I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: "Queen of the Soul"


Maryse screamed in surprise, slowly crouched down, bowed her head, closed her eyes, as if she had lost consciousness.

Bai Yan stood by and watched the scene, without any worry about Maryse's condition, knowing that the effect of "Arrival of the Future" had already taken effect.

He was aware of one thing in his heart.

In the Babel Tower, among all the Core Operators, the most powerful and promising one without a doubt was Nightsaber.

But he didn't bestow "Arrival of the Future" upon Nightsaber.

Because, just like the rules stated before, the projection of a god cannot be summoned.

Before the Doomsday Crisis officially began, he spent a great deal of mental energy using "The Game" to examine the underlying rules contained within several Tactical Cards.

Bai Yan was taken aback when he discovered that within the underlying rules of "Arrival of the Future," there was a forbidden summoning list, and the name of Nightsaber was among them.

That means, in all the worldlines where Mu Ling hasn't truly perished, she will become a true... goddess!

Since that was the case, Bai Yan decided not to reserve "Arrival of the Future" for her anymore.

Instead, at that moment, Bai Yan bestowed upon the Psychic Dancer.

The Evolver continued to hover in mid-air, unaffected by the strangeness before them.

"Surrender, please."

"The power of the Pupil of Chaos is beyond the reach of the strongest beings in this world. Only you, the unique 'exception', have the chance to stop us... But even if you can defeat the 'legion', you will never be able to shake the Chosen for Eternity, Glofield."

She gazed at the humans and half-elves before her, her voice gentle and soothing, ethereal and light, like an elegant goddess instead of a destructive demon set on destroying the world.

"Join the 'Legion' and free your desires before the end comes, annihilating the diverse universe."

Bai Yan gazed at the life form of unknown race, the strategist of the "Doomsday Legion"... the "Evolver".

Facing the invitation, he simply replied, "Because everything will eventually come to an end, so why not indulge in reckless behavior and destroy everything before that... Your choice proves that the so-called Doomsday Legion is nothing but a group of cowards."

Babel Tower, to knowingly embark on the impossible.

Even though the invitation was declined, the Evolver didn't get angry in the slightest.

She remained calm and said, "Say whatever you want, but those of you who refuse to surrender are destined to perish here."

In the next moment, there was a peculiar sound of spores bursting, and two arms with deep blue radiance and vein-like tendrils grew on the Evolver's shoulders.

She swung her four blue arms, casting hundreds and thousands of deep blue blood around her.


The Evolver's words seemed like a command, instantly taking effect.

Deep blue blood fell onto the lush green grass rooted in the ground.

The tender green grasses immediately began to wildy grow, suddenly supporting their own bodies, and in the blink of an eye, they had expanded to a height of hundreds of meters, revealing multiple eyes on their surface.

The deep blue blood fell onto the surface of the rock.

All things have spirits; what drives evolution is the soul, not the physical form.

The stones, once devoid of life, started swelling and rising one by one, unsteadily standing up to form terrifying giants, bellowing constantly.

One by one, the initially fragile insects grew into gigantic creatures within a short period of time.

They roared, transforming into fearsome insect monsters, each with numerous eyes and tentacles.

Bai Yan gazed at the many monsters around him and could sense a significant level of danger.

All the monsters possessed battle prowess approaching the level of a Crown.

None of them could be dealt with easily.

With great ease, they were able to create so many powerful monsters. This "Evolver" from an unknown race truly deserved to be the commander of the mighty Apocalypse Legion.

Just then, Bai Yan and the "Evolver" both paused in surprise.

A tremendously proud, grand, and regal force suddenly emerged!

As if there were tangible royal authority, all the beings present were filled with astonishment and fear!

The recently born monsters fell silent one by one, unable to help but look over in our direction, and even felt fear rising in their hearts.

"I always knew I would be summoned to the past, but I didn't expect it to happen on this day... So, this is what it feels like to go back in time."

Maryse's expression had changed greatly.

She crossed her arms, standing in the same spot with a calm expression, while the one who had changed was herself.

With an incredibly arrogant gaze, she looked down upon the world, deep within which harbored an indescribable and enduring sense of profound sadness.

Maryse looked around, a faint smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

"Um, I understand now. The Babel Tower is currently facing Glofield's army of destruction... This is indeed the timeline I have experienced before, and I am very lucky."

The Evolver, she furrowed her brow slightly, sensing that completely different aura, feeling as if this girl had suddenly transformed into someone else.

"What... happened to you?"

However, Maryse paid no attention to her question. Instead, she looked towards Mr. Profligate, who was not far away.

Bai Yan couldn't help but gaze at her.

To be honest, deep down he really wanted to ask future Maryse numerous things about the future, in the role of the Savior.

However, Bai Yan knew very well that he couldn't do such a thing.

How could the almost all-knowing and all-powerful, mysterious Savior ask his subordinate about things?

He could only raise an eyebrow in feigned surprise and ask in a deep voice, "Maryse, what's happening with you?"

Maryse stood there, arms crossed, her eyes tightly fixed for a long time. The time felt too long, so long that it even made Bai Yan's heart slightly uneasy.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" he asked cautiously.

"It's nothing, I just think you look very handsome."

Maryse, who came from the future, smiled and gently shook her head, playing a little joke.

"Mr. Profligate, you might not believe it, but I am from a future beyond the future, brought here by the projection of the Savior of Babel Tower."

Her voice was calm as she continued, "I don't have much time, but I can help you deal with this 'Evolver.' As for Glofield, Babel Tower will have to figure out a solution on its own... That demon is indeed powerful, even for the members of Babel Tower in the future, they would still consider him a formidable opponent."

Maryse hesitated for a moment, then smiled and said, "Rather, it's better to say that being summoned here by the Savior is the best choice. The power I possess is probably of no use against Glofield, who is protected by the Outer God as one of the 'Chosen for Eternity'."

Upon hearing the previous words, the Evolver also understood the strange reason behind it.

But she didn't believe that the girl's future projection could defeat her.

"You may try to come up with a way to defeat me, but it is meaningless. Chosen for Eternity, Glofield, is an unbeatable being."

Floating in mid-air, the Evolver remained remarkably calm as it continued speaking, "He is invincible."

Maryse shook her head and gazed disdainfully at the Evolver before her. She calmly replied,

"There is no such thing as 'invincible' in the world, nor is there anything 'unbeatable'. He said it himself, even 'the end' can be eradicated."

"Those who are willing to believe that there are things that can never be changed are, in the end, just cowards."

The Evolver shook her head slowly, reaching out her hand towards the sky. The time she had striven for was finally enough.

"That's enough for now."

The army of devastation she commanded is about to descend, and everything will be destroyed.

The sky.

It cracked open.

Bai Yan furrowed his brow, feeling a sense of pressure seeping into every cell.

He took a deep breath and looked up as the sky began to crack.

"He's here!"

The army of destruction arrived.

Countless monsters descended from the cracks in the sky, falling like a strange rain. They piled up like mountains, too many to count, and in an instant, they had completely surrounded this place.

Each monster had a peculiar body, completely different from human form, with eerie and twisted features. There were even many colossal, crown-level beings as vast as mountains.

Roars, growls, and a sense of impending doom filled the air.

In that moment, the desolate wilderness had transformed into a nightmarish landscape. The sight of it alone would terrify and claim the lives of ordinary people.

"The Legion of Doom has arrived. With just the two of you, how can you defeat the Legion?"

Bai Yan fell into deep contemplation, wondering why, even with monsters surrounding him, he felt no trace of fear.

Instead, he felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness.

The source of this reassuring feeling came from a young girl not far away.

Maryse calmly watched as an immense number of monsters descended from the sky and transformed the ground.

"Do you know why I am willing to waste my time talking to a worm like you? Because... I am also waiting for your 'army' to arrive, so I can wipe you all out in one fell swoop."

She slowly raised one hand, extending several slender and fair fingers.

"So, become my people,"

With a size that was as massive as mountains, the monster uprooted the surface of the ground, preparing to crush the two in front of it. Thousands upon thousands of otherworldly insects seemed poised to completely devour Maryse.


Maryse simply snapped her fingers with a crisp and melodious sound.

The sound from the snap resonated, spreading waves, carrying the power of the soul within.

The monster, as massive as mountains, suddenly became befuddled, and thousands upon thousands of otherworldly insects were also left bewildered.

One after another, the infection spread, like a chain reaction. Gradually, both newly evolved creatures and those that had invaded from other worlds succumbed to silence.

They had lost their own souls.

Becoming the faithful subjects under the rule of "Queen of Souls" Maryse!


The monster, as massive as mountains, knelt down on the ground, bowing its head. Then, thousands upon thousands of monsters followed suit, without exception, all surrendering to the nearby, diminutive half-elf.

She was the queen of souls.

Controlling all living beings, the most extraordinary monster among monsters.

Bai Yan, who was watching this incredibly magnificent scene from the sidelines, always had a feeling that Maryse was secretly looking at him, although he couldn't quite understand why.

She seemed to have many, many things she wanted to say to herself, but she forcefully held back.

Witnessing a scene that seemed like a miracle, even the ever-calm Evolutionist was deeply shaken and took a long time to recover.

The Evolutionist remained silent for a moment before continuing, "..."

"Your power... is unexpectedly so mighty, and it possesses such strong mental strength. I have never witnessed anything like it before. However, as you know, at least it cannot control me."

"No, you are also my servant."

Maryse calmly took steps towards the Evolutionist in front of her, walking closer with each step.

"Surrender now, kneel down, and lick my toes. If I'm in a good mood, maybe I'll spare your life," she smiled.

"What an arrogant half-elf."

The Evolutionist showed no signs of anger or resentment. Suddenly, her body began to transform. After a moment of intense trembling, her skin started to sprout delicate shimmering scales.

"Evolution means adapting, and my soul can constantly evolve, thus adapting to all situations... Now, I have grown a physical part that interferes with the wavelength of psychic powers, so your powers will weaken when used on me."

The Evolutionist raised her limbs and spoke:

"Now, do you still think you can defeat me?"

Maryse, however, showed no intention of responding. She simply continued to speak to herself:

"Actually, I'm a little curious why the chaotic Army of Destruction still has a military adviser... Are you, as the military adviser, self-proclaimed?"

She squinted her eyes and said:

"For the sake of fairness, well, I won't let these monsters bully you. It seems like you have some secret to control them, so you don't need to worry at all."

Maryse's guess was correct.

In fact, every member of the Army of Destruction carries a very special mark. If lower-ranking members attack those who are higher in rank, the mark instantly triggers a power that causes the lower-ranking member to self-destruct and perish.

And, of course, those monsters who were forced to evolve by the Evolver couldn't pose a threat to her.

So, even though all the allies were under Psychic Domination, the Evolver didn't feel a hint of fear.

Maryse suddenly exclaimed, "But you're gravely mistaken if you think that I only possess 'Psychic Abilities'!"

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

In the next moment, Maryse's body swiftly moved in an instant, appearing right in front of the Evolver, with a calm expression on her face.

In her right hand, she held the head of the Evolver which continuously dripped blood.

So fast!

Bai Yan was briefly taken aback, even he hadn't caught a clear glimpse of Maryse's movement just now.

Just how fast had she accelerated herself to?

Maryse's delicate body should have been shattered into pieces by such high-speed movement, but she herself seemed completely unaffected by the acceleration.

Bai Yan also blinked in surprise, even if his proficiency in "Deep Red - Divine Punishment" was one hundred percent, he shouldn't be able to achieve this feat.

How did Maryse manage to do it?

He couldn't comprehend Maryse's state of power possession, so he could only ponder silently.

Maryse held the severed head in her hands, smiling.

"Oh? You're not dead yet?"

The Evolver didn't die.

She was not human, not even her head was vulnerable.

The body that floated in mid-air didn't fall down, instead it continued to wriggle incessantly.

Rapid evolution!

In an instant, a new head sprouted on the Evolver's neck, while several arms grew back from its chest. Each palm of its arms had a special cavity.

All of the arms aimed at Maryse together.


With a cry, an invisible shockwave swept in front of Maryse.

But in the next moment, Maryse vanished without a trace.

She wielded the power of Deep Red - Divine Punishment, evading attacks as if she could teleport, the shockwave sweeping across the land and reducing dozens of monsters to ashes in an instant.

"Oh, since ordinary methods can't kill you, let me try something different then."

Maryse continued to smile, calmly discarding the useless head in her hands.

She stuck out her tongue and licked the deep blue blood.

"Hehe, you still have some good qualities, the smell of your blood is so delicious, like blueberry ice cream."

"I have developed psychic powers,"

The Evolver showed no sadness or happiness, seemingly devoid of emotions. With both hands joined together, under the immense psychic power, numerous rocks and mountains around them rose from the ground and instantly attacked Maryse.


In the next instant, Maryse nonchalantly snapped her fingers.

"Stay still."

All the rocks and mountains remained motionless in mid-air, while the distant Evolver was also unable to move.

"This is the power of the Peaceful Songstress... I probably don't have it yet... How about now? Do you feel scared?"

"Oh, you know nothing now, and you can't even think about evolving again."

She slowly placed her hand on the Evolver's belly and said thoughtfully:

"If we continue fighting, it seems that all the 'same moves' would be ineffective against you. Your evolution should be conditional, requiring external stimulation... If it drags on, you should become powerful to a terrifying extent."

"But I don't intend to delay anymore, I don't have time left."

Deep Red - Divine Punishment.

In the next moment, the Evolver's body burst open in all directions, shattering into a rain of deep blue blood that filled the sky.

Bai Yan truly smelled a rich blueberry fragrance...

Maryse smiled as she waited patiently, but the Evolver didn't revive again, even after a long while.

"Okay, it seems like she really died, even the emotional response has vanished."

The Evolver is actually very powerful, with a theoretical upper limit of strength that may even exceed the Head of Destruction, who is also a subordinate of the Apocalypse.

But there was only one reason why she would quickly meet her downfall.

That is because the "Queen of Hearts" possessed even more terrifying and extraordinary powers!

Afterwards, she turned her gaze towards Profligate who had been silently watching the battle on the side.

"Please have a seat."

Just then, Maryse looked towards the creatures kneeling around her.

"By the way, these things are still unresolved. After I leave, they will pose a great threat to the Babel Tower."

Maryse snapped her fingers once again, her voice cold and merciless.

"Fight each other."

A very eerie and terrifying scene unfolded.

Countless monsters rose up and roared, crazily fighting each other.

Perhaps, this was one of the most absurd and terrifying spectacles in the history of Noah's world.

Massive limbs flew hundreds of meters, blood flowing like rivers. Amidst the roar and howl, the savage number of lives began rapidly decreasing one by one.

The true monster's hell.


In such a terrifying and brutal "scene," Maryse and Bai Yan sat calmly on the ground, silently watching it all.

Just like watching a bloody and violent movie, the two of them, so close to each other, remained unwavering.

"What will the future be like?" asked Bai Yan.

"I don't know."

Maryse shook her head and explained helplessly,

"There are countless timelines in the world, and although the ultimate end point is 'the end', which leads to nothingness, the future that you may reach before that is endless."

"So, I also don't know what your future will be like."

Bai Yan nodded gently and rephrased the question.

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"So, what is the future where you are like? I'm very curious, Maryse."

Maryse opened her mouth slightly and fell silent for a long time, her eyes filled with complex emotions.

"Not much."

She seemed unsure of how to answer the question and could only change the subject.

"As long as there is one timeline that succeeds, then in all the worlds of all the timelines, the infinite multiverse will be saved."

Maryse took a deep breath and continued, saying:

"In my future, Mu Ling, Scarlet Moon, Rowen, Mu, and Broken Sword..."

"All of us in Babel Tower believe wholeheartedly that the Savior will successfully save the world. He will guide us towards a future full of hope."

She paused for a moment and looked into the distance.

"The angry hero raised his sword and charged towards the unbeatable dragon, ultimately saving the innocent and the good. We are willing to believe the story of the Babel Tower, but only as a story, nothing more."


The giant ant collapsed to the ground with a thud, and green slime from its broken body nearly splattered onto Bai Yan's face. Thousands of battling monsters turned the wilderness into a complete hell on earth.

He remained silent for a while, unsure how to speak in the eerie atmosphere.

"Maryse, actually I really want to know..."

"Hmm? What is going on here, in this place? Ahh! So many monsters! Darn it, darn it, darn it!"

Maryse suddenly let out a loud scream, becoming pale with fright at the sight before her.

Bai Yan paused for a moment, then smiled gently.

He reached out and gently touched her head.

"Don't be afraid."

Maryse stood frozen, feeling a bit helpless.

She had a thought of wanting to remove the hand on her head, but also many thoughts of not wanting to move it.

"No matter what kind of future it may be, you will be safe."

"Because, I am right here."