I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 285

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Chapter 285: The Anger Like a Divine Being!

The remains of a deity.

Roughly over a thousand years ago, Glofield's legion discovered an enormously massive corpse, which the local inhabitants in the mountains were worshipping, while they were annihilating the civilization on a distant planet.

The legion quickly realized that this was the corpse of a deity.

In the infinite and boundless multiverse, the deities were always the most extraordinary and powerful beings.

From a categorical perspective, the deities can be divided into three types, "Primordial Gods," "Symbolic Gods," and "Faith Gods."

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😩)

The corps that the legion found on that planet was once the body of a tremendously powerful "Primordial God".

He perished in a battle beyond human imagination, leaving behind a truly magnificent corpse, buried deep here for at least thousands of years.

The blood and flesh belonging to the deities permanently altered the landscape of the entire land, attracting the adoration of the sentient beings on the planet.

After Glofield's legion obtained it, they proceeded to modify this corpse and turned it into a devastating machine belonging to the "Legion" for use in global warfare!

Its name was...


In the immense black hole that loomed in the sky, Fear trembled within its dreadful pupils, casting an evil gaze upon the world below.

Once it touches the ground, it will unleash a horrifying power second only to Glofield. The present Babel Tower inhabitants are utterly powerless against such a monstrous entity.

But now, the only ones who possess the power to repel the enemy are the people of Babel Tower.

The power of the Pupil of Chaos was extremely terrifying, beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals.

Under His chaos and disruption, the powerful individuals from all corners of Noah's world could never find the location of the descending ceremony.

Ganis and the slimes resided in the Wilderness Forest, which was just a few hundred kilometers away from Annottales.

However, the terrifying phenomenon of the "Heaven's Tear" didn't attract the Saints of Dark Light and the Divine Blade Knights.

Except for the people of Babel Tower, even those who gazed at it from nearby would only see a completely different scene... They could never discover the true location of the ceremony.

This is also a kind of cognitive filter.

The people of Noah's world, under the power of the Pupil of Chaos, were completely powerless to resist and could only be at its mercy.

Only the members of Babel Tower could be free from the interference of the powers of the Outer God!

At this moment, in the wilderness outside Annottales, a tremendous fear, emanating from the sky, had caused the slime to tremble incessantly, completely devoid of any fighting spirit.

Compared to Ganis, who was a human, the slime had a stronger animal nature, and the reactions of fear easily overwhelmed its will.

It was absolutely impossible to overcome it!

Not only the slime, but anyone could see clearly the likelihood of victory in this battle.

"That thing..."

Ganis stared at the terrifying evil giant with its monstrous eyes, took a deep breath, and clenched both hands with all his might.

A never-before-felt sense of oppression overwhelmed him, almost making him lose hope deep within his heart. Intense fear had already filled his soul.

"Even though I've reached this point, I simply can't do anything for the Babel Tower, nor can I do anything to save this world..."

Ganis fell into silence, gradually.

With everything that had happened, there was only one thing he could do - pray silently in his heart to the great Savior.

Oh, Savior of the Babel Tower!

If miracles really do exist!

Show it to me right here!

I will hold onto the miracle you've bestowed upon me and vanquish all villains and wickedness!

Finally, the once overwhelming fear gradually faded away. A burning fury ignited in his heart, as if it could eradicate all the evil that threatened the world!

Even if it is the remains of a god, or even a deity themselves, I will give my all to challenge them! I will fight to protect everything that I've cherished all this time!

Let's fight!

Suddenly, he felt that his body had changed.

As if acting beyond his own control, his movements began.

[Fist of Duel, you have been chosen.]

[This is the power bestowed upon you.]

Ganis paused for a moment, and in the next instant, he dashed forward towards the mud puppet that called itself the "Earth Elemental Elder".

"Did he really come running towards me?"

The tone of the clay puppet became filled with playfulness, along with a hidden sense of malice and murderous intent.

Ganis immediately understood the meaning of becoming the Savior-they had to quickly eliminate the clay puppet.

This creature was a "Beast Tamer," which meant that it controlled the unbelievably powerful "Divine Corpse" from beyond the world!

As long as they could kill it, the arrival of that thing would come to an end!

The clay puppet's eyes narrowed, resembling a painting, as it muttered to itself, "Although I am not considered a particularly important force within the legion, I still possess the power to become a Crown... You dare challenge me, someone who hasn't even reached the level of a Crown? Isn't that too reckless and... far-fetched?"

Gracefully, it gently waved its arms, causing a flurry of dust to fill the air in the forest.

A considerable amount of mud, resembling a stream of tide, surged towards Ganis in an attempt to capture him.

In the next moment, Ganis found himself completely surrounded by a sea of mud. His limbs and body were tightly wrapped, rendering him completely immobile.

The actual difference between the two was extremely evident.

It was despairing.

Ganis tried to struggle, but he could feel his body becoming increasingly heavy. And for some reason, his vitality was gradually being drained by something.

There was something in his blood... He quickly realized it, and his breathing became somewhat labored.

"The difference in our levels is very big, and in fact, right from the beginning, the soil around has already been mixed with a deadly poison. It has entered your body through the air, and it won't be long before you succumb to the poison and die!"

The puppet "Lye" revealed a very peculiar smile at the corner of its mouth.

It had always been a cunning and deceitful presence.

Before the battle began, it had actually already poisoned.

Then, it gazed here, waiting for the enemy's struggle and despair as they perished.

There was nothing more exciting than this!

Ganis could feel every fiber of his being engulfed in flames, the pain coursing through his nerves growing increasingly intense. His body was on the brink of succumbing to the deadly venom.

But he still believed, the Savior could grant him victory!

Because, the Babel Tower was always like that... it would always successfully save those who needed to be saved!

The puppet continued, saying:

"So, perish here, and when His Majesty, the Chosen for Eternity, arrives, he will effortlessly shatter all your hopes completely."

It slowly opened its arms, its voice filled with great excitement!

"This world will be completely crushed, plundered, slaughtered, chaotic, hahaha! Everything you treasure will be thoroughly ravaged by us, and all the things you hold dear will turn into worthless, rotten mud!"

"Hahaha! All you need to do is enjoy the arrival of everything!"

Yes, all of this is about to happen!

Ganis understood this deeply.

He felt a constant drive, a burning force, slowly rising within him.

It was anger!

His anger grew even more fierce!

Tactical Card·Blazing Burning Anger!

Bai Yan had once drawn two tactical cards related to anger. One of them, "Endless Fury," had already been used, while this card, "Blazing Burning Anger," was now being used on Fist of Duel.

It can stir up anger within people's hearts, and as the anger grows, the user's fighting ability will also increase!

However, simply having "Blazing Burning Anger" was still not enough!

The difference between both sides was simply too obvious.

So, another even more powerful Tactical Card was used on Ganis.

"A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity!"

This was Bai Yan's last card, "A Moment of Strong Luck Like a Deity."

The ground crumbled and collapsed.

The thick layer of soil, which should have been able to trap Ganis, crumbled naturally, and he stood tall on the ground, gazing at his enemy.

The puppet's pupils trembled slightly.

"What happened? How is this possible?"

The man remained silent, feeling that his body was no longer under the control of the Savior.

So, in the following time, the great Savior completely entrusted everything to himself.

Ganis knew clearly that he had to engage in close combat. The Earth Elemental Elder was undoubtedly a powerful spellcaster, and only by launching an attack at extremely close range would he have a slight chance.

Let's battle!

He slowly approached the enemy, his eyes filled with intense anger.

"What on earth is it that has caused you to change? How strange!"

The clay puppet, with a puzzled look on its face, couldn't comprehend the situation before it. It could only keep summoning its powers and directing the earth to attack Ganis.

However, the earth was unable to harm the opponent even the slightest bit.

Ganis's speed became extremely fast, easily dodging it.

Not far away, a fearful slime stared blankly at the scene.

It could not understand.

Facing a much stronger presence than itself, why should it resist?

If it weren't for also fearing the mysterious Savior, feeling trapped and uncertain, it would have already decided to escape directly.

At that moment, a small sense of fear crept into the puppet "Lye's" heart.

The man was running towards him nonstop!

"Anyway, if we delay a little longer, you will perish from the poison, and it will also come upon us," it muttered to itself.

Unable to comprehend why the other side, despite having a weak strength, possessed such an unwavering momentum, the puppet instinctively took a step back.

As it stepped back, it waved its arms, causing the density of the surrounding soil to greatly compress.

Launch hundreds and thousands of sharp blades!

Ganis continued to charge forward in silence!

Among the endless sharp blades, his body moved with a grace that seemed more than human, swiftly dodging and evading all attacks.

Under his unbeatable luck, no attack could land on Ganis.

Onward they went, never looking back!

"This is impossible!"

The puppet witnessed this unimaginable scene, becoming even more confused and frightened. The earth beneath its feet instantly lifted, causing it to step back.

However, Ganis's speed was incredibly fast, steadily closing in on his enemies while evading attacks!

He remained silent throughout.

Because this is an inevitable battle for salvation, words have become too powerless before the burdens carried on one's shoulders!

Ganis, the puppet, moved his arms like a conductor, while sharp blades kept coming from all directions, relentlessly trying to kill him.

But each time, it was avoided. Ganis had now approached the puppet!

"You fell into the trap!"

The puppet's facial expressions were extremely expressive, with its mouth wide open! In that instant, it became incredibly cunning, astonishingly evil, as if emanating from the depths of its wicked heart!

In the place where it planned to hide, it had already set up numerous sharp blades.

They all came rushing out at this very moment!

Even if luck was on his side and his evasion skills were strong, he still needed room to dodge in order to succeed... In this very moment, Ganis found himself in a desperate situation.

Amidst the overwhelming onslaught, he focused his attention on dodging.

There was absolutely no way to hide this time!


Even with the best of luck, evading as much as he possibly could, Ganis' abdomen was still pierced by a sharp blade. His body was torn apart, covered in wounds.

A large amount of blood mixed with fragments of organs, continuously flowing down, the man's body was now in a state of utter destruction.

The puppet quickly distanced itself once again, and with a mischievous smile, it spoke:

"Hehehe, you want to get close to me, don't you... I don't know why you want to approach me, but my experience tells me to never let the enemy achieve their goal easily."

The puppet, as a member of the legion, had been fighting in diverse universes for many years, gaining remarkable experience.

Even though Ganis was much weaker than it, it would not underestimate its opponent.

Instead, it wanted to kill the enemy in the most cautious manner!

Ganis looked silently at him, and with just one glance, the puppet suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of horror.

What is happening?

The puppet couldn't understand.

This man seemed very strange. Why was it that even though he was supposed to be in a desperate situation, there was a tremendously strong illusion that he himself was the one in despair!

"Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Ganis tightly gripped the stone and soil blade against his abdomen, roaring in anger as he pulled it out, causing a gush of fresh blood to spray out.

The pain made him even angrier, but there was not a trace of fear or despair.

"Today is a day suitable for dying."

Ganis took a deep breath.

In the next moment, he swiftly rushed towards the puppet like a shadow!

The puppet said,

"No matter what, you cannot touch me!"

Ganis' movements were like a black dog trying to catch a hawk. Even if he leaped with all his might, he might not be able to reach the enemy.

And he had only one chance left!

The precious opportunity that he had exchanged with his own life!

Seeing the heavily wounded enemy become even more fierce, the puppet felt a bit scared and wanted to continue backing away. However, it suddenly discovered that the ground beneath was being pressed down by something.


It discovered something with astonishment.

From when did this place become filled with several deep blue tentacles?

These deep blue tentacles had a special stickiness, entangling its legs and the soil beneath its feet completely.

The slime, who had initially lost its will to fight out of fear, remained still in the same spot. However, its numerous tentacles had already secretly burrowed underground.

"Gurgle gurgle!" the slime exclaimed.

It was still very scared, very afraid, but it also knew that it had to assist that person.

The slime didn't understand what companionship and friendship meant, nor did it comprehend the concept of world destruction... but it knew exactly who treated it kindly and who posed a threat.

Its world was just that simple.

This was a trap that the slime had set from the very beginning.

While Ganis appeared to charge recklessly, he was actually intentionally maneuvering the enemies into the trap!

The puppet puppeteer immediately controlled the earth and stones, transforming them into sharp blades. In an instant, it sliced through the tentacles and angrily roared, "You wretched natives!"

The power difference between the two sides was very apparent. Even though the slime exerted all its efforts, it only managed to restrain the puppet for a brief moment.

However, that single moment would change everything.

Perhaps this very moment could change the world!

"Thank you!"

Ganis finally rushed towards the face of the puppet "Lye".

Both sides were so close.

He gave it his all, willing to sacrifice his own life in a final charge, all for this moment.

Approaching the enemy!

The puppet's face revealed a clear sense of fear. Despite being unharmed and having full control of the situation, it suddenly felt despair as it realized that its attempt to kill its enemy was about to fail.

"Don't come here!"

It fearfully gathered sharp rocks and blades once again, but once more, the silent Ganis managed to evade them.

In the next instant.

Ganis and the puppet both arrived inside a circular arena, surrounded by a gray mist of emptiness.

The puppet soon discovered something: the seemingly rocky "arena floor" was not made of any ordinary earth or stones, but rather a concept materialized by some kind of power.

It was over.

It knew very well that without nearby soil, its power would be completely ineffective.

Just then,

The sound of applause echoed through the emptiness!

Like thunder crashing down!

In the mist of emptiness, it seemed as if there were countless spectators, enthusiastically cheering them on with passion!

Ganis stood silently before the puppet, resembling a war god molded from blood.

The puppet, however, plopped down on the ground and kept crawling backward, its face expressing a terror not much different from that of a human.

"Don't kill me!"

"Lye" didn't hesitate to beg, speaking loudly, "Please spare me. I will control 'Fear' and make it retreat. I will also stop participating in the invasion of your world. Whatever you want, I can give it to you!"

"And, the toxins in your body are something that doesn't exist in this world. If I don't help you detoxify, you won't live for much longer!"

Speaking of this, the puppet's emotions relaxed quite a bit.

Although the slime seemed unaffected by the poison, the man in front of her was nearly dying. It just needed to buy some time.

It continued, "Let's make a fair deal. If you release me, I will cure you of the poison! Then, I will simply leave this world!"

Ganis finally broke his silence.

"You all..."

His voice was filled with passionate anger and icy hatred.

"You invade the world where I live, killing innocent creatures, destroying and trampling upon the things I hold dear, the things I want to protect... Now you want to leave unscathed."

"What a proud and arrogant fantasy this is."

The puppet was terrified and shouted in a loud voice, "What do you want, after all? Don't you value your life anymore?"

"What I want is your life!"

Ganis tightly clenched his fist and slammed it down with a loud cry. He repeatedly swung his fist, relentlessly pounding the puppet's body.

His fist contained a surge of angry power, capable of harming the body of the earth elemental made of soil.

As long as the body is broken and the core inside is attacked, it can be killed!

The clay puppet fought back with a roar, transforming its sandy body into sharp blades that fiercely stabbed Ganis, instantly piercing his body all over.

Both sides were crazily hurting each other, Ganis's power was becoming weaker and weaker, but the puppet still remained alive.

Finally, Ganis became still.

"Hahaha! I survived! How do you like that, hahaha! No matter what you say, the difference in strength between us is too great!"

The puppet was incredibly excited. On its body, there was a highly advanced relic for defense. With increased density on its surface, the core was protected, allowing it to ultimately survive.


Just at that moment, it discovered that the defensive relic on its body had actually fallen to the ground.

"How could it have fallen..."

It soon discovered that the surface of its body was cracking, revealing the deep yellow core underneath.

The puppet suddenly felt an immense sense of danger!


My faith...

My duty and dreams...

All the things I hold dear...

They were all calling out to me.

Ganis, who was thought to be "dead," opened his eyes once more, and his entire body was engulfed in golden flames.

With his final rage and determination, he unleashed the strongest strike he had ever performed in his entire life!

Ignite his own fury!

His fist soared through the air like a golden shooting star, sweeping across the entire vacant arena. Within the thunderous applause, fierce waves of burning anger spread throughout.

The core elements within the puppet instantly cracked, crumbled, and dissolved!


The arena vanished.

Ganis returned to the real world and stood silently in place.

The endless agony caused by toxins and injuries never ceased, and it continued to surge up even now.

The crack in the sky was slowly closing.

The one who summoned the "Fear" has perished, and the colossal beast outside the world could only continue to roar in anger, its terrifying giant pupils staring intently at the tiny creatures on the ground.


It couldn't believe that its arrival had been interrupted by such a feeble being.

Ganis smiled on his face.

Very well, this way, the remaining enemies of the Babel Tower should be counted as one less formidable presence.

Since that's the case, all of this was worth it.

"Gurgle! Gurgle!"

The slime quickly crawled over, looking at the human in front of it with some concern.

Ganis, on the brink of death, felt a pain beyond human imagination. Every nerve in his body screamed under the influence of toxins, and all his organs were on the verge of boiling.

Gasping for breath, he, on the verge of fulfilling his mission, "looked" at the slime beside him, his face beaming with an even brighter smile.

Ganis realized that his mind was no different from that of a child.

He gently comforted, "I... am fine. The power of the Savior just now has shielded me from feeling pain... Even if I die, I will be resurrected by the great Savior..."


After listening, the slime believed Ganis's words.

Ganis appeared exhausted and calmly sat down.

"I might need to take a rest... Please, stay here."

The slime nodded, indicating that it fully understood and would try its best not to run away.

"Gurgle gurgle gurgle!"

The next moment, it suddenly felt the vitality of this man diminishing at a meteoric pace, nearing its end.

The slime stared blankly, unable to understand what had happened to him.

"Gulu! Gulu!"

It tried to speak to Ganis loudly, but Ganis, who was sitting on the ground with closed eyes and a gentle smile, seemed to be fast asleep.

In his dream, he found the ideal home he had always longed for.

"Fist of Duel" is dead.