I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 282

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Chapter 282: The Tower, Restraint, Hell Is Other People


Sylve slowly opened her eyes and found herself waking up from a big crimson bed, feeling perfectly fine in her body.

She stared blankly at the unfamiliar ceiling.

She seemed to have arrived at a completely unfamiliar place.

"Where am I? Why am I here?"

The young girl sat up, feeling a bit perplexed, and recognized that she was in a luxurious villa.

However, she had never been to this place before, and it was also a villa she had never seen before.

Sylve could confirm this fact.

She quickly discovered that her mother, Lady Helen, was also sleeping on a nearby newly moved-in bed.

After seeing her mother, Sylve instinctively breathed a sigh of relief.

Next, she furrowed her brows and explored the room, where she discovered a white envelope.

"To Sylve."

The letter was left by Bai Yan, and its meaning was quite simple: Sylve should stay in a safe place.

After reading it, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Sylve decided to stay contentedly.

She will wait for that person to return.

Before this, the young girl would not take a single step from here.


Tatsumi City.

The main battlefield of the Doomsday Crisis.

Located in the middle area between the Dawn District and the Platinum Zone, it is called the Yeling District, reportedly the birthplace of the Leaf King back in the day.

In the Yeling District, there used to be a bustling commercial street that was famous for a wide range of delicious foods. It was always crowded with people. But now, the once lively street has turned into a quiet and deserted place.

In a desolate world, it kept trembling and quivering.

Suddenly, black cracks appeared in the sky, one after another.

Those pitch-black cracks, after appearing in the sky, grew bigger and wider, gradually becoming deeper.

In the end, the world behind the cracks shattered completely.

Two "figures" fell from the shattered sky and landed steadily on the ground.

"Mmm, the incarnation has finally arrived."

One of the "characters" murmured to themselves.

These two "individuals," who appeared out of nowhere, both possessed appearances that were completely unhuman.

One of them stood over two meters tall, wrapped in a flowing black robe. Their thin and frail body resembled that of a bamboo stick insect, while three golden heads, resembling locusts, adorned the upper part of their neck.

Their multiple eyes gazed around, staying vigilant at all times.

From its jet-black cloak protruded three pairs of slender insect-like legs, tightly gripping a long, dark staff. At the very top of the staff lay a perfectly exquisite deep blue crystal, which seemed to shimmer with the depths of the cosmos.

The other person, appearing to be a young boy with golden hair, or at least half of them seemed to be.

His stature was only about one meter tall, wearing a white robe, and his pale blue eyes were filled with fear and Timidity.

The little boy had black wings growing on his back. The beauty of his right cheek completely surpassed human understanding, making it unforgettable. However, his left cheek was completely decayed and pitch black, causing anyone who looked at it to feel nauseated.

The creature nodded and, holding the dark staff, pointed ahead. It said, "This world is the 'bottom' of a multiverse, where numerous relics are drawn in by the 'rule of gravity.' In other words, the chance to find civilization-level relics and ruin-level relics here is theoretically the greatest in the multiverse."

It said somewhat discontentedly, "Hmm, the powerful Relic that we worked so hard to obtain could perhaps be easily acquired by lowlifes in this world. It's really frustrating."

"If this world wasn't special, we wouldn't have come here," said the boy, lowering his head with a fearful tone.

He was clearly extremely fearful of the creature before him.

"What are you afraid of?"

The creature shook its head and said, perplexed, "We only sent our avatars here, so it doesn't matter even if they die. Why are you still afraid?"

"Because I am 'Timidity', and actually, I am more afraid of you than death..."

The boy became even more fearful after answering, not only lowering his head, but even bending his waist.

The creature paused for a moment, and the expressions on its three heads became slightly distorted.

"Scared of me? Although my position is 'Cruelty,' I'm still reasonable. Why are you scared of me? You haven't provoked me either."

The anger in its tone had become evident.

Cruelty roared, "Even though I killed my own parents, massacred my own clan, and destroyed my own civilization, there were justified reasons for it all! It was because they foolishly provoked me!"

"Do you truly believe that I am an unreasonable person?"

"Umm, umm, I was wrong, it's my fault."

"Timidity" twisted his body and stammered, unable to speak.

With cruel indifference, "Cruelty" let out a cold hum.

"Never mind, let's forget about you and follow his words to find the Babel Tower... Oh, and before that thing arrives, we need to remove the incarnation... Otherwise, its harm will spread from the incarnation to the real body."

"Cruelty" pointed to something in the sky, shook his head, and slowly moved forward with a body that resembled a bamboo worm.

It continued, "Let's be careful, two of our members have died in this world, namely 'Greed' and 'Pride'... The witch of 'Greed' should have been reincarnated in this world, I wonder if we can encounter her reincarnated form here."

"Timidity" said nothing. He simply looked down at his fair feet, silently following behind, like an utterly ordinary little sidekick.

"Who are you two?"

Suddenly, a young man wearing a mask and dressed in casual white attire appeared out of thin air on the streetlight in front of Cruelty and Timidity.

With light green hair and eyes that resembled emeralds, there was a faint hint of arrogance in their gaze.

He was an Imperial Guard from the Eyes of the Empire.

His codename is Restraint.

The imprisoned "Emperor" Kessel had already conveyed a message through the "tall tower".

He informed the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire that Tatsumi City would become the main battlefield of the impending Doomsday Crisis.

"Mr. World" didn't prevent them from coming here, but no one could be certain if the Emperor's information was accurate, or even if the so-called Doomsday Crisis would truly occur.

The Doomsday Crisis really happened!

A group of Imperial Guards who had a close relationship with the "Emperor" quickly arrived at Tatsumi City.

However, at this moment, the sense of restraint felt strange.

Though he had a deep-seated hatred towards Emperor Kessel, why was he still willing to listen to him?

"What does it matter who I am to you? And who are you, anyway?"

Raising its cruel head, the three heads on its necks stared with insect-like eyes, conveying a very hostile tone. "Cruelty" was evidently displeased.

The solidified translation magic ensured that even if both parties spoke completely different languages, they could immediately understand the meaning behind each other's words.

With a restrained silence, Restraint calmly spoke,

"I am the Imperial Guards' 'Restraint' of the Empire... The purpose of coming here is to save the world. You don't seem human, but rather more like monsters, or... aliens?"

Timidity hiding behind Cruelty nodded timidly, as if answering, too afraid to even raise its head to look at Restraint.

And Cruelty continued incessantly, saying...

"I know, I know, humans are the most numerous in the multiverse, the reason is unknown, but what does it matter if we are not human?"

"Oh, I'm so annoyed with you adults and your humanism. Can't you just stop? What's the big deal if someone isn't human? Most members of the tower aren't humans after all... In the end, you humans aren't even a superior species."

Restraint blinked in surprise.

The Tower?

In the multiverse, there was a famous evil organization that worshipped the "God of Games and Gambles." It had always been extremely mysterious and notorious for its wickedness.

Are these two fellows members of the Tower?

Restraint immediately became alert.

With a cruel and awkward laugh, Cruelty tried to hide the embarrassment and said, "Oh dear, oh dear, I slipped up. It's true that the two of us are members of the Tower, but we are not the ones who want to destroy the world. It seems like you should be looking for the 'Legion' and the Troublemakers of this world to solve the problem, right?"

Restraint remained silent, saying nothing at all.

Cruelty nodded gently, and a bug leg scratched its face on the middle of its head. It continued, "Actually, I'm a very reasonable person and I don't like fighting."

"So, let's shake hands and make peace, go our separate ways and move forward, is that okay?"

Restraint paused for a moment, then nodded and said, "Okay."

"Good, very good, excellent!"

The three monstrous heads of Cruelty also nodded together.

Afterward, it calmly walked forward with Timidly, while the two "people" remained silent throughout the process.

Restraint silently watched this scene, without intervening.

What the other person said actually made a lot of sense.

Saving Noah's world is the top priority, other things can be put aside for now.

The enemy one should look for is none other than the Order of the Troublemakers.

Both sides were about to disappear from each other's sight.

"Wait a moment."

Suddenly, one of the cruel six insect legs let go of the black staff and gently grabbed hold of the nearby Timidity.

It turned around, and all the compound eyes on its three heads looked towards the nearby Restraint.

"I regret it, your words just now truly made me feel annoyed, and also your constant position of standing higher."

"I'm very annoyed!"

"If you had joyfully knelt down and bowed your head when I proposed 'reconciliation', I would have felt much better. But you didn't, you disappointed me. Now, even if you beg for forgiveness, it's too late."

The tone of cruelty gradually became extremely calm and summarized by saying:

"Hmm, I will kill you."

It was only an excuse to justify the desire for violence, Restraint's face showed a faint cold smile.

Truly befitting of the members of the "Tower", their wickedness could almost be sensed in their very bones.

Come on, since we are going to fight.

I would also accompany them to the end.

"I'm in a hurry, I'll quickly deal with all of you," Restraint said calmly as he extended his hand, preparing to cleanse the sins before him.


Night Union

The Ring City.

Third floor.

The Ring City, a super gigantic metropolis controlled by the Rock Morgan group, had a history of many years.

It had a total of two hundred floors, and each floor was vast and enormous, like a separate neighborhood in itself.

The part of the Ring City that is below fifty floors is commonly referred to as the "Abandoned Zone" by people.

Most of them were filled with toxic gas, pollution, ruins, and there was no law to speak of. Various gangs ruled over everything.

The third floor was an especially dire place.

Here, the distance from the ground was only a few hundred meters.

In the murky sky, the air was filled with dirty fumes emitted from the upper levels.

Deformed individuals lay sickly on the ground, while uneven ground beside them was filled with large amounts of dirty, stagnant water.

Some "reapers" here were dismembering weak bodies and discarded machinery, attempting to find valuable items.

In a chaotic building, numerous crimson spells floated in the air, wriggling and distorting.

Clearly, it was an incredibly special ceremony.

Summoning the Outer God, a ritual to destroy the entire world.

In the Ring City, this cluster of buildings was once ruled by a gang. They were a group of extensively modified individuals, with altered bodies, who were the original "dominators" of the third level of the city.

At this moment, these mutated individuals looked at the middle-aged man in the center of the ritual with fear-stricken faces.

He was dressed like a warrior, wearing a long white gown. His eyes were closed tightly as he held a slender red sword in his hand.


The middle-aged man's long hair fluttered as he had just slain the leader of these mutated individuals, the Crown-level mutant.

"Difficult, difficult, why is it so hard?"

"I just wanted to find something unbreakable, why is it so difficult?"

He calmly sat down.

Silently, he guarded the arriving ceremony.

Anyone who approached him would undoubtedly be sliced into two pieces!

Meanwhile, in a hidden safe house a kilometer away, Amy sat in her wheelchair, calmly operating the surveillance cameras.

She silently observed the location where the descent ceremony was taking place, along with the sword-wielding warrior positioned at the center of the ceremony.

The name of this swordsman is lost to history, but according to the information Amy found in the Demon Hunt Agency's internal database, his alias is "Hard Blade."

He was from Heart City.

This person was actually a character from an urban legend.

It is said that several decades ago in Heart City, there was a swordsman nicknamed "Buddha Knife."

He diligently practiced the "Flow of the Heart, Hundred Swords," combining his innate talent of "Words as Blades" to create a unique variation of the "Flow of the Heart" ability that belonged solely to him.

Because of his immense strength, he became a source of fear and was even hailed by others as the "Number One Blade in the World" and the "First Master of the Flow of the Heart."

Because of this great reputation, the "Buddha Knife" continued to face challenges from the warriors of Heart City in the following years.

For an entire year, he engaged in over three hundred battles.

Although he had never been defeated, the accumulated fatigue left him feeling disheartened. In the end, he made the decision to announce his retirement.

But, the defeated challengers were not willing to accept their loss. They joined forces and tracked down his family, capturing them and using them as leverage to force him to reemerge and be defeated in a duel.

He could only reluctantly obey the command and, in front of everyone, lost the duel.

As a result, the other party didn't hold back as agreed beforehand and nearly killed him. After he managed to survive the attack and defeat all the enemies at the scene, he discovered to his horror that his captured family had already been brutally murdered.

Then, the swordsman went mad with madness.

He would suddenly appear on the streets and alleys of Heart City on countless nights, searching for powerful warriors to "cross swords" with.

And anyone who is sought out by the "Hard Blade" will, without exception, be slain by its terrifying power!

So far, he has never been defeated even once.

Amy let out a sigh, her eyes filled with determination. "Although your journey has been incredibly tragic, joining the Troublemakers with the intent of bringing about the end of the world is something that Babel Tower cannot forgive... Allow me to put an end to your final misfortune."

She was all alone here.

Bai Yan initially intended to assign some people to help Amy, but after thinking it over, he realized that it would be more suitable for Amy to face the challenge alone here.

Because there were a total of five strategic points, but Babel Tower only had seven Core Operators, Bai Yan realized that even if he included himself, there really weren't enough people to spare.

A towering silver mech descended from the sky and landed amidst the chaotic and disorderly buildings.

The Silver Angel·Revised.

"Hard Blade" remained seated on the ground, with eyes closed, silently "gazing" at the mech in the sky.

The silver mech, which had been modified once again by Amy, immediately unfolded its "wings" and unleashed a barrage of projectiles. Hundreds and thousands of mini missiles soared towards Hard Blade!


A series of explosions erupted amidst the buildings. Amy had already warned the people around in advance, and she wasn't particularly worried about collateral damage caused to the gangsters.


After the dust settled from the explosions, Hard Blade had stood up, panting heavily.

He looked a little disheveled, but he hadn't suffered any injuries.

Hard Blade pressed his hand against the blade, murmuring to himself, "If there are any beings who hear the name of the Tathagata, may their sins of the Five Transgressions be eliminated."

After he finished reciting, he swung his blade.

Limitless Longevity Wisdom Radiant King Tathagata's Mighty Strike!

The innate power of the Blade of Words, a rare phenomenon, could be seen as numerous crimson shadows of broken swords and shattered blades emerged amidst the gleam of the blade!

With an intensely brutal intent, the blade was driven forward by thoughts, launching an attack towards the colossal mech in the sky.

"Watch out!"

Under Amy's control, the massive mech moved with astonishing agility, swiftly evading the attacks effortlessly.

In the next moment, it raised one hand, extending a blazing sword even longer than a human body!

The silver angel wielding a radiant sword descended from the sky.

The Hard Blade, with closed eyes, let out a sigh and continued, "To attain the ultimate enlightenment, surpassing countless cycles of worldly suffering."

He swung his blade once more, countless swift shadows flew out.

The Victorious and Swift Buddha's Slash!

Countless invisible swift shadows, resembling a barrage, flew across, striking the silver angel wielding a radiant sword. Its heavy body was instantly knocked backwards, falling onto the ground.

Amy tried to adjust her mecha, but suddenly felt her INT alarm ringing!

Deadly crisis approached!

She immediately steered her wheelchair, springing out of the safe house and soaring into the sky!

"So many hundreds and thousands and billions of challenges of life and death..."

In a cloud of dust, "Hard Blade" leaped into the air, appearing graceful and divine. Swinging its blade, it held the infinite moonlit arc, shimmering beautifully.

"Standing on the path of ultimate enlightenment, aspiring to attain the highest truth, and seeking the utmost awakening."

His voice was gentle, carrying with it remorse and anguish.

Perhaps only the destruction of the world could slightly lessen the swordsman's grief and helplessness by half.

A colossal halo swept through the entire area, brushing over everything within a radius of thousands of kilometers with a pure moonlight.

Silver Angel was pierced through from the center.

It was once incredibly sturdy, capable of withstanding missile bombardment head-on, yet it resembled a delicate block of tofu.

The enormous mech was effortlessly and neatly sliced apart.

The mutated individuals who had already fled far away suddenly found themselves, in an instant, split in two.

Not only that, but all the surrounding buildings... were all sliced apart.

The entire street had been gruesomely cleaved in two by an unimaginably terrifying slash!

Amy, sitting in her wheelchair, stared blankly at the scene before her.

She saw clearly from high above as everything on the street was physically cleaved in half.

"It's too powerful, almost too strong."

"How is it possible? How could I possibly be his match?" Amy sighed.

It's okay if I die, but if it leads to the destruction of the world... she couldn't even dare to think about such a thing.

Amy reflexively commanded her wheelchair to rise into the sky, narrowly escaping disaster. Otherwise, even with her remote control operating from kilometers away, she would undoubtedly meet her demise.

Suddenly, Amy's body instinctively tensed up, and tiny beads of sweat started dripping from her forehead.

His thoughts had already locked onto her!

This pure intent of the blade felt so uncomfortable, causing even the most inspired individuals to be cut open and torn apart by the "Mind Slash" technique.

Since leaving the laboratory, Amy once again experienced a pain as if she was being tortured, causing an ordinary person to lose consciousness instantly.

But the Indomitable Flower still held on, unwaveringly.

She wanted to break free from this wave of thoughts, but she discovered that it was impossible to do so.

"Ah, so you were there all along? Who are you? Are you here to harm me? Or are you here to harm my family?"

After locking onto the target, the Hard Blade surprisingly didn't launch the attack right away.

He simply lowered his head, closed his eyes, and began talking to himself in a wild and nonsensical manner.

"No, I can't let you kill my family, absolutely not... I must protect them, even if I turn into a fierce demon!"

The Hard Blade finally opened his eyes.

In his eyes, there was only a deep red color, filled with pure madness to the utmost extent!


Amy took a deep breath and felt the purest sense of murderous intent.

To be honest, she had a backup plan, such as a group of robot troops and the ability to control various electronic devices on the third floor. She even possessed the formidable lightning power of the Sacred Rune, "Saul".

But at this very moment, Amy felt a sense of helplessness.

She would surely perish with the next strike.

In this world, it seemed that nothing could alter this fate.

Once again, he began to chant, tapping into his innate power of "word-binding blades".

Metal? Elements? Weapons? What kind of "words" could transform into the most powerful blades?

After a long and arduous search, he finally made a discovery.

So, it turned out to be "them".

"Good fortune is like the heavens, with virtues that transcend the heavens themselves, without any debt to heavenly wine. That's why it's called otherworldly, free from any influence of wine."

This is the Asura.

"Die!" he roared and wailed, his voice distorted, as he swung the blade in his hand.

The King of Asuras Strikes!

A huge red light shone like a blood moon.

She shot out from the blade, instantly transforming into a towering figure hundreds of feet tall. She slashed towards Amy, who was completely immobilized, frozen even in her thoughts!

"No, I must find a way to survive," she thought determinedly.

"This area is my responsibility," she said to herself.

I want to shoulder the responsibility and continue moving forward.

Amy clenched her silver teeth, but she couldn't come up with any good solution.

The difference in strength between both sides was immense!

Suddenly, a beam of white light descended from the sky, shining brilliantly and carrying tremendous power.

Like the sword of the White Emperor, it struck down the crimson moon.

"Caught up."

Bai Yan calmly appeared on the battlefield, standing on the top of a building that had been severed, peacefully gazing at the enemies.

He came to offer support based on the changing situation at different strategic points.

The more dangerous the place, the more he would travel to it first.

His attack was blocked, causing the legendary "Hard Blade," known for being able to cut through anything, to pause momentarily before shouting loudly.

"Who is there?"

A mysterious smile played across Bai Yan's face as he calmly spoke from a distant and far-off place, saying, "Why must I introduce myself again? I am Profligate of the Babel Tower. Do you know me?"

The Hard Blade nodded repeatedly and exclaimed loudly,

"Um, are you here to challenge me? Or to kill my family? Yes, you must be one of the villains!"

Bai Yan furrowed his brow and fell silent.

It seemed that this person was completely insane, making communication impossible. The only thing left to do was to defeat him.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The Hard Blade suddenly burst into maniacal laughter, his eyes gleaming with a blood-red intensity as he stared at the two approaching enemies in the distance. He started muttering under his breath.

"No mercy! No mercy! No mercy! No mercy! No mercy! No mercy! No mercy!"

The Textual Blade.

Without hesitation, he unleashed a new attack!

"Eight cold, eight hot, Red Lotus called out, lonely near the edge, sharp blade in the void."

The man suddenly smiled in place, gripping the hilt of his blade. His terrifying gaze resembled a demon crawling out from the depths of an abyss, as boundless waves of crimson water surged forth from behind him.

"Incessant Hell Slash!"