I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: The Time of World Destruction!

Rainbow Calendar.

In the year 1795, on the thirtieth day of December.

Separated by the Fantasy Sea, a vast body of water that isolates three continents, its endless waves surge and retreat, appearing grayish-white. They rise and fall, seemingly capable of devouring everything.

Wearing a long robe in dark purple, an old man stood calmly on the surface of the sea. Even though the waves of the Fantasy Sea were violent, they couldn't disturb him in the slightest.

He gazed at the sky.

Yet, there was nothing unusual about the sky.

"The world is about to be destroyed."

The old man spoke slowly, not as a prophecy, but as an absolute and predetermined fact.

"All struggles are futile. No one can change this destiny."

"Teacher, you still have such a sad outlook."

A young man stood beside the old person. He was wearing black clothes and had an ordinary appearance, so much so that one might even say he looked "unbelievably ordinary."

Perhaps it was some kind of extraordinary effect that made him so "ordinary" in such a special way.

The look in his eyes seemed calm like still water, but concealed within was something incredibly profound.

The old person shook his head and continued, "I am just explaining destiny... Let's go, while there is still time. We need to leave this place... escape to the farthest reaches of the multiverse, where we will survive amidst the ruins until the end arrives."

"But I want to witness it till the end," the young person's voice was calm, yet resolute.

The old person remained silent for a while, knowing he couldn't convince him. He said, "Ji, if you wish to become a god, then go to the 'temple' of the Almighty and search for a 'key' left behind by Fate's Strings Master… It is the crucial item that will allow you to take the final step."

Is it the key to the Ultimate Ritual to become a god?

The young person remained silent for a moment, then nodded softly.

"I understand now."

His tone was neither sad nor joyful, as if he didn't feel particularly delighted about the idea of "becoming a god," but rather felt destined to become a deity.

Maybe, becoming a god was just one step among many in this man's grand plan.

The young man, who was called "Ji", remained silent for a moment. In a calm and natural manner, he said, "No matter what, I believe that there will be someone who can save all of these worlds... And I will definitely find that person... This is the value that has always been within me."

At that moment, he furrowed his brow.

And then, finally, it arrived.

The Fantasy Sea, which was already full of turbulent waves, suddenly grew even more violent. Some unknown force disrupted the natural order.

A gigantic tsunami surged, reaching thousands of meters in height, stretching across the vast sky.

The old man looked at this scene intently and calmly said, "The conscience of this world is aware that it is about to perish. It is trembling, fearful, and making its final resistance."

"But all the desperate struggle is in vain."


He arrived.

The old man stared straight at the sky as a massive creature gradually appeared, and he couldn't take his eyes off it for a long time.

The sky was taken over by gigantic, dark golden eyes, appearing out of nowhere.

He gazed at everyone and everything.


If you were to forcefully fit a raging behemoth that weighs over a hundred tons and is as big as a mountain into a delicate balloon the size of a fist.

In the next moment...

What will happen?

The Air Alliance.

The wild countryside outside the city.

Even in the wilds where natural disasters often occur, there are moments of respite.

For many years, the sinners would move after the natural disasters and survive in the intervals of "rest".

This experience is something that the leader of the Tribe of Sinners must learn and understand.

Leading everyone to keep walking and survive.

Thus, the leaders of the Tribe of Sinners are often referred to as "guides" by the people.

"It's impossible... a natural disaster, unexpectedly turned back..."

The Tribe of Sinners, as they journeyed, came to a halt. Their leader stood on the flat ground, gazing up at the sky with a bewildered expression.

A mighty storm was forming, with thunderous clouds roaring like a powerful deity.

It swept over everything, crushing all things it touched into tiny pieces.

The natural disaster that was supposed to move forward suddenly started moving backward.

For thousands and thousands of years, something like this had never happened before!

The sinners had no chance to escape anymore, so they had to kneel down and pray to the Savior in the story for help.

No matter how unwilling they were, today they finally could not escape.

"Oh, Savior!"

The leader unwillingly shouted out loudly!

"If you truly exist in this world, please put an end to all of this! We have been abandoned by the world for a long time, and the flame in our hearts has long been extinguished... With only a flicker of strength left at the end of countless years of suffering, we can only pray to you!"

The Tribe of Sinners was suddenly and completely destroyed by the fierce natural disaster.

Many thousands of miles away, amidst a tremendous roar, an ancient glacier that had been there for hundreds of thousands of years began to crumble.


This scene was incredibly magnificent.

If someone could see it with their own eyes, they would never forget it for the rest of their lives!

Meanwhile, a gigantic frost emerged from the other side of the sea, turning the once hot ocean into an icy realm.

In the blink of an eye, all the creatures in the entire sea were frozen.

They were unable to move anymore in that frozen moment.

The surface of this planet shook violently and made loud noises. Unimaginably huge cracks started appearing in the middle of the land, causing everything to collapse and fall.

A terrifying force was attempting to split the entire continent in half from the middle!

The march towards the destruction of the world grew louder and no one could stop it.

The despairing people looked up.

The clouds turned fiery red.

One by one, gigantic meteorites slowly appeared among the clouds. The scorching flames evaporated the waves of clouds, and the sky turned fiery red, as if foretelling the arrival of hell.

The meteorite fell to the ground amidst flames, creating towering waves of dust that crashed towards everything around, engulfing everything in its path.

Almost every person in this world has seen it.

One after another, shooting stars were appearing on the horizon.

They were falling from every direction of this planet.

Destroying forests, destroying lakes, destroying mountains, destroying cities...

In a city that had stood for hundreds of years, everything that people cherished was instantly crushed to pieces beneath even larger boulders.

What people called "civilization" seemed insignificant in the face of ultimate destruction.


Everyone saw it.

In the sky above.

The place where the sun used to be had been replaced by a huge, unforgettable presence that resembled a dark golden eye!

He was incredibly enormous.

It felt as if it occupied half of the sky.

It seemed like it could crush the entire world at any moment.

Outer God.


Far away in countless light years, a planet suddenly, without any warning, veered off its orbit and crashed heavily onto its own satellite, causing a tremendously powerful explosion that humans could not even bear to witness.

Once a star that had billions of years of lifespan suddenly went dark, losing its energy. As a result, the entire star system lost its radiance.

Similar chaotic events kept happening continuously.

One after another, these events occurred.

It would never end.

Until the arrival of the true end.


"Look down."

"Don't look up at the sky."

Annottales, in this city, a weak old man's voice suddenly appeared in the ears of everyone.

They instinctively lowered their heads, no longer looking at the sky.

That voice...

Its owner must be the incarnation of "Dark Light"!

Only his voice has such a trustworthy quality about it.

A gigantic shooting star appeared from the clouds, painting the sky crimson for a moment. It descended rapidly from the sky, heading straight towards this ancient giant city.

In the next moment, it could turn tens of millions of people into ashes.


In the skies above, the leader of the Knights of the Divine Blade, Chris, stood calmly as if he were an isolated deity from another world. With a serene expression, he gently drew out a gray blade, pointing it with a slight sway.

With a terrifying force, an enormous meteor was instantly sliced into hundreds of neat pieces!

"Turn into snow..."

A tall woman in her thirties, dressed in a black veil and wearing a tall hat, stood at the top of the Temple of Dark Light.

She quickly wrote down a sentence in her black leather book.

It, will turn into snow.

Then, the enormous meteor that had already been sliced into hundreds of pieces transformed in an instant into a cascade of white snowflakes, incredibly beautiful, and fell gently from the sky, harmless and enchanting.

She was the "Book of Dark Light."

The tall lady sighed and said, "I can't believe there will actually be a day when we witness the arrival of an Outer God... Although it's a very rare event and worth recording, if I had a choice, I wouldn't want to see this scene."

"Rainbows, would none of you lend a helping hand?"

The Book of Dark Light let out a sigh, and in its eyes, there was a mysterious mix of emotions.

"If it were me, I would probably choose to 'find a different world' instead of stubbornly fighting with 'that thing'."

Rather than risking my life to save the "hotel" I've been living in for a few years, and rather than protecting the "little bird" on the "hotel" roof from the grasp of the "monster" ...

Of course, it would be much easier to find a different "hotel" to stay in.

Although, eventually, all the "hotels" will turn to ashes in the fire.

But before the final end arrives, there is still plenty of time for people to "hang on" and struggle. It can be measured in millions of years, which is quite a long time even for gods.

Even Chris and the others from the Book of Dark Light were bowing their heads at this moment.

They dared not look directly at the enormous creature in the sky.

That was a projection of "Him".

Even someone as powerful as an "Apocalypse" level being, if they were to directly face His projection, they would still be significantly harmed.

In the sky, Chris took a deep breath, feeling his heart boiling with excitement.

"What the Fate's Strings Master said was absolutely right," he uttered, "this world has indeed reached the brink of destruction."

Perhaps, today is its final day.

Right now is the time when the world is being destroyed.

But Chris understood that within the "Rainbow," there was a great being who would definitely intervene.

He will save all living beings.


Countless golden rays of light burst forth from every city around the world, transforming into massive bands of light that covered the sky, blocking out the sun.

They intertwined in the sky, encircling this planet over and over again, gradually forming an immensely gigantic "web."

Completely blocking the projection of the Pupil of Chaos.

A golden band wrapped around the entire planet, enduring the relentless bombardment of countless shooting stars, struggling to hold on.


Heart City.

In a quaint inn from ancient times.

The silver-gray-haired blind girl playing the ancient qin stopped her hands.

The customers in the shop were terrified and ran away in all directions when they witnessed the strange phenomenon happening in the sky and on the ground.

Only she was left alone.

Golden streams of light emerged from all corners of the world, and the blind girl calmly "gazed" at this scene.

"Even though he did so much for them, he didn't choose to walk the 'path of faith' like Him, nor was he willing to walk the 'path of symbolism'... Instead, he continued on the 'primitive path'."

"Why won't you accept your destiny?"

"Your power has weakened to this extent, and if it continues like this... even you, who was once the strongest among us, will eventually fall."

She let out a sigh and continued playing the ancient qin in front of her.

Like weeping and longing, like complaining and expressing.

In the next moment, the blind girl vanished.

She completely disappeared from this world, leaving no trace behind. Even those who had seen her would have no memory of her at all.


Tatsumi City.

In a dim underground palace, the troublemakers in red clothes were murmuring. On a worn-out and ancient altar, twenty-seven incredibly rare relics were slowly vanishing.

They had successfully held a ceremony here.

Now, the ceremony has finally succeeded!

The great Pupil of Chaos is descending!

At the end of the palace, on the throne, sat a tremendously large giant with dark skin, towering over five meters tall.

The leader of the Order of the Troublemakers.

The mighty warriors of the Apocalypse level, the fearsome Head of Destruction!

He wore a black iron skull mask and held a dark gray, heavy hammer with his thin, bony hands. He was dressed in a blood-red, wide, and thick robe, resembling a "pope".

"From the moment I was born, this plan had already been passed down for a long time..."

"I feel very fortunate to witness its success... and the arrival of Him."

The Head of Destruction was clearly very excited, but his voice was raspy, making it sound cold and chilling.

In the midst of continuous earthquakes.

He kept on talking.

"In a little while, the magnificent He will successfully come to this world."

"Did you hear it? The world is crying out,"

"As long as the four special places around the world are kept, He will gradually flow into this world."

The Head of Destruction, originally masked by a skull-like face, revealed a terrifying and gruesome smile.

"With His power, no one can find the exact location of the 'ritual'... This means that we won't be bothered by anyone until the final success arrives."

Just as the Head of Destruction was explaining the future destruction of the world, a voice of a woman who didn't belong to this world, spoke up.


"However, there are still some people who know the location of the ceremony. They might come to try and stop our magnificent plan."

The Head of Destruction looked towards the source of the voice.

That was a crystal ball floating in the air, emitting a faint glow.

In Noah's world, the Order of the Troublemakers communicates with the "Legion" under "Chosen for Eternity" through it.

The one speaking was the second-in-command of the "Legion," Glofield, who served as the deputy to Chosen for Eternity.


Her voice continued to echo, and the Head of Destruction silently listened.

"But, their power is very weak. As long as we stay alert...we can put an end to everything in this world."

The Head of Destruction slightly bowed his head and said with deep reverence, "When will it arrive?"

The voice of a woman continued to tell her story.

"Glofield is going to come to this world, but he still needs time. Meanwhile, we will be arriving soon, and during that time, we will need you and your help to delay the 'Babel Tower'."

"As long as we wait for Glofield to arrive, everything will follow its predetermined course," she said with great certainty.

"Predetermined course?"

The Head of Destruction slowly stood up from his seat, holding the heavy hammer in his hand, and hoarsely said, "I know about Babel Tower."

"They were precisely in Tatsumi City."

"Weak, honest, everywhere, growing quickly... annoying, but creating many 'miracles'."

"However, in the final scene of the play, they were destined to be unable to do anything."