I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: The Fall of the God

An ancient covenant.

It seems that there was an agreement between the Lord of the legendary Babel Tower and the multitude of demons from Hell.

He could make three requests of the representatives of malice in the diverse universes, the terrifying race of demons.

This is an ancient covenant that applies to all demons, with the world consciousness as its arbitrator. Even the mighty demon lord Glofield, chosen for eternity, would be bound by it!

Upon witnessing the tragic state of Holly and the others' souls, Bai Yan became uncontrollably furious!

His blood was boiling, his eyes growing colder, as something within him started to unleash from deep within his heart!

Reason told him that as long as he could confront and defeat Glofield here, rescue the souls of Holly and the others, there would still be hope to revive them in the future with the power of Babel Tower.

However, emotionally, Bai was finding it difficult to control his anger!

He had always known the cruelty of the world, and understood that he could not protect everyone. No matter what, there would always be people who would suffer, endure pain, and face death.

The world where everyone can be happy is nothing more than a luxurious fantasy.

However, wanting humans to always remain rational is also a kind of luxurious fantasy!

Turn to dust!


Floating in the air, Glofield felt an unprecedented force, a binding from the consciousness of the world!

Infinite power surged forth from the ends of the heavens and earth, enveloping Glofield's body and soul!

It seemed as if it would completely crush him!

As the arbiter of the ancient covenant, the consciousness of the world compelled him to carry out the stipulations of the covenant!

"Oh no!"

The towering ancient demon let out a thunderous roar in the sky!

The terrifying sound waves howled, forming a mighty storm within a hundred miles.

Glofield was unwilling to be destroyed like this!

[I am the ancient demon! I am the destroyer of worlds! The Chosen for Eternity with the Pupil of Chaos! The absolute ruler of the legion of destruction!]

[Your covenant! It cannot restrain me from heading towards destruction!]

In his eyes shimmered a crimson light, illuminating the sky as it unleashed the most powerful force ever witnessed in his lifetime.

Just the swirling vortex of this terrifying power was almost too much for the physically weaker extraordinary beings, Amy, Maryse, and Alan, to endure.

The city was trembling!

As an absolute powerhouse, the Chosen for Eternity, Glofield, was not opposing everyone, but rather challenging the entire world!

Against the world!

However, his body began to gradually fade away, and even the terrifying power of the Chosen for Eternity was insufficient to contend with the world consciousness that could bind the gods.

In a way, this was the most powerful "immunity" in the multiverse!

Glofield's hands slowly turned into dust, followed by his bare feet and lower legs! Then, his shoulders, abdomen, and various parts of his body crumbled into ruins!

Completely unstoppable!

Did they succeed?

Even though it seemed like he was about to win, Bai Yan didn't let his guard down. Without hesitation, he played the remaining two cards.

He wanted to make sure that he could completely defeat Glofield!

This was not merely a personal grudge!


Suddenly, from tens of thousands of meters high above, there came an unimaginably loud sound. It continued without pause, leaving everyone stunned.

The golden ribbon that covered the horizon collapsed.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and silently watched this incredibly awe-inspiring scene.

The enormous golden ribbon, which had broken apart, turned into dust in the air and vanished without a trace.

The power representing the Heart of Radiance crumbled to pieces.

"Don't look up."

Bai Yan said calmly,

"Don't ever look up!"

He warned his fellow builders of the Babel Tower aloud, advising them not to gaze directly at... that entity!

Heart of Radiance, finally could not hold on any longer.

Even though they were both regarded as "divine beings" by people, there still existed an irreparable gap between them.

It was clear as day that the Heart of Radiance had exerted its utmost effort.

But it still wasn't enough to withstand the supreme power of the Pupil of Chaos.

Everything seemed beyond redemption.

A pair of enormous, incomprehensible, dark golden eyes filled with chaotic and distorted aura.

Part of it emerged once again from behind the crumbling golden ribbon of light.

Bai Yan stood tall upon the land, gazing at the colossal eyes, his gaze unwavering for a long time.

That was the purest form of chaos and distortion, one of the twenty-seven ultimate beings that couldn't be eradicated, causing the collapse of order in the multiverse.

He was also gazing at himself!

For some reason, Bai Yan suddenly had a thought in his heart.

He... surely knew the truth of everything, understood who he really was, and had a full grasp of what Babel Tower was all about.

Perhaps, this was the reason why He was determined to destroy this world.

Or perhaps, what He truly wanted to eliminate was himself!

After Bai Yan thought about this, he felt no fear in his heart. Instead, a wave of unprecedented courage surged within him.

Come, let's go.

No matter if you are an arrogant demon lord or an unbeatable evil deity, come forth!

I am right here!

I will fight alongside you until the end in this "game"!

A tremendous sense of chaos gathered within Glofield's body.

That was the embodiment of chaos and distortion within the multi-dimensional universe, even the contracts governed by the consciousness of the world were completely twisted.

Glofield's almost turned-to-dust body started to reform, emerging like an evil deity crawling out of the depths of hell, bringing with him a deeply unsettling malevolence as he was resurrected once more!

A new form!

His head gradually began to transform, turning completely into a crimson-headed devil dragon. His deep voice echoed in the hearts of every survivor in the city.

Like the tolling of a deathly bell.

[I am the undying Chosen for Eternity! The bringer of an end to your world and all things! The efforts of mortals are futile, here, embrace your destined fate!]

Its power has been greatly diminished, but the ancient covenant, twisted by the Pupil of Chaos' strength, could not turn it to dust.

Glofield revived, while the hearts of everyone at Babel Tower sank to the lowest point.

If the enemy had the support of the Pupil of Chaos' power, then they would have no chance of defeating Glofield, the Chosen for Eternity.

Everything seemed to have become preordained.

Just at that moment, a new miracle appeared!

Everyone saw it, for it was the divine radiance!

And it was, the hope that resided in the hearts of everyone!

All around the world, countless golden rays of light rose from the hearts of each person, reaching towards the sky, reuniting and mending the vast shattered ribbon of light that was falling apart.

Once again, blocking the gaze from the Outer God.

Deep within the hearts of every wise creature, a gentle female voice emerged.

[This was the end...]

[My final moments.]

[But I believe, this will not be the end of the world.]

Amy, sitting in her wheelchair, couldn't help but shed tears. She empathized deeply with the pain of the departing person.

Even though it couldn't be verified at all, for some reason, every person in the world knew something at this moment.

The Heart of Radiance, one of the Rainbows, fell in that instant.

She ignited her own soul.

From that point on, it ceased to exist.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and pulled out a palm-sized blue slime from his pocket. He spoke in a low voice, "Gallard, the time has come... Are you ready?"

"So, let's begin."

This was his second hidden card.

And then came the third card...

Bai Yan looked at Mu Ling, who was kneeling on one knee beside him, with a complex mix of emotions.

The girl who had been with him since the beginning at the Babel Tower, was now kneeling on the ground, covering her head, appearing to be in a state of extreme confusion.

She struggled in pain.

And this pain was self-inflicted, Bai Yan knew this well.

This girl had always admired herself as the "Savior" with unwavering worship.

But he would not hesitate to inflict pain upon her.

I'm sorry, Mu Ling,

Bai Yan's target chosen with the tactical card "Dust of the Past" in the game "Babel Tower" was... "Nightsaber".

Mu Ling!

Having experienced the first playthrough, Bai Yan knew that the Outer God, "Obscure Changer," required the hunter's legacy to carry out its plan. That is why Mu Ling's past lives were legendary crime-hunters from various eras.

Choosing her would not be wrong!

[Sacrificing for ants, in the end, proved to be meaningless. All that could be done was to delay a little time.]

Glofield, who resembles a crimson demon god, remained indifferent as ever, extending an arm covered in scales that resembles a crimson dragon.

In the half-empty sky, terrifying black and red lightning continued to gather.

That was the power that would destroy all hope and future!


Mu Ling tightly closed her eyes, dropping to one knee on the ground, as she felt the emotionless voice of a man resonating in her heart.

[The time of the world's lament has arrived, and the moment to save the world has come.]

[Nightsaber, awaken your past life and master the true power of the hunter.]

Her consciousness was gradually fading, as an unprecedented power surged in from another dimension, causing an instinctive fear and unease. It felt as though, if she relaxed her thoughts, she would be engulfed, her identity erased.

Of course, the Tactical Card "Dust of the Past" wouldn't have such terrifying side effects, it was just Mu Ling's instinctive resistance.

[Mu Ling.]

A female voice resonated deep within her soul.

Who was that person?

Why was she calling out to me?

Who is she?

[Mu Ling... I am, indeed, you.]

But who am I...

[You are the king of the night.]

Mu Ling's mind was engulfed in utter confusion, as instinct and intuition fiercely resisted, unwilling to let that consciousness flood in. Every single cell in her body emitted warnings, desperately pushing back against the intrusion.

If that consciousness were to flood in...

Then, the very essence of "Mu Ling" herself might vanish without a trace.

Perhaps it was her instincts pleading for help. In this moment, Mu Ling reminisced about many unforgettable memories, refusing to let go of her own recollections.

A joyful and hopeful childhood, filled with the selfless love of parents.

Fading family members, a fragmented family, and a growing up filled with loss and pain.

The conclusion of the past, a new mission, the acceptance and blessings of the Savior.

Everything was etched deeply in her heart, whether it was happiness or pain, she didn't want to forget.

These were the most tender places in the resilient young girl's heart, cherished as precious treasures.

Tears welled up in the corners of the young girl's eyes.

Finally, she made the decision to embrace this unfamiliar consciousness.

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Because this was the decision bestowed upon her by the Savior!

"Even if my personality and self were to disappear now... vanishing without a trace, no longer existing."

"But if this is the choice you have made, if this is the only way to save the world, then... I will accept it."

"I have only one humble request..."

Please, don't forget me.