I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 283

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Chapter 283: The Head of Destruction!

"Without shelter, without salvation, without interval, without movement, this is the realm of Avici Hell."

Avici, which means the realm without respite.

Words are power, and an endless sea of blood surged from all directions, as if capable of devouring everything.

They were the embodiment of the deepest realm of Avici Hell in the heart of the Hard Blade.

The innate power of language to transform into blades was not very strong in the early stages. Initially, he could only conjure up fruit knives and daggers at best. However, upon reaching the realm of Potential Apocalypse, he was already capable of transforming the landscapes in his mind into a tangible torrent of power.

Words, written language, can express everything in the world.

All things could be used as a blade.

The sea of blood, touching it meant instant demise.

Perhaps in the heart of this middle-aged man, there was nothing darker or more terrifying in the world.

The sea of blood had already engulfed everything around, and all that was swallowed would immediately lose vitality, vanishing and perishing without exception.

It roared, surging with turbulent waves, relentlessly advancing, as if it would completely engulf Bai Yan on the ground.

Amy, perched on a wheelchair soaring through the sky, clenched her teeth and kept her eyes wide open, witnessing everything. She couldn't think of a way to help Mr. Profligate resist the sea of blood.

At this moment, she hated her own helplessness.

If she could survive this time, if she could successfully save the world, then she would have to implement even bolder plans in the future.

Amy remembered her "sisters" that she had left at home.

"If I could create more of 'them', it would greatly increase productivity... Although it was risky, there was no more room for hesitation."

After all, the world had reached the edge of possible destruction at any moment.

All threatening "medicines" needed to be accepted without discrimination.

Bai Yan stood calmly in the midst of the building, facing the vast sea of blood, but not a trace of fear filled his heart.

"Hard Blade" was even more powerful than "Chaotic Saint".

He was just one step away from the "Apocalypse".

Perhaps if he could fully awaken from the madness, he would be able to break through into the true Apocalypse.

But there are some people who are destined to never wake up from their crazy dreams.

Bai Yan's eye shimmered with a silver glow.


In his other eye, there shone a dark, mysterious glow.


Even in the direst of circumstances, "Connection" could still help Bai Yan find the best route, revealing the true weaknesses of his enemies and their deadliest moves.

And "Game" would transform things into playful data.

And so, atop the "Crimson Sea," a vivid "health bar" emerged.

The things that had the "health bar" appearing were naturally vulnerable. Such logic didn't exist in reality, but it posed no problem in the world of games.

In Bai Yan's eyes, the real world was like a game in that very moment.

In Bai Yan's hands, Gungnir and Gorgeous Moonshine had appeared, respectively.

The flaws of the Scourge of War were also revealed here.

That is, the power of the Scourge of War could only be unleashed by possessing one type of slain "Civilization-level Relic" per day.

So, Bai Yan was now unable to replace Gorgeous Moonshine with any other weapon.

But these two powerful weapons were already enough!

"Cut it off."

He swung the Gorgeous Moonshine that severed everything, symbolizing the Blood Sea of Abyss being split into two. A tremendously long blood trail plummeted at a visibly rapid speed.

Then, it was time to wield Gungnir.

A beam of white light descended from the sky and the unerring spear instantly extinguished the split Blood Sea.

And amidst the endless white radiance, Bai Yan's figure had vanished from sight.

Deep Blue World.

That deep and profound shade of blue once again spread across the entire universe, causing all matter to freeze in that moment.

He walked in a completely still world and arrived in front of the Hard Blade.

Bai Yan furrowed his brow, already noticing something.

"Blade Nest"

Beside this middle-aged man, there enveloped a dense array of invisible blades.

Unseen, they formed an immensely colossal "Blade Nest," where anyone who approached without permission would be torn to pieces.

Bai Yan swung his weapon, but his attack was blocked by the invisible blades.

The defensive power of the Blade Nest was extremely frightening, and even in the frozen moments, he couldn't immediately break through it.

Compared to its attacking prowess, the true strength of the Hard Blade lay in its defense!

The world returned to normal.


Hard Blade burst into laughter with unrestrained joy!

Bai Yan looked on in astonishment as he saw the wild and deranged expression on his face. His eyes were filled with a mixture of mockery and sadness, completely oblivious to why Bai Yan had suddenly appeared before him. Without a second thought, he burst into laughter and swung his blade forward!

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

The seven characters for "kill" transforms into the purest embodiment of the knife of murderous intent!

With this slash, the blade struck before the opponent could react.

Even though his speed wasn't impressive, it felt as if every strike was certain to hit, certain to kill, leaving Bai Yan completely unable to dodge or defend himself from a physical standpoint.

He knew that he would perish beneath this single strike.

Almost every cell in Bai Yan's body was sending a message to his brain, warning him that he was about to be killed, severed, destroyed.

There was no chance of survival!

However, Bai Yan's body suddenly vanished into thin air.

Hard Blade paused for a moment, his blade gleaming. In an instant, the "Seven Kill" sword sliced through a towering building a kilometer away.

Until this moment, Bai Yan's body reappeared, just a short distance in front of Hard Blade.

Bai Yan had just entered the dark dimension, leaving behind the material world.

This was the ability belonging to Nightsaber.

Once again, he swung the moonlight polarization. The silver long sword had liquefied, stabbing at Hard Blade with utmost precision.

Bai Yan had no understanding of swordsmanship.

He was simply using the power of "Connection" to accurately find the fatal weakness on the target's body. As long as he could hit it, there would be a chance for a deadly blow!

No need to understand swordsmanship, only the act of stabbing at the "point" in his eyes, again and again, was necessary.

Around Bai Yan's body coiled a temperatureless crimson aura. The power of scarlet blood enhanced both his strength and speed greatly.

Without hesitation, Hard Blade swiftly retaliated, swinging his blade with lightning speed. Countless shadows of the blade poured down like raining.

The blade clashed against the sword, and the two of them collided repeatedly.


After a tremendously intense tremor, Hard Blade stared blankly at the blade in his hand.

His weapon, shattered.

This blade was undoubtedly a "Civilization-level Relic," but it was severed by "Moonlight Polarization."

In theory, only gods can destroy Civilization-level Relics.

But Bai Yan managed to wield the shimmering silver longsword as if it were flowing moonlight.

It severed everything in its path.

This was a simple yet tremendously powerful ability.

Even though Bai Yan had the insight of "Connection" to identify weaknesses, in terms of combat skills, he absolutely couldn't match the legendary swordsman before him.

However, his weapon, which possessed the ability to sever everything, proved to be even more superior.

This was the first time Bai Yan experienced a heart-pounding close-quarters battle.

The swordsman before him had already mastered martial arts to the extreme, possessing a formidable combat ability called "The Art of the First Strike."

He knew very well that the opponent had already figured out his attack rhythm in the brief clash they had.

If it weren't for the weapon being more powerful, in less than two seconds... the person who would have been defeated and slain might have been himself.

The swordsman's weapon was destroyed.

In theory, without his sword, the swordsman could no longer continue the fight.

But the Hard Blade didn't give up the struggle and the fierce battles.

Besides, the swordsman had already lost everything!

"Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!"

He cried and laughed, stretching out his thin, weak arms, transforming into a symbol of death's blade, striking towards Bai Yan, who stood before him.

Deep Blue World.

In the next moment, the swordsman was taken aback, realizing that his arms had been completely severed.

The cooling time had come. Bai Yan once again unleashed Deep Blue World, and after continuous attacks, finally destroyed Blade Nest, ultimately severing the swordsman's arms.

"Ahahaha, hahahahaha!"

After his arms were severed, Hard Blade was already in tears, staggering backwards, but his smile never ceased.

Bai Yan understood why this person had joined the Troublemakers.

Hmm, "The Pupil of Chaos" itself symbolizes disorder. A true madman is undoubtedly a natural devotee.

"This world is not worth my attachment."

"I want to create a completely different world, that's all... Even if it's another world of hell, it's still better than living here."

Badly injured, Hard Blade seemed to have finally regained some rare moments of clarity.

Bai Yan also noticed that the Blade Nest, which had just been broken open, closed once again. These invisible blades were as annoying and tricky as Gaara's sand.

He could only keep attacking to break it.

While Bai Yan relentlessly kept attacking to destroy the Blade Nest, he calmly said, "It's futile. The twisted world that the Pupil of Chaos brings forth is not a place where humans can survive. Everything will be destroyed in chaos and natural disasters... In such a world, no one can ever find happiness."

Hard Blade fell silent, blood continuously flowing from his severed arm.

Bai Yan's words, without a doubt, were true.

Only true madmen and cultists longed for the arrival of the Pupil of Chaos.

Normal people would understand the devastating consequences of the world's destruction.

The middle-aged man had regained some normalcy, so a profound smile spread across his face, tinged with a hint of sorrow.

"You're right, but I have no other choice..."

Yes, there was no other choice.

Even if he were to kneel down in remorse and surrender now, just to be safe, Bai Yan would immediately cut down this mentally unstable formidable enemy.

"Your strength is very powerful, stronger than I had imagined... Oh mighty one of the Babel Tower! Let us battle until the end, with my mightiest strike against you!"

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His gaze became clear, and once again he slowly closed his eyes.

"At least, this will bring me joy!"

Bai Yan fell silent, as Gungnir in his hand, together with the polarized moonlight, pierced through the Blade Nest.

Without hesitation, he continued to swing his weapon, choosing to kill the man before him.

Regardless of the enemy's internal struggles or any tragic past they might have, it was all inconsequential to Bai Yan.

Since they had come this far, they would have to pay a price.

"Perish," he declared.

Hard Blade still refused to surrender.

Even without his weapons, even without his arms, the former top master of Heart City could still unleash his Flow of the Heart.

Turning his words and writings into razor-sharp blades!

"After enduring countless cycles of life and death, in the end, he achieved Buddhahood as he departed from this world and entered the realm of ultimate bliss!"

"Hard Blade," no... "Buddha Knife," closed his eyes and muttered softly, the terrifying aura of his murderous intent gradually fading away, without anyone noticing.

In its place emerged an indescribable sense of serenity.

"Despite experiencing countless lifetimes of suffering, in the end, he achieved enlightenment and was reborn into the blissful Pure Land!"

The mighty slash of Amitabha Buddha.

A boundless white brilliance emanated from within this middle-aged man, as if the pure land of ultimate bliss had descended upon the world. Unstoppable and dazzling, the radiant light instantly engulfed Bai Yan's body.

The world was completely taken over by white.

Amy instinctively closed her eyes, feeling an immense sense of awe towards this power in her heart.

That enemy unexpectedly made a breakthrough right before dying.

This was a power that could only be unleashed by someone with extraordinary abilities, someone of the "Apocalypse" level.

"Does Mr. Profligate have any plans?"

Amy thought about this and couldn't help but feel a little worried.

Bai Yan was still attacking at this moment!

After Gungnir and Moonlight polarized, they continued to attack the target once they broke through Blade Nest.

The gun that would "definitely hit" and the sword that would "definitely cut through" broke through a dazzling white light, instantly grinding the body of Hard Blade into pieces.

This once legendary Heart City tale, a terrifying urban legend, the pinnacle expert of the Order of the Troublemakers, died under Bai Yan's attacks just like that.

However, the aftermath of the final strike still destroyed Bai Yan's body.

The strength of his body was still limited.

In the air, the already shattered flesh was swiftly regenerating.

Nails, arms, organs, reproductive parts, skin... Bai Yan calmly reassembled everything, coming back to life once again.

He took a deep breath, his emotions still unsettled.

"Phew, if it wasn't for the power possession of 'Mysterious Magic' at the last moment, using 'Substitute Puppet' before... I might have already died here."

But he still managed to survive.

He emerged as the winner of the deadly game.

Bai Yan's face lit up with a joyful smile.

He possesses the power of "Connection" and "Game", enabling him to foresee the movements of his enemies and the consequences of each move, allowing him to make the most reasonable response ahead of time.

"Hmm, compared to the 'Chaotic Saints', this man is undoubtedly a stronger foe."

Bai Yan took another deep breath, feeling a hint of exhaustion.

Engaged in intense battles one after another, his physical and mental strength drained rapidly... Despite being far more resilient than the average person, both in terms of stamina and mental fortitude, he felt like a true monster.

"Even so, it's a bit overwhelming," Bai Yan shook his head and murmured to himself.

Amy, sitting in her wheelchair, swiftly flew down and landed beside Bai Yan. She was small and thin, but full of energy. Looking up, she said,

"Sorry, I couldn't be of much help... My strength is still too weak."

Bai Yan smiled faintly and shook his head, saying, "You and Mysterious Magic both have a tendency to blame yourselves, but it's not your fault to face enemies that cannot be defeated."

Amy shook her head, her face expressing a calm and serious expression, as she earnestly said, "I don't like to make excuses for myself. If I can't successfully protect others and instead rely on others to protect the innocent... then all the comforting words and praises would be meaningless."

Bai Yan remained silent.

He was also too lazy to argue and convince the girl.

Actually, almost every Core Operator has their own unwavering beliefs, which are often difficult to change... Even the Slime possess an absolute "innocence".

Amy continued steadfastly, saying, "You must go quickly, there are people waiting for you to provide support, and I will do everything in my power to hold the fort here."

Bai Yan nodded, knowing that it was time for him to leave.

Before he left, he first reviewed the current situation.

Hmm, it seems that the "Fist of Duel" and "Fusion Slime" have already determined the winner over at Annottales.

Curiously, their enemies were weaker than they had imagined.

And there was one more thing, the "Psychic Dancer" who acted together with their own incarnation, had also successfully defeated their opponents at the strategic point in the wilderness outside Tatsumi City.

Bai Yan's face lit up with a smile.

Of course, the main force in the battle is my own incarnation, not this little guy named Maryse.

"If that's the case, I will go and help 'Nightsaber' and 'Queen of the Scarlet Moon' first... The enemy they have to face must be the most terrifying existence."

He still remembered the "strategic point" underneath the Platinum Zone in Tatsumi City.

The threat level was at 10!


Tatsumi City.

In the Yeling District, the commercial street no longer existed. All the buildings had been utterly destroyed.

It seemed as if there was a terrifying force, like a massive earthquake, that shook everything around and turned it into ruins!

"I am in a hurry, quickly deal with all of you."

Cruelty sat on top of the wreckage, speaking with a sly and contemptuous tone, mockingly reiterating the words just spoken.

Its five insect-like legs still clutched onto the black scepter, and its black attire was stained with the crimson color of blood, though it seemingly didn't belong to itself.

The remaining sixth insect-like leg was carrying a skull filled with fear and anger, and in its final moments before death, it seemed to witness something unbelievably astounding, filled with overwhelming horror.

That was the head of the Imperial Guards, known as "Restraint".

"Mingming hasn't even arrived yet, but he's still talking big. It's so funny, I can't stop laughing, hahaha!"

"Unfortunately, unfortunately, there isn't enough time left. Otherwise, if I had more time, I would have found the city where he lives and destroyed it completely. That would have given me the ultimate satisfaction."

Cruelty lightly shook its three insect heads, then it looked dissatisfiedly at the little boy beside it.

"Why didn't you make a move just now?"

Timidity, lowering his head, tremulously said, "I-I'm scared... He's very strong, and I'm afraid of dying."

Cruelty casually threw the head, rose up in confusion, and angrily exclaimed, "What a load of rubbish! Also, remember, we are just clones here, so it doesn't matter if we die."

Timidity shook his head quickly, and tears started to flow.

"So, you also said, we're just clones, right? We're weaker than the original, right? What if we can't defeat this person and get captured and tortured... It would be very painful."

Cruelty was completely speechless, and didn't even know what to say anymore.

This cowardly and foolish fellow always manages to think from angles that even his three heads couldn't imagine.

"It doesn't matter anymore, think however you want... Anyway, the boss said we can't harm our companions, so I can't kill you, sigh..."

Cruelty shook its head, all three heads sighed at once, seeming utterly helpless.

Timidity quickly stepped back several paces, nearly sitting down on the ground in fright upon hearing the words "kill you."

"No, no, please, don't kill me..."

Even his pleas were incredibly weak, so weak that they couldn't even be expressed with an exclamation mark in writing, causing Cruelty to furrow his brow upon hearing them.

However, the other people in the "tower" were also very annoying, so he reluctantly had to team up with this guy.

"In short, our next task is to find the Babel Tower. They are probably fighting against the people of the 'Legion'."

After a moment of silence, Cruelty spoke, saying:

"Glo, Glofield, the Chosen for Eternity, the leader of the army, I have heard of him a long time ago. This guy is an ancient evil demon lord, definitely a very tricky presence."

It said very seriously:

"We'd better... hurry and find the people of Babel Tower before it destroys the entire tower."


Tatsumi City.

Platinum Zone.

That is the story of the past few days. In the deep underground of the Astor family's residence in the Platinum Zone, about five hundred meters below the surface, there appeared a massive and dim underground palace, big enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

In fact, it was created in a very short time, a large palace was brought into existence.

And the person who created it is none other than the Supreme Leader of the Order of the Troublemakers, the Chosen One, the Head of Destruction.

He was of considerable size, standing at over five meters tall. His wide and sturdy blood-red robe was adorned with rare gemstones. His skin underneath was as dark as ink.

The Head of Destruction sat calmly on the throne at the end of the palace. One hand rested against his chin, while the other withered and shriveled, tightly grasping a dark gray hammer.

"Well, it was quite a good performance."

The Head of Destruction had eyes that resembled flickering flames, and beneath his skull-like face, his voice was deep and hoarse, unlike any sound that a human could produce.

Not far from him, the followers of the Troublemakers were falling one by one.

Two immensely powerful women stormed in, almost nobody was a match for them.

Finally, even the high priest of the Order of the Troublemakers, who was second only to the Crown, fell.

All the Troublemakers in the palace had already been slain, leaving only the Head of Destruction sitting alone on the throne. Meanwhile, the crimson incantation of the ritual of descent floated on the surface of the palace walls, constantly twisting and writhing.

The blood on the blade flowed from the tip of the sword to the ground.

Mu Ling, resembling a revenge goddess in the darkness of the night, swung her blade and took a deep breath.

She stared coldly at the "person" on the throne.

The leader of the Troublemakers, the Head of Destruction.

There was only him left, the last remaining enemy.

"Savior, please rest assured, I will not fail," said reassuringly.

The Scarlet Moon stood by Mu Ling's side, shoulder to shoulder.

This time, she was no longer controlled by the Savior's power, but could act on her own.

Just as promised before, the Scarlet Moon didn't betray Babel Tower this time, but fought alongside Mu Ling.

Mu Ling nodded gently and said calmly, "Scarlet Moon, I knew you would eventually stand by our side."

"The Savior can certainly see your performance at this very moment."

The Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow and shook her head.

Her exquisitely beautiful face was filled with disgust and displeasure, immediately indicating her stance.

"Just this time, during the Doomsday Crisis, my people are also in danger, so I am willing to cooperate with the Savior... that doesn't mean I will forever become his dog like some others."

"Um, being a temporary dog is fine," Mu Ling didn't say anything and didn't even pay attention to the Scarlet Moon's insignificant resistance.

She simply gazed at the Head of Destruction sitting on the throne.

This guy is very strong.

All the extraordinary beings knew one thing for certain.

Between the Crown and the Apocalypse, there loomed a towering wall that seemed impossible to surpass.

"You completely disregard the well-being of your subordinates. In my eyes, you are simply an unfit leader."

The Scarlet Moon gazed coldly at the leader of the Troublemakers on the throne.

This person was a "monster" she had heard about before.

Perhaps, he would be stronger than themselves.

But what does that matter?

She was fearless and would defeat her enemies here, no matter how powerful they were!

The Head of Destruction remained silent for a long time, then hoarsely spoke, "I am merely delighted."

Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon were both stunned.

The Head of Destruction, with a face reminiscent of a skull, remained expressionless as they continued speaking.

"I was filled with immense joy and excitement because as the Saviors of the world, you were unexpectedly so weak, making it impossible for me to see even the slightest possibility of your plan being disrupted."

"So, right now I am very happy."

After listening to the derogatory remarks, Mu Ling remained expressionless.

While the Scarlet Moon fell into silence, her emotions seemed hidden, but deep down, anger was slowly building up within her.

From the mouth of the Head of Destruction came a wicked chuckle, resembling a devil from the depths of hell.

"But in your Babel Tower, there are still strong people... Someone actually killed Hals, right here in this city... I can sense his threat, no one in the Order of the Troublemakers should be able to defeat him except me."

He remained silent for a while, finally making a decision.

"Um, I'll go over there now... I have to kill him immediately, otherwise this kind of strong person will pose more threats to the plan."

The Head of Destruction slowly rose from the throne, its towering body of five meters appeared massive even within the immense underground palace, emanating a formidable presence.

He walked down the icy stone steps from the palace, his expression cold and indifferent.

"You two can stay here, and after I come back, we will face death together."

The power of Scarlet Blood surged from the flawless body of Scarlet Moon, reaching towards the sky.

Red, burning with no warmth, yet filled with strength.

"We are your enemies here."

The proud ruler.

She clearly felt very unhappy about being looked down upon and ignored.

Once displeased, the ruler who wields the power of life and death will bring forth dreadful consequences.


Mu Ling took a deep breath, and the blade in her hand, "The Heart of Death," began to emit a swirling, black aura of death.

She could feel a terrifying presence.

No, this is mang.

After the crowning of the monarch, the extending "mang" still carried an impressive effect.

In Mu Ling's INT, the enemy in front of her took a few slow steps... as if it were a tsunami devouring everything in its path!

As the Head of Destruction approached, the ground trembled, and its eyes, like flickering flames, didn't even glance at the two of them.

"May I borrow it for a moment?"

In the next instant, he had already appeared behind Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon.

The heavy hammer has already fallen.


Mu Ling and the Scarlet Moon, both of them felt an unimaginable sense of heavy impact at the same instant.

The immense power caused their proud bodies to become uncontrollable, sending them flying.

Mu Ling instinctively clenched her teeth, her body crashing heavily into the massive stone column within the palace. She continued to fly a great distance, finally coming to a halt as she collided into the walls at the end of the palace.

So heavy.

What kind of power is this? It's simply unbelievable, too exaggerated.


In the giant pit on the wall, she touched her head and discovered that blood was flowing down.

A lot of blood stained her palm a bright red color.

If I hadn't broken through to become a Crown, I would probably have died.

Mu Ling took a deep breath, the Blood of Darkness and her powerful self-healing ability quickly restored her severely injured head.

She quickly realized that there were no traces of the Scarlet Moon and the Head of Destruction left in her sight.

She felt as though she had been flung a great distance... How did he manage to do that just now?

"I couldn't see the movement clearly..."

She struggled to stand up, taking a deep breath, and finally recovered.

The enemy was indeed powerful to an exaggerated extent, and she knew she had to give it her all from the very beginning.

"Deep Blue World."

The world fell into a state of absolute stillness.

In the stillness of deep blue, only a black figure flashed by swiftly.

A few seconds later, Mu Ling had already run back to the exact spot and, at the same time, discovered the colossal figure of the Head of Destruction.

There was still enough time!

Without hesitation, she swung The Heart of Death and gave her all as she fiercely struck down with a single blow!

Just like the Demon of Justice, the body of the Head of Destruction possesses a dark "aura" on its surface, which grants it an incredibly powerful defense.

However, his "aura" was completely incomparable to that of Ailsa.

Mu Ling, despite her struggle, managed to chop it open.


After time had resumed, what reached her ears was the sound of a rather dull impact.

Mu Ling, filled with astonishment, discovered that the blade in her hand had become firmly stuck at the neck of the Head of Destruction after slicing through its "aura" and skin. It couldn't cut any further!

"Just now, was it the power of the King of Deep Blue?"

In the deep voice of the Head of Destruction, there was something that made Mu Ling's heart tremble, causing every inch of her skin to instinctively resist the immense danger!