I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 289

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Chapter 289: The Final Battle!

Tatsumi City,the Haiming District.

The battle was coming to an end.

The intense battle between the four and the two ended swiftly.

The entire Haiming District, under the grip of terrifying forces, suffered extreme devastation and nearly vanished completely.

Justice gazed into the somber sky with its beautiful blue eyes, its gaze remaining unchanged for a long time.

This was her head.

Meanwhile, the body and limbs of this elven woman were scattered elsewhere.

The towering white lion-esque Orc named "Power" was covered in flowing blood, its body suffering from severe and brutal wounds.

Normally, each wound on the white lion's body would be so severe as to be fatal, but he didn't die from them. Instead, he defiantly gasped for breath.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The sound of the heart pounding was tremendous, like a thunderous roar.

Cruelty and Star had both vanished without a trace, as if the two of them had perished together in some dreadful force.

Timidity, half angel and half abyss, knelt on the ground, holding his head and trembling violently.

Death stood not far from Timidity, unharmed, but watched him on the ground with great vigilance.

"Your power is very strong."

Death never laid a hand on Timidity.

In a way, this boy posed a greater challenge than that insect-like creature.

But as long as they didn't attack him first, the problem wouldn't be too big.

As for the outcome of the proactive attack... Death calmly looked at the shattered Justice, who happened to be his sister.

"Perhaps this time, the death can make you less impulsive."

Power, the white lion remained silent, as the flesh on its muscular body gradually healed. It spoke in a deep voice, "Let it end here. We have no way to deal with him. Continuing the fight is pointless."

Death remained expressionless, merely nodding in a somewhat unexpected manner, as if there was a hint of surprise in its cold tone.

"I didn't expect you to voluntarily choose to stop."

The white lion fell silent for a moment, its expression growing unusually solemn. It said, "I'm not some sort of battle enthusiast... It's just that, for some reason, I always have a sense of foreboding... Haven't your instincts picked up on anything?"

"Yes," replied Death.

Death could also sense an extremely ominous and unsettling aura, one that made people want to flee.

If I stayed any longer, I would definitely die.

Upon hearing the other's words, the Timidity that had been huddled and kneeling in fear seemed to let out a sigh of relief.

"Great, I don't have to kill you... Ah! Ahh! Ahh!"

His previously lifted spirits suddenly turned into extreme fear!

As if some terrifying creature was approaching!

The white lion and Death both looked up at the sky together!

A massive, dark red lightning bolt descended from the sky as the mighty warlord of the Apocalypse Legion, Glofield, the Chosen for Eternity, suddenly appeared in the gloomy sky.

"He is the man we are looking for!"

In the white lion's eyes, a sudden surge of fiery battle spirit filled them. He took a deep breath, sucking in all the surrounding air into his mighty, otherworldly lungs.

In the next moment, all the wounds on his body vanished.


He stepped heavily, gathering strength, and the terrifying power caused the ground within several kilometers to tremble with a loud roar.

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Then the white lion leaped high into the air, swinging his fist, summoning the elements of wind, thunder, water, and fire, launching an attack towards Glofield in the sky!

As early as the age of eight, "Power" had already begun its fierce battles in the Otherworlds. Hundreds of times, thousands of times, tens of thousands of battles had shaped him into the most renowned battle master among the Air Alliance orcs!

Over the decades, the enemies he had killed barehanded were enough to pile up into a small mountain of corpses.

Until he was defeated by Mr. World, the white lion had never truly experienced defeat.

If we talk solely about hand-to-hand strength, perhaps no one in the Imperial Guards could match his power!

[Anger, determination, longing, meaningless power.]

Glofield remained indifferent.

A black and red lightning sparkled in the hands of the ancient demon lord, radiating an extreme evil power never seen in the world. It crashed down upon the charging white lion.

This was Glofield's gifted power, enhanced by revelation.

Deep Crimson End.

It was definitely one of the most dangerous "lightning" in the multiverse. The moment it touched you, your whole body would surge with a certain death.

Just as they had barely clashed, the black and red lightning instantly engulfed the sturdy arms of Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, and the White Lion. Soon after, it surged forth in other parts of his body.

The White Lion, strong and mighty enough to withstand countless spells, found his body completely powerless against it. All he could do was watch helplessly as this scene unfolded.

As the White Lion was on the verge of being struck down, Death decisively intervened.

He reached out his hand, and a darkness darker than night poured out, surging towards Glofield.

Meanwhile, Death's other hand withdrew a Civilization-level Relic from his pocket.

The Dream Feather, this Civilization-level Relic, is a pristine white feather that, when gently waved, can make someone's entire injuries vanish, as if in a dream.

"Stay alive."

Death's tone was indifferent, as if giving a command, aiming the feather in his hand at the White Lion.

Originally, the White Lion's strong and majestic body was on the verge of tearing apart, ready to explode. However, as the power of the Civilization-level Relic was unleashed, in the blink of an eye, everything returned to normal. All injuries vanished without a trace, as if it were all just a fleeting dream.

A dark beam of light released by Death struck Glofield directly in the sky.

However, he still stood in the high sky, godlike and demonic, resembling a reigning king, appearing unscathed.

After the confrontation, Timidity remained kneeling in place, completely motionless. He seemed to be so frightened that he had frozen completely, unable to even tremble.

"Hahaha! I made it through! Thank you!"

The White Lion knelt on one knee, panting heavily, expressing gratitude with great spirit. At the same time, he deeply understood the immense gap between himself and the enemy, a gap that seemed impossible to bridge.

Death nodded gently, but furrowed his brow.

"No, it's wrong."


The White Lion blinked in surprise. Then, he felt a surge of unstoppable power coursing through his body, which indeed felt very strange.

People called it the "Crimson Terminus," a sinister lightning with a terrifying power that could kill upon contact.

So far, the fate of those who have been struck is almost without exception.

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!" The White Lion couldn't help but let out a furious roar!

A few seconds later, a large number of black and red lightning bolts once again surged within the body of the White Lion, tearing apart his powerful physique in an instant. With a painful, agonizing scream, he exploded where he stood.

Blood and fragments of flesh splattered, and Death fell into a long-lasting silence.

Glofield's voice echoed in the timid hearts of Death, like the voice of a hellish demon, filled with absolute coldness and mercilessness.

[In this world, which is the "bottom" and the "foundation" of a diverse universe, like quicksand that brings all relics to this place, that is why there are so many civilization-level relics in this world.]

[When all the relics from the diverse universe have fallen into this world, the end will also come.]

The end... Death listened silently, without saying a word.

["I require your souls," said the voice.]

["Perish here, for all belongs to me," the voice declared.]

In the next moment, the soul of the white lion floated gently from midair. The soft blue light slowly drifted towards Glofield.

Upon seeing the soul about to be taken away, the economical Death suddenly exclaimed, "Stop!"

Only death, for the Imperial Guards, was of little consequence.

But if the soul was taken, it would indeed lead to unbearable consequences.

Suddenly, "Star" that had been missing all along appeared out of thin air.

In his black robe, he effortlessly swung out a piece of fabric resembling a galaxy. It effortlessly expanded a hundredfold, enveloping both the soul of the white lion and Death, like the night sky casting its darkness.

Glofield's side emitted several black and red lightning bolts.

When the black fabric was torn apart by the black and red lightning, both the soul of the white lion, as well as Death and Star, had all vanished without a trace.

Glofield slowly turned around and looked at Timidity, a member of "The Tower" not far away, with neither sorrow nor joy in his gaze.

[Do the members of 'The Tower'... Isolated, still searching for the true 'Tower'? Do you have any connection with Babel Tower?]

[This body should only be your clone, for me, it is utterly useless.]

Timidity remained motionless, not making a single move. It was only when Glofield finally approached that Timidity's body slowly collapsed.

Glofield never imagined that even he, one of the members of The Tower, could be frightened to death by the clone's vanishing body.

Glofield pondered for a moment.

In the next instant, he had disappeared without a trace.


The location of the Haiming District's arrival ceremony.

Alan blinked slightly, suddenly feeling an incredibly terrifying presence.

It was him!

He came back!

Alan suddenly looked up and was astonished to see a towering figure, possessing unmatched power!

Glofield silently floated in mid-air.

This ancient lord of demons possessed power that surpassed even the Legion of Annihilation. Even if the Legion of Annihilation were to be stopped, eradicated, or shattered, it would all be meaningless.

As long as the invincible Chosen for Eternity remains undefeated, all problems become difficult to solve!

[The Trustworthy One.]

[I shall bestow upon you death, as promised.]

[Offer up your soul to me.]

The voice within the heart is devoid of sorrow and joy, not even carrying a trace of murderous intent.

Only the purest evil!

He slowly raised his hand, gathering an unprecedented, formidable power. Black and red lightning continuously converged, accumulated, fused, and emitted a terrifying aura that left people breathless.

I am going to die soon.

Alan took a deep breath, accepting this fact with great serenity. He didn't close his eyes but calmly waited for death.

The Fire that Burns Everything!

He made his final stand!

Black flames surged forth!

However, these black flames didn't burn Glofield. Instead, they were kept at bay by an invisible barrier, something that protected Glofield's body.

Finally, the black and red lightning in Glofield's hand slowly descended.

Its color symbolizes destruction.

A tremendous force relentlessly crashed into the ground, moving with incredible speed, leaving no time for anyone to react.

The ground was lifted, shattered, and exploded by the black and red lightning, destroying everything, leaving nothing behind.

Glofield silently gazed at this scene filled with destruction.

[Babel Tower.]

[What are you, indeed?]

Alan blinked in surprise, realizing that his position had changed without his knowledge, as he had been forcibly moved away from the spot, narrowly avoiding the attack.

And the people of Babel Tower had already gathered around him.

The calm and serene Nightsaber, the domineering and lazy Queen of the Scarlet Moon, the alert-faced Psychic Dancer, the composed and collected Cybertyrant, the fearful slime, and the smiling Mr. Profligate.

At this moment, all six "individuals" have already gathered around themselves.

In Bai Yan's smile, there was a sense of confidence, as if this wasn't a challenging battle, but rather a journey towards ultimate victory with absolute faith in leading everyone.

"It seems like we arrived just in time, Mysterious Magic..."

"Thank you."

Alan nodded earnestly.

Bai Yan looked at the ancient demon lord standing in the sky, the powerful ruler of the Legion of Destruction, and could sense an overwhelming malevolence and mind-numbing fear.

But he continued to smile.

"The thing is, it became simpler... Once I defeat you, the Babel Tower will be able to successfully save the world."

Glofield also gazed at Bai Yan, as if he had sensed something.

[Babel Tower... Is its connection to 'tower' truly real? Why do you possess that ancient covenant?]

[Why are the members of the tower so persistently searching for you?]

[Then, is the deity you believe in the god of strategy and games?]

Glofield, with no emotions, spoke in an extremely cold and indifferent voice that resonated in the hearts of everyone present once again.

Without exception.

When faced with him, everyone present could feel a considerable amount of pressure and maintained a state of vigilance.

Mu Ling furrowed her brow. Of course, she had heard of the "tower", and she knew it was an extremely wicked entity.

Alan was also taken aback. Wasn't the major incident thirteen years ago caused solely by the "tower"?

"Why, would I hear about this terrifying organization again here?"

Bai Yan, on the other hand, breathed a sigh of relief. Upon hearing the mention of the "ancient contract," he realized that his "three requests" were also effective for the Chosen for Eternity standing before him.

Glofield asked once again.

[In the grandest catastrophe of the multiverse, the most wicked entity among the gods, the deity of the 'tower' faith... is it also your belief?]

Bai Yan's eyes were filled with a dark mist, it was the power of "Connection".

He wasn't the first to hear about the God of Games and Gambling, and he faintly felt that Babel Tower and "Tower" might truly be somehow connected.

However, at this moment, these questions were of no importance.

The most important thing was to defeat the ancient and evil demon standing before them!

Just then, Bai Yan was taken aback, and the black mist in his eyes revealed something within Glofield's body.

Those were the cries of countless souls filled with despair, trapped in eternal torment! There was no peace to be found!

These poor souls, each and every one of them, were bound by the grip of this dreadful Demon Lord!

What was most difficult for Bai Yan to accept was seeing familiar Night Watchers among them - Holly, Adelaide, Rien. Their souls were likewise filled with pain and despair, unable to break free.

A fierce anger surged from within Bai Yan, engulfing his entire being in an instant.

Always attentive to him, Maryse slightly puzzled, could sense the man's transformation.

He had never lost his composure before, but at this very moment, he became enraged to the extreme, reaching the edge of losing control for the first time.


Bai Yan, having already used two of the five hidden cards, didn't hesitate to unleash the remaining three hidden cards at this very moment!

He instructed the hidden incarnation in the shadows to unleash the "Dust of the Past" from the phone.

At the same time, Bai Yan commanded with utmost indifference:

"This is my second request... I command you! Kill yourself!"

"And thus, it crumbled and fell apart! It turned into dust that no one knows of, hidden in the deepest darkness! It can never be restored, until the end of the universe!"