I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 284

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Chapter 284: The Unbeatable Enemy!

Mu Ling was extremely astonished.

Why is the body of the Head of Destruction so incredibly sturdy?

The hardness of her body was truly exaggerated. Present-day Mu Ling possessed tremendous destructive power. In Noah's world, there were very few people who could withstand her attacks without getting hurt.

However, Mu Ling's attacks were clearly ineffective against the Head of Destruction!

The flesh and blood body should not possess such a level of defensive power.

"Is this all the power that the King of Deep Blue has?" she wondered.

The Head of Destruction twisted the terrifying skull head, then suddenly reached out its vacant, dry and withered hand towards Mu Ling, who was still airborne.

Mu Ling instinctively tried to dodge, but she soon realized that her opponent was even faster.

So fast!

In the next moment, her body was tightly grasped!

"Little bug, meet your end."

The voice of the Head of Destruction was incredibly hoarse, sending chills down one's spine.

A strong, terrifying aura of extreme fierceness emanated from him.

What kind of extraordinary power is this... Mu Ling could feel her skin undergoing changes, as if some sort of extraordinary power was eroding her body.

Extremely dangerous!

INT screamed in a frenzy, warning her to escape immediately or she would die!

She instinctively reacted in an instant.

Dived into the dark dimension.

She entered a realm of complete darkness, and when she reemerged into the real world, she found herself a hundred meters away.

However, the Head of Destruction swiftly caught up!

Mu Ling glanced back in astonishment, realizing that despite its immense size, the creature was moving faster than she could have ever imagined!

With each step, the imposing figure closed in, leaving no room for respite. Mu Ling's eyes brimmed with awe and astonishment!

Why were his speed, strength, and defense so immensely powerful?

"There must be a reason for it."

Mu Ling could sense that this might be related to the innate power of the Head of Destruction.


In the grasp of the Head of Destruction, a mighty hammer was tightly held, swinging once again. With just one strike, Mu Ling could suffer a devastating blow.

She instinctively retreated back into the realm of darkness.

This move proved to be extremely effective.

However, Mu Ling couldn't stay here for too long. She always had to return to reality.

In the next moment, Mu Ling reappeared in the real world once again, only to immediately discover that the attacks from the Head of Destruction were still pursuing her relentlessly!

The hammer came crashing down!

The Scarlet Moon appeared like a streak of fiery red shooting star!

She rushed forward from a distance, her fist enveloped in the power of scarlet blood, landing a heavy blow on the body of the Head of Destruction.

This was a much greater power than what Mu Ling could currently unleash!

Even the massive body of the Head of Destruction was forced to take a step back, with its body beneath the crimson robe sustaining damage and black-colored blood flowing out.

The attack had an effect!

Mu Ling's eyes lit up as she saw the Scarlet Moon's attack taking effect.

The Scarlet Moon stood proudly, once again gathering the power of scarlet blood in the air, before gracefully descending in front of her.

"It should be you who should perish."


With a cold snort, the Head of Destruction's injuries instantly healed, restoring him to his original condition. He swung his heavy hammer fiercely and slammed it towards the Scarlet Moon in front of him!

"Too fast!" she gasped in amazement.

Although the Scarlet Moon tried to react, she couldn't evade it at all. She could only helplessly watch as this strike descended upon her!

The power of Scarlet Blood in her hands was instantly broken.

Deep Blue World!

At a critical moment, Mu Ling, who possessed the ability to manipulate time, swiftly rushed forward. She swung the "Heart of Death" hammer to alter its trajectory and ensure a deviation from its original path.

In the remaining moments of time frozen, Mu Ling attempted once again to strike at the Head of Destruction.

However, she gritted her silver teeth as she confirmed one thing.

Her own attacks were unable to break through the opponent's defenses!

Time returned to normal, and the trajectory of the black hammer's attack was indeed altered, striking the ground with immense weight and a truly awe-inspiring force.


With unimaginable force, the ground was instantly torn apart, revealing a dreadful gaping hole. The entire colossal palace trembled and wailed.

Amidst the swirling dust, Mu Ling's mind was filled with a familiar and cherished voice.

That was the voice of the Savior.

Just hearing his voice, Mu Ling felt an unimaginable warmth, safety, and hope enveloping her.

"I see," she said, understanding now.

She took a deep breath and informed the Scarlet Moon of the enemy's situation:

"The Savior has already informed me."

"His special power is being able to easily change the characteristics of objects, even including the air."

The Scarlet Moon listened attentively as Mu Ling continued:

"If the Head of Destruction touches us for more than a second, our bodies will turn into air and we will die... He can also use this power to transform himself, turning into gas to move faster, or transforming into a stronger material."

The power to change the attributes of matter?

Inside the palace that was continuously shaking, the Scarlet Moon found herself lost in thoughts amid the swirling dust.

Being able to directly transform matter from the air is indeed a powerful ability. One must not be careless.

"Hahaha! Your petty tricks are simply not worth mentioning!"

Even if the attack didn't land on the opponent, the Head of Destruction still burst into maniacal laughter.

He swung the iron hammer over and over again, delivering terrifying blows.

Meanwhile, the idle withered hand glided through the air.

The next moment, the air became heavy.

Transformation of matter!

In a short time, a substantial amount of liquid-like, pitch-black metal materialized in front of the Head of Destruction. In an instant, it enveloped the bodies of Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon, transforming from liquid to solid, completely imprisoning the two of them.

Inside the enormous black metal sphere, both of them could only expose their heads, while the rest of their bodies were tightly encased in several meters of thick, pitch-black metal.

Mu Ling was slightly taken aback, not expecting such a use of abilities.

She once again ventured into the dark dimension, while the Scarlet Moon remained imprisoned within the metal sphere.

The hardness of this metal far surpasses that of steel; it should be a substance that doesn't exist in Noah's world.

The Scarlet Moon gritted her teeth, finding it difficult to exert force in this position. Nevertheless, she managed to crack the round and giant metal sphere.


The Head of Destruction didn't just wait for her to break free, but instead swung a heavy hammer down, smashing towards the Scarlet Moon's head!

Even with the power of the Scarlet Moon, she couldn't instantly force open the several meters thick solid metal.

In that moment.

The Scarlet Moon felt a tremendously powerful force surging from within her.

So it was.

Have you bestowed your 'gift' again?

[Queen of the Scarlet Moon, this is the potential you always possessed.]

The heart of the Scarlet Moon calmed once more, or rather, it had completely lost all emotions.

The thirst for blood impulse also vanished briefly.

Black eyeshadow, eyes cold and distant, a breathtakingly beautiful face with an enchanting allure, an evening gown adorned with black and red, exquisite black diamond earrings.

The lazy Blood Demon King lazily reaches out, forcing his hand out of the metal sphere, attempting to catch the impact of the heavy hammer.


However, the power of the Head of Destruction was simply too immense.

In the next moment, she and the entire metal sphere were smashed into the ground.

The palace continued to tremble.

"Hahaha! Great, you have become stronger! Now it will be even more fun for me to defeat you!"

The Head of Destruction laughed wildly, his voice filled with terror.

Just at that moment, he heard a neighing sound coming from the unicorn.

How could there be a unicorn in a place like this?

Turning his head, the Head of Destruction caught sight of a girl with pitch-black hair, who appeared completely different now.

A white tuxedo, with sleek, black short hair.

Mu Ling, riding on a snow-white unicorn, resembled a noble royal flower. In her hand, a pure white knight's sword suddenly appeared.

The Head of Destruction chuckled disdainfully, mockingly said:

"What's going on? Are you all able to transform? Babel Tower's Savior, is he just changing the clothes of his dolls that he takes care of?"

"He gave us the power to destroy you wicked beings!"

Mu Ling's voice turned icy, without hesitation, she raised the knight's sword in her hand!

The originally dim underground palace shimmered brightly!

All the darkness was dispersed in that very moment!

An incredibly massive Rainbow unexpectedly appeared behind Mu Ling, even the Head of Destruction fell silent in the face of this magnificent aura.

She shouted loudly without any shame, saying,

"Oh, light and Rainbow, grant me the power to seal the evil!"

A towering Rainbow shot out from the sword, lacking any destructive force, but instantly crystallized into an incredibly sturdy form on the massive body of the Head of Destruction.

Before long, the Head of Destruction was completely sealed within the enormous crystal.

"Phew, is it over?"

Mu Ling, who had been continuously using her abilities, was now feeling somewhat worn out as she took deep breaths.

The Scarlet Moon had leaped out from the enormous pit and shook her head.

"Not yet."


The crystal started to crack little by little.

Cracks emerged from the grinning Head of Destruction, quickly spreading across the inside and outside of the crystal.

Unstoppable, uncontrollable, absolute evil is breaking free from its seal!


The Head of Destruction, bursting out of the crystal, exclaimed loudly, "They are coming!"

"The legion has arrived, you have no more chances!"


Meanwhile, Bai Yan had already arrived inside the gates of the palace.

The ground kept trembling.

This feeling was very apparent, Bai Yan knew that this place could collapse at any moment.

"Has it already begun?"

Bai Yan gently furrowed his brow as an invisible intuition reminded him that there was a formidable enemy lurking within the dimly lit grand palace.

Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon, they must have already started battling against the enemy.

If I'm one step too late, perhaps someone among them will die.

Bai Yan was about to take a step when suddenly his phone vibrated and made a sound.

It was a game tip from the "Babel Tower" game.

"Annottales, the wilderness outpost, strategic point! The enemy reinforcements have arrived!"

"Tatsumi City, an outpost amidst the wilderness, was startled by the sudden appearance of enemy reinforcements!"

Bai Yan and the incarnation have always had a body and arm relationship. As for the latter's situation, he actually knew it even earlier than the hint in "Babel Tower".

At this very moment, he was already battling with the incarnation and the new enemy.

The new arrival was a formidable member of the "Legion" enemies.

Very powerful!

"As the most powerful force under the Pupil of Chaos, the "Legion" was truly formidable, much stronger than the Order of the Troublemakers in the world of Noah."

As for the situation on the side of Annottales, it seemed that members of the "Legion" had gone there too. Bai Yan let out a deep sigh.

"Fist of Duel" - Fist of Duel and Slime... I can no longer go to support them."

Bai Yan let out a sigh and made a decision. He would engage in battle here while using Tactical Cards and manual controls to assist them.

"Yes, manual controls," sighed Bai Yan.

Comparing to "self-discipline mode," in reality, Bai Yan, who possessed god-like gaming skills, was even more powerful when manually controlling the Core Operator.

Just like in the beginning, under Bai Yan's control, Mu Ling overcame the powerful Gravity of Darkness that was much stronger than her.

"Now I have to fight and play games at the same time, oh dear."

Bai Yan, murmuring to himself, stepped into the palace. Soon, he heard an incredibly heavy thud.


In the next moment, an extraordinarily massive figure suddenly appeared before Bai Yan.

With astonishing speed, like a gust of wind.

Hmm, he must have genuinely transformed himself into the wind just now, which is why he was so fast.

Bai Yan calmlessly lifted his head and gazed at the formidable enemy before him.

The Head of Destruction looked down upon the man before him.

In the middle of the confrontation, it felt as if a terrifying aura was being created.

Bai Yan, of course, was not afraid of the Head of Destruction in front of him. He also knew that although Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon had been badly beaten, they were still alive.

The Head of Destruction's eyes, shimmering like flickering flames, flickered. He spoke first, breaking the equilibrium.

"It was you who killed Hals... But, even though you haven't reached the Apocalypse yet, you still look like an ant in front of me."

"Let me bestow upon you eternal death."

Bai Yan nodded slightly and said in a calm tone, "I'm really running out of time, but I'll take care of you."



The wilderness.

This place is more than three hundred kilometers away from the city. The terrain is a dense forest.

The crimson enchantment lay within the earth and trees, forming an immensely grand ceremony of descent.

Slime and Ganis, the two "individuals," stood in the central area of the descent ceremony.

Just now, they teamed up and took care of all the cultists here.

Guarding this ceremony was an esteemed priest, a powerful being beneath the Crown.

Slime and Ganis had not yet reached the Crown, giving their all to defeat it.

At this moment, Ganis had already tapped into the potential of the "God of the Arena", greatly enhancing his strength.

However, after the battle ended, he had a strange feeling.

Ganis still remembered that the initial plan was to hold off the enemy here, waiting for the support of Mr. "Profligate".

But now, they had defeated the enemies here directly, and Mr. "Profligate" was not present either.

"But luckily, at least we completely defeated the enemy."

Ganis, covered in blood, took a deep breath. The Blood of Darkness surged within him, continuously healing his wounds.

He looked towards the deep blue slime not far away and laughed heartily. He nodded vigorously and said, "From now on, we will be comrades who have fought side by side!"

The slime extended one of its tentacles and scratched its "head".

It didn't quite understand.

What is this human saying? How peculiar.

What is a companion?

Can I eat it?

Ganis smiled and continued, "It seems like you really don't understand what a companion is, do you?"

He had actually realized that this deep blue slime, just like himself, was actually one of the core members of the Babel Tower.

For some reason, Ganis even felt a tinge of envy towards this "monster".

It, too, was a despised and feared being by the world, but it was even more ignorant than those suffering persecuted ones.

The ignorant ones are always easily happy.

Ganis lifted his head and looked up at the sky.

If it were earlier, he would have seen the azure sky, wouldn't he?

However, in the current sky, there existed only numerous golden rays, and behind those rays were massive dark golden pupils, temporarily hidden.

Although Ganis detested the "Rainbows" who established the rules, he also knew that it was thanks to the assistance of the "Heart of Radiance" that people were able to buy time to struggle on.

He had come to a complete understanding of one thing.

Compared to the "small act of righteousness" of rescuing the persecuted from the abattoir, there was now only one thing that truly embodied the greater virtue.

And that is to save the world with the help of the Savior!

If the world were to be destroyed, all things would crumble, and both "the Persecuted" and the "people of the city" would perish without a resting place.

Ganis took a deep breath and slowly tightened his rough, heavy hands, fully aware of the significance of the Savior and the Babel Tower for this world.

Then, his task was to save the Persecuted.

In fact, Ganis had come to this forest many years ago.

At the time, his sister fell seriously ill, with no remedy available in the wilderness. It was from here that he stealthily entered Annottales, bringing his sister along.

Ganis used to always feel that this was his most foolish choice.

Now, he feels that... perhaps, this is the most correct decision he has ever made in his life!

Because if he had not entered the abattoir, he would not have conceived the idea of saving the Persecuted.

Then, he might not be chosen by the great Savior!

From his companions at the Babel Tower, Ganis could see something special in each of them, and could vaguely guess the rules the Babel Tower used to select its core members.

At least, there must be something extraordinary.

And joining the Babel Tower is the only possibility for him to change the current situation of the Persecuted!

He knew this matter very well.

The Savior is a great being who can oppose the Outer Gods. If that's the case, He surely has the power to help the Persecuted change their generations-long plight!

Ganis had already firmly believed this.

He looked serious and spoke slowly, "Savior, I will give you everything that belongs to me! My body and soul! I only ask that you can save the Persecuted all over Noah's world!"

Ganis knelt down, once again solemnly vowing that from then on, he would be loyal to the Savior.

"Ooh-woo, ooh-woo,"

Suddenly, a strange sound could be heard in the forest.

Ganis immediately became alert, quickly stood up, and looked in all directions, but the dark forest seemed to be empty.

The slime responded in a peculiar manner.

"Rumble rumble rumble?"

"Whirrrrr, whirrrrr,"

To my surprise, that sound replied!

"Gurgle gurgle gurgle!"

"Rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble!"

Ganis froze in place and noticed that the slime and the unexpectedly appearing voice were actually communicating with each other.

What is going on here?

"What have you discovered, and who is speaking with you?" Ganis quickly turned to the slime and asked sternly.

The slime was taken aback by his tone and hesitantly replied, "Y-yes, it's me, a mud...mudman..."

Wait a moment, so you can speak the language of humans?

Ganis stood still, feeling astonished by this turn of events.

The mudman, could it be... he realized that his enemy may very well emerge from the ground!

Ganis immediately looked towards the ground, and sure enough, a hand stretched out from it, narrowly missing grabbing hold of his body.

Ganis instinctively jerked backwards, avoiding the danger!

"Surprisingly, you managed to escape."

The ground gradually rose, and a peculiar, deep voice echoed.

Ganis saw a terrifying humanoid creature emerging from the underground. It was completely formed by a grayish-yellow mud, definitely not human, yet it had facial features resembling a human. Its height was only about one meter.

A... clay puppet?

Ganis, with utmost caution, furrowed his brow as he noticed the extremely peculiar appearance of the other person.

The clay puppet introduced himself, saying, "I am a noble Earth Elemental Elder, chosen for eternity by Glofield, the esteemed master. My name is Lye."

Earth elemental?

Ganis was dumbfounded. It turned out that this thing was an earth elemental, and amazingly, it looked so much like a human! In his mind, earth elementals were always considered to be unintelligent creatures.

"Your expression looks like you are discriminating against me. Humans are indeed very proud."

Lye shook his head subtly.

It suddenly asked, "Are you also a beast tamer?"

Ganis, puzzled by the situation, wondered what all of this was about. He couldn't understand why he was being referred to as a beast tamer.

Lye pointed to the slime idly sitting on the side.

"Do not deny it, isn't this thing your 'beast'?"

Ganis calmly replied, "No."

"What?" Lye became puzzled.

Even the slime felt bewildered, wondering what it was considered in the eyes of humans.

All along, it had been living with the sage and rarely did anyone ever evaluate the slime.

Now it was starting to become curious.

"It is my companion."

Ganis's tone was firm, his eyes filled with sincerity, clearly and genuinely believing that R21 was his companion!

...rather than some wild beast, monster, or pet!

Upon hearing such a response, the slime felt a bit peculiar, but couldn't quite put a finger on what was odd about it.

Lye nodded.

"Ah, I see now! But I am a true and dedicated animal tamer, and I have a very powerful 'beast' to show you all!"

Lye snapped his fingers.

The next moment, the earth shook and the mountains trembled.

The unimaginable sensation of trembling seemed to be an incredibly intense earthquake. Ganis noticed that the nearby mountains were crumbling down.

"Only your kind can find this place, while other powerful beings in this world will be hindered by the great Him and unable to locate the site of the ritual, no matter what."

A meaningful expression appeared on Lye's face.

"In a city just a few hundred miles away, there were 'monsters' even stronger than our Chosen for Eternity."

The sky.

It cracked open.

The world seemed unable to bear it as an extremely terrifying "black hole" emerged from the crack, rapidly expanding in the sky.

A colossal face with giant eyes manifested in the black hole, peering down towards the land below.

Just this single eye was hundreds of meters in size, with pitch-black pupils, radiating boundless aura of death in all directions.

The slime trembled in fear, never having been so terrified before, instantly losing its will to fight.

Ganis, too, was completely stunned, experiencing a fear and awe surging from the depths of his heart, continuously welling up.

If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely kneel before that "eye" and pray for its forgiveness.

"This thing will completely destroy your determination and hope. In front of it, the power of both of you is insignificant, and it is absolutely impossible to pose a threat to this thing."

"Because, it is the remains of a deity... a powerful weapon transformed from the remains of a native deity, that has destroyed countless armies and nations, possessing the immense power of the Apocalypse level."

Ganis heard this and in that moment, the fear in his heart escalated. The remains of a deity... such a thing was impossible for him to defeat.

Lye bragged arrogantly, clearly filled with pride.

"It is...Fear."

"You cannot defeat it... Our 'Legion' is the most powerful force under the Pupil of Chaos, and we are incomparable to the local sects of this world!"

It paused as it spoke those words.

"So, I hope you can use all your strength to struggle, and ultimately tragically die in despair and pain."

What should they do?

Once that thing comes down, it could easily destroy an entire city.

This was indeed an unbeatable enemy.

With an unprecedented sense of oppression, Ganis noticed that the nearby slime had completely lost its will to fight.

It was like a frightened animal, waiting for death.

Ganis furrowed his brow, seeing the growing black crack in the sky, but had no idea how to stop it, nor understood how to successfully confront the enemy.

The upcoming monster was incredibly terrifying, so much so that even with just one hand, it could easily crush ten of its own kind.

No matter how determined and faithful, the gap between monsters and ants could never be bridged.

Is it over?

No, it hasn't ended yet!