I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 286

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Chapter 286: Summoning the Future!

A few minutes ago.

Tatsumi City,Platinum Zone.

The underground palace.

The body of the Head of Destruction was tremendously massive, yet moved at a speed unimaginable to ordinary people.

He could instantly transform himself into a gaseous state, moving as swiftly as a gust of wind!

"Die! Hahaha!"

The Head of Destruction laughed loudly, swiftly swinging the heavy hammer in his hand, and smashed it down towards the young man in front of him.

The raging wind danced along, as if the terrifying power was materializing and roaring.

Bai Yan calmly watched this scene, without a trace of fear in his heart. Instead, he started thinking about other things.

Deep Blue World.

"Fist of Duel" was already in danger.

Bai Yan, while freezing time, pondered on what to do.

Things had come to this point, and he could only help "Fist of Duel" and "Fusion Slime" while battling the colossal creature before him.

"Hmm, we need to find a solution for you quickly."

Gorgeous Moonshine.

Time had not yet returned to normal as Bai Yan gently wielded the silver longsword in his hand.

It transformed into liquid silver flowing, resembling the radiant moonlight, as it struck down upon the fearsome creature before him!

Even a civilization-level relic can have varying degrees of strength.

Using the "Scourge of War," Bai Yan wielded the Gorgeous Moonshine, an undoubtedly powerful weapon among the civilization-level relics! Even though the "Scourge" may not possess the same strength as the original version, it remains highly practical and useful!

"No foe could escape his blade."

This was the Civilization-level Relic, Gorgeous Moonshine, that the Ultimate Witch had once used.

The silver moonlight sliced through the flesh!

They ventured deeper and deeper!

The Head of Destruction was immensely colossal, fortified with enhanced strength, and Mu Ling, despite exerting all her might, could not shake its formidable body. However, it was effortlessly cleaved apart by Bai Yan's sword.

It split in two!

The frozen world returned to normal.

"Darn little rascal!"

The Head of Destruction, upon discovering the changes in its body, roared loudly.

His immense body was thus severed by Bai Yan's "Radiant Moonlight"!

Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon were both extremely shocked to see this scene.

They all knew that Profligate was powerful, but they never expected that he could sever an extraordinary being of the Apocalypse level with just one strike.

This man was truly stronger than expected.

And Mu Ling cared a lot about something.

Sure enough, Profligate possessed extraordinary powers similar to his own.

It should be the bestowal of the Saviors.

However, the Head of Destruction had an incredibly strong vitality; severing him didn't result in his death.

In the next moment, something extremely terrifying happened. Even when his body was cut in half, he didn't die immediately. Instead, he transformed into a gaseous state and reformed.

There were no longer any injuries.


The Head of Destruction, completely unharmed, chuckled ominously, his tone filled with mockery towards the feeble.

"I am an immortal monster, I am the most terrifying monster, your weak power cannot defeat me at all! Helpless! Hopeless! You ants!"

The Head of Destruction, who claimed to be the most terrifying monster, stepped forward with gigantic strides. The palace quivered beside him, and the air grew increasingly scorching.

"Die! This is my grand funeral gift to all of you!"

He opened his arms, his body continuously expanding, burning hot, until it finally shattered into pieces.

A continuous flow of fiery red magma burst out from within him, instantly flooding the palace like a rushing sea.

The power of material transformation is extremely terrifying.

In a way, this is the power of the Creator to command the world.

In the hands of an Apocalypse-level transcendent being, they were almost omnipotent.

In an instant, scorching magma engulfed the magnificent throne within the palace, the sturdy and dignified stone pillars. The intense heat seemed to symbolize "destruction" itself as it quickly approached the three individuals present.

Mu Ling furrowed her brows deeply, muttering to herself,

"He actually turned himself and the surrounding air and rocks into magma... How can you possibly kill magma?"

The next moment, she waved the sword in her hand, using a Rainbow to counteract the surging magma in front of her.

Mu Ling soared into the ceiling as the unicorn let out a neigh.

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The Scarlet Moon, on the other hand, remained completely unflinching, only able to calmly gaze as the magma surged towards her.

The heat of the magma ranged between 700 and 1200 degrees Celsius, and although the intensity would cause the Scarlet Moon's body to be torn and wounded, it wouldn't be fatal.

However, the Scarlet Moon didn't know how to defeat an enemy that could constantly change its form.

Among the people present at that moment, only Bai Yan knew what to do.

Can we kill the magma?

There is a solution after all!

Even if the enemy can incarnate into everything, there is a kind of power that can reduce them to ashes!

Black flames burned, slowly rising in Bai Yan's palm, giving birth to an intensely twisted aura.

It landed on the magma.

An extremely peculiar scene unfolded. The black flames began to devour and burn the magma incessantly. The sea-like magma surged towards Bai Yan and the Scarlet Moon, incessantly boiling, struggling, and distorting.

The flames are burning in the magma!

After releasing the Mystical Power, Bai Yan immediately used a spell to make himself float above the magma, avoiding being burned by the fire.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet Moon calmly gathered the power of Scarlet Blood within the magma, bravely enduring the terrifying heat with her strong body.

The pitch-black Fire that Burns Everything surged rapidly and incessantly, gradually burning away the magma until it disappeared without a trace.

The Head of Destruction was finally forced into humanoid form, wailing amidst the Fire that Burns Everything.


The Head of Destruction, covered in a multitude of black flames, was continually consumed and eroded. It relentlessly tried changing into different forms, yet discovered that no matter what it transformed into, it could not halt the relentless burning.

This is the flame that burns everything.

The arch-nemesis of all substances in the world.

"Lord of Ashes, it is the power of the Lord of Ashes! Why! What exactly is your Babel Tower? Is it righteousness? Evil? Or something even more unpredictable?"

The Head of Destruction, filled with immense pain, had a menacing expression as he did something extremely terrifying.

He transformed the surface of his body into liquid, leaving it behind, while the rest of him retreated.

Just like taking off a piece of clothing, he shed his skin, which was engulfed in black flames from head to toe.

Standing amidst the surging molten lava, the Head of Destruction transformed into a grotesque giant, covered in bloody flesh. Inside the scorching palace, his skinless form appeared incredibly eerie.

But in doing so, he managed to rid himself of the relentless erosion of the Fire that Burns Everything.


His skin not yet fully healed, the enraged Head of Destruction swung his heavy warhammer once again, fiercely striking towards Bai Yan who stood upon the burning surface!

The speed was simply too terrifying, Bai Yan couldn't even catch a glimpse of his figure.

But Bai Yan, however, was able to react in advance.

Because he had already bestowed upon himself the power of "foresight"!

This was the forbidden magic that Alan had learned from the Undefeated, which allowed him to foresee what would happen next.

A silver moonlight flashed by.

In the next moment, the body of the Head of Destruction was once again severed!

And yet, his attack missed, completely failing to strike Bai Yan even a bit.

He, however, didn't suffer any harm from it. In fact, of all the previous attacks, only the Fire that Burns Everything had truly wounded the Head of Destruction so far.


The section that was about to be sliced open transformed into liquid, then quickly merged back together, as the immense body of the creature healed once again.

The voice of the Head of Destruction was hoarse and icy, resembling a demon king emerging from the darkness.

"Despicable foolish person, you are nothing more than... a dying ant! Your struggles here are so laughable and powerless! Even if you defeat me, so what? It is the chaotic fate that has destined to wipe you out completely!"

The Fire that Burns Everything.

Bai Yan didn't bother to respond to the provocation from the other party, instead, he once again unleashed the Fire that Burns Everything.

The Head of Destruction, engulfed in a wild blaze of pitch-black flames, burned fiercely and surged with great intensity.

"Only this kind of Fire that Burns Everything, still cannot kill me, haven't you just tried it? Hahahaha!"

The Head of Destruction, in the midst of pain, instead burst into angry laughter.

He planned to use the same trick again, sacrificing the newly grown skin.

Even though this process was incredibly painful and terrifying, it truly allowed the Head of Destruction to successfully overcome a crisis.

At that moment, a new blaze of pitch-black flames ignited upon his body, and the Fire that Burns Everything intensified its speed and range, multiplying in an instant!

"Damn it! Why?"

The Head of Destruction, wailing in intense agony, felt a deadly threat and suddenly noticed a frail man standing upside down on the ceiling not far away.

That was... "Alan, Mysterious Magic."

Well done, just a moment ago, Bai Yan unleashed a new power as the Savior.


"It is the Savior who sent me!"

Although Alan wasn't very clear about the situation, he immediately joined the battle.

He stood upside down on the ceiling and heard a voice echoing from deep within his heart, the voice of Mr. Profligate.

Knowing that at this moment, only the Fire that Burns Everything had a chance to defeat the enemy.

"I will kill all of you right now!"

The Head of Destruction roared, its voice deep and menacing, like a monstrous creature from ancient times. The terrifying sound alone caused the palace to shake, and it was only a matter of time before it completely crumbled into ruins.

"Oh light and Rainbow, grant me more power!"

Just at that moment, Mu Ling timely unleashed her sealing power once again.

She waved her sword!

A magnificent Rainbow once again adorned the underground palace!

A multitude of crystals sprouted from the body of the Head of Destruction.

"Despicable ants!" he was already extremely angry, but felt powerless under the relentless attacks.

Even though it could only trap for a few seconds, it was enough to turn the tide of the battle at this very moment.

The Fire that Burns Everything, which grew increasingly in abundance, completely enveloped the limbs and bones of the Head of Destruction, relentlessly consuming them.


The Head of Destruction finally broke free from the crystal seal with all its might.

Just at that moment, he suddenly beheld a Queen of the Scarlet Moon soaring out from the magma, adorned with wings on her back and clad in garments of crimson blood.

In her hand, a special jet-black ring appeared, and she pointed it towards the terrifying giant not far away.

The Scarlet Moon tranquilly unleashed a tremendously dreadful and despair-filled power!

"The Scourge of War... the Despair of Nigehod!"

A jet-black radiance surged forth, swiftly engulfing the body of the Head of Destruction, a power so potent not only in its ability to cause harm but also possessing the ability to prohibit extraordinary powers!

The underground palace could no longer withstand the pressure, crumbling into ruins.

The innate power of the Head of Destruction, "Material Transmutation," was suppressed, as the Fire that Burns Everything and Nigehod's despair gradually dragged him into the abyss.

Even the mighty "Undead Monster" found itself completely trapped in a dire situation at this moment.

"Hahaha! Even if you defeat me, it doesn't matter at all!"

As he approached the brink of despair, his laughter remained arrogant, deep, and hoarse, brimming with disdain and hatred towards all things, as he continuously roared!

"Glofield! Chosen for Eternity! He is a mighty force that you cannot defeat! He is an unstoppable presence that you cannot possibly overcome! All your efforts thus far will be in vain, as I shall await you in the depths of hell! I will wait for the world to become completely chaotic, twisted, and utterly destroyed! Hahahaha!"

Finally, the Head of Destruction was completely consumed by the Fire that Burns Everything, and the massive underground palace collapsed entirely.


The Scarlet Moon looked towards the Platinum Zone, where numerous buildings had collapsed due to a great earthquake. She took a deep breath.

"Is it over?"

Alan and Mu Ling, along with the Scarlet Moon, have arrived in the Platinum Zone on the surface, while Alan's whereabouts remain unknown.

Only Bai Yan knew his whereabouts, in fact, he had summoned himself back to the strategic point.

Bai Yan looked at the Scarlet Moon with seriousness, knowing that she was asking him a question.

"I also wanted to tell you 'everything is over', but things are not that simple. The Order of the Troublemakers is not the real enemy of Babel Tower... Glofield's 'legion' has just arrived."

Speaking of this, he took a deep breath and calmly said, "The Fist of Duel, just when we were battling, perished."

"And, there also appeared a formidable enemy near the Psychic Dancer... a foe even more terrifying than the Head of Destruction. But the Savior will find a way to deal with it."

Psychic Dancer, Maryse?

Mu Ling paused for a moment, her gaze filled with unease as she looked towards the distant horizon. She remained silent, deep in thought.

She prayed for victory for her half-elf friend.


The Savior will bless you, and this time, you must surely survive.


One minute ago.

A strategic location, Tatsumi City wilderness.

Maryse nervously looked at the enemy not far away, then turned her head and looked confidently at Mr. Profligate standing beside her.

Bai Yan's incarnation is right here.

He gazes at the formidable enemy not far away, knowing that it would be difficult to defeat this person relying solely on his and Maryse's strength.

In the distance of several dozen meters from the two, a tree-like being with skin resembling deep blue, standing at two and a half meters tall, and possessing feminine features, floated in mid-air.

She had a radiant light of pale blue, simply standing in the air, captivating everyone's attention, as if this "person" possessed an unparalleled charm that surpassed everything else in the world.

"I am the Evolver," she proclaimed.

"I am a strategist and commander in the 'Legion'."

Her voice was like the sound of nature, extremely melodious, gentle to the core, as if it possessed an enchanting magic that captured hearts and souls.

"Surrender, mighty beings of Noah's world."

"Join the army of Chosen for Eternity under the reign of King Glofield. This is your only way out when facing the Doomsday Crisis."

Maryse's body trembled slightly, and her lips had turned pale.

She turned her head, her voice filled with fear as she said, "Mr. Moriarty, in this situation, um, we have no way to surrender, right? This is bad!"

Of course, Bai Yan knew that Maryse would never surrender. Saying such words now was just to lighten the mood, but he still felt a slight urge to give her a playful tap on the head.

However, the "evolver" in front of them was indeed a formidable presence.

He could feel it.

She was an "Apocalypse."

These powerful monsters at the level of a boss, one after another, were all formidable challenges that Babel Tower needed to defeat with all its might.

Actually, the two of them had just engaged in a battle with the evolver.

Her innate power was also quite challenging, as it possessed the ability to cause the things she touched to undergo "rapid evolution"!

This wilderness was a mountain range, with many rocks and plants already surrounding it, all of which had been "rapidly evolved" by her.

They had transformed into towering monsters, reaching hundreds of meters in height, wriggling not far away. With a multitude of eyes, they gazed upon the diminutive figures of Bai Yan and Maryse.

These creatures all possessed formidable power that should not be underestimated.

Bai Yan felt that this was likely just the tip of the iceberg when it came to the power of the "evolver".

She had not moved a muscle, showing no signs of panic, and effortlessly created a horde of powerful monsters here. Clearly, there was no trace of exhaustion either.

When the suggestion of surrender arose, Bai Yan could be absolutely certain.

With only his own incarnation and Maryse's power, they probably wouldn't be able to defeat the "evolver".

And they couldn't spare any hands in other places, as multiple locations were engulfed in battles almost simultaneously.

"Can only keep flipping cards...if the 'lucky' card has been used, then I only have four cards left from my five...Gallard..."

Bai Yan took a deep breath, leaving himself with three cards to deal with Glofield, the Chosen for Eternity. It should be possible.

He had to play a card here to deal with the current situation.

Which one should he choose?

If he chooses wrong, it might impact the outcome of the entire Doomsday Crisis.

"It seems that you are not willing to surrender."

The voice of the Evolutionist resounded once again, still possessing an indescribable charm that captivated hearts and souls.

"Since that's the case, you shall perish along with this world. Perhaps, it is the destiny of the weak."

She began to narrate calmly.

"The endless world will eventually come to an end."

"No matter how hard "Origin" and "Ritual" strive, they cannot make "Termination" disappear."

"The end of all things was destined long before the beginning of all things."

"And before the end arrived, we discovered our own, belonging to the essence of chaos, that never disappeared animalistic nature."

"This will lead us towards the path we desire."

The words this person spoke seemed to imply something, Bai Yan remembered them, but he didn't have much time to dwell on it.

Now, he has made a decision.

So, let's use this card to deal with you.

Bai Yan took a deep breath and answered earnestly:

"I don't know what you're saying, but I do know that the Savior of Babel Tower will definitely save this world."

Maryse, standing aside with a fearful heart but never willing to abandon the "Profligate," was taken aback for a moment.

She suddenly felt a voice resonating from deep within her heart.

Who are you?

Wait a moment...

Is this... my own voice?

[The first and final encounter... the me from the past.]