I’m the Mysterious Leader of the Salvation Organization – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Girl in Pink Bunny Pajamas

The sky gradually darkened, and the people on the pedestrian street gradually decreased. Even though the supernatural Otherworlds appeared in front of the world, people still lived as usual.

A dozen men and women in black robes stood in the center of the promenade.

If it were in the past, they would be recognized as cosplayers. But recently, Tatsumi was far from tranquil, and people also learned about the existence of superpowers. Therefore, many people looked at them strangely.

‘Are they supernatural beings?’

In fact, they were.

An apprentice said indignantly, “We’re just bait for Mr. Weasley. If we do it here, the DHA won’t forgive us.”

Another tall, red-haired apprentice signed and shook her head. “So what? We may appear to be apprentices, but we’re all nothing more than slaves to the patriarch. We’ll die if we disobey him; due to the Contract."

All dark sorcerers followed the patriarch’s order.

A true dark sorcerer enslaves numerous apprentices through “contracts.” This kind of absolute slavery contract actually had to be signed by both parties completely voluntarily. Most apprentices were greedy to take this path.

The apprentices could not disobey any orders from the patriarch. They could only obtain their freedom when their teacher, the patriarch, died. Some of the dark sorcerers were slaves to another, more powerful patriarch, and so on. This system of domination created the whole dark sorcerer’s world.

They looked indignant. They seemed stuck in limbo. It was hopeless.

“In that case, let’s kill more people.”

A bald man in the crowd spoke. There was anger in his eyes. He wanted to vent!

The other apprentices were not good people either. In fact, most of them had done unforgivable evil.

“We have no choice! Let’s have some fun at the end.”

“I murdered a family last time. The father knelt down and begged me to spare his son. The feeling of being in control of everything filled me with joy… But that kind of situation is very difficult to chance upon. Today, I might be able to find that excitement again.”

“It’s all Babel Tower’s fault. They were the ones who made the patriarch break the rules… Once we’re caught, we’ll immediately die because of the Contract. We can’t tell others about Mr. Weasley. This old fellow can indeed stay out of it.”

The red-haired woman was silent. ‘I wouldn’t have gone down that road if I didn’t have a terminal illness.’

Her name was Sella, and she was one of the better ones of the many apprentices, but Weasley had given her up easily. The old man said he’d get a great boon. He didn’t need any more apprentices.

Sella sighed. “There’s nothing I can do at this point. In any case, I’ve lived a few more years. I’m satisfied.”

The patriarch, Weasley, was going to use them as bait to attract the attention of the DHA and thus complete his plan with Black Star. They could only pray for a miracle if they wanted to turn the table.

‘It’s time. We have to start.’

The bald apprentice suddenly stepped forward and took a deep breath. He reached out to a car parked nearby and chanted an ancient incantation.

“Flame, listen to my prayer!”

Red-gold flames condensed in the bald man’s hand and roared toward the car, instantly triggering an extremely violent explosion.


Many people around were affected by the explosion. The soaring flames made the sky seem even brighter!

“Hahahahahaha! I’ve always wanted to do that! Go fuck everything up!”

The bald man threw his head back and laughed out loud. Death seemed to have given him a great motivation to destroy everything!

Everyone was horrified and wanted to flee in all directions. The other black-robed people had already acted and laughed sinisterly, wanting to create a terrifying large-scale attack.

Sella did not move. She showed no interest at all. She looked at the scene in front of her and suddenly had an idea.

“More and more people with superpowers will try to break the rules.”

Someone had already been hurt. Cries and wails rose all around. Sella secretly extinguished the flames on the legs of a mother and daughter.

At that moment, she and the other apprentices suddenly lost control and shouted in unison.

“We are all loyal to the master of the Babel Tower!”

The apprentices froze, not understanding why.

Sella, however, quickly realized what was happening. This was a trap set up by Weasley.

“He has formed an alliance with the Black Star, so the Babel Tower treats us as the enemy.”

Speaking of which, what was the Babel Tower?

Sella had another inexplicable thought. ‘Could the Babel Tower have foreseen today’s events?

No, how could that be?’

This matter was planned by the patriarch alone. The Contract also bound the executors…

“Time for a true display of skill!”

A crisp, lovely voice suddenly spoke. Sella, the bald man, and all the apprentices froze.

They saw a little girl in a white mask approaching slowly. She was the exact opposite of the crowd who was fleeing in panic. She stood calmly in front of them.

She was wearing pink fluffy bunny pajamas and cute white bunny slippers. In her arms was a dog with red braids. And the Pomeranian kept screaming at the bald man.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof!” The dog barked. Maryse was very tense. If she could move, she would dig a hole in the ground with her toes.

‘If I break the law, please let the DHA punish me instead of letting me suffer like this…’

It wasn’t the first time Maryse had been on a mission, but it was really the first time she’d been in such a bizarre dress.

‘Thank God they don’t recognize me,’ she assured herself forcefully.

Maryse had already guessed that the Babel Tower had the power of a cognitive filter. Her father would have caught her already otherwise. After all, she had no alibi, and her abilities matched the suspects in the case perfectly. However, no one in the family suspected her.

Maryse marveled at the power of the master. The Savior was truly unfathomable!

She knew that one of her family’s civilization-level relics, the Script of Pseudo, had a similar ability to directly modify the target’s worldview and common sense.

For example, asking someone to reverse the concept of sex and eating.

Still, Maryse preferred the family’s other civilization-level relic, the Nidhogg’s Whine. That relic was powerful enough to shock the world.

“It’s you!” The confrontation caused the bald man to break through the cognitive filter. He quickly realized who the little girl was. She was the operator of Babel Tower.

“She’s the Psychic Dancer from the Babel Tower!”

The bald man was shocked. He immediately prepared to release a fire spell at the little girl.

Maryse’s mind was still wandering when her body began to move.

She stepped to the left and tilted her head slightly. Explosive fireballs flew by her ears. Maryse stared blankly at the now-stunned bald man, her heart screaming. ‘Shit, shit, shit, almost lost my head!’

She still held the Pomeranian with both hands. Her eyes under the mask turned from green to silver-white as she stared at the bald, black-robed man in front of her.

“Don’t look into her eyes!”

Sella closed her eyes and cried out a warning. She knew that the Psychic Dancer was going to activeate her mind control.

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It was too late. The bald man’s eyes were going blank. He was clearly under mind control. The angelic voice came out of the depths of his soul like a demon.

[Be my pawn and attack your accomplices.]

The bald man turned without hesitation and aimed a powerful fire attack at his two accomplices.


The flames burned on their bodies and screams immediately sounded.

Soon someone else was under the control of the Psychic Dancer in pink pajamas, and they began to kill each other.

The Black Sorcerer apprentices all tried to attack Maryse, but she dodged them rather effortlessly. It was as if this girl had foresight! The apprentices began to scream and wail!

Sella had sneaked into a corner, sweating, waiting for the fight to end.

If she had to choose a way to die, she didn’t want to burn at all. She’d rather be taken by the DHA at the end. “I heard that the DHA’s execution is painless…”

Sella was shaking and mumbling when she heard the dog barking.

“Woof, woof, woof, woof!”

The first thing she saw was the white bunny slippers, followed by the cute pink bunny pajamas. Sella looked up and saw the little girl with silver eyes under the mask.

The Pomeranian in her arms gazed curiously at her.


“Hello, I heard your heart,” Maryse said to the red-haired woman deep inside.

Honestly, the scene was too bloody and violent for her to handle. She just hoped it would be over soon.

Sella’s eyes went blank. She had clearly become a captive of psychic power.

Maryse stood in the center of the street, followed by Sella, the bald man, and another dark sorcerer’s apprentice. A pale blue jewel at the bald man’s waist fell and shattered to the floor with a wave of her hand. It was a virtual bomb made with a special ritual. It had the power to destroy the street. The dark sorcerer’s apprentices didn’t even know it.

“Mission accomplished,” Maryse said calmly.

Flames blazed in the promenade. The crowd gradually recovered from the horror and turned to Maryse. This lovely girl had saved them.

Maryse felt the stares. Her heart pounded as she listened to the thoughts of countless people.

“Is she an angel?”

“This girl saved us…”

“Thank you!”

She didn’t notice the slight curl of her lips beneath the mask. She was becoming more comfortable with everything about the Babel Tower.

At that moment, a discordant male voice spoke. “She's the Psychic Dancer! Grab her now!”

Maryse got slightly startled, her heart immediately sinking.

It was the night watchmen from DHA.