I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 270

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Chapter 270: The Stars Raced Towards the Horizon

The white "petals" were incredibly pure and dreamlike, engulfing everyone in a breathtaking beauty.

In the most beautiful scenery, Ailsa's face twisted once again, and black mud kept oozing out. At that moment, she had lost her previous boldness and passion.

In its place arose a deeply malicious intent.

A scene of extreme beauty and ugliness combined, like a merging of heaven and hell.


Those white "petals" possessed a captivating enchantment.

Maryse, in a trance-like state, instinctively reached out her hand to touch the pristine petals.

In the moment her fingers touched the "petals," they began to ignite, unexpectedly transforming into gas in a very short span of time. Her entire arm also burst into flames instantly.


In the next moment, Maryse's arm was completely severed!

If it wasn't for Bai Yan seizing the opportunity and swiftly cutting off Maryse's arm, perhaps her entire being would have been engulfed in the scorching flames of the Pure Lotus Fire, leaving nothing behind.


Maryse instantly woke up, feeling a sharp pain in her shoulder that made her realize something had happened. Her face turned deathly pale in an instant!

"My hand, this fella..."

She clenched her mouth tight, her chest rising and falling irregularly.

Angry feelings surged up within Maryse as she glared at the woman not far away, who was even shorter than herself by more than half a head! The power of her spirit continued to flow out!

"It's not her fault, but... we do have to kill her!"

Bai Yan gently patted the little one's head, trying to calm down the feisty little one's anger.

"I know..."

Almost like a miracle, Maryse's emotions gradually became calm.

She felt a bit sad, wishing that Mr. Profligate would just go along with everything she wanted.

But he clearly wasn't that kind of person.

After going through so many things, Maryse's extreme tendencies started to diminish gradually. At least now, she could actually listen to other people's words.

More and more white petals filled the sky, and they started spreading around the Demon Hunt Agency building after burning down separate spaces.

The nature of this flame is completely different from what is seen in reality.

Even the space itself was gradually being destroyed, and if she gave it her all, there was even a possibility that she could directly burn down the barriers of this area's space.

Bai Yan looked up and slowly spoke:

"We must solve her as soon as possible, otherwise this city will be destroyed... I know for some people this is very difficult, but at least, I hope you won't stop us."

"You really need to hurry, I can barely control myself anymore... If I truly unleash my full power, you have zero chance of winning."

Ailsa murmured to herself, her once clear eyes becoming clouded, as a true danger started to slowly emerge.

"Because I got hurt, my fighting spirit started to uncontrollably emerge... You must keep on putting in effort, so there is a chance to break through the 'light' on me."

Just like a game of make-believe, the battle that just happened is about to come to an end. The real test is finally here!

Her effort was gradually increasing, and more and more white petals danced in the sky.

What is this 'three percent' effort?

It had become nothing more than a joke!

When she couldn't control herself anymore, those promises had become meaningless.

Ailsa tried her best to control her body and soul. The golden chain formed by the power of the Heart of Radiance was also starting to weaken.

Almost considered an impenetrable defense, the Distance of the Hearts was as fragile as a piece of paper in a flame. In an instant, it was breached.

Everyone understood one thing.

Wanting to defend indefinitely was impossible... For now, the only plan was to quickly defeat the target before us!

"Let's go!"

In Mu Ling's eyes, there was only determination.

The black aura of death, surrounding the blade and arm, filled the air with fear, despair, and silence... It was something that came from the Heart of Death! It was the immense power derived from the concept of "death" itself!

She soared into the air, gathering all her strength from head to toe, and unleashed a wave of dark death from her blade!

This power was extremely terrifying, for even a mere touch could steal one's life away.

But it only made the glowing red light on the girl's body slightly fade.

Mu Ling wanted to keep attacking, but she realized that "white petals" had already trapped her, blocking every path ahead!

Meanwhile, Maryse discovered that her Blade of Annihilation had somehow ended up in the hands of Profligate.

She didn't understand what was happening, but she knew she couldn't stop attacking now.

However, Maryse knew very well that her inner powers would have no effect on the girl standing before her.

She could only release some stored magic stones, using "Deep Red - Divine Punishment" to strike at the highest speed.

These magic stones are special alchemical items that have mystical properties. They have a powerful destructive effect and are quite expensive. However, for someone like Maryse who had enough wealth, acquiring them was an easy task.

Hmm, it had no effect.

There was simply no way to make any changes to the glowing red aura surrounding Ailsa's body.

It wasn't that "Deep Red - Divine Punishment" was too weak, but it couldn't work in the current situation, and Maryse hadn't mastered it to its fullest potential yet.

If there were dozens of awakened individuals standing opposite her, she would use the power of "Deep Red - Divine Punishment" to make the magic stones shuttle back and forth endlessly, creating a formation-like effect. This would directly cause continuous damage and trouble to all enemies.

Maryse's dilemma was that besides the "Blade of Annihilation," she didn't possess any other powerful abilities that could be effective against stronger opponents. However, now this special weapon had been taken away by Bai Yan.

Mu Ling activated "Deep Blue World" and in an instant, a large number of "white petals" burst forth, launching numerous attacks.

Bai Yan once again activated "Deep Blue World," but even though he and Mu Ling activated it "at the same time," they couldn't enter the same "moment" together.

Because they didn't truly activate it "at the same time," even if there was a specific moment in the world, humans cannot perceive it synchronously.

They only appeared to activate "Deep Blue World" at the same time.

Once again, the mighty Gungnir and the fearsome Blade of Annihilation!

Bai Yan, this time, faced a new consequence. He lost one of his legs and was suddenly transported several meters away. As he landed, a swarm of white petals struck his chest.

The intense heat engulfed his chest, making it disappear in an instant. He hadn't even realized the pain yet, but his body had already started to ignite.

Bai Yan, who had trained extensively, demonstrated his adaptive abilities at this moment. In an instant, he transformed into the form of a slime, splitting his own body apart.

Bai Yan, with only a part of his main body remaining, survived. As he landed on the ground, he began to regenerate at an incredibly fast pace, as if he were growing back from within.

He discovered that the attacks of the relic didn't have the desired effect.

White "petals" had been strategically placed along the "path" that the two relics must traverse. Although they couldn't completely destroy the Civilization-level Relic, they significantly diminished the power of both relics.

The final blow was delivered by the Queen of the Scarlet Moon.

Everything that came before, was all done by others, paving the way and weakening the red glow around Ailsa.

This red glow isn't even a specially defensive ability, it's just a power that naturally comes with being an "Apocalypse" level strong individual... These glows have a passive defensive effect, automatically helping the strong ones withstand all kinds of threats.

They are an extension and evolution of the "aura" possessed by Crown-level strong individuals.

The aura itself doesn't have any tangible effects, but the glow has something fundamentally different about it.

Based on the personalities and experiences of different strong individuals, distinctly different "glows" are formed. This power can become flawed due to negative factors such as the strong individual's "weakness" and "despair".

It is because of the extraordinary power of self-evolution through "revelation" and the passive strong power of the "glow" that the extraordinary beings of the Apocalypse level differ significantly from those below the Apocalypse.

When Ailsa's awareness falters, Bai Yan's attacks can easily penetrate the glow. But now, she has ignited her fighting spirit, and this glow naturally burns fiercely, making it difficult to be destroyed.

"Mrs. Ailsa, you are really too strong... Even Mr. 'World' couldn't match your power in his prime, right?"

Weak and exhausted, Alan forced a smile and managed to make a feeble attempt at attacking.

The Fire that Burns Everything could even consume the "white flower petals", but its damage is continuous. It is impossible to immediately destroy the red glow.

However, luckily their combat strength was not the most decisive factor in determining victory or defeat.

The person who truly dominates the battle has finally amassed enough power within herself!

The Scarlet Moon had already gathered all of her determination and resolve. The blood throughout her body surged beneath her fair skin, along with a terrifying power that pulsed within her!

A disdainful smile gradually appeared on her face, as if she was looking down upon everyone around her!

"Accept the challenge from the powerful conqueror who is stronger than me, on behalf of the king!"

This was the Queen of the Scarlet Moon's most powerful strike in her entire life!

A thirst for blood surged up within the Scarlet Moon, as if she was more greedy than ever before. Her eyes were filled with desire, wanting to drink blood and taste that forbidden flavor.

Everything in her field of vision turned black, leaving only a few individuals with a vibrant crimson aura in her eyes. A horrifying blood-colored flame had gathered in the palm of her hand!

This strike was unstoppable, with immense force!

She transformed into a blazing meteor, instantly breaking through countless "white petals". Even though her body was scorched by many "petals", she paid no attention to it at all!

This would be a dazzling display of lifelessness!

Her body had started to burn, soon to be reduced to ashes and completely destroyed!

However, after Babel Tower members joined forces to attack, Ailsa's "glow" had become extremely faint. Moreover, she had already been injured by the Blade of Annihilation, and her physical body couldn't hold on much longer.

The final and most powerful strike from the members of Babel Tower!

Should be sentenced to death!

Ailsa's face suddenly showed an unfamiliar and wicked smile.

This smile was so strange and twisted, it made everyone feel like they were trapped in a freezing cold cave, their blood frozen solid.

"You guys are still too weak!"

She calmly extended her hand and effortlessly blocked the Scarlet Moon's self-sacrificing strike.

Yes, indeed! Right from the beginning, the "Demon of Justice" who never actively defended has now started to defend actively!

Flow of Heart - Vajra.

Unmoving Radiant King!

She was one of the creators of Flow of the Heart, and at the same time, she brought together all the greatness of Flow of the Heart.

This partially exerted "Unmoving Radiant King" possesses an indestructible defense that has even surpassed Tao Wu!

I lost.

The Scarlet Moon calmly accepted this reality.

Her body was covered in flames. Even though she possessed the strongest physical strength among the people of Babel Tower, she still couldn't stop the destructive power of these flames.

The Scarlet Moon will soon disappear completely.

But, in the moment right before her impending death, the power of the Scarlet Moon suddenly grew stronger.

A miracle happened!

She could feel that the power inside her body was growing at an incredible speed!

The Scarlet Moon didn't understand at all where this power was coming from.

Until she heard a voice in her mind.

[This is the power that belongs to you.]

Such a familiar voice...

The Tactical Card called Endless Angry, which was originally most suitable for the existence of "Rogue Red Moon", was now being used by Bai Yan on the Scarlet Moon.

When the user gets hurt more, the power becomes stronger!

The person on the brink of death would also bring forth its strongest power!

And at this very moment, the Scarlet Moon was almost completely burned up by the radiant fire, resembling white petals. It was just a few seconds away from death, but its emerging power had reached an unprecedented level!

However, it was still not enough.

But it was still not sufficient to break through the true "invincibility".

Ailsa was incredibly powerful!

At this very moment, Ailsa was no longer only exerting three percent of her power.

Her power kept growing stronger and, with her active defense, even the current Scarlet Moon couldn't break through the aura surrounding her.

The voice in her mind appeared once again.

[Queen of the Scarlet Moon, this is the potential you were meant to have.]

Inside the heart of the Scarlet Moon, there was a calmness. In this very moment, she didn't feel any despair, but instead became even more peaceful.

Gradually, the overwhelming urge for blood began to fade away.

Underneath her dark eye shadow, her eyes became extremely distant and devoid of emotion. Her breathtaking beauty captivated people's imaginations. Donning an evening gown adorned with a mixture of black and red, along with exquisite black diamond earrings, the languid Blood Demon King had already made her presence known in this world.

Potential... Fairy Tale Demon King!

From the Blood Demon King's body surged a power that no "Crown" could possess. In just a moment of embracing her potential, her foundational strength had already ascended to the level of the "Apocalypse"!

Additionally, at this moment of near-death, she could unleash a power several times greater than before!

This surging and overwhelming, incomprehensible magic finally transformed into the ultimate, all-encompassing straw.


There was no such tremendous power in the heavens and earth. The entire city seemed to tremble slightly. The Demon Hunt Agency building instantly collapsed and crumbled. The unimaginable terrifying magic completely crushed the nearly invincible red radiance!

She did it!

However, even though she had already incarnated as the Blood Demon King and further amplified her power several times with boundless anger, she still couldn't prevent the burning of the overwhelming white flames.

With success came the realization that the Scarlet Moon could no longer remain in this world.

The Scarlet Moon remained calm and lazy, as if sleeping in mid-air, gradually burning away within the white flames.

"I never knew that death could feel this way."

The voice of the Scarlet Moon echoed through the air, devoid of any fear or resistance, only carrying a faint sense of relief and liberation.

In the ruins, everyone looked towards the same spot amidst the smoke and dust. Not a single person let their guard down.

Has it ended...?

"Not yet."

Ailsa's voice echoed once again.

Everyone's intelligence once again fervently called for an escape!

The young girl didn't completely die.

Her broken body still remained in this world.

The girl, who had lost both legs and her right arm, floated in mid-air, with half of her body missing. From those broken parts, an endless stream of black mud gradually emerged.

The just-opened red glow is about to restore itself.

Even with just her broken body remaining, once she unleashes all her power, there is a high chance that... this city could vanish in an instant, leaving no trace behind.


The girl paused for a moment, looking slightly surprised.

This familiar voice...

An important voice...

Who could it be...

She looked at the pure white youth and saw a gentle smile.

The ring on his hand was glowing brightly.

That was their symbol of love.

The Stars Raced Towards the Horizon.

In an instant, they drew closer to each other and embraced warmly.

"Let's finish, Ailsa."

The power of hearts is the power of understanding when two hearts come together. When they are closest, they will have the strongest power.

With all his strength, Kessel embraced Ailsa's frail body.

"Love" was Ailsa's only vulnerability.

The mind power, which was supposed to be ineffective against the strong, had an unexpected effect at this moment.

Because he wasn't alone in making the final decision.

"Um... Let's call it a day, Kessel."

In that moment, she seemed to regain her awareness, appearing untainted by the dark mud around her.

Gentle kiss.

"Be cautious of the 'Rainbows,' they are not all the same, and any 'Rainbow' except for the 'Heart of Radiance' may not be trustworthy..."

"I 'saw'... your next opponent, who could be the Pupil of Chaos' Chosen for Eternity, the demon who once escaped from me..."

The girl smiled and looked at the boy in front of her, just like she always did.

"Good luck to all of you."

She slowly faded away amidst the flowers.

Those white "petals" bloomed instantly, gradually beginning to fade away, no longer possessing any harmful power.

Kessel stood in the never-ending shower of white flowers, silent and speechless.

A faint smile appeared on his lips.

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The pure white young boy remembered many things.

Those were the cherished memories from deep within the heart.

"Hello, brave traveler, what is your name? And why have you come to my fortress?"

"I came here hoping for you all to join me... As for my name, I don't know what my previous self should be called. I was once a slave with no name, but from now on, I will be called Ailsa..."


"Because, Ailsa is the name of a hero."

"But I've never heard of a hero named Ailsa before."

She smiled.

"Now you have heard...and from this moment on, people will remember me."

Alan calmly watched this scene, not saying anything. The other members of Babel Tower were also silent, including Bai Yan. Only Alan let out a gentle sigh.

Mourning is something only close friends and family can do. Strangers just need to be there, listening and staying quiet.

However, no matter what, he had to show great respect for such an amazing person.

Just because of their efforts, many people today have peace and happiness. The unnoticed sacrifices made by these individuals, the inevitable tragedies that occurred to them, all have meaning.

Gazing at the beautiful and enchanting legend fading away, Bai Yan's heart also felt a slight flutter.

The girl was like a star racing towards the horizon.

It was extremely dazzling! No one could match its brilliance!

In the pages of history, she left behind an immensely magnificent chapter! And then, she departed from the eyes of the world in the most splendid manner!

But, the star didn't vanish because of this.

Because... her name was enough to be remembered by people!