I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Recovery Spring

The black mist swallowed Maryse’s petite body. When she regained her senses, she realized that she was already in the big pink bed in her bedroom. She couldn’t forget what had just happened. She hadn’t experienced the feeling of being protected for a long time.

Maryse sniffed and felt a little pleased with herself.

Just a little!

‘Listen! Maryse! You’re just deluding yourself. Don’t give in to Babel Tower.’ She shook her head gently and sighed. In the end, she couldn’t fool herself that she was about to submit to the Babel Tower.

She lay down on the big bed with a smile, lifted half her nightgown, and scratched her fair belly.

‘Power, reputation, everything is waiting for me! Hehe, I’m excited!’

[Psychic Dancer, you’ll enter the Babel Tower and heal your injuries in the Recovery Spring.]


Maryse froze for a minute as she heard the voice in her head. Automatically, she pulled her pajamas down.

She was not too unfamiliar with body healing because her family also had a special medical pool. As long as someone lay in it, the healing of their wounds could speed up. Since the “magic water” in the medical pool was extremely expensive, only members of the Augustus family were eligible to use it. Servants and guards were out of the question.

“So, even the Babel Tower also has a medical pool. So does this mean I can enter the Babel Tower?” Maryse was curious about how Babel Tower looked from the inside. She pictured the Babel Tower as a stronghold and massive magical tower. Covered with magic symbols, the electricity would turn anyone who touched it casually into fried chicken.

“So, how would I get there? Through the black mist?”

Maryse expected the black mist to appear once again. Instead, the “reality” in front of her began to shatter. The bed, cabinets, mirrors… Everything collapsed, separated, and turned into its most primal forms.

The world shattered and reformed in the next moment. She stared at it all until she confirmed that she was in an entirely different world from Noah.

There was a golden beach that was surrounded by white fog. The three suns in the sky shone with a gentle golden light.

“Where is the Babel Tower?” Maryse felt incredulous. If this place was the legendary Babel Tower, was she still in Noah? Could this be another world?

Who was the Savior? Some great being who lived from ancient times until the modern era? Could he be one of the Rainbows?

Origin, Might, Crown, Apocalypse, and Divine were the five levels of superpower in Noah.

Maryse muttered, “The Savior should at least be at the Apocalypse level. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to make all of this.”

The breeze carried the sounds and the smell of the sea with it.

She felt a seductive beckoning, then stepped lightly on the soft, warm golden sand.


Mu Ling let out a long breath. She was inside the Babel Tower again.

Again, the Recovery Spring… She was temporarily not qualified to go to other places in the Babel Tower, so she could only stay here to rest.

‘I’ll become powerful!” Mu Ling encouraged herself.

Over the past few days, she had been fighting the Black Star. Occasionally, she would encounter other cultists hiding in the city.

Finding cultists was a talent of Mu Ling. As long as it was something related to the Outer God, Mu Ling could sense it.

She walked toward the sea, as usual, knowing that the Recovery Spring inside the Babel Tower was an illusory sea and wouldn’t get her clothes wet, so she didn’t bother to take off her coat.

In fact, she still felt that the Savior might be peeping on her, so she felt nervous every time she took a shower and went to the toilet. But when Mu Ling thought about it calmly, she felt that she was overthinking a bit too much. How could someone as almighty as him be so perverted?

She walked over to the beach, and then suddenly realized that there was someone nearby and quickly looked at them to see whoever it was. What she saw was a beautiful elven girl.

The elven girl was only about 1.4 meters tall. She stood about a meter away from the sea and carefully took out her small foot to touch the water.

‘Could she be the Psychic Dancer?’ Mu Ling thought. She had also watched the follow-up video from Babel Tower and realized that in addition to herself, there was also another female member named the Psychic Dancer.

Of course, she naturally believed that there were more than two members working for this large and mysterious organization.

They were just pawns pushed around by The Savior. There might be many other powerhouses.

Mu Ling also discovered the power of the cognitive filter. The precautions she had been taking all along were useless… Although she didn’t have a cognitive filter, she was confident that she could hide her movements.

Actually, the villa that Mu Ling had lived in since she was young was not somewhere that the world could approach. Instead, it was hidden in the barrier. She considered for a moment, then went to her and spoke hesitantly.


“Ahh!” The little elf girl was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. She was so frightened by the sudden sound that she jumped!

‘Who is it?’ Maryse soon saw a girl come out of the mist.

It was a white-haired girl with an alluring figure. She wore a black trench coat, and the crucifix around her neck looked familiar. Her amethyst pupils glowed red. Bright, and quiet.

Maryse suddenly narrowed her eyes and stared at Mu Ling’s plump chest for a long time.

‘No, no way! It’s impossible!’

It was also Mu Ling’s first time seeing the elf girl clearly. In the video, she was a small pixelated figure. She had an exquisite and beautiful face, well-kept hair that was as fine as golden silk, fair white skin like milk, and flawless emerald-colored eyes.

‘Is she an angel?’ That was Mu Ling’s first thought. Apart from looking at herself in the mirror when she was just a child, she had never seen such a cute face in her life.

‘She's so adorable!’

Maryse heard Mu Ling’s thoughts and snorted inside her mind. She had seen plenty of people who judged a book by its cover.

She smiled cutely and said in a childish voice, “You must be Nightsaber. This is my first time in Babel Tower. I didn’t expect this place to be like this.”

In fact, they were actually about the same age.

“I don't come here quite often.” Mu Ling replied calmly. “I’m Nightsaber.”

‘So you’re not much more senior than me?’

“Nightsaber, do you know where the Recovery Spring is?”

Maryse looked around. She didn’t see any spring anywhere. All she saw was an endless blue ocean and golden sand.

Mu Ling said calmly, “This ocean is the Recovery Spring.”

Nightsaber impulsively reached out her hand to caress the little elven girl's blond hair, but Maryse avoided it.

Honestly, even though it was their first meeting, Maryse didn't have a good impression of Nightsaber.

She was only a pixelated character in the video. However, Nightsaber showed her real face, so she had more supporters

At that moment, Maryse heard Nightsaber’s thoughts.

[So I’m not the only new member. I joined Babel Tower earlier than her. I must protect her in every way possible.]

Maryse was slightly taken aback. She pursed her lips. ‘Well, I’ll tolerate her today'.

“Saber, have you met any other members?” she asked with a smile.

To Mu Ling, family and organization were similar and extremely important. As a senior, she naturally had to take care of her juniors.

She replied calmly, “No, but I’ve met the master, the Savior… He’s an extremely mysterious, powerful, and strict existence.”

[And he’s very scary…]

‘Yeah, I know that, too. Powerful and especially terrifying.’ Maryse nodded with great feeling.

Mu Ling looked at the sea in front of her and said, “As long as you walk into this sea, you will feel, um… very comfortable. Your body and mind will be healed.”

[Next time, I shall grab my bathing suit after hearing his voice.]

“Wow I’ll try!”

‘I’ll be fine. I’m sure she isn’t lying to me.’ Maryse carefully lowered her small feet into the blue water.

Suddenly her mouth opened slightly, and her eyes widened! It was a wonderful feeling, spreading from tiny toes to the body. It was as blissful as returning to her mother’s belly.

Facing the endless calm sea, she seemed to see a gentle and grand light rising from the intersection of the sky and the sea.

Unbidden, Maryse relaxed her body and soul then gradually, let herself be submerged.

It was as if she had become a handful of real water flowing into an endless sea.

“Mom..” Unconsciously, Maryse had shed tears. She found herself lying on a golden beach when she came out of her trance.

Maryse felt more comfortable than she had ever felt in her life. She had never experienced anything like this and couldn’t return to her senses for a long time.

She tried to step out into the water again, but it no longer felt like that.

“It's only once.” Maryse looked slightly disappointed.

Mu Ling had already come out of the sea. She sat silently on the beach and looked up at the distant sky.

There was a faint golden light in the sky blocked by the fog. Only a little of it reached the ground, but light still existed.

“What are you thinking, Nightsaber?” Maryse asked.

[Why is a little girl getting involved? Those damned bastards didn't even spare the children back then. It will be the same for her.]

[Even if she is an adult in human standards, she is a child even for elves.]

[This world needs change, and it needs salvation. And the Babel Tower will fulfill it.]

[I was fortunate enough to be chosen to take the place of those who should not have been fighting. To fight more.]

Mu Ling turned back to Maryse and said indifferently, “I was just thinking about what I should do.”

[Savior, please give me more strength… For those who need protection.]

Maryse sat up and stared at Nightsaber. She wrapped her arms around her knees and didn’t speak for a long time.


‘So she's not bad person.’

“I can…” Maryse wanted to say that she could hear her thoughts, but she suddenly felt nervous and clenched her hands tightly.

“No, nevermind.”