I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: The Glutton and the Evil Wolf

Glofield was not a supernaturally gifted being skilled in wide-scale attacks.

However, even so.

This overly powerful ancient devil lord still possessed the means to destroy the entire city!

Before long, Alan, Maryse, and the others returned to the battlefield.

Because there were many ways to protect himself, Alan emerged from the recent attack on the Haiming District without any substantial injuries.

But his mental energy was greatly depleted, and soon he would find himself in a state where casting spells became difficult.

Maryse looked especially miserable, with one eye blinded and her entire body covered in blood.

Her body was more fragile compared to the other members of the Babel Tower. Even if she immediately used the Relic to vanish, she would still be injured by the residual shockwaves during that action.

At this moment, Maryse was already in a semi-unconscious state, and it was Mu Ling who helped her back from a distance.

Meanwhile, Mu Ling calmly used the Sacred Runes to heal Maryse's injuries.

Amy, on the other hand, flew back to the battlefield. The battle suit she was wearing was completely shattered and rendered useless, with most of its functions lost. As a result, she had almost entirely lost her ability to fight.

But she wanted to witness it until the end.

This may be the place where the world meets its end.

Amy wanted to witness the end here... She took a deep breath, knowing that at this moment, all she could do was pray to the Savior.

Save us, please.


A colossal slime emerged from underground, roaring angrily. Transformed into an Arcane Behemoth, it possessed incredible vitality as it relentlessly unleashed various elements towards the invincible Demon Lord.

Bai Yan calmly gazed at the sky.

Under the relentless assault of various elements, Glofield remained unstoppable, completely unharmed.

It was incredibly unbeatable!

At this moment, the thought crossed Bai Yan's mind, "Come... Glofield."

My final trump card has been unleashed!

You are destined to perish here!


The phone vibrated.

"Game tip: The ancient god 'Food' has entered the world of Noah."

[The ancient gluttonous creature...]

The demon lord slowly raised his head.

Including Glofield, everyone present sensed an indescribable, exceedingly unique aura.

This aura was filled with temptation and savagery, brimming with the desire to devour and indulge.

Awakened the primal appetite within each person's heart.

"Oh no!"

The Scarlet Moon, who was already in a frenzy due to bloodsucking, went mad first.

She gazed at Bai Yan not far away, drooling profusely from her mouth, slowly crawling on all fours like a wild beast.

At this moment, her body also experienced liberation through bloodsucking, gradually growing into its most luscious form.

The once proud and lazy queen seemed to have vanished without a trace.

Perhaps this is the reason why the Scarlet Moon doesn't want to succumb to bloodthirsty frenzy.

The current Queen of the Scarlet Moon... resembles a ferocious hungry mother beast, devoid of reason.

Bai Yan also felt the summoning of hunger deep within his heart.

No matter whether it was the Scarlet Moon nearby or the ancient demon high in the sky, they all appeared so tantalizing and filled with hunger, tempting beyond measure. Even the soil and rocks on the ground made one desire to chew and savor them.

He wanted to bite into fair flesh, to suck the blood of demons, to bite and kill all lives, to feast on everything edible!

Instinct urges on!

But Bai Yan easily suppressed this impulse.

He understood that this was the unique effect brought about by the symbol of the "Conceptual Domain" of the gods.

Among the three types of deities – the primal deity, the symbolic deity, and the deity of belief – each "symbolic deity" possessed its own "conceptual domain," naturally impacting everything around it.

But Bai Yan had a clear resistance to these things.

After all, he could even gaze directly at the Outer God.

The other people at the Babel Tower, however, were not so fortunate. Especially those of lower planes, they could no longer control themselves and began desperately eating the dirt, trying to suppress a hunger that was simply impossible to suppress.

Bai Yan gazed at Glofield in the sky, feeling a sharp pain in his neck once again. It turned out that the uncontrollable Scarlet Moon had pounced on him.

She simply held onto Bai Yan's body and greedily started to suck his blood.

Bai Yan was really in pain!

He had heard that vampires could secrete a liquid while sucking blood, causing the one being fed upon to feel pleasure during the feeding process.

But whether it was the previous Scarlet Moon or the current Scarlet Moon, it was clear that neither had any intention of making things easy for Bai Yan.

He jokingly said with effort, "Thank goodness it's the God of Food, representing appetite and feasts. If a god symbolizing love and desire had descended, the consequences would be simply unimaginable."

But now, the Scarlet Moon could no longer listen to any words. She simply indulged in the delicious blood.

Even if she were to suck the man in her arms to death, it didn't matter... Even if her own heart became corrupted, it didn't matter...

Endless hunger left her unsatisfied!

Blood, blood, blood...


She wanted more and more delicious blood!

That presence, it arrived.

A colossal figure, hundreds of meters tall, gradually emerged in the center of the city, emanating an irresistible sense of power. The size of this "person" was even more immense than that.

...but even larger, as if it was synonymous with the sky, requiring all beings to strain their necks to look up.

Glofield had no fear in his domain, but for the first time in his life, he felt a distinct... sense of oppression.

It once again encountered a deity.

Glofield reminisced about the moment that changed him.

He found himself in a world of destruction, within the Pupil of Chaos.

There, everything plunged into chaos and distortion, becoming utterly meaningless.

Even the mighty Glofield, when he entered it, felt as though he had fallen into a sea of alcohol, writhing in agony, unable to survive and unable to die.

It didn't know how long it had been tormented there, memories fragmented and shattered, the past no longer held any meaning, even the concept of self had dissipated.

Finally, Glofield welcomed a new beginning.

It was chosen!

Become the Chosen for Eternity, the Pupil of Chaos! Conquer all the worlds in place of Him! Declare war on civilization and the gods!

At that moment, Glofield once again encountered the divine.

This was not the first time, nor the second, third... it had encountered numerous divine beings.

And so, they knew of their great power!

He was slender, resembling a towering tree, thin and fragile, far from the physique of a human. He wore a black tailcoat suit, and on his face, he sported a pure white, round mask.

He was the ultimate eater, the original cook.

In legend, the god of appetite, feasts, and gluttony was once incredibly obese, resembling a towering mountain range, yet unable to resist the insatiable hunger within.

After ten thousand days and nights, He finally devoured his own body until he became frail and weak.

In every person's heart, a mature gentleman's elegant voice echoed.

That was a voice from time immemorial, the sound of "Food".

[Master of the Babel Tower, this is our pact... From now on, my restraints shall be released.]

[Even though we weren't friends, we always had common interests.]

[May you complete this grand game and become the ultimate winner.]

[Or perhaps...]

[Now, perhaps you can no longer hear my voice.]

Bai Yan listened silently.

Am I the master of the Babel Tower?

To be honest, he was never quite certain about this, but he understood that he was definitely closely connected to the master of the Babel Tower.

He also understood that he could use this identity to make deals with gods and demons.

["Greedy eater!"]

[Forgotten ancient god, this is not your battlefield. Leave this world!]

Even in the face of true gods, this ancient demonic lord dared to resist!

Glofield suddenly threw a black and crimson lightning sphere from his hand.

This immensely powerful force, capable of destroying an entire city, struck the projection of the god, but it didn't cause any ripples.

The ignorant, the extraordinary beings, the deities... Among the countless creatures in the multiverse, these three have an insurmountable distance between them.

Their essences were completely different.

The distance between the Ancient Gods and the Apocalypse was even greater than the distance between the Outer Gods and the Ancient Gods.

At least in that moment, Glofield, the Chosen for Eternity, an absolute powerhouse that mortals couldn't overcome, also felt the helplessness he often imposed on others.

The gluttonous creature behind the mask seemed to be smiling.

The word "Food" stirred up hunger and longing deep within everyone's heart.

He whispered softly in people's hearts.

[Glofield, the unfortunate Chosen for Eternity.]

[You used to believe in the Colorless City because of the demonic nature, conquering countless worlds. However, you accidentally stumbled into the chaotic world of the Pupil of Chaos, twisted and distorted. Fortunately, you survived and became chosen by Him...]

[From that moment on, you could no longer find meaningful things.]

[Everything was chaotic and distorted, you knew this very well. The utterly void and empty you yearned for a fleeting moment of 'interest' sparked by extraordinary individuals. Yet, deep down, you fully understood the insignificance of tiny beings like yourself in the tumultuous and diverse universe.]

[Sad and sorrowful, the demons of despair, emptiness, and chaos had long consumed your will.]

[Now, let me taste the flavor of your soul.]

From His mask emerged a gigantic mouth.

This was a massive mouth resembling an abyss, filled with tens of thousands of sharp, snowy white teeth, capable of devouring the entire world!

Glofield finally let out a mournful wail.

The pain was etched deep within, causing despair at the mere sound of it.

Bai Yan on the ground saw it, a pale blue light emitted from the arrogant Chosen for Eternity's body, and within the soul, a large amount of blue radiance emanated as it began to disintegrate.

Like ethereal streams of pale blue galaxies, they gradually entered the mouth of the colossal divine projection.

Meanwhile, the extraordinary souls of the monsters that were swallowed by Glofield, originally intended to be transformed into the forces of destruction, also broke free and entered into the dimension of souls.

Bai Yan breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that now there was a chance for Holly and the others to be revived.

[You cannot do this!]

[I refuse to die!]

Glofield tried to stop the devouring, but he was utterly powerless to prevent it.

As the embodiment of the divine, the other party itself represented the concept of "devouring" in the multiverse!

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He had to devour the ingredients.

Glofield once again recalled memories of the past.

Since his birth from the depths of hell, he had been an incredibly powerful demon. He relentlessly plundered, slaughtered, waged wars, and both death and power grew day by day.

At first, Glofield, due to his demonic nature, belonged to the Colorless City of Outer God, representing "conquest and arms" and belonging to the "blade" aspect.

But in the world it accidentally stumbled upon, occupied by the Pupil of Chaos.

Everything changed.

It gazed upon that indescribable, forbidden-to-be-gazed-upon, incomprehensibly majestic entity.

All the concepts became thoroughly chaotic and distorted.

In an instant, it seemed to have lived through countless ages, its soul completely twisted, forever unable to escape its worship and fear towards Him!

In the years that followed, Glofield's life gradually became meaningless... After realizing the chaotic and distorted nature of the multiverse, Glofield felt the utmost emptiness.

It was a kind of extreme pain that would devour one's willpower and hope entirely.

Only in the moments when civilizations and worlds were on the brink of destruction, could it catch glimpses of something that piqued its interest, in the midst of those individuals who were engaged in fierce struggles.

I cannot perish here!

It howled towards the sky, conveying its will!

[I command you all!]

[Attack Him!]

Glofield issued a command to the Legion of Doom! A desperate struggle ensued on the brink of death!

It understood!

The divine projection "Food" before them was only enough to unleash a single strike!

Countless monsters from the Legion of Doom appeared out of thin air, charging towards the projection of "Food" like moths to a flame. However, in an instant, their souls were completely devoured and annihilated!

'Food' seemed to be smiling, and the ingredients were equally delicious.


These were mere drops in the ocean, completely unable to satisfy its terrifying hunger.

Even the mighty "Lye" and "Evolver" were forced to charge forward in despair.

The mark that could grant them infinite resurrection, also forced their souls to obey, thus they could only be devoured here.

Thousands upon thousands of souls were devoured by "Food", yet still unable to halt its insatiable appetite.

He seemed determined to completely devour Glofield before considering it over!


Glofield continued to struggle, sensing that the devouring speed of the other was slowing down.

Finally, even the two Civilization-level Relics within Glofield's body, "Hodell's Heart" and the "Bader Stone," were consumed by the almost endless devouring of the "Food" in place of Glofield.

Suddenly, the sky cracked open.

A tremendously enormous one-eyed creature, the "Fear," crafted from the remains of divine beings, burst forth.

This gigantic behemoth, resembling a mountain, had completely lost its senses. It opened its mouth wide, intending to devour the kilometer-tall projection of the ancient god, symbolizing the essence of appetite itself!

"Glofield, how could you have such a delicious scapegoat!"

In the tone of "Food," there was finally a hint of excitement!

In the moment when the two sides made contact, the "Fear" in the sky immediately began to disintegrate, shrinking as every bit of its essence from flesh and blood was absorbed to the last drop.

Even as mere remnants of deceased divine beings, they possessed a life force and spiritual power unmatched by mortal beings.

Finally, the projection of "Food" was satisfied.

The essence of the soul flowing out from Glofield's body came to a halt.

Its body shattered into hundreds and thousands of fragments, falling from the sky.

The sound of "Food" resonated once again in the hearts of the people.

[Our transaction came to a perfect end, right here.]

[Keep trying, strive and win your game... you, the fearsome Master of Babel Tower.]


The massive projection of the deity slowly faded away, leaving behind, in the end, a wicked, gloating chuckle.

The relationship between 'Food' and the 'Master of Babel Tower' didn't seem friendly.

Bai Yan fell silent.

Is it over?

The realm of concepts brought by "Food" vanished, and all the members of Babel Tower present returned to normal.

Alan fell to the ground, continuously regurgitating the soil he had just eaten.

Maryse, who was originally semi-conscious, woke up groggily. Surprisingly, despite her severe injuries, she seemed unaffected.

Amy had a pained expression on her face as she ate a portion of her tight-fitting dress.

Only in the state of "Dust of the Past," Mu Ling showed no differences. She possessed a willpower that surpassed human limits and successfully controlled her appetite.

The Scarlet Moon, without any restraint, had drunk too much blood and now lay asleep on the ground, completely still.

As if she were dead.

Bai Yan kept regenerating his blood to prevent himself from being sucked to death by her. During that period of time, almost all of his blood was drained by the Scarlet Moon in one go.

It can be said that Bai Yan completely filled her up, satisfying her hunger.

So, only one question remained.

Did Glofield die?

Absolutely not!

Bai Yan's INT still had a sense of crisis, as if Glofield was still alive. However, for some unknown reason, he couldn't sense where he was at all.

[Be careful.]

[It is still alive.]

He immediately warned the members of the Babel Tower using his psychic power.

For safety reasons, Bai Yan used the Mysterious Magic of The Reanimation Spell to switch places between his true self and the incarnation.

The next moment, INT suddenly sounded the alarm!

Bai Yan came across it... but he had no idea when it appeared here, obviously using some kind of Breath Masking power.

He was slightly surprised, for Glofield, at this very moment, had changed.

A completely different Glofield.

It seemed to be a massive wolf made of shadows, with six dark golden pupils, six long claws, and black wings sprouting from its back.

From the giant wolf's mouth, a pitch-black orb condensed, radiating a terrifying power that filled everyone with fear!

Bai Yan pondered unconsciously, wondering if the thing before his eyes was truly the demonic overlord, Chosen for Eternity.

The answer was a resounding yes!

This is Glofield's third form, born from the power of authority, deeply buried within his soul through despair and distortion, awakened by the Pupil of Chaos!

The enormous black orb in its mouth continued to expand, quickly growing to a diameter of several meters in the blink of an eye.

There was an overwhelming sensation that took one's breath away.

The power contained within this black orb should never be underestimated!

Bai Yan suddenly found himself completely immobilized, and not just him, but all the members of Babel Tower in various directions around Glofield were also unable to move.

He quickly realized the reason.

Under the gaze of its golden eyes, anyone who confronted it found themselves completely unable to move.

Deep Blue World.

He couldn't activate his abilities at all!

Extraordinary individuals, like Bai Yan, usually need to expend physical or mental energy to activate any extraordinary powers. However, Bai Yan could feel that, besides his intellect, all of his mental and physical abilities were sealed off.

That was the power coming from the Pupil of Chaos!

In this state, he couldn't do anything at all, and could only let himself be at the mercy of others.

The black ball of light in the giant wolf's mouth finally expanded to dozens of meters in size!

It seemed as if it had already gathered enough power to the limit!

It was over.

In the next moment, Bai Yan caught a whiff of the scent of despair.


A black ball of light surged forth, enveloping everything ahead. The figures of Amy, Alan, and the slime vanished completely within the shroud of black light, never to be seen again.

The land crumbled, the sky tore apart, and a colossal black beam of light burst forth, obliterating everything in its path - buildings, ruins, trees...

It surged out of the city, demolishing everything in its path, and pierced through a towering mountain that lay hundreds of miles away.

The intense aftermath of the explosive shockwave caused the earth to upheave, lifting Bai Yan, Mu Ling, and Maryse into the air.

As a result, they were no longer under the influence of the dark golden pupils, breaking free for the time being.

Deep Blue World!

Bai Yan quickly activated Deep Blue World, immediately assessing the current situation and was utterly astonished!

The devastating attack just now was truly too exaggerated in its power...

One-third of Tatsumi City ceased to exist in an instant!

Calm down, I must remain calm.

Even though three members of the Babel Tower were instantly erased, in the midst of almost despair, Bai Yan surprisingly became even calmer.

In the air, Bai Yan didn't attack right away. Instead, he activated the power of "Connection" and "Game" to gather information and analyze the situation.

In his eyes, a black mist and silver flames drifted.

In the next moment, Glofield's head was adorned with an elongated health bar and energy bar, as well as numerous values and a list of abilities. All of these appeared above him, thanks to the power of the "Game".

Finally, Bai Yan discerned Glofield's weakness in his new form.

Due to losing two high-level Civilization-level Relics under the influence of "Food", the effects and damage of extraordinary powers finally became effective against Glofield.

Although it became more mysterious in its abilities, and its attack and defense became stronger, it was no longer the immortal, invulnerable being it once was.

Even in its third form, its strength didn't weaken in the slightest. However, due to the absence of certain equipment, there was a possibility, in a way, of being defeated.

Glofield, with his enormous dark body, sprawled on the ground, appearing extremely weakened. Even for him, unleashing such a powerful strike would cost a considerable amount of energy.

Bai Yan took a deep breath, his inner anger and excitement intertwining.

"Now, let's begin the final strategy."

Time returned to normal.

Gungnir, like the Sword of the White Emperor, descended from the sky and struck Glofield's dark body as it landed on the ground.

The "dark aura" on Glofield's body was shattered.

In the next moment, without the need for communication, Mu Ling, wearing a black eye mask, activated Deep Blue World.

Once, ten times, a hundred times, thousands of slashes exploded on Glofield's body!

There was no blood, but a large amount of black mist was slashed open.


Its swollen body trembled continuously, and the sound of howling echoed through the sky, causing Bai Yan to instantly lose a large chunk of his health in his eyes.

The attack was successful!

However, Bai Yan soon noticed that Glofield's health was also recovering quickly!

It possessed the power of "super recovery"!

Suddenly, a tremendous scarlet flame rose from the ground. The Scarlet Moon, who had awakened at some point, looked emotionless. Within her, there was a power far surpassing anything she had ever known.

"The Scarlet Moon" in the possibility of being the "Fairy Tale Demon King" itself possessed the power of the "Apocalypse" level.

And after consuming a great amount of blood from Bai Yan, her power had noticeably and dramatically increased.

Even approaching the state of Mu Ling in the "Dust of the Past," she was comparable to the legendary hunter who had saved the world.

The reason for the vampire's consumption of blood is not actually for the blood itself, but rather, more importantly, to absorb the power within the other person's soul through it as a medium.

And the soul power from Bai Yan undoubtedly granted the Scarlet Moon an unprecedented boost!


The tremendous power surpassed everyone's imagination as the Scarlet Moon transformed into a blazing dragon. With a surging and overwhelming force, she forcefully launched Glofield's body high into the sky.

Bai Yan has summoned a massive Fire that Burns Everything, and the black flames have all landed on the "wounds" on Glofield's body.

Its original ability to constantly regenerate has also been hindered from rapidly recovering due to the Fire that Burns Everything.

Glofield, who had just weakened after unleashing a massive attack, finally regained his strength!

It suddenly disappeared.

It was an extraordinary power called "instant teleportation."

In the next moment, Glofield arrived by the side of Maryse, who was still in a weakened state.

A black and red lightning instantly coalesced and rushed towards the young girl!

"Mr. Profligate..."

Weak and struggling, Maryse reached out to the "Profligate" in the sky, her only hope placed in the hands of fate.

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, Maryse had already been moved away by Bai Yan.

At the same time, without hesitation, he swung the Gorgeous Moonshine, cutting through Glofield's body.

Meanwhile, the distant figure, who was nowhere to be seen, hurled Gungnir. A white beam of light descended from the sky, once again harming Glofield.

"Howl!" it cried out mournfully.

Until this moment, the black-red lightning burst open in an instant!

A tremendous burst of light blossomed, and Glofield's body vanished once again.

Not only did he possess the power of instant teleportation, but also the ability to make space jumps into the otherworld. This ancient demon possessed an extraordinary amount of supernatural abilities.

In the next moment, in various directions across the sky, over a hundred pitch-black Glofields appeared.

They all released black-red lightning.

Mu Ling had already drawn out the sword of justice from the shadows and swung it down, cutting through evil.

She resembled the goddess of darkness, twirling in the air. The enormous wave of black blades spread out in a circular pattern, reaching a distance of several kilometers, shattering the numerous manifestations of Glofield like fragile illusions.

However, a large number of black-red lightning continued to surge and bombard the ground relentlessly, numbering in the hundreds and thousands. Like heavenly thunderbolts, a single touch meant certain death.

Mu Ling disappeared into the dark dimension, Maryse had already become intangible, and Bai Yan also vanished into the dark dimension.

And the Scarlet Moon instinctively evaded the countless black-red lightning bolts with incredible speed, leaving no room for error.

However, a black-red lightning bolt grazed the Scarlet Moon's shoulder.

Touching it would mean instant death.

The terrifying power surged within her, and the Scarlet Moon, unable to contain it, briefly snapped out of her drunken and frenzied state. However, she gritted her teeth and didn't let out a single scream.

Glofield, with his immense pitch-black body, leaped out from a different dimension and instantly appeared in front of the Scarlet Moon. He extended a massive claw, attempting to completely erase her presence.

She took the lead and made her move!

Crimson blood and magical energy converged in the air!


The terrifying power directly shattered the pitch-black wolf head!

However, the black and red lightning continued to tear everything apart inside her, and the Scarlet Moon's body immediately started to shrink, gradually transforming into a young girl, and then into an even smaller form...

Finally, her body crumbled and dissolved.

When faced with death once again, the Scarlet Moon remained calm as always, seemingly relieved that she didn't meet her end in the form of a "mother beast."

"Next, it's up to all of you."

Deep Blue World.

Deep Blue World.

Bai Yan and Mu Ling froze time in two different "moments" that occurred within the same second.

They did their best, destroying Glofield's feeble and struggling body!

Glofield's body completely exploded, transforming into a sky filled with dark mist!

In the next moment, it restored itself once again, like a malevolent wolf that engulfed the world. Its eyes glared at the two of them with resentment and malice, extending its sharp claws that pierced through Bai Yan's body.