I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: The New Savior's Power and Card Summons

Bai Yan took a deep breath.

It was over.

The most powerful enemy I've ever encountered... There was no doubt about it.

Luckily, until the end, she only had to use a small portion of her strength.

Otherwise, with the current Babel Tower, there would be no chance of winning at all.

With the help of the Heart of Radiance, one of the Rainbows, Ailsa managed to retain some of her self-awareness.

Because of the weak spot called "love," Ailsa couldn't regain her powers of "glow" immediately in the end.

They managed to convince Kessel to join them, which became a crucial key to victory. Without the presence of the "Emperor," the battle would have undoubtedly ended in defeat.

At least in the game called "Babel Tower," it was like that.

It was because of all these reasons that Bai Yan and his friends finally found an opportunity in the real world.

"Is she dead? That... Queen of the Scarlet Moon," Alan suddenly asked.

His mood was a bit downcast, after all, the two who had just passed away were not supposed to die here at this moment.

Alan didn't think that this was a good ending.

Heroic or sacrificial, if... all these tragedies would never happen again, that would be the best.

"I don't know how,"

Mu Ling gently shook her head and said calmly, "Even in death, we cannot distance ourselves from our Savior."

Maryse firmly believed that the Queen of the Scarlet Moon would also be resurrected by the great power of the Savior, just like what had happened to her.

Bai Yan stood by and nodded as well.

But he didn't say anything.

Suddenly, Alan and the others saw a surprising sight.

"What is this?" Alan was stunned.

A dazzling golden light appeared in the air, shining and glowing continuously, making it hard to look away.

A kind of miraculous power was affecting the world.

They brought back people who had already passed away from another world!

Among countless streams of golden light, a lazy female figure appeared.

She slowly woke up.

"I... didn't die?"

The perfect queen, her voice filled with confusion, and a hint of subtle perplexity.

In order to ensure that this event would receive a perfect evaluation, Bai Yan used a tactical card he had obtained not long ago... the "Resurrection of the Dead."

"Welcome back," said Mu Ling calmly and without surprise.

Kessel and Alan were astonished as they witnessed the resurrection of the members of the Babel Tower.

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Maryse, who had personally experienced death, pondered over the resurrection, feeling that it was somehow different from her own previous encounter with death.

Bai Yan, who remained silent, quickly noticed that the Scarlet Moon didn't show any signs of happiness. Instead, she appeared to be somewhat upset.

She stared at her own hands for a long time, feeling lost in thought.

"Born again..."

Even death cannot free me from the control of the Babel Tower?

The Scarlet Moon furrowed her brow.

She didn't care about life and death, but she felt strong dislike and... fear towards this situation of being forever controlled.

Is it really possible for it to be like this?

So, even if someone were to commit suicide, would it have no effect?

As a queen, she carried the weight of responsibility and would never consider taking her own life. Thus, she never attempted to break free from control using such means.

But death was something she could accept, and now, the Scarlet Moon finally realized it.

Trying to escape from the Savior is something that even death cannot accomplish.

"Savior... it seems that we, in the Babel Tower, will be your eternal servants..."

The Scarlet Moon whispered to herself and let out a deep sigh.

"The Demon of Justice, it seems, you are still not strong enough to grant me eternal slumber."

She pondered, wondering if, by destroying her soul, she could finally escape from the Babel Tower once and for all.

Emperor Kessel stood still for a long time, his face showing a calm expression. He had returned to his original self, just like before.

Kessel sighed and said, "You go ahead, I want to stay here a little longer."

This battle completely changed Kessel's understanding. In his eyes, the Babel Tower was no longer an enemy but became, in a way, some kind of ally.

Kessel started to have a better attitude towards the people of the Babel Tower.

"Things have come to this point, and we probably don't need to stay anymore."

Mu Ling nodded gently, and the black mist indeed surged up from all around.

Not only she, but also Maryse, the Scarlet Moon, and Alan were all enveloped by the black mist.

They were quickly taken away by the power of the Babel Tower.

Only Bai Yan remained standing here, watching the young boy in pure white not far away.

"You are special," Kessel said slowly.

Bai Yan didn't reply.

Kessel said, "I can sense it even more, each main member of the Babel Tower is extraordinary... but you are even more exceptional than them."

"Your hidden abilities are truly immeasurable, impossible to fully grasp... I have only witnessed a similar situation once before, in someone else's presence..."

Kessel let out a sigh and said, "I once hoped that he would grow and become an exceptional member of the Night Watchers... But I was too powerless and couldn't make it to Tatsumi City in time... Now, I don't know where he is, and I bear some responsibility for it as well."

"This is not your fault," he reassured.

"Indeed," he replied.

Bai Yan revealed a remarkable smile.

"Maybe, someday, you will see each other again."

"There will never be such a day again."

Kessel shook his head and said, "I escaped from prison, and the Tower of Heights helped me. But as we agreed, I must willingly go back and face my punishment."

Well, once he accepts the sentence, Kessel will be locked up for several years... at least theoretically.

Bai Yan pondered for a moment and then spoke up, saying, "The reason you were imprisoned is actually because of the Hundred Kings Assembly's selection of a new leader. That's why you were falsely accused and charged, right?"


Kessel didn't hide anything and nodded gently.

Aside from today's events, he has never done anything that would harm the Air Alliance.

But sometimes, even if you are very innocent, you can still be falsely accused.

This is a common way people try to make someone look bad. If the person accused wants to prove their innocence, they often have to put in a lot of effort.

Kessel gazed at Bai Yan and said, "It seems like you know a lot. No, I should say that the Savior of the Babel Tower is truly a great being, who even knows about these secrets so clearly."

Bai Yan closed his mouth and didn't answer.

He couldn't possibly tell him that he had played through the "first playthrough", could he?

After a moment of silence, Kessel spoke up:

"I can tell you, the king I support... is someone from the descendants of Ailsa and me... He is also the king of Tatsumi City, the Leaf King."

It was really him! Bai Yan narrowed his eyes, recalling all the things he had to do.

Kessel continued speaking.

"But this is not my own desire, but in my opinion, the Leaf King is the most suitable person to become the new leader of the Air Alliance. He is the best choice for the Air Alliance."

Kessel pondered for a moment. After all, the power of the Leaf King was just too weak.

Originally, Princess Peggy, who had the highest level of support, was discovered to be commanding her subordinates to open a "gateway" to the world of Aliin, prompting an attack by the army on the kings gathered at the highest city for the Hundred Kings Assembly.

Nowadays, she was being investigated and her activities were restricted.

Even if she is eventually released, by the time the assembly resumes, her chances of winning will have diminished significantly.

But even though Princess Peggy, the most favorable competitor, was in a difficult situation due to the events involving the "Aliin world gateway," he didn't think the Leaf King would have a chance either.

Now, the person who has the greatest opportunity to become the leader of the Air Alliance is undoubtedly the puppet supported by Mr. "World"... Roon.

At this moment, Bai Yan remained silent for a while and spoke in a very delicate tone, "I can only say, Mr. Kessel, the person you support, your descendant, the Leaf King, actually has a good chance of winning..."

As for the reason... well, it's because I already played the first playthrough.

Bai Yan knew this very clearly in his heart.

In countless "simulations"... there has always been only one person who ultimately emerged as the victorious leader of the alliance.

The true king of Tatsumi City, Leaf!


To prevent the possible situation where the Outer God directly attacks through Ailsa, the real Bai Yan remained seated on the Crystal Throne inside Babel Tower.

On his phone, the completion of the new activity had already been shown.

"Game Tip:"

"Event: The Deadly Mail has come to an end."

"Tasks 1, 2, and 3 are all done."

"Congratulations! With no Core Operators lost, the evaluation for this mission is perfect!"

Bai Yan looked calmly at the words on his phone.

"It turns out it is possible, the first playthrough is just like this... as long as you choose to resurrect before it ends."

The Core Operators, powered by Tactical Cards, Relics, Mystical Powers, and revived by the Innocent Singer, won't be counted as fallen in the "Babel Tower" game.

Even though he had cleared another level, Bai Yan didn't feel the slightest bit relaxed.

He couldn't help but feel that the upcoming crisis was extremely terrifying.

The first Doomsday Crisis... the main quest...

"In the first playthrough, about two-thirds of the bad endings were caused by the main quest 'Doomsday Crisis'. In the second playthrough, the Doomsday Crisis will be even more terrifying..."

If the current "Babel Tower" game had the exact same difficulty as the first playthrough, Bai Yan's current Babel Tower lineup would be more than enough to easily overcome the First Doomsday Crisis.

During the first playthrough, as it usually goes...

In the First Doomsday Crisis, there will not be a Boss of "Apocalypse" level.

However, in this event, even a terrifying presence like Ailsa has appeared!

Bai Yan understood in his heart that the "Chosen for Eternity" Ailsa said was definitely a powerful opponent at the Apocalypse level!

This point was without a doubt!

To deal with the immensely powerful "Apocalypse level" beings giving their all, the current Babel Tower is facing some difficulties.

Bai Yan, a young man, carefully looked over the rewards he had received after the new event had ended.

Because the new event was given an extremely high rating of SSS, it resulted in the Source Energy Points being doubled as a reward. Moreover, Bai Yan received a special prize!

"Obtained 300 legendary points (SSS rating, extra conversion, a total of 600 Source Energy Points)"

"Obtain 300 Source Energy Points (SSS evaluation, additional gain, for a total of 600 Source Energy Points)."

"Obtain Awakening Soul x3! Spirit of Revelation x1! (With an SSS rating, you receive an additional 3 Awakening Souls and 1 Spirit of Revelation!)"

"Received a new achievement called 'Legendary Annihilation' (gold)."

"Legendary Annihilation (Gold): After obtaining this achievement, the Savior's new power is unlocked: summon."

"Special reward acquired: Three random Tactical Cards drawn, currently obtained... Tactical Card: Eternal Youth, Tactical Card: Dust of the Past, Tactical Card: Arrival of the Future."

A new power emerged!

Bai Yan, a young man, stood frozen. Among all the other things, it was the new power that caught his attention the most.

The previous power possessed was called "Power Possession."

Meanwhile, the new power was named "Summon," and the action it initiated could be predetermined. Bai Yan, holding his mobile phone, pondered for a moment before setting the predetermined action as "snapping his fingers."

Isn't it cool?

"Summon" is a simple and easy-to-understand power. Bai Yan can take a few seconds in his mind and instantly transport any Core Operator to a place he imagines.

The only limitation is that it cannot be used during "battle."

Yes, as long as Bai Yan has a picture of that location in his mind, he can simply summon the Core Operators there...

Even if he hasn't been there himself, he can still do it.

Bai Yan can now instantly bring Mu Ling and the others to his side.

And there is no need for the "summon operator" option in his phone anymore.

"Wow, having the ability to transport over large distances, without any cooldown, both individually and as a group... That's really powerful and practical!"

This way, in the future, no matter where Bai Yan encounters an enemy, he can just snap his fingers to defeat them.

He can directly summon all the Core Operators, and they all come together for a "righteous brawl".

"Too bad, if I could use it in battle, there would hardly be any more core operators dying in the future. As long as they're not instantly killed, I can teleport them away..."

Bai Yan carefully looked at the explanation of the word "summon". The phrase "in battle" was clearly explained.

Within one minute, if both sides have exchanged "malicious intent" with a specific target, even if only one side has released "malicious intent", it would be considered that the Core Operator is engaged in a "battle".

"Very good."

Besides that, he also obtained 1200 Source Energy Points, which was truly delightful.

However, Bai Yan only plans to do one more ten-pull, and with the additional seven hundred points combined with the points accumulated so far, he can unlock an advanced infrastructure for base development.

To deal with the First Doomsday Crisis, it was necessary to activate this new base development facility.

Three Tactical Cards, Eternal Youth allows people to use many Relics that deduct lifespan without any limitations, and this type of Relic happens to be the most abundant in quantity.

As for "Dust of the Past" and "Arrival of the Future".

The 'Dust of the Past' allows Core Operators to awaken their previous lives, briefly acquiring the power from a specific past life. This Tactical Card is 'exclusive' to certain Core Operators.

For example... the Moon Witch.

In her many previous lives, she possessed immense power. If she uses this card well, the likelihood of success will be even higher.

Most Core Operators had ordinary and unremarkable past lives. Using this card would be completely meaningless for them.

"Arrival of the Future" is a card that, as the name suggests, is opposite to the power of "Dust of the Past."

The user will briefly summon a projection of their future self from a specific timeline.

But the strength and abilities of the summoned projection are uncertain.

He couldn't even control the actions of this projection.

There is no doubt that the future of every Core Operator will be filled with great strength.

Unfortunately, "Arrival of the Future" didn't last very long, and the "summoned" future was only a projection with a little bit of power.

And the projection of the god cannot be summoned.

"Even though there were many restrictions, I am still very excited for the future arrival of the 'Nightsaber' projection. In "the first playthrough," I used this card to turn the game around once, but that time the projection of the future came from another Core Operator."

Next, what needed to be done was to summon cards.

This time, what needs to be summoned is from the pool of Different Dimensions.

Bai Yan lightly tapped his finger on the phone and opened the dazzling pool.

Let's begin.

The first summon!

"Possibility! The Divine Light - Innocent Singer (Seven Days)"

"In a land of darkness, there once lived a priestess known for her radiant light. She wore a white dress that shimmered like sunlight and held a pendant symbolizing the Heart of Radiance. With this pendant, she drew upon the power of the Heart of Radiance to shine brightly upon all who crossed her path, captivating them with her undeniable radiance."

"In this worldline, the 'Innocent Singer' is no longer a member of the Dark Light Church. Instead, they have started to believe in the Heart of Radiance, forsaking all offensive powers to gain the purest and most powerful ability of redemption."

"Special effect, gain the 'Shine' ability set instead of the original 'Singer' ability set, possessing incredibly strong healing powers."

Bai Yan, a young man, looked at the item he had just pulled out. He fell silent for a moment, letting out a sigh.

The good news is that he drew one of the strongest possibilities of the Innocent Singer. The bad news, however, was that it was only for a duration of seven days, not forever.

"The Divine Light," the most powerful healer skin in the later stages, bar none.

She gave up all her attacking abilities, and her defense wasn't even considered strong. However, she possessed unquestionable self-healing powers. Every ability she had was used for saving others. In the later stages, she could even easily humiliate "Death" and effortlessly bring back the dead more than once.

Even if you're a god, if your "profession" doesn't match, it's not so easy to resurrect someone.

Bai Yan thought deeply. The sullen girl, Evie, who happened to be the Innocent Singer, was now within his reach... and he had planted a subconscious suggestion in her.

"Um, if only we could just put her in the pool and then pull her out... We'd have an extra healer, I could save a lot of money, and our overall success rate would be much higher..."

Unfortunately, this kind of thing was impossible.

The second summon!

"Cycle of Life and Death · Perduto (Seven Days)"

This skin held a special possibility that could make the whole world begin to cycle. However, the last time I obtained one was for seven days only. It's only when combined with this one that the true skin had been obtained.

The third summon!

"Power of Possibility! God of the Arena: Fist of Duel (Seven Days)"

Yes, you can!

This time, we really hit the jackpot! Now inside the Babel Tower, we have the mighty "Fist of Duel" skin as well as the ultimate 1v1 champion skin from early and mid-game, all in our hands.

Originally, Bai Yan thought that when the First Doomsday Crisis began, the Fist of Duel might not be of any use. But now, he let go of his worries and felt relieved.

The "Roaring Arena of Cheers" often worked wonders in many instances.

"When that time comes, everyone in the room will cheer."

The fourth summon!

"Possibility! Land of the Undead Hell · Sword of Demons (Seven Days)"

Compared to the "Heavenly Radiance," the "Land of the Undead Hell" was a completely different possibility.

The Sword of Demons is a sword that was created in a situation where thousands of demons intertwined. In one particular world, it came into existence in the dimension of death.

In that world without warmth, countless vengeful spirits turned the Sword of Demons into an extremely sinister and slender blade that was used against life.

The Sword of Demons can fight on its own, but as an equipped weapon, it is also very powerful. It is far beyond the comparison of ordinary "Civilization-level Relics."

To be honest, Bai Yan was rather looking forward to getting his hands on this guy.

He had a strong impression of this guy, the way he performed in the game called "Babel Tower"... His character was truly one-of-a-kind, making it hard to forget.

The fifth summon!

"World Changing Fragment • Palace of Celestial Evolution x1"

Sixth summon!

"World-changing artifact · Minoan Labyrinth ×1"

Seventh summon!

"World-changing artifact · Minoan Labyrinth ×1"

Eighth summon!

"World-changing fragments 'Lost Paradise ×1'."

Ninth summon!

"The Fragment of Worldly Change - The Golden Country ×1"

Tenth summon!

"World-changing fragments · Rainbow Road ×1"

Bai Yan, a young boy, watched as a series of world-changing fragments appeared behind him. He felt his breath becoming difficult, so he quickly used the special power of the "regret card."

And then, two more world-changing fragments appeared... but the final shot missed!

This is the new skin for the "Cybertyrant"!

"Possibility! Battle Angel Cybertyrant (Forever)."

"Battle Angel, she has a set of special suits that fit her body very closely. Her whole body has been highly modified with advanced technology, giving her incredible fighting abilities that normal people can hardly imagine."

"In this world, the Cybertyrant stumbled into a mighty mechanical civilization. After going through the civilization's most advanced and powerful modifications, the Cybertyrant gained powers that ordinary people find hard to comprehend."

The "Cybertyrant" under this skin doesn't lose its original abilities. Instead, it gains a tremendously powerful combat body, transforming into a fully armed battle angel. With this new skin, the Cybertyrant has incredible technological abilities, like bullet barrage attacks, invisibility, long-range missiles, and instant high-speed support. Without a doubt, it is a very handy skin to have.

The summoning is complete.

Bai Yan has to say, even though he obtained many fragments this time, he directly gained several useful "possibilities". Bai Yan felt that his luck was still not bad.

This time's activity brought many rewards.

Bai Yan took a look at his entertainment cards, along with the awakening souls and spirits of revelation he had collected during this period of time.

He knew that he had to use up all of them before the Doomsday Crisis arrived.

Using up all the stock, they would transform the Babel Tower into its strongest state when facing the Doomsday Crisis.

"The Crown Ceremony is really challenging, as it takes a long time to promote all the Core Operators to the Crown level."

So, Bai Yan first used the Awakening Souls he had on hand to promote the Cybertyrant to a Potential Crown.

Among the existing members of the Babel Tower, she was the last Core Operator to reach the level of a Potential Crown.

Next, Bai Yan used the available "Spirit of Revelation" to bestow upon the Scarlet Moon, allowing her to directly ascend to the level of Potential Apocalypse!

Although, starting from the Apocalypse, Mu Ling's strength would gradually surpass that of the Scarlet Moon.

This difference would even grow larger and larger.

But, for now, Bai Yan knew that the strongest reliance of the Babel Tower was the early-stage war deity, the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Following that, Bai Yan proceeded to distribute several Entertainment Cards he had in his hand, which had the power to enhance abilities, to different Core Operators.

"Go ahead, while there is still time, find ways to improve your skills."

In the next moment, Bai Yan appeared inside the Golden Palace. The ravens started their usual routine of reporting to him about everything that had happened over the past ten days.

He paused for a moment, slightly surprised.

"Troublemakers... Have they already arrived in Tatsumi City? And they've been here for a few days."

Bai Yan took a deep breath, knowing that the Troublemakers were the evil group that worshipped the "Pupil of Chaos".

Because the "Pupil of Chaos" is also known as the "Plunderer," most of the Troublemakers are purely evil.


They didn't possess the thought-provoking principles of the "Church of Balance" or the "Black Star Faction". Instead, they purely embraced desires and power.

The true opponent of the First Doomsday Crisis should be none other than the Pupil of Chaos.

And His "Chosen for Eternity" remained an unknown entity for Bai Yan.

He only knew that every deity, whether an ancient god or an Outer God, could have many chosen ones. But those who could be called the "Chosen for Eternity" had only one loyal follower at the same time across multiple universes.

"This kind of being indeed has the potential to summon the Outer God and destroy the entire world..."

Bai Yan furrowed his brow deeply, facing a Doomsday Crisis that he had never encountered in his first playthrough.

Without a doubt, it would be the biggest test ever faced!