leaf King seemed like a harmless hermit.

Rather than anything else, he first spoke about:

“According to the regulations of the Air Alliance, Tatsumi City will become the new 'Highest City.' As for the series of planned changes in Tatsumi City, I already have a draft here. Once the Assembly approves it, the implementation will take place over the next few years."

Upon saying this, the Leaf King let out a sigh with a smile.

“So many years have passed, and I'm finally returning to my hometown... Although, as far as I know, this city that gave birth to me has undergone terrifying changes."


Night Union, the Tree City.

Professor Bai Lan anxiously bit her finger, her emotions unsettled.

She looked towards the enormous container, hoping that R21 would return as usual, but it was nowhere to be seen.

What exactly is happening?

The terrifying events that happened not long ago were clear for even the people on this side of the world to see.

The sudden appearance of the Outer Gods and the golden ribbon in the sky greatly shocked Professor Bai Lan.

The world was on the brink of destruction.

Despair permeated the research institute at that time, and Professor Bai Lan could only forcibly control her fear with medication while Huan consoled her.

"In the end, it was probably 'Rainbows' that saved the world, right?"

Bai Lan sat in a chair in the laboratory room, contemplating.

Just then, a familiar voice sounded in her ears.

"Nine Trees System prompt: 'Brain' is connecting."

Professor Bai Lan was slightly taken aback and then asked, "Brain, is there... something you want to inform me of?"

Although she was one of the Fifty Sages, Professor Bai Lan rarely had direct conversations with the "Brain" of the Nine Trees System.

It is truly too mysterious. No one knows what the "mind" of the Nine Trees System really is, and many people are not even aware of its existence.

A neutral voice devoid of any sentient emotion resounded in Professor Bai Lan's ears.

"Babel Tower."

Professor Bai Lan furrowed her brows, "Babel Tower." What does the "mind" really mean?

"A project with a total value of 5,000,000 points has been released. The topic is 'Babel Tower.' Please submit preliminary results within two months. The complete relevant data will now be transmitted."

Five million points!

Professor Bai Lan was completely stunned. In all her years, she had only witnessed the "mind" personally release a few topics, and never before had she encountered a project with such a massive point value!

She fell silent for a moment, rapidly reading through the relevant data of Babel Tower in her mind.

They are a mysterious organization that sees it as their duty to save the world. The leader of the organization claims to be a savior.

They frequently appear in Tatsumi City, a city of the Air Alliance, but they have also been spotted in various other cities around the world more than once.

They possess power beyond conventional limits and are suspected to have connections with the terrifying organization "Tower" in the multiverse.

Several hours ago, a massive global crisis was resolved, suspected to be resolved by members of Babel Tower.

They very likely possess the power to counterbalance Outer Gods.

In order to secure the safety and future of the Tree City, the Nine Trees System hopes to obtain the power to counterbalance Outer Gods. This will be the utmost priority for the new project.

"The Nine Trees System is 97% certain that R21 is a member of Babel Tower..."

The final piece of information left Professor Bai Lan in complete silence.

She had a bad feeling. Perhaps the "mind" didn't just release the topic to her as a solitary sage.


The time is brought back ten hours ago, during the Doomsday Crisis.


The first district.

The Temple of Dark Light, underground.

In the vast darkness, there was only one spot glowing with a dazzling white light.

It was a high platform atop the silver-white staircase, and above the platform, a pitch-black, ancient ring floated.

This ancient ring looked ordinary, but it possessed an indescribable mysterious charm. Anyone in the world who sees it would probably be attracted to it, even driven to madness.

Merete Chambers, beneath the staircase, smiled and took steps towards the nearby platform.

The sound of black high heels echoed in the silent darkness, and the witch at this moment was unhurried, akin to an elegant and proud cat.

She ascended the silver-white staircase step by step, approaching the side of the ring, but unable to come any closer.

Because, an elven elder in a black robe had appeared here without anyone noticing.

The elven elder remained calm and silent, and on his otherwise unremarkable face, there was an awe-inspiring presence that made it difficult for people to look directly at him.

Perhaps anyone in the world who saw him would feel compelled to kneel and surrender everything, as if in the presence of a true divine being.

"Witch, it does not belong to you," the elder spoke, his voice calm.

Merete Chambers sighed, squinting her eyes, knowing that she had ultimately failed today.

She had planned to seize the key to godhood during the crisis of the world's destruction, but ultimately failed to break through the final step, the final hurdle, the final obstacle...

Dark Light's envoy!

The black-robed old man before Merete Chambers was none other than the spiritual leader of the Kingdom of Dark Light and the Eruo League, the most esteemed and unique presence among the Dark Night Saints—the incarnation of the Savior of Dark Light!

Even a hundred versions of Merete Chambers at present would absolutely fail to shake this old man even a bit.

The witch smiled and said, "If it were the me from a long, long time ago, I might have a chance to defeat you and forcibly take this thing away."

The old man calmly gazed at her and shook his head. "The past is like smoke; you are already extremely weak now."

"I just want to become a god, that's all."

Merete Chambers' tone was neither humble nor arrogant, but rather very calm.

Thinking about becoming a god, she spoke as if it were a matter of course.

She would do whatever it takes to obtain what she desires.

Perhaps, this is what is called "greed".

"The Heart of Radiance has already fallen..."

The old man fell silent for a moment and said, "But if the world can be saved, once the rainbows return, I cannot let the other five deities be troubled or threatened."

"And if you were to become a new god, it would inevitably lead to you seeking revenge against the gods who betrayed you, which would be detrimental to the entire world... and may even lead to its true destruction."

A pleased smile appeared on Merete Chambers' stunning face, which, even though exquisitely beautiful, also evoked fear in the darkness.

"That hypocritical guy is finally dead, and I can feel it. I even feel like opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate."

"If that's the case, are you determined to stop me?"

A complex emotion filled the witch's eyes, seemingly brimming with resentment, unwillingness, and pain.

"Once, I saved the world, only to be betrayed by the rainbows. And now, I simply want to take back what rightfully belongs to me... Are you going to betray your master and kill me here?"

The old man fell silent for a long time and said:

"I will seal you within this city and let you exist temporarily in the form of a lowly creature, witch. Perhaps, a different life from before will help dissipate the malice in your heart."

"Overflow in the world, record everything!"

The witch no longer wasted words and summoned the Relic within her to use its power to escape from here.

In theory, she had a chance of success.

The power of the Relic of Ruin far surpasses that of a Civilization-level Relic, incomparable.

"Overflow in the world, record everything." It possessed many terrifying powers, one of which allowed Merete Chambers to use all the extraordinary powers she had witnessed at once.

Among them, the ability to escape at the Apocalypse level was also not absent.

But unfortunately...

The old man before her was almost universally recognized as the "strongest" in the world of Noah.

If the former "the Ultimate Witch" and "the Demon of Justice" were the peaks of their respective eras, almost god-like beings.

Then, this old man is the pinnacle of the current Noah world!

So at this moment, the witch doesn't even have the slightest chance to escape.

And she actually didn't really want to use the Ruins Relic to escape.


As the black light surged, the old man raised his hand slowly, his tone calm but not tolerating any questioning or rejection.

He stared at the witch and asked, "Of all the small animals, which one do you like the most?"


Bai Yan returned to the Tulip Manor in Annottales, lying on the bed in the bedroom, looking at the ceiling without saying a word.

He remained silent for a long time, until the arrival of the Festival of Radiance on January 1st.

However, there was not a hint of festive atmosphere outside. Although in the Kingdom of Dark Light, the holidays of other deities were insignificant, New Year's Eve was still a day that people paid more attention to.

But today was different.

Each deity represented a festival, but the Heart of Radiance, representing the Festival of Radiance, did not survive until its arrival.

Everyone understood that one of the gods in the "Rainbows" had fallen.

So it turned out that...

Gods could also die.

What kind of future will this world ultimately lead to?

Has the world truly been completely saved?

Will the "Rainbows" always remain elevated, immortal and indestructible?

Everyone has their own guesses, but nobody can provide an explanation.

There is just a vague and invisible but undeniable feeling of a "ceiling" called despair pressing on top of everyone's head, as if it could fall at any moment and crush all people in the world.

This atmosphere had nothing to do with Bai Yan.

He sighed, knowing that he still had many things to improve on, and the First Doomsday Crisis could only be considered barely survived.

Receiving an "S" grade evaluation could also be considered luck and opportunism in a sense.

One hundred days.

From one hundred days ago until now, in over three months, had he really done everything perfectly?

No, obviously not. His future self would also not be able to do everything perfectly, as it was destined.

But could the next Doomsday Crisis be prevented from being as devastating as this one?


Bai Yan made up his mind.

Although he couldn't say he would truly resort to "any means necessary," annihilate humanity, and prioritize interests, he had already made further preparations.

For example... he needed more "Gallard".

The current Babel Tower had not yet unleashed its full potential!

“I promise you... in the future, I will definitely bring you back to life."

Obtained 3000 legend points (converted to 3000 Source Energy Points)!

Completed the gold achievement 'Chosen for Eternity,' choose one Entertainment Card!

Completed the gold achievement 'I am the Savior,' obtained 1000 Source Energy Points, and the special item 'Savior's Mysterious Ring.'

Completed the gold achievement 'Pupil of Chaos,' choose one Mystical Power!