I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 279

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Chapter 279: The Brave Hero

Bai Yan gazed at the enormous golden pupils in the sky, which obscured the sun and covered the whole sky.

It was so majestic, covering everything in its path.

It was incredibly disheartening.

Capable of destroying everything.


Deep inside Bai Yan's heart, a fear that was hard to conceal emerged.

Is this my enemy, the object that the "Babel Tower" game is striving against?

Ruled above all the gods!

One of the twenty-seven beings situated at the highest level in the multiverse!

Outer God!

The Enigmatic Gazer, the Pupil of Chaos, the Eye of Plunder... There were just so many nicknames about them.

In reality, for the Outer God, "names" held no meaning whatsoever. These nicknames were merely bestowed upon them by the ignorant ones.

He possesses the ability to twist and bring chaos to all things.

Capable of influencing everything within the multiverse!

Bai Yan stared for quite some time, and gradually, he started to feel a bit dizzy and disoriented.

Just then, a massive golden ribbon burst forth from the center of Tatsumi City, appearing in the sky. Combined with countless golden ribbons from all directions, it astonishingly concealed the terrifying pupils.

Bai Yan was momentarily taken aback, realizing that it was someone from within the "Rainbows" who was making a move.

"Heart of Radiance?"

So, he turned his attention to his phone.

The Babel Tower game.

Who made you, after all?

Why have you appeared in my hands?

In this moment, perhaps all the questions ceased to matter.

Bai Yan took a deep breath.

At least, our present purpose is definitely the same!

That is to save the world!

On the screen of the Babel Tower, the game interface was trembling slightly, and the images occasionally warped, as if they were being influenced by some powerful disturbance.

However, the functions within the game could still be used normally.

That was already enough.

"Game tip:"

"Main mission: The Doomsday Crisis (Part One) has arrived earlier than expected."

"This is our... final... and only opportunity."

"Good luck to you."

Bai Yan smiled slightly. Although he didn't know who had left these words, he was certain that he would have "good luck".

Main quest: The Doomsday Crisis!

The new game mode is called "Strategic Point Mode".

In the game interface, a large map of Noah's world appeared first, with five crimson "strategic points" floating on it.

According to the detailed description, they were actually "summoning locations for the Outer Gods."

As a "Savior" player, you need to arrange Core Operators for battle and defeat the enemies at the "strategic points".

Later, the Core Operator needed to stay at the "strategic point" to maintain the state of the ritual being disrupted, preventing the enemies from repairing the "strategic point".

And after being defeated, the enemies could also release new foes, attempting to reclaim the "strategic point".

Main quest: The completion key to the Doomsday Crisis lies in the success of the "Descent".

Bai Yan had long noticed that at the top of the phone screen, there was a progress bar filled to about "five percent".

When all five "strategic points" are held by the enemies, the progress bar of "Descent" starts to fill up quickly.

And the more "strategic points" that are taken by the Babel Tower, the slower the progress bar of "Descent" will increase.

When the progress bar of "Descent" reaches one hundred percent, the Outer God descends, and the game ends!

When all the strategic points are successfully taken by the members of Babel Tower, the Doomsday Crisis comes to an end! The main quest is victorious!

The five "strategic points" of the Doomsday Crisis, three of them are located in Tatsumi City, specifically in the deep underground of Platinum Zone, in the residential buildings of Haiming District, and somewhere in the outskirts of the city wilderness.

There is one more at the bottommost level of Night Union's Ring City.

The last location was outside the sixth district of Annottales.

Bai Yan nodded gently; Tatsumi City was indeed a very important place. In the Doomsday Crisis, there were three ritual locations located here.

In the first playthrough, every first occurrence of the Doomsday Crisis would appear in Tatsumi City.

This time was no exception.

As long as all five ritual locations can be completely destroyed, the condition of "descent" can be terminated.

And at that time, the Pupil of Chaos will no longer be able to enter Noah.

"Game Tip:"

"The task this time is in 'real-time save' mode, where the progress in the game and in reality will stay synchronized."

"Cannot start over again."

Unfortunately... Bai Yan sighed.

Because of the power of the Outer God, was it impossible to "prearrange" everything in advance?

"Hmm, it was the same during the first playthrough, the main storyline quest, Doomsday Crisis, was always in 'ironman mode'..."

Bai Yan, being a male character, anticipated this as well.

He took a deep breath and began to choose the Core Operator he wanted to deploy for battle.

There were five strategic points called "rituals", each one marked with the "threat level" and "combat inclination" of the boss guarding them.

The first strategic point, located deep beneath the Platinum Zone in Tatsumi City, had a threat level of 10 and a combat inclination towards "close combat".

The second strategic point, located in the residential building of the Haiming District in Tatsumi City, had a threat level of 7 and a combat inclination towards "magic spells".

In the Night Union, within the Ring City, on the third level, there lay the third strategic point. Its threat level was 9, and it had a versatile combat inclination.

In the land of Annottales, outside the sixth district of the Eruo League, there existed the fourth strategic point. Its threat level was 8, and it leaned toward close combat in battle.

In the vast wilderness of Tatsumi City, there stood the fifth strategic point. Its threat level was 8, and it favored the use of "magic spells" in battle.

At each strategic point, up to two Core Operators could be dispatched, but at least one Core Operator must be present.

Bai Yan was lost in thought, contemplating the crucial task of arranging his troops. It was the key to completing the main mission.

First, Amy, the Cybertyrant, had to go to the third strategic point.

Only in the Ring City, she could unleash her full power.

Then, Amy, who had not yet become a "Crown," surely lacked sufficient combat power.

She still needed someone to accompany her in battle.

The highest threat level strategic point was located underground in the Platinum Zone.

So, let's send the Queen of the Scarlet Moon and Nightsaber together.

"Finally, the most important 'variable outside the game' turned out to be me."

After careful consideration, Bai Yan counted the current Tactical Cards and other means available, and made a decision to send out the Core Operators one by one.

After completing all of this, he suddenly lost the feeling of nervousness.

Instead, he started to feel somewhat excited.

He seemed to sense something deep within him, as if it were cheering, rejoicing, and celebrating the grandness of this game.

Bai Yan smiled faintly and said,

"Game, begin!"

Just then, he felt that something was distorting.

Bai Yan's face gradually changed, and he quietly spoke:

"The true power of the Pupil of Chaos... is this."

It began.

Causing the distortion of elements in the natural world, disasters started occurring, but this was only the first stage.

Now, the second stage of the Pupil of Chaos' power, an even stronger "chaos and distortion," began.

According to the Library of Ruina, this would be a distortion on the levels of "Connection" and "Destiny."

Although Bai Yan had no evidence, he had a strong intuition.

Perhaps, except for the "Rainbows".

Across the entire world, only the members of the Babel Tower would remain unaffected.


Alan was completely bewildered.

The Doomsday Crisis arrived one day earlier.

In the sky, there appeared an enormous dark golden pupil, filling him with an unprecedented sense of fear in his office. He lowered his head, unable to bring himself to look directly at it.

That was the Outer God!

In the boundless and diverse multiverse, there stood one of the immensely powerful twenty-seven supreme beings!

And the purpose of the Babel Tower was to prevent them from destroying the world.

"Now, the time has come."

Alan felt a great sense of purpose and grandeur welling up in his heart. For the long time he and his companions had been through, with extensive training and countless battles, they had continuously been bestowed with power.

Wasn't it all for this day?

"Finally, it arrived."

He tightened his hand and let out a breath.

Walking out of the office, Alan looked towards the window. A massive shooting star streaked across the sky, while the ground beneath his feet trembled incessantly.

"Urgent gathering!"

During such significant events, the Demon Hunt Agency had a plan in place.

While being a member of the Babel Tower, Alan also serves as the captain of the Night Watchers.

He had to organize his subordinates, so that the Night Watchers could go and help the people in this city.

All the Night Watchers in the agency quickly assembled. Each person had a look of tension and fear on their faces. However, even so, no one would shrink back at a time like this!

The incarnation of torches, the moment when they ignite in the night, has finally arrived!

At that moment, a massive golden ribbon emerged in the sky, stretching far and wide, completely blocking the projection of the "Pupil of Chaos".

"Is it her?"

Alan had read numerous books and could recognize the source of this power.

Just like before, it was the same as what they had seen on the Demon of Justice.

It was the power from the Heart of Radiance!

"Indeed, 'Rainbows' had not completely abandoned us..."

He took a deep breath, smiled, and then ordered a team of Night Watchers to go to various locations in Tatsumi City, helping the people affected by the disaster.

Then, Alan and the Raven Reaper silently met in the hallway of the Demon Hunt Agency.

Inside the Demon Hunt Agency in Tatsumi City, only their combined strength could make a difference in this frightful battle. Adelaide, being an ordinary captain at the awakening level, couldn't contribute much.

Alan said, "I should be taken to the designated place directly by the Savior. I will stay in touch with you, Mo."


Mo nodded and replied, "In addition to me, your reinforcements include Mr. Emperor and his mighty friends. The strength of the Imperial Guards should not be underestimated... We are well-equipped for battle."

"No matter how strong the enemy is, as long as they are not a god or that 'being', there is definitely a chance..."

Alan took a deep breath.

Yes, there are so many powerful individuals all around the world. It's not just them who can save the world.

The situation wasn't that bad yet.

"Thank you. We have trained together since we were little. There are very few people I can trust completely, but you are definitely one of them."

As he said this, he couldn't help but think of Bai Yan.

And as Alan pondered his memories, the expression in Mo's eyes suddenly shifted, an indescribable hatred welled up within him.

He seemed to harbor an immense hatred towards his "friend" in front of him!

"Flow of the Heart..."

Swift Wind · Keen Blade.

Suddenly, a swift hand blade accompanied by a gust of wind struck Alan's unguarded chest!

A huge gush of blood sprayed out, leaving Alan bewildered as he opened his mouth in disbelief.

What is this, and why?

He couldn't believe it, and he didn't want to believe it at all! His few closest friends, especially Mo, had unexpectedly launched a deadly attack on him without any warning!

Injured Alan quickly moved away, clutching his pierced chest, feeling intense pain in his lungs.

"Why, why... um."

Alan, with his injured lungs, found it difficult even to speak.

Still, it was hard to believe.

Mo looked coldly at the man not far away, assuming a martial arts stance, and calmly said, "You killed my parents."

What is he saying?

Alan, completely unable to understand, only felt a sense of strangeness and absurdity rising within him.


They were familiar with each other, no one more so than Mo and himself. Lin Bian had educated him, while Mo had been adopted by Director Trap. The two had trained together since childhood, constantly growing stronger.

For Alan, the friendship between the two was no less important than his relationship with Bai Yan; they were also very close friends.

Why did it turn out like this?

The most crucial point was that Mo had never seen his own parents!

He couldn't understand.

At that moment, the voice that was incredibly familiar, filling one's heart with reliance and hope, echoed in the mind.

[The Pupil of Chaos, it would make fate and connections become chaotic.]

[It can turn friends into enemies, loved ones into strangers, sworn enemies into lovers, and cherished ones into mortal foes.]

Originally, it was that thing causing mischief.

Upon hearing the Savior's explanation, tears welled up in Alan's eyes.

He burst into tears of joy!

"I was so scared, I thought, I thought you betrayed me... Turns out I was mistaken, you were just influenced by the power of the Pupil of Chaos."

Lin Bian, Bai Yan, they left one after another, and I didn't have much left to lose anymore.

In Alan's expression, there was a hint of sadness.

Mo furrowed her brow and asked, "What are you saying?"

He remembered vividly that this man had a deep-seated grudge against him, having personally killed his parents right in front of him... This hatred was deeper and more solemn than anything else, unwavering.

"I just feel very fortunate... How much you hate me right now might just represent how strong our friendship is."

Alan knelt down on one knee, calmly extended his hand, and smiled at his friend before him.

"I don't understand what you're saying, but no matter what... I won't forgive you, go to hell."

Mo shook her head, having already decided to unleash the Flow of the Heart once again.

Kill him!

"Sorry, you can't kill me with your current abilities," Alan's expression gradually became serious.

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Mo moved.

Flow of Heart - Wind.

Mo charged straight ahead, the wind transforming into a fierce tiger, roaring angrily as if it could tear everything around it to shreds.


In front of Mo, Alan has turned into ink, scattered all over the ground.

In the next moment, Alan appeared calmly not far away, and the wound on his chest had gradually healed.

He said calmly, "Give up, Mo."


Mo paused for a moment, then launched another attack.

However, this was of no use.

Alan himself had a basic strength of "Crown Descendant", and with the support of powers like "the Pupil of Mystery" and "the Fire that Burns Everything", his overall strength had already surpassed his good friend Raven Reaper by a lot.

Mo's body transformed into numerous shadows, relentlessly striking through the corridor, yet never managing to land a hit on the real target.

"What is happening?"

He took a deep breath and stood still.

Could it be that he had fallen under some kind of enchantment?

Mo immediately employed the Flow of the Heart, attempting to free oneself from the "illusionary realm."

Flow of the Heart - Mindful Heart.

Let go of attachments.

In Flow of the Heart, it is a special technique used to break through illusionary spells. It belongs to the most difficult "Mindful Heart" school, and only a few determined practitioners of Flow of the Heart can master it.

However, Mo soon discovered that he had not fallen under any enchantment.

Or perhaps, his own power was unable to break it...

"You don't have illusions, but all you hit were just my 'puppets'."

Alan's voice came from all directions.

"Under a pretend sky..."

"This is already my stage, and with your power, you won't be able to defeat me."

Mo's inspiration suddenly started to sound the alarm.

He felt that he was about to be attacked, so he immediately used the Flow of Heart - Vajra, wanting to defend himself in advance.

However, the imagined attack never came.

The state of Flow of the Heart requires the user to be "highly focused", a level of concentration that even ordinary strong individuals cannot maintain for long.

The Vajra mode continued for about several tens of seconds, and Mo also gradually couldn't sustain it. Just at that moment, he suddenly saw countless crows flying out from the windows and doors from all directions.

"What is this?"

He was then overwhelmed by an endless swarm of crows, and his consciousness gradually faded away.

He could no longer remember anything.


Aaron calmly squatted down, looking at Mo who had fallen into a deep slumber.

"Now, you have fallen under a spell... Unfortunately, it is a type that you cannot undo."


Alan rose slowly, his lung injury completely healed. He stood in place, waiting patiently for the summoning of the Savior.

He had thought that the Imperial Guards of the Eyes of the Empire, along with the Night Watchers of the Demon Hunt Agency, would be able to provide assistance.

But the current situation was truly beyond expectations...

This was the power of the Outer God.

"Perhaps only the core members of our Babel Tower would remain unaffected... In the current situation, things have become extremely dire. Apart from the priests and saints of the Order of the Troublemakers, the powerful beings from the 'Legion' of other dimensions, even those who were once allies... may possibly become enemies."

With that, he truly had the feeling of a lone hero.

At this point, the only ones who could save the world were the Babel Tower!

Gradually, familiar black mist swirled around, seemingly about to transport Alan to a new area.

"Come on."

He said silently.

[Mysterious Magic, you have been chosen.]

[Next, you must go to the destination, disrupt the ritual, stand guard there... until death arrives.]

The voice in his mind remained as always, reminding Alan of Bai Yan.

Hmm, each core member should hear a familiar voice, right?

He pondered.

Gradually, the scene before his eyes started to change.

However, it still retained the essence of Tatsumi City.

Alan heard the sound of the waves, and could even smell the scent of the sea.

This is the side of Tatsumi City that is closer to the ocean.

The Haiming District.

Alan recognized the place he had arrived at and found that ordinary residential buildings surrounded him. Strangely, there was not a single person around now.

And a tremendously powerful force, causing him to feel immense pressure, continuously emanated from a building a few hundred meters away.

Alan took a deep breath and stepped forward.

"Come on!"