I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 288

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Chapter 288: Offering

Tatsumi City, Platinum Zone.

One after another, the frequent and powerful earthquakes have caused most of the buildings in this area to collapse. Only a few extraordinary individuals have been trying various ways to escape.

They didn't know where ordinary people had gone, and they were extremely fearful and awestruck by the strange phenomena in the sky. However, deep down in their hearts, they still held onto a glimmer of hope.

Perhaps, there might still be something that could save them.

Perhaps, there might still be something that could keep the hope alive.

"How are you, can you still hold on?"

Adelaide pulled another colleague out from the ruins. This person's leg was trapped. Holly, with a dusty face, lifted a wall with her bare hands and was able to drag him out.

On the other side, the Night Watcher was tending to several injured companions, his expression filled with solemnity.

After the power of the Heart of Radiance enveloped the sky, the "chaos" that had been upon them began to fade away. The few individuals who had nearly turned against each other also became friends once again.

At this moment, hundreds of Night Watchers had gathered near the Demon Hunt Agency, helping each other. Some Night Watchers went around searching for injured people in need of rescue.

The original Demon Hunt Agency building no longer existed, it had long been shattered into pieces.

When the great earthquake arrived, some of the weaker Night Watchers were injured, and a few almost fell into the large cracks that suddenly appeared on the ground. Thankfully, the Night Watcher captains decisively stepped in and successfully rescued many of them. However, a few individuals...

Adelaide turned away from her unconscious colleague and lifted him onto the cleared ground.

"Big fellow, I have already stopped his bleeding, but he is very weak. Shouldn't there be some medicine?"

"Where is Black Vulture? Have you found her?"

Furrowing his brow, the big fellow asked in a deep voice. Holly and Adelaide stood there, frozen, after hearing his words.

After finishing his words, he took a bottle of light green potion from a nearby box and administered it to his colleague.

The injured colleague's breathing quickly became steady, and the alchemical potion showed remarkable effects.

He lay on the ground, his expression filled with pain and contortion. He murmured softly, seemingly uttering the names of his family members.

Black Vulture... Adelaide fell silent for a moment, slowly shaking her head, and said in a heavy tone, "We didn't find her... It's possible, she might have fallen into the rift."

Just a short distance away from the people, there was a massive rift, several tens of meters wide. It extended from one side of the ruins of the Demon Hunt Agency building, stretching for at least a few hundred meters, its depths pitch black and seemingly bottomless.

The group fell silent for a moment.

Holly suddenly felt a surge of inspiration, guiding her to look up towards the source of danger. Holly was slightly taken aback and couldn't help but gaze up at the sky.

In her eyes, there shimmered a mix of astonishment and despair.

"Look!" exclaimed Holly. "The Heart of Radiance's power seems to be fading!"

In the sky, a massive golden ribbon constantly swayed and crumbled little by little. They could clearly see a colossal rift, even larger than the city, steadily expanding at an astonishing speed.

In a little while, the multitude of golden ribbons that blanketed the sky would inevitably crumble and dissolve completely.

The power of the Pupil of Chaos would once again project directly into the world of Noah.

Holly's heart sank.

Could it be that everything was coming to an end?

The world was on the verge of destruction.

And all the things we cherished would cease to exist from that moment on.

"Really, is there no one who can change the outcome of all this?"


In Tatsumi City, within the Haiming District.

Cruelty and Timidity still lingered here.

A long black line extended from the cruel hand, stretching beyond the horizon, before slowly retracting back.

It seemed to be some extraordinary power used to perceive things.

Cruelty shook its head, and the three thousand eyes on its three heads squinted as it muttered, "I have been searching for the person of the Babel Tower for a long time here, but still couldn't find them. I'm starting to feel restless."

Timidity whispered on the side, "Aren't you always restless?"

"What did you say?"

"No, nothing was said!"


Cruelty let out a cold snort and muttered to itself:

"Hmm... Perhaps there is a reason why we can't find them. Could it be because of the power of the Pupil of Chaos?"

Cruelty pondered for a long time upon realizing this and suddenly said, "I understand now. His power prevents us from finding the location of the descent ceremony. Meanwhile, the people of Babel Tower are currently at the descent ceremony location, so we won't be able to find them at all!"

"Ah, is that so?" Timidity froze, looking puzzled. "But why? How can the people of Babel Tower ignore the power of the Outer God?"

All three heads of Cruelty nodded and said, "The power of the Outer God is not something we can figure out a way to break. Even the gods of this world probably cannot interfere with the progress of the descent ceremony."

"Maybe, in a way, this world can only be saved by people from the Babel Tower."

Timidity replied, "So that's how it is, no wonder the gods of this world have all given up... But what about my question..."

"I don't know either! Do you insist on making me admit it?" Cruelty suddenly turned around, all three heads roaring angrily at the terrified Timidity.

"I am also curious," wondered the protagonist, "is the ruler of the Babel Tower truly the God of Games? Even if it is Him, He shouldn't be able to break through the power seal of the Outer God, right?"

Timidity shivered on one side and said in a trembling voice, "N-No, I don't know, but, our leader told us to come to this world and find the members of Babel Tower, so we have to keep searching."

Cruelty let out a sigh and said, "But we will never find them, let's go back... Unless the power of the Outer God is banished, we won't be able to find the people of Babel Tower."

He fell silent, knowing that this was an impossible task.

This world will surely be destroyed.

Because those fellows from Babel Tower were too weak, they could never defeat the Chosen for Eternity, Glofield.

At that moment, a burst of white light appeared in the air, forming a colossal pillar of light.

Cruelty narrowed a thousand eyes, and after a shimmer of light, four peculiarly dressed individuals suddenly appeared before the two members of the "Tower."

Eyes of the Empire.

They are the impenetrable fortress of the Air Alliance, the Imperial Guards who have been defending this country for many years.

Today, the Imperial Guards arrived in Tatsumi City, including "Justice," "Power," "Star," and "Death."

These individuals had just come to realize that the previous relationship chaos was due to interference from the Pupil of Chaos. The Emperor was not their enemy, but rather a friend and even a mentor.

"Justice," a golden-haired elven girl, with fair skin as milky as snow, possesses delicate features. Her ears are pointed and long. She wears a modified white suit uniform, appearing as an energetic and lively young girl.

At that moment, her brows furrowed and she asked cautiously, "Who are you?"

"Why are you here?"

"Us? Hehe."

The voice of Cruelty seemed to be laughing, and in a somewhat intolerant manner, it said, "How rude! Before asking who someone is, shouldn't you introduce yourself first? Goodness! Why are high elves always such impolite and arrogant individuals?"

It looked at Timidity and muttered, "I remember a elven empire I visited before, where the empress remained arrogant even after I cut off her arm... It wasn't until I fed her children to the monster worms that her expression became a bit more interesting."

Timidity didn't answer, but simply lowered its head, trembling with fear.

The brow of Justice furrowed even deeper, and there was a noticeable anger in its emotions.

The other three Imperial Guards by her side were much calmer.

"Power" was a towering white lion beast-man, clad in a black, specialized combat suit. A wide grin revealed three large cigars held in its mouth, while its face bore many scars.

His exposed muscles were as solid as rocks, and his narrowed eyes were filled with determination and wisdom.

"Star" was a short figure wrapped entirely in a black cloak.

Outsiders couldn't see his face at all, but what they could see were two black chains extending from his sleeves, always trailing behind him.

He was an exceedingly mysterious presence within the Imperial Guards, with hardly anyone knowing his true identity.

Finally, there was... "Death."

The young man's almost bloodless skin was pale as if frozen for millions of years, and within his golden pupils, there shimmered a ring of Rainbow-colored light. Green flames burned, and his ink-like robe seemed to float on its own, as if alive.

The silent Death within the black cloak remained silent, gazing intently at the two figures not far away. It was clear that the members of the tower were filled with caution.

"Death," was an extraordinary member of the Imperial Guards at the Apocalypse level, possessing a terrifying strategic power that gave them a significant advantage in battle.

In fact, not all Apocalypse-level beings could easily destroy cities.

Whether one can launch large-scale attacks or not, and the strength of an extraordinary being... these two have absolutely no relationship.

Some extraordinary beings, while not excelling in large-scale battles or group fights, often have unique effects in small-scale or one-on-one battles.

And there were even some extraordinary beings whose powers were simply unsuitable for battle.

Extraordinary power itself is a journey of exploration, evolution, and utilization of the essence of the soul... Who said that the path of evolution must always adapt to battle?

The four individuals, along with the "Restraint," the five Imperial Guards, arrived at Tatsumi City in the first moments before the Doomsday Crisis occurred.

Not counting the vacant seats, there were a total of fifteen Imperial Guards in the Eyes of the Empire.

That means, one-third of the power of the Eyes of the Empire had already arrived here.

However, they searched for a long time in Tatsumi City for any trace of the Order of the Troublemakers, but couldn't find the location of the descent ceremony at all.

Not only the Imperial Guards, but even the Rainbow itself could not intervene in the descent ceremony under the great interference of the Outer God's mighty power.

Otherwise, the Rainbows might not give up so quickly, feeling such despair.

Only one deity remained, futilely engaging in "pointless endeavors".

Heart of Radiance.

She may not have known that Babel Tower had the opportunity to save the world, but she was well aware that her struggles were only delaying the progress of world destruction, without changing any inevitable outcome.

In the end, the foolish deities might be laid to rest along with this world.

Even so, the Heart of Radiance still chose to fully unleash its power!

Justice furrowed her brow, twitched her petite nose, and her eyes ignited with hatred.

"They all had a very strong, sinful smell on them, and Restraint died in their hands... We must eliminate them here!"

Without any fear, Cruelty nodded and said:

"Well, since we can't find the person from the Babel Tower, before we leave here, it would also be something I'm happy to do to deal with some arrogant pests."

"Don't! Don't, ah!"

The expression on Timidity's face became extremely terrified, crouching on the ground, body trembling incessantly, tears and mucus streaming down.

"Don't hit me! I beg you!"

"If I were to kill you all here, your family and friends would think about seeking revenge every day, resenting me continuously. What should I do..."

"I don't want to keep living a restless life filled with hatred and constant bloodshed... I'm really scared, please I beg you, don't lay a hand on me."

At this moment, the two sides in confrontation suddenly looked towards a distant location together.

A dark red lightning bolt descended from the sky, and the sky over the entire city gradually turned gloomy.

Justice and War Machine were both shocked, while Star's face remained hidden beneath the cloak, and Death calmly watched this scene.

"He has arrived!"

Cruelty chuckled and said, "Glofield has arrived! It seems that this world is on the brink of destruction. After the fall of Babel Tower, you will have no hope left."

"I can silently watch all of you die, but to prevent the power of the Outer God from affecting the main body through the avatar, I have decided to quickly kill you here and then release the avatar."

Timidity let out a sigh of relief.


He smiled very happily, his angelic face exuding an otherworldly charm.

"I almost forgot, after this world is destroyed, their relatives and friends will also die. That way, no one will come to seek revenge on me... In that case, I can just kill all of them here."

Justice couldn't bear to listen any longer and started to take action.

Her eyes sparkled with a white light. Suddenly, countless white flowers burst forth from the ground, transforming the entire area into a magnificent sea of blossoms.

And these flowers, when they touch Cruelty and Timidity, ignite deep blue flames.

"The flowers burned away your sins and souls, but the innocent ones felt no pain, while you all feared a death without a burial place!"


Tatsumi City,the Haiming District.

In the ruined residential area, Alan sat silently on a broken wall.

He looked up at the sky.

A golden, massive band of light covered everything, temporarily restraining the influence of the Pupil of Chaos.

At least, ordinary people wouldn't continue to die on a large scale because of this, and Alan found comfort in that.

The world was on the brink of destruction.

The gods in the story intervened.

No matter which wonder it was, each one was a rare sight for ordinary people, and in the Noah's world that had existed for millions of years, such a dramatic change had never occurred before.

He "luckily" found himself born in this era.

He might even become a member of the "mythical tales" someday.

As he thought about this and reflected on his "fortunate" circumstances, Alan couldn't help but burst into laughter, tears streaming down his face.

He quietly recalled the events that had occurred over the past decade.

Whether it was Bai Yan or Lin Bian, these people had a tremendous impact on him.

But for him to come this far, it was ultimately the choice of the Savior.

If only I could choose... how would it be?

Alan, for some unknown reason, began to contemplate this question earnestly at that moment.

"If joining the Babel Tower was a choice you made willingly, would you still be willing to join the Babel Tower?"

Suddenly, Alan's body started trembling.

His overly keen INT, at this moment, brought upon consequences, a primitive fear emanating from the deepest core of his being, gradually spreading to every part of his body!

Alan took a deep breath and looked towards a nearby place...

The source of fear was located ahead!

A certain malevolent force was slowly taking shape in the air, even the sky in this area was gradually dimming. Suddenly, a massive dark red lightning bolt came crashing down from the sky.


Amidst the roar of thunder, Alan felt his heart almost come to a halt, the immense sense of oppression he experienced was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

"How could it be?"

How could such a thing possibly exist!

He stood there, sweating profusely. If that thing was truly our enemy, could Babel Tower really withstand it...

Giant bolts of black and crimson lightning kept striking down, unleashing a frenzy of indescribable fear and malice.

A tremendously powerful ancient demon, bringing about ultimate destruction, descended upon humanity, surpassing the depths of evil imagined by mankind.

Finally, the last bolt of black and crimson lightning struck just a hundred meters in front of Alan.

The enormous malice overflowing from it continued to swell.

In an instant, Alan was spotted not far away and was immediately targeted.

At that moment, Alan came to a realization.

"Turns out, I was destined to die here today."

The sky had become dark, and from the dark red lightning emerged a towering figure, standing nearly three meters tall.

The noble robe, embroidered with numerous dragon scales, was pure white. The cloak flowed down to the ground. He had devilish black horns, pitch-black hair, a handsome human-like face, and deep, calm eyes.

Chosen for Eternity · Glofield.

An ancient demonic lord, the dreaded king favored by the Outer God, the sole spiritual leader of the legion, the destroyer of multiple kingdoms, civilizations, and even worlds!

In the realm of mythology, whenever Glofield descended upon a fresh new world, he would take on the appearance of the dominant race of that world.

This time was no exception.

Every time, Chosen for Eternity brought nothing but absolute destruction and chaos!

This time would be no exception!

"Did the Evolver, also die? This woman, who was the craziest, even thought that she wasn't crazy..."

Glofield's voice was calm, devoid of any trace of emotion.

Looking around, Glofield's imposing presence gradually distorted the space, as if he wanted to make this world submit.

He glanced towards the nearby descent ceremony, amidst countless scarlet incantations floating in the air, stood a human who appeared slightly frail yet filled with vigilance.

Alan had already stood up, looking at the towering demon standing just a few meters in front of him, his mind started to grow confused.

In an instant, the other person crossed a distance of hundreds of meters and appeared right in front of them.

Alan was astonished by the incredibly fast speed, or rather, could it be that he possessed abilities like instant teleportation or time freezing!

Glofield stood in front of Alan, even though he was barely three meters tall, the sense of oppression felt as if it came from a colossal ancient beast, instilling in one the urge to kneel down and despair.

He could destroy everything in just a moment.


Glofield's voice appeared directly in Alan's mind.

It didn't seem to have any emotion.

[Why dost thou not flee?]

Alan stared directly at the source of fear, something in his mind slowly boiling, his sanity on the verge of bursting. The entity before him may still be some distance away from being a so-called demon god, but it was definitely not an ordinary transcendent being at the level of the Apocalypse.


Completely different!

Chosen for Eternity, Glofield, a terrifying being who only appeared in mythical stories, the destroyer of many worlds, an absolute ruler and champion of chaos!

[Humanity, I sense that fear emanating from the very core, in every cell and organ of the body, trembling in dread, even in despair.]

[The instinct originating from the inner soul of your life is right, escaping from me is the only choice.]


Alan looked at the towering demon lord and smiled miserably.

"I couldn't escape, because the Savior of Babel Tower and Mr. Profligate, they both asked me to stay here."

[Because of a promise?]

Glofield remained silent for a while.

[Isn't it foolish to give up one's precious life for a whimsical concept?]

"I don't think so!"

Alan clenched his teeth with determination and loudly retorted, "On the contrary, I believe it is precisely because of these promises, beliefs, and dreams that our lives become precious!"

Glofield remained silent for a long time, nodding gently.

[I greatly admire this foolish determination,]

[Since that is the case, let us perish here. In the countless worlds' destruction, I have witnessed numerous things worthy of admiration... and yet, I know they ultimately hold no meaning.]

[However, as a reward from me, you may live for a little while longer.]

Alan stood in surprise, wondering what this could possibly mean.

Glofield gazed up at the sky, and his voice boomed like thunder, echoing in his mind.

[The offering is still not enough,]

[True arrival requires even more... people whose precious things have been taken away.]

Malice, in its gathering.


In the blink of an eye, Glofield's figure had vanished into thin air.

For some unknown reason, even though Alan was temporarily safe, he furrowed his brow with worry. A strong sense of foreboding had taken hold in his heart.

What does that dreadful ancient demon want to do, after all?


Tatsumi City,Platinum Zone.

"Breathe, keep breathing. Good, you will feel better soon!"

Holly was treating a female super beingine she had just found in the ruins.

During the big earthquake, this female super beingine was impaled in the lungs by steel beams, suffering a life-threatening injury. Yet, she still had some consciousness and looked at Holly with a desperate longing.

"Luckily, you are a super being. If you weren't, there would be no hope... Hang in there, you will get better."

She muttered to herself, stood up, effortlessly carried the unconscious female super beingine on her back, and decided to bring her back to the gathering place of the Night Watchers.

On the way, she kept comforting the super beingine on her back, feeling the passing of life.

"You will be fine."

"We will arrive at the gathering place soon."

"We can make it through..."

Holly paused, sensing that the woman on her back had passed away.

She took a deep breath, sniffled, and couldn't help but let tears flow down.

I'm so scared.

Indeed, I am still very frightened... does all that we have done really hold any meaning?

Does it really make a difference to keep saving people now?

The world is about to be destroyed, oh no!

Her petite body trembled, overwhelmed by an intense fear that threatened to consume the young girl with rabbit-like ears completely.

When she was little, Holly's favorite time was when she would take baths all by herself.

Because of their half-beast identity, Holly's parents could never find proper jobs and were unwilling to engage in too dangerous tasks in the Otherworlds. As a result, their home was always very, very poor, while Holly's siblings were abundant due to their racial traits.

So, her childhood didn't have any private space at all.

The birthday presents were something that each sibling had, the same things that they shared almost all of the gifts with each other, without having anything "to call their own."

And it was only during bath time that little Holly could find solace in her own company.

At this moment, she would be extremely happy.

When Holly grew up, she would finally have things of her own. Little Holly, at that time, eagerly looked forward to growing up.

One day, as Holly was on her way home, she suddenly saw a girl being bothered by a group of bullies.

With her innate powers, she had always suppressed her natural violent tendencies, but finally, at this moment, she rushed forward.

She easily chased them away.

Later, she would come to realize that the girl she encountered was actually the daughter of a captain of the Night Watchers!

The captain of the Night Watchers was a prominent figure in Tatsumi City.

After Night Watcher's captain found Holly at her home, she was sincerely praised and rewarded by him. As a result, her family received a sum of money.

With the affiliation to the Demon Hunt Agency, Holly's parents were overjoyed and even bought her a special gift.


Only mine!

My own gift!

What the gift is doesn't matter, nor does it matter if it's expensive.

She could never forget the envious looks from her brothers and sisters, and she knew that she finally had something special, a gift that she didn't have to share with her siblings!

This was a reward granted because of her kind actions!

It truly made one feel happy, shy, surprised, and...

Full of temptation!

With the thought of wanting to be praised and rewarded, Holly started constantly showing her "innocent and kind" side, while unhesitatingly striking back at the villains.

No one knew at all that she was just pretending to be good and cute, she would occasionally think like that.

If she wouldn't be praised, maybe she would remain completely indifferent when facing evil.

Holly possessed extraordinary talent.

Her power grew stronger, her physique robust, and a few years later she was specially recruited into the Demon Hunt Agency, becoming an official Night Watcher.

In the depths of her heart, everything she had wished for was finally starting to come true. Holly felt extremely happy, but deep down, she also felt a hint of guilt.

She was just pretending to be good.

Later, Holly, unable to control her powers and temper, was sent by the higher-ups to the Problem Squad, and she didn't question it.

All this time, Holly had felt that her hypocritical self being among the true Night Watchers was perhaps not a good thing after all, but rather tarnishing the significance of being a Night Watcher.

And so, she came to the Problem Squad with a sense of peace in her heart.

In that squad, Holly met the independent and unique Captain Adelaide. This fellow had managed to offend the nobles and was a bit of a fool, but had a really good physique.

Once deceived into working for a cult, the big guy was kind to them all. Despite being a strong man, he always reminded Holly of her mother... Sometimes it made her feel a bit uneasy.

Of course, being "innocent and naive," she wouldn't show this discomfort.

And there was Miss Black Vulture, who was always asleep and could never be awakened.

Sometimes, Holly would sneakily play the games on her computer while she was sleeping. The feeling of using someone else's things was quite fascinating.

Oh, by the way.

And then there was that fellow named Bai Yan!

"Bai Yan, Bai Yan, Bai, this guy has gone missing," Holly sighed.

Actually, she was the one who had initially suggested in the office to use Bai Yan's desk for keeping things, since he had gone missing.

She still had a strong impression of Bai Yan.

This guy always played with his phone, and he would often smirk with a careless attitude. Sometimes, he could be quite annoying, always teasing me.

However, Holly could be certain of one thing, that guy was definitely a good person.

Perhaps he himself didn't realize it, but Holly knew this... because whenever she heard tragic news about innocent people, Bai Yan's mood would always become low.

Unable to bear it, she thought, that is compassion.

And for some reason, even though Bai Yan had been missing for a long time, Holly always felt he must not have died.

Although she didn't have any convincing reasons or evidence, she simply refused to believe that this man had already died.

So she decided to place the extra clutter on Bai Yan's desk.

This man had a strong possessiveness and desire for control. He appeared carefree, but in reality, he never allowed anyone to touch his belongings without permission.

Perhaps one day, it would happen.

He would angrily jump out and push away the snack bowl and fish tank, then give her a beating...

Yes, there was actually one more person.

Holly took a deep breath.

That witch... Miss Merete Chambers, she was more complicated than she had imagined. In the end, she even betrayed the Demon Hunt Agency.

Holly recalled the proposition given by the witch once again.

She should have known that she wasn't an innocent little rabbit, which is why she made such a suggestion, right?

Ha ha.

Why did she refuse?

Even though she knew deep down that she wasn't a good person, she refused the proposition to purchase illegal potions... What was she truly trying to uphold?

From the very beginning, the "innocent and pure" goal should have only been about "rewards."

Holly also didn't understand why she refused the witch's proposition.

In the end, a miracle happened to herself and her family, and their lives were mysteriously extended.

Faintly, Holly sensed the source of this miracle.

Perhaps, it was the Babel Tower.

The Babel Tower is a mysteriously appearing organization in Tatsumi City. They claim to be the Saviors of the world.

However, the Night Watchers knew that in the world, there were many evil cults that claimed to be Saviors...

But the Babel Tower was different!

In the span of over three months, many things actually happened, and Tatsumi City was repeatedly saved by the heroes of the Babel Tower.

Holly became increasingly aware that the Babel Tower was a unique presence.

Perhaps, the Savior could truly save the world.

Holly, carrying a lifeless body on her back, stood still in her tracks. She looked up at the golden ribbon in the sky, witnessing its gradual collapse and disintegration. In that moment, she suddenly understood.

"Yes," she replied.

They, whether from the Heart of Radiance or the people of the Babel Tower, were giving everything, their lives, their souls... while she, on the other hand, had not given anything, only doubting whether they could succeed.

Like this, isn't it very bad?"

At least she had to believe, believe in the Heart of Radiance, and also believe in the Savior of the Babel Tower.

She smiled, willing to believe, believing that the Babel Tower could save the world! Believing that the Black Vulture, just like Bai Yan, was only missing, and definitely not dead!

What we are doing right now is meaningful.

In the future, there is still hope.

"We will definitely survive... Holly, don't you still want to eat Mom's hot pot one more time? Hold on!"

Holly, who had been highly tense all this time, finally relaxed.

"Hmm, let's invite friends to our house. It seems like I haven't done that before."

At this moment, she felt a renewed sense of hope and confidence for the future, and she was no longer afraid.

Holly slowly walked back to the gathering place carrying an unnamed body on her back. She knew that once everything was over, she would help Holly find her family.


She suddenly furrowed her brow and her ears twitched slightly.

She heard many sounds in her ears, as if there were sounds of battles... What could be happening?

Holly stood still for a moment, unsettling thoughts kept surfacing in her mind.

She immediately placed the body on the ground and then dashed out in an instant.

When Holly returned to the gathering place, the young girl was completely stunned.

Countless incredibly strange and terrifying creatures, some even as large as mountains, were relentlessly attacking the people gathered in the settlement.

Many Night Watchers were crushed and devoured, with no power to fight back at all.

Blood and screams, despair and wailing!

The horrifying blood-soaked scene unfolded before the girl's eyes, leaving her stunned in place, unable to comprehend why all of this was happening, only feeling a sense of unease.

"Really, how strange," she thought. "I had only gone out for a few minutes, but everything has changed?"

Why is it like this?

"Why?" she wondered.

"What on earth had happened?" she pondered.

Glofield, with his tall figure, stood not far away, his expression still calm and indifferent, as if detached from the world.

He had noticed the girl with rabbit ears, who had hurried back from outside.

As long as Glofield himself doesn't die, the world-ending army marked by him will endlessly revive.

However, after they come back to life, they become weaker due to slight damage to their soul essence.

This is also the reason why the puppet "Lye" fears death. It has actually died several times before and now, after this resurrection, only possesses the strength of a mid-level Crown.

In front of Holly, Glofield appeared like a demon lord. Behind his towering figure lay a malevolent sea of blood, with the sky devoid of light. There was nothing left but despair in the world.

[This is hunting.]

[It was also a sacrifice.]

[Your death is only the beginning.]

[When the ritual is complete, I will not allow any living beings in this city anymore. It is the despair and blood of the dying that will be the final step to fulfill the ritual of descent.]

Holly suddenly heard a voice inside her heart, but she couldn't make sense of anything anymore.

The girl simply felt her mind expanding, bubbling, bursting, as if the entire world was twisting and her vision became blurry.

She saw a large and heavy body lying nearby, its tall frame severed in two.

In his eyes, there was worry and anticipation, as if he was praying for himself not to return.

Adelaide was still resisting with all her might, but she couldn't hold on much longer. These monsters were incredibly powerful, and there were countless ones stronger than her.

Death was the only destiny.

Glofield's voice continued, devoid of any emotion, as if causing slaughter and chaos was the sole purpose of his existence.

[Half-humanoid creature.]

[You are angry.]

[However, this anger was also meaningless.]

[I will absorb your souls and make you serve me.]

"Oh no, oh no, oh no!"

Holly screamed out loudly, in a state of hysteria, feeling as if everything had been taken away from her!

Hope and the Future!

In the next moment, she clenched her fist tightly and leaped up like a bullet!

All the anger, all the despair, all the unwillingness, blood and power rushed swiftly into the heart, as the incarnation of ultimate malice unleashed a full-force strike!

[Foolish and completely meaningless.]

[But it is worth appreciating.]

Holly's face twisted completely, her once innocent and lovely appearance nowhere to be seen. In this moment, she was left only with anger and despair!

Glofield calmly extended his hand, gently waving it.


Holly's body burst open in mid-air, transforming into a shower of fine blood droplets, sprinkling the ground in front of Glofield.

An invisible barrier prevented a single drop of Holly's blood from touching Glofield's body.

Out of reach.